How to launch a business and overcome challenges during a pandemic with Wing Snob Allen

January 25, 2021

Show Notes

This week we set down with the power couple Antoine and Tiffany Green behind Wing Snob, a new wing spot in North Texas. They just have better wings. 

  • In this episode we’re talking about starting a franchise. How they did it, what they learned, and some areas they would have changed. 
  • The challenge of starting a business literally in the middle of a pandemic.
  • How to build a business to stand the test of time.
  • And how they are shaping their family’s future by sharing the experience with their kids.

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Christian [00:00:00] Hey what's going on, so today we interview the owners of Wing Snob Allen, we're going to be going over starting a new franchise, the challenges of building a new business during covid and building a business that stands the test of time. Check it out.

Narrator [00:00:14] This is the marketing means, providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business and now your host Christian and Aaron.

Aaron [00:00:28] Hey, guys, thank you for jumping into another episode of the marketing natives. Today we have the crew from Wing Snob here in Allen, welcome to the show.

Wing Snob [00:00:39] Thank you. Thank you guys for having us. Such a blessing.

Aaron [00:00:43] Absolutely. So for those who do not know who you guys are or what Wing Snob is, Why don't you kind of introduce yourselves.

Antoine [00:00:52] Well, I'll let you know.

Tiffany [00:00:54] All right, I'm Tiffany Green, and this is my husband, Antoine Green, and we are owners of the wings Snob, the Allen location wing snob is a franchise, fast casual specialty wings and fries restaurant.

Tiffany [00:01:09] We've got 13 flavors of wings, the traditional in boneless, tenders, and cauliflower with the vegetarian crab that you can get all of those and many of the sauces or any of the flavors that you want. And we are in construction now, planning to be open at the end of this end of next month, end of November in Allen, I'm really excited for everybody in our area to get to try our awesome wings. Yeah.

Aaron [00:01:37] Awesome and those.

Aaron [00:01:38] For those who are listening, that is November of twenty twenty. If you're listening a little bit later after that and they're pretty open, go check them out. But so cauliflower wings kind of explain.

Aaron [00:01:50] I've never had a cauliflower wing you have or not no other other fried or by fry. So you know, cauliflower was probably the most healthy that you're going to get in the wing definition.

Antoine [00:02:02] OK, so once you go cauliflower wings. They got fried and cauliflower batter, but they are delicious. They're just for the people who are kind of trying to stay a little bit healthy, you know, get a little bit dangerous to its wings.

Tiffany [00:02:19] So they're not a meat eater that still want that flavor and that fun wing experience they get it with cauliflower.

Christian [00:02:27] That's awesome. And I'm guessing you can mix them with any of flavors.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:02:32] Yes.

Christian [00:02:32] All right. We'll have to try that.

Aaron [00:02:33] One month. We'll start the countdown starts to count down now. So why wings?

Aaron [00:02:39] I mean, you guys obviously are jumping into a franchise right now. And we'll get into a little bit more of the story here in a second. But so there's a lot of different avenues you could go with. So why wings?

Tiffany [00:02:49] Well, I'm from Buffalo, New York, originally, so Buffalo wing, for those who do not know, Buffalo wings are not just naturally named. They came from Buffalo, New York, my birth place.

Tiffany [00:02:59] And so I am like a wine connoisseur. I make my own wings at home.

Tiffany [00:03:05] And so when my husband brought this idea to me, I was like, well, well, let's try him out.

Tiffany [00:03:12] And we try. And I was like, this is a pretty good wing. And so that's sold me on it.

Tiffany [00:03:18] And I know that there's lots of people love wings even here in Texas. And I don't think that they have this kind of quality option here. So I want to make sure we could bring that to them.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:03:30] I brought it Tifanny about a year ago. I kind of had to change my dietary needs. And so I got off of a beef and pork and I love chicken. And so as I started tasting chicken almost every day, chicken or fish is an understatement.

Tiffany [00:03:49] He's the one who can eat it every day.

