Why Your Online Business Should Hire A Local Website Designer

November 12, 2018

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about Why Your Online Business Should Hire A Local Website Designer:

  1. Probably a little unorthodox and against conventional thinking, but when you choose a local website designer their reputation has more at stake. For example, if you hire a company overseas or even across the country, if you have a bad experience, the worst thing you can do is leave a bad review. However, if both of you are local, you could tell other businesses and potentially have the company lose business because of their reputation.

  2. Communication - with a local agency or website designer, depending on the size of your town or city, you would come in contact or have the opportunity to come in contact in person a lot more often that would develop a deeper relationship and cause them to be more responsive.

     3. You’ll Get a Great Custom Design - The best thing about hiring a local website design agency in Allen, Texas is that you’re going to get a custom design. Other bigger firms cut       cost by mass producing websites and using templates, so all websites end up looking the same. Standing out is really important for any business and local agencies understand       that.


Aaron: [00:00:16] Tuning into another episode of The Marketing Natives where we break down local businesses and help you dissect anything in the marketing industry/ Today is why your online business should hire a local website designer. My name is Aaron.

Christian: [00:00:33] And my name is Christian.

Aaron: [00:00:34] We don't really do intros like that we just assume but we want to let you guys know who we are. We got three great insights on why you should be hiring a local website designer. And let's get started. All right so number one is probably a little unorthodox and probably not as simple as the other two that we're going to talk about because there's a more practical or things that you may have thought about or just may make more sense but that's what I think is really an example of why a local website designer is probably the most important. And that is because if you're thinking about somebody locally, you think about the reputation of that person usually if it's a local business and you are in business or are about to start one - you try to look for a referral or look on something like Google and if you are doing business with somebody and they give you a bad experience if they're you know 6-3 thousand miles away it's not really going to affect their business. They can you can leave them a bad review but that doesn't mean it's going to really affect them in their local market. They still get more business whereas a local website designer and you go to church with their friend who referred to you and you do a bad - and they did a bad job. That's going to get around to their business so they have - I feel like they have a little bit more at stake to do a better job and to be more responsive and just carry over that high quality work to you because they have a relationship with somebody potentially who referred to you. And it just kind of helps them state the Web site design company more accountable.

Christian: [00:02:11] Yeah, I didn't really think about that.

[00:02:14] But I mean that's definitely true. When I read that it definitely resonated. It's like yeah, I mean you worked with local businesses you definitely care more about you know how you do work with them and you definitely make sure that you know you're doing a great job that you're communicating like you're doing all these things in order to impress them because that's the most powerful way to get customers and clients is that word of mouth. So that's something that's very important and that's why local companies will definitely go the extra mile in order to impress you because they want that word of mouth referral from you.

Aaron: [00:02:53] Yeah. And I think that you also expect to like - local you think that it may cost a little bit more but if you know that somebody is going to take care of you the first time we've heard so many burn stories. Not like fire but like you know they hired a company that may have been a 1000 dollars cheaper -500 dollars cheaper to design their website but they took half of the deposit and they didn't come back. This actually happened two scenarios. One guy I know he did this twice he gave one website - all of the money up front. And this guy talked to him for a month and just didn't ever respond. He was in another state and he didn't ever pursue anything so he just lost that money. And then he said, "Oh, I'm going to be smart I'm only going to give this guy half up front.". He found them online too. Never did any research or anything like that. And he lost half his money which he was like - so he spent - he paid for one and a half websites and didn't get any of them because he just tried to handle it on his own.

Christian: [00:03:54] Wow, that's crazy.

Aaron: [00:03:56] It is crazy. I was like I thought he would learn the first time. But anyway.

Christian: [00:04:01] Okay reason number two why you should hire a local website designer. Number two is communication with a local agency or a company or a website designer obviously depending on you know how big or small your town or city is. Normally I mean you will get someone who - I mean this goes I guess hand in hand with number one. And that is I mean communication is definitely going to be more present. Just like Aaron said someone in another state doesn't care as much when you can literally run with your money and go buy someone in your local community. I mean we're very involved in the Chamber of Commerce and a lot of networking events. So even if you know we're not communicating via e-mail then you're going to see that person or that company you know out and about if they're active which they should be. So definitely you know communication is a bigger aspect of why you should hire a a local website designer. Plus they'll probably be more flexible with the way they communicate, you know either via text messages or maybe Slack, phone calls or meeting in person which would be a lot easier for a local than someone out of state.

