Libby's Boutique

Libby started her boutique after teaching for several years and was not familiar with online marketing. She had an amazing experience at her in-store boutique, but needed to grow online and reach more than just her local market.

Libby's Boutique


We knew that video was going to be big with the online world and if Libby's could adapt early, she would stand out. When Libby's first started out they would send us new collection videos of the products that were coming out the next season - a look book video, if you will. In 2020 we decided to take that production level up a notch and it has had a huge payoff. We now create a collection video each season, run it to audiences who we know will love them. This approach is successful because the quick videos show people the type of products they will have then allows them to easily see, click, and purchase right from their phone. The collection videos have a direct ROI, but an indirect ROI is the amount of website traffic it sends, new Facebook + Instagram followers, as well as repeat purchasers.


Doing collection videos themselves resulted in barely making a return to an overall 6x ROAS.

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