Antoine [00:03:51] I really do love chicken. So when I came across these wings, they were just fantastic. And they spoke to me and I took that idea after looking them up on the Internet, talking to a buddy of mine. And this is where we are and we're blessed to be in this position.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:04:09] And also, it's a great family thing, too. We have three kids and we have some very picky eaters. We have some kids. Don't eat burgers. Yes, some do anything but French fries.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:04:21] So this was a good option for families, too, that have picky eaters like we do. It's a really it's a great place. The whole family can come in and enjoy a meal.

Christian [00:04:30] That's awesome.

Christian [00:04:31] And you guys have have you had any sort of business owner experience or franchise or anything like that in the past?

Antoine [00:04:39] We've never done a franchise before, but we've been in other business opportunities via transportation and insurance, that we've had some success and I'm a lawyer by trade.

Tiffany [00:04:51] So this is really my first all in business ownership experience.

Aaron [00:04:57] Very cool. It's kind of a side note. But what kind of law and practice? I'm looking for a criminal defense. I'm just kidding.

Antoine [00:05:04] I like  that.

Tiffany [00:05:04] I did criminal law.

Tiffany [00:05:07] For 10 years I was on the prosecution side.

Tiffany [00:05:10] Oh, OK. Gotcha. So you're putting the bad guys away. OK, very cool. Now, I was just curious. There's probably some fun stuff you could do with some wings, with some law side. So you said that you tried the wings where. So this is to my knowledge, like DFW area. You guys are going to be like one of the first up in here, which is going to be awesome. So where did you try the wings at or where did you kind of get hooked on them?

Antoine [00:05:34] Michigan, so we took a trip out to Michigan with some of our business partners, and they already knew about the wings. They got us to taste them.

Antoine [00:05:46] And not only were the wings were just great, but in addition, the cheesecake, which we had never talked to you guys about, I know you will have cheesecake on the menu as well that you guys will fall in love with.

Antoine [00:06:02] And so there are four different flavors of cheesecake that we have along with our golden bars of cornbread.

Antoine [00:06:10] And so this is a true food experience for all that love wins along with cheesecake and cornbread.

Aaron [00:06:18] So we're going to have to do a redo of this episode. Like in person, trying the food. I feel like we're not doing justice right now. But I mean cheesecake. That's definitely that was. Yeah. You did not bring up anything about that.

Tiffany [00:06:32] I forgot about that.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:06:33] I'm surprised, though, that I mean, you love this. I love The Cheesecake Factory about it. Literally for days and days, we brought them back home to the kids and they loved it.

Christian [00:06:43] So that's something like I don't and I've never heard of that combination of, like chicken wings and then some cheesecake. But in my mind, that just sounds so bomb right now, like you're done eating something spicy. You just want something nice. Like nice. Sweet. Yeah, that's really good.

Aaron [00:07:01] That's awesome.

Aaron [00:07:02] So you guys started I think you said you started about a year ago looking at this and you kind of presented it, went to Tiffany and then you just kind of started that process. And you've been in the franchise process now for, like you said, almost a year. Obviously, we have hit a pandemic about halfway through that. What's been going on through that? Like, has that slowed things down? Has it changed your trajectory? Which tell us a little bit about that.

Antoine [00:07:29] It actually cemented where I thought we should have should be. The one thing that is not wavered throughout this pandemic is we need to eat. And so what we did in our own studies where we would drive around, I mean, not just our area out Allen, but we would go throughout the DFW area and we will go to our competitors. Wingstop is a major competitor in this area. And look in the drive, the drive to just sit in the parking lot every day. And the one thing that we saw was that they never stopped having customers coming in the entire time that we were in covid, you know, tons of articles that are out right now that say that they say that the fried chicken industry is actually increasing.

Aaron [00:08:29] Wow.

Antoine [00:08:29] And not decreasing during the pandemic because it's fried food. It's Bilour to two adults and children. And the model that we have is eighty five percent carry out. So you're able to order your wings online and walk. You walk out and there you go. So the exposure that you would have during this pandemic is little to nothing in this industry. And so for me and for us, our team, we thought this is the time to push ahead. There's so many companies doing pandemics recognize the opportunity to get ahead. And this is one where we actually put the pedal to the metal versus held up because we know that the opportunity is there for the taking.