Aaron: [00:05:19] Yeah, it's hard to drive to another state to make those meetings. So yeah, I love the communication aspect and I think that's what really moves the websites through the process is that you're always going to have things that come up no matter what. Or there's always going to be something where you need an answer for something. And if you're last on their list or they don't feel like you're a priority. Some people I've heard like horror stories they don't hear back from people for four or five weeks and they're just like "Oh, what's what's happening. I haven't heard from them. I don't know anything that's going on.". Whereas a local agency like I know we have the pressure of like we need to respond to these people because this is our - not only like their product and we care about the customer but also our reputation and the future of the company online too. So the communication piece is so crucial.

Christian: [00:06:11] All right. There we have it. This is the middle part of our episode where we talk a little bit about us. We are BitBranding - a local marketing company in Allen, Texas. But the cool thing about this marketing company is that they specialize in website design which is one of the things that we're talking about here today. So if you're having problems with your website if your website is not mobile friendly, if your previous website designer is not helping you out or has gone M.I.A, then maybe you should consider contacting us. You can definitely contact us at bitbranding.co. That's our website bitbranding. co, not ".com" - ".co" or you can find us online at any social media network @bitbranding it's just that easy. You know you can find us on Twitter, message us on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook. Just go and type in Bitbranding and you'll find us.

Aaron: [00:07:15] All right, so we can't wait to hear about your new websites. You definitely check out our portfolio and see that we've actually designs and websites before. But yeah, we look forward to working with you. Let's get back here. Number three is you'll get a great custom design. The best thing about hiring a local website design agency, you know in Texas, is that you're going to get a custom design. So we're local here in Texas. That doesn't mean that we don't work with companies outside of Texas but specifically the people in Texas. We have a more of an affinity to just because we can actually create custom designs for you. Not that we wouldn't in other places but we can actually go and meet with you like we talked about earlier with the communication and a good chunk of our business outside of advertising is through referrals so we have to handle those appropriately. And this is - Christian you wrote this so why don't you dive a little bit deeper.

Christian: [00:08:14] Yes. I mean basically - normally. Basically, normally, eventually, what's another word?

Aaron: [00:08:19] Scientifically.

Christian: [00:08:19] Scientifically. Local marketing companies or local web design companies will make it. Again, it goes back to you know going the extra mile for you. And normally these local companies are going to be smaller. So what I'm saying is that they will probably do something custom for you instead of these bigger agencies where they basically mass produce websites. So they have these templates already set up for like dentists or a set up for roofers or set up for electricians so they use the same templates for those categories of businesses and sometimes they don't even change the wording or the copy. Even the images sometimes, they use the same images on the websites. So you're not going to stand out, I guess a lot of business owners for example, let's say you're a dentist and you're looking for you know website design or dentist or website design for dentists. You'll find a lot of niche companies that do specifically that, they'd just do websites for dentists and that's how they make so much money because people are looking for that specifically but then you end up with a website that looks exactly the same from all the other dentists out there. And sometimes even the copy in the text is exactly the same. All you have to do is literally copy and paste on Google and you'll find all the results for the same cookie cutter website. So a local website designer will definitely go above and beyond and create something truly custom for you that will work for you. They understand the market, they understand several things that people outside might not. So that's why you need a local web designer.

Aaron: [00:10:11] All right, I think that was a great way to end the episode. Good way to kind of put the cherry on the top of why your online business should hire a local website designer. If you have questions about this, we know website design can sometimes be a little not complex but sometimes it's...there's a lot of questions with it. You know what platform do I choose? Or you know, how do I figure my hosting? Like there's definitely questions and when you go through the process of like picking your local website designer. You're going to be able to get these questions answered, if they can't answer those questions then you may need to find somebody who can but they're going to be able to guide you through that process, so it can be a little overwhelming but we want to just make sure to let you know that it's not supposed to be a daunting task and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you. So again thank you guys for listening to another episode. This was episode 73 for us so been going on for about a year- year and a half of continuous podcast episodes. And if you could do us a favor to help us understand more about how we're doing online or how we're doing with the podcast by leaving us an honest rating and review on Apple. We really appreciate it. And if you are - been listening for a while and just want to chat go to...well go to bitbran- go to Instagram and then search Bitbranding. Make sure you're following us there. And then just shoot us a DM and we'd love to chat. All right, we will talk to you guys next week.

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