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The team over at Stonebridge Financial Group were focused on turning the page for online marketing and lead generation. The industry is known to have in-person workshops, meetings, and typically viewed as a sales cycle that can only be done by shaking hands. Nick saw the vision of the future and wanted to create a way to grow online and help more people without having to spend countless hours away from his family. The problem, he didn't know if it was completely possible.


Before Stonebridge started working with BitBranding they were creating their own content, managing their own ads, and trying to understand numbers all while working with clients. Before working with us their CPL or cost per lead was $19.01 and now is ~$7.

Project Description

Stonebridge was a perfect fit for our Leads Accelerator program that has a three pillar approach to grow local businesses. Audience. We needed to know if his audience was online and how to speak to them. Is there a way to get people whom are at the right age who are also willing to watch a video online without meeting someone. Strategy and automation. This is the most fun and a crucial step to success. We needed to create a way to warm up Nick's audience, have them know, like, and trust him without ever meeting him. So we did just that with a 5 part video series and only allowed those who watched video number one to see video number two and so on. After someone watched the videos we knew they at least trusted him, so we offered them something of value and asked them to join. If they watched and scheduled, great. But if they did not schedule or show up to the free training, we sent them emails and text messages reminding them of the value and to show up. Numbers. We dove deep into the numbers to understand how many leads we needed, how many potential customers needed to show up, how many would need to book, and the total cost to acquire those customers. Once we knew the numbers, we were off to the races.


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