Christian [00:09:19] That's awesome. That's great to hear. I feel like we've talked to a lot of businesses that have that same mentality, right? It's like a make it or break it. Like this is an opportunity to either you pivot out of something or like you guys did you sit down, slow down, study it, OK, this is the right decision. We need to move forward and now it's the right time. So I applaud you for that. That's that's really, really good.

Tiffany [00:09:43] Thank you.

Aaron [00:09:45] So whenever this so it's just in November, there's not a specific date yet, but and I'm curious, where's the it's off of one twenty one, right. For the north Texas people. Doesn't really matter for the non-local people, but for the local people, it's OK for one twenty one. Right.

Antoine [00:10:00] One twenty one in Lake forest right off the side of the highway. You can see it. It's nine seventy five highway one twenty one. Is the actual address of the location. And so right there. RiRight there going north.

Tiffany [00:10:12] Yeah. In between Stacey and Lake Forest.

Aaron [00:10:16] OK, yes.

Christian [00:10:17] Theater the Allen Cinemark I think is right over there.

Antoine [00:10:21] Harley Davidson is there so.

Aaron [00:10:22] Yeah. Oh yeah. Right next to Cottonwood I think too. OK. I was just trying to visually kind of figure out exactly kind of where you guys are at because as now we're like doing a countdown here because we order we order wings probably every other week, every other month or so for the guys here when we play like games and stuff. So this could be a very good alternative to what we were doing.

Antoine [00:10:49] We look forward to seeing that order.

Aaron [00:10:49] Yeah, yeah. So as far as the construction or like, have you guys seen like a like a slow down or actually an increase in like. Because I know like whenever you getting ready to start a business and this is probably and this is a I'm assuming a new build out for you guys, you have to go through all the inspections or all that process because of covid. Has it slowed down or are there less businesses happening opening? I don't know this to be true to where you actually got through it quicker or what was the what was that process like?

Antoine [00:11:20] A little bit of both. Right. One of the things that we took advantage of, the reason we're talking to you guys is that we joined the Chamber of Commerce in Allen, one of the first things that we did, because we knew that we needed to have allies on our side as we went through this process. Mhm. We have a really good contractor who's done a great job at getting the work done. But whenever there is a slower with regards to the city where it's covid. So there are a lot of people that are not working. The hours are tougher with the government, but through our connections with the chamber, we've encountered very little hesitation and everyone has been dealing with a little delay and everyone's been supportive of what we're trying to do. So it's been great for us.

Christian [00:12:12] Yeah, that's awesome.

Christian [00:12:13] I think we we kind of took that same route, the start of our company, where we joined the chamber very early on, and it's once you're in there and you're involved and you get to meet some people, I mean, it's awesome.

Christian [00:12:26] The connections that you make are incredible. So we always recommend everyone, every new business owner to join the Chamber of Commerce and, you know, go to some of their meetings and meet some of the people, because those are the people who are in town making things happen, you know, so.

Aaron [00:12:44] When you guys open, who's going to be like, what roles are you guys going to assume whenever you open? I'm assuming it's going to be switching hats every five minutes. But have you guys, like, hired a team yet? Have you?

Aaron [00:12:57] And I know that I think at least in our notes, you guys are part of another couple who is like this is a foursome that's on there. So, yeah. Have you guys defined roles? Have you guys hired a team yet? What's what does that look like right now?

Tiffany [00:13:11] Well, we are hiring right now for management positions, so we catch this podcast in the next week or so.

Tiffany [00:13:20] We are hiring now looking for some great shift leads and things of that nature.

[00:13:27] I will be in the store, probably most of the foursome primarily be there most days. And Antoine is more of a finance background. So he's going to do more of the books and then that and he's getting us organized now as far as our financial piece of it.

Antoine [00:13:46] Sounds great, but I'm really just you know, you asked me what my role is, you know.

