Emerald XO Ivy: An Empowering Women's Boutique partnered with BitBranding to Grow Their Online Store Revenue 394% in a Single Quarter

Emerald XO Ivy is an Arizona based women’s clothing boutique that has flourished in the live selling space with their unique approach to customer interaction and quirky personalities. They are a Christian based boutique and have shifted their focus to make sure their message is clear and relevant to their audience about their faith.

Emerald XO Ivy


EXOI approached us because they had a ton of success during the pandemic live selling and acquiring customers, but when people started to shop in-person more their online sales began to shrink. They continued to do well in the live-selling space, but their Shopify store sales continued to sink. They needed to diversify their income streams and begin to see growth again.


We used our Ecomm Accelerator approach to not only acquire new customers, but get existing customers to come back to buy again-and-again. Our ads approach was simple with Facebook and Instagram ads leading the way. Our ad structure was focused on a broad audience within the age, gender, and location of EXOI’s ideal customers. We used this broad targeting approach to reach as many people as possible for a very low cost and then used email + SMS to convert these customers for a profit.

“I don’t know what all of the numbers mean sometimes, but I appreciate that y’all are putting in so much time and effort for our brand”

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