Tiffany [00:13:50] And then one of our other partners, he has a construction background.

Tiffany [00:13:55] And so he's been helpful on this and during this phase of it. So, yeah, we're all, you know, willing to be a part of it and do everything we can every day. But for the most part, I guess I will be the one that's there most days that you'll be able to see, along with the management team that we hired.

Aaron [00:14:15] Well, what would you guys say is like the the biggest challenge with opening up a franchise, regardless of the pandemic or anything, just in general like this whole process, what's been the biggest challenge for you that you guys have had to come over overcome for that?

Antoine [00:14:31] I think that in any business model, you have to know that you're investing in people. And when you're investing in people, it takes patience and it takes understanding that you have to meet people where they are in life and in process.

Antoine [00:14:50] And so while we're excited and we're gunning and we're getting ready to open a lot of people who are being laid off, who are not excited and not in a place that we're at, and we have to be empathetic to those situations, it's not going to dampen our story, but it allows us to look at them and to look at a resource for which is a major resources people to to back out and just be thankful that we can be a part of reenergizing where they are in the community that we belong to.

Christian [00:15:30] Tell us a little bit so you answer a few questions before, I guess, part of the on boarding of the podcast and in there you talked about the motto service sales.

Christian [00:15:44] Tell us about that.

Antoine [00:15:46] That's something I've grown up with. I've been in business development for over 20 years. And you can do whatever you want to do. But, you know, I can talk to you guys until my face turned blue. But at the end of the day, you know, there's two words, service sales. So how you service your customers, making them feel like they're the most important people really matters to this industry. And so we're going to have the best wings, but better than the best wings. We're going to have the best service. And we know that's going to sell and really speak to our hearts into what we want to give to the community.

Aaron [00:16:24] Let's dive a little bit deeper with that. So, I mean, without you know, I bet you every Wingstop persons listen to this podcast right now. But like what kind of experience can people expect whenever they come to Wing Snob in Allen? Like what? What is going to set you guys apart or what you feel is going to be the best part for you guys?

Tiffany [00:16:42] Right when you come in, it's going to be a lively atmosphere. It's going to be fun colors. You see, we have our orange on and you're going to come in and see great pictures of our wings and just be salivating before you even get to the counter. Then, of course, you get you know, you can expect a friendly service, smile, help with whatever questions you have.

Tiffany [00:17:07] And you know that you can get your, order your food and then get it in a timely manner and then, you know, clean fun environment, you know, TV, some music, but just as family friendly, fun environment that you can stay and eat your food or you can enjoy while you're just waiting for it.

Tiffany [00:17:29] And then, of course, great, great quality wings. Great quality food and delicious cheesecake.

Aaron [00:17:36] Oh yeah.

Aaron [00:17:38] Yeah. You can just led with the cheesecake. Our experience is going to be cheesecake.

Tiffany [00:17:42] They are on display when you come in like that again, when you come in, we expect you to be excited and to be salivating before you even get to the counter.

Tiffany [00:17:51] Just looking at all the other great stuff that you can try.

Aaron [00:17:55] Nice.

Aaron [00:17:56] And as far as like the experience for that, since you say fast casual, I think of something like a Chipotle or a high five or something. So I'm going to come up there, I'm going to order wings and then my wait time is minimal. And as I'm sitting there, there's like you said, there's TVs or something else to kind of occupy yourselves while you wait. But the wait time should be, I would assume, relatively quick or slow or slow. Quick for that.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:18:21] Absolutely, it is, it is I think eight minutes is what we study.

Aaron [00:18:27] Wow. Yeah.

Antoine [00:18:29] You know, amount of time that you to cook the wing properly to service you. We would think that the time will be around  eight minutes.

Tiffany [00:18:35] When we open we are expecting the line to be out the door.

Tiffany [00:18:37] So don't hold us to that eight minutes. We're hoping that it won't even be able to keep it up with it because so many people come in.

Tiffany [00:18:46] But on your average and your average visit, that's what you can expect for.

Christian [00:18:51] It's awesome.

Aaron [00:18:52] Cool. So as we're kind of like halfway through here, I want to transition to our Tip for Tips section. This is for those who are listening for the first time, are watching for the first time, is where we want to give an opportunity for our guests to ask a marketing question and for us to kind of talk back and forth and just have real business conversation. So if you guys have a question and would love to hear it, let's just find a way to answer it for you guys.

Antoine [00:19:23] Well, you know, I'm always thinking about the future and what the future holds for this business is something that is always on my mind. When you guys look at franchises and businesses alike, what do you think the successful businesses are going to do today to separate themselves, say, five years down the line? What are the important keys to success in making sure you're still here and thriving?

Aaron [00:19:56] That's such a good question. I'll go first and then kind of let Christian, kind of add on to that.

Aaron [00:20:00] But I think one is adapting to like new trends of things that are happening. For example, we all know that voices is happening right now. So like Alexa, really big Google home is really big. So search is going to be more so if it's more a focus on like brands. So instead of somebody saying, like, hey, can find me the best wing place near me, they should be focusing on Brand, which is Wing Snob Allen. So how can you build a brand to where you ask Alexa, Hey Alexa, get me directions to Wing Snob Allen. So that's kind of like a trend that I would look at is like, OK, how can we start focusing on our brand building for the local area so that whenever things like voice, we can become like more normal, which I don't know if you guys have one, but statistically a large percentage of homes in America have voice controlled devices. So that would be one thing. And then another is to just as you mentioned earlier, it's that service side and then focusing on social. So if you're familiar with the entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial world, Gary Vaynerchuk, if you're not familiar with him, would check him out. But basically, he says, to treat your business like a media company first. So your content through social media, through anything you put out, same things like these podcasts should be priority over just the wings, because if you treat your company like a media company first, that happens to sell wings. Now, you have so much exposure, so much brand building that's going on, that's what's going to outlast everything else because they can't taste the amazing wings that they don't know about you. So it comes first to building the brand and it comes first for getting the awareness out there, which is all about creating like media. Look, if you guys did a tiktok account about eating wings and you blew up, it's I mean, it's very possible that you could grow your business dramatically because you've treating it like a media company first. So that's just my thought. I will let Christian kind of.

Christian [00:22:01] Yeah. I mean, I think on top of that, you know, when you create content, it's not about creating anything. Gary Vaynerchuk also says the same thing is a document not create. So if you're struggling to find something to post on social media, it's just more about documenting your day. I mean, you know what did you do today on the business for the business in and around the business? What's interesting to you is going to be interesting to to the people who follow you.

Christian [00:22:31] So, yeah, and then I guess I mean, on top of that.

Christian [00:22:34] Yes.

Christian [00:22:35] Is building building your tribe, building your following even before, you know, you guys open.

Christian [00:22:42] So I think building that community is going to be very, very important in building those those superfans. Right. I think this is a great opportunity for you guys to do what Aaron is saying, because it's a brand new company to an area that's, you know, been saturated with, you know, Wingstop and some other, you know, wing brands. So there's nothing there's not much, I guess, competition. And my knowledge as far as, you know, chicken wings. So if you guys are different in that aspect and going back to the family friendly and exceptional service, I think that will just cement you moving forward in the future.

Christian [00:23:23] I mean, like you're saying.

Christian [00:23:25] So, yeah.

Aaron [00:23:26] I was going to ask you guys, have you guys familiar with that video that went viral about a month ago with doug face to wait who was on the the skateboarder, the long board, and he's drinking the ocean spray. Are you familiar with that video?

Tiffany [00:23:40] I have not seen that one.

Aaron [00:23:42] OK, so I would challenge you to go and find that video is probably very easy to find it. He's gotten huge deals from like ocean spray and now he's hanging out with, I guess yesterday I saw with The Wiz Khalifa. But he's gotten huge deals and his whole mantra from it was like, again, document don't create. And it was just a random video of this guy drinking ocean spray jamming to a Fleetwood Mac song. And he blew up. I mean, we're talking tens of millions of views. He went viral overnight and now he's got big names, big brands, and so much so that we're talking about it on this podcast. And I say all that to say to just, yeah. Go out there and document and don't worry about creating something, but just keep creating that content because you just never know what piece will stick with people and like, hey, that crazy video that Tiffany did with her in the back dancin to these wings, it's like, hey, you're like, you know, that lady who danced to the wings, whatever. Like I told my friends about that. So you just never know what's going to work on that side. But what you do know is that building the brand should always be the priority. And as long as you focus on brand for the next five years, then there's no matter it's not going to be a matter of whether business will be in there. It's just how fast you you're going to grow.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:25:04] Awesome.

Aaron [00:25:05] Thank you, guys. That's a great question. I don't think we've ever had anything like that, so it's a very good question. So as we kind of transition back here to the episode with you guys, what would you say has been the the best joy or the most joyful part of this process? Obviously, it's a husband wife team of two, her times two. You got family dynamics, you have work dynamics, and then like just everything else, mixing and matching, plus three kids. You throw that all in the mix. But like, what's been the most joyous part of this for you guys?

Tiffany [00:25:44] I think for me, our youngest is three Audrey, and she loves going to the restaurant. So like every day.

Tiffany [00:25:52] And it's been hard for her during it because she's she was in preschool and then, you know, abruptly ended and she we haven't seen her back yet. So she's just been kind of hanging out with us. Rolling with us where and construction is, we're going to meetings and as we're getting everything together and just about every day now since we started construction, she says, are we going to the restaurant today. And, you know, there's not a whole lot going on that she can really enjoy there. But we just love that, you know, she's already excited about it. And one of the major things for Antoine and I, it's just really building that legacy. And just everything we do is for our kids and for the future and for our family. And so just to see how excited she is, just to go to the restaurant, even when it's just in the construction phase, has been really cool for me.

Antoine [00:26:42] You know, my and those things are cool, too. But, you know, the most important thing that I've enjoyed is working with my wife and walking and what God has for us. And that's been a huge, huge, huge deal. I could have never imagined the amount of joy that I would get from doing this business with someone that's in lockstep and what we're trying to accomplish, not just become rich, but just to do what God wants us to do, to become job creators, to become a community, to give back to our community.

Antoine [00:27:21] And in that is made our family closer, is made like she said, is made our kids more excited.

Antoine [00:27:28] And so now we know that our path is pure. And ultimately, at the end of the day, that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to do something that was purposeful. And this fills that purpose for us.

Aaron [00:27:44] That's awesome. I feel like you in a couple of brownie points, like that was a very good answer. So Tiffany he gets double brownie points for that one. She's like gleaming. I don't know. He couldn't see it, but you were definitely gleaming that which is so cool to see. All right. I want to transition to some fun questions a little bit unrelated to the business. One of these may be tricky.

Aaron [00:28:09] So we'll ask it a little bit halfway through. But just to get you guys on a good start out, I guess would say so. It's more of like a I would say like a rapid round or quick answers for this. So.

Aaron [00:28:23] All right.

Tiffany [00:28:23] I'm ready. Let's go.

Aaron [00:28:27] So very easily. What what are you guys bingeing right now as far as streaming? So whether it's Netflix, Disney, Hulu, what's what are you guys, you know, no shame what it was. What's a current binge for you guys? Right now?

Tiffany [00:28:40] I am all about the Real Housewives series. Now, Real Housewives of Potomac is on now. Housewives Orange County just came back so. And Antoine to watch it.

Tiffany [00:28:55] That's one fun TV guilty pleasures right now. We can't get enough of.

Antoine [00:29:00] I hope the men are not watching this part.

Tiffany [00:29:03] He loves it, he'll pause it

Tiffany [00:29:07] And he'll analyze it.

Antoine [00:29:13] I love this. It is.

Christian [00:29:16] That's good. That's good. I mean, yeah. I mean, everyone has their own guilty. I'll confess, I've I've watched The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with my girlfriend. So I mean, sometimes you kind of get into it and I start watching an episode or two, then you're like, why would Tony, do that. Yeah.

Christian [00:29:38] So, yeah. All right. Next question here.

Christian [00:29:40] What do you wish you had known when you started this whole process?

Tiffany [00:29:49] How quickly things can change, how the supply list can be this and but that, it can change to that and how you can say you need this many, I don't know, fryers or whatever it is.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:30:03] Well, actually, you know, you need a thousand more. So go ahead and change that number out.

[00:30:10] So that's what I wish I would have known. I'm more of a you know, I'm an attorney, so I kind of the law is what it is. It changes, but not that often and certainly not that quickly. So for me, it's like, no, if you said this and this is what it is like this and that, it's not anything different. But in the restaurant industry, it's not quite that way now.

Aaron [00:30:31] All right. So what purchase of one hundred dollars or less this is for either one of you has most positively impacted your life in the last six months or recent memory.

Tiffany [00:30:44] You know, I think that you said it when you said about we were talking about voice control, so we got an Alexa almost at the beginning covid and our kids love it. So it's, hey, Alexa play all time road. Hey, Alexa, you know, and my son is like, Alexa, what's the thousand plus a thousand plus a thousand plus a thousand. But here's the thing. When they're talking to Alexa, they're not talking to me.

Tiffany [00:31:09] Oh, that has dramatically improved.

Christian [00:31:12] That's genius.

Tiffany [00:31:14] And it's getting that break. They can Alexa can play on using for them. She can answer questions for them. And Mommy and daddy get a break.

Aaron [00:31:22] So be careful. One of my friends, she's a lady that I run with. She their kids have gotten too smart because their kids used to not understand time that well. So she went up there and they're like, hey, mom, can you take us to the park? And she's like, in thirty minutes. And she thought she had long. And then she's like, Hey, Alexa, set a timer for 30 minutes.

Antoine [00:31:39] Yeah, I get it. Yeah.

Aaron [00:31:46] So you guys, just a quick question. So you have your youngest daughter, who's three. What's the other two ages?

Tiffany [00:31:52] Our daughter Audrey is three.

Tiffany [00:31:54] Our son Antoine Junior is five and our oldest is our daughter Paton who is nine.

Aaron [00:31:59] OK, awesome. So it's three under ten at the house. All right. Pretty soon they'll be free labor.

Christian [00:32:04] So what else do we have here? Um.

Christian [00:32:15] OK, so in the last five years, what's a new belief, behavior or habit that has most improve your life?

Antoine/Tiffany [00:32:28] You know, you know, I was looking at a quote the other day, and it just is in the last five years, is it work like it depends on you pray like it depends on God. Yeah. And so I think that, you know, we work hard, but we pray even harder. We really invested in making sure that we know who's really in charge. So I think it's been awesome. Yeah, awesome.

Aaron [00:32:59] So the most important part here of this episode as people are listening is how can they find out? How can they connect with Wing Snob in Allen, what's the best way to find you guys? Connect with you, go and grab some of your wings. What's how do they find you guys?

Tiffany [00:33:16] Yeah, absolutely. Our www.wingsnob.com. So you can go there and see our menu and everything and scroll down in our location. We'll be there.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:33:30] The Allen location. You can also find us on Facebook, Wing Snob Allen on Facebook. And there's also a main Wing Snob Facebook page. Anything else? You can call us. Yeah, you can call us at 469 454 9464 wing. Yeah.

Aaron [00:33:53] No Instagram yet.

Aaron [00:33:53] Yeah. Well, we're going to challenge you guys to get on Instagram for that too, because I know you can have some amazing pictures that wings and cheesecake too. Awesome. Thank you guys so much for jumping on. I truly appreciate it. This has been a blast and cannot wait for your location to open and go in and give a an amazing review as we're doing some video for the side part of this.

Antoine/Tiffany [00:34:17] We would love that. Thank you guys so much for having us do really an awesome experience. And we look forward to many more. This has been great. Yeah.

Aaron [00:34:25] Awesome.

Christian [00:34:25] Awesome.

Narrator [00:34:27] The Marketing Native's podcast is a production of BitBranding.

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