How to land bigger clients on Instagram

January 13, 2020

Show Notes

Instagram has over ONE BILLION monthly active users and 500 million of them are on the platform daily.It’s safe to say that your customers and clients are on there, big and small businesses.There is a common misconception that Instagram won’t allow you to reach those bigger customers, but we’re here to demystify the belief. In Order to grow ; We have to use storytelling to generate engagement and sharing your content, turn on top influencers in your space.

1. In order to land clients; you need to engage and foster relationships, use the DM

2. Turn on notifications for top influencers in your space.

3. Depending on the size of the company, most business owners handle or have access to the IG account. Finding the perfect client to work with and then engaging; liking, commenting, Instagram stories, etc. Then your content should be focused on being able to help this potential client with their problems, your solution.

4. You have to create content that will entice your potential customers, which means you need to know their pain points and how you solve them. Storytelling

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Aaron [00:00:35] All right. That's Instagram for those who are wondering on I'm just going to go ahead. Well, then I read the title. All right. So I guess there's a common misconception that Instagram and it kind of rolls over social media anyway. Some people say you can't win big clients on social media. That's absolutely false. And they say that they're not there or like people like those bigger businesses aren't there. But as Christine just said, there's a billion people who are on Instagram and 500 million of them are on their daily. I'm just assuming just guessing by percentages that there's probably a few pretty good sized businesses on there as well. So there's gonna be really fun for you guys. Well, I think it'll be fun for us, too. But it's going to be fun for me. It's going to be fun for you. OK. So we've got two people. We're going to have fun. Hopefully you guys are going to listen and you'd use this as well. All right. Number one. Take it away. 

Christian [00:01:30] OK. In order to land clients, you need to use IDM. That's our first strategy on how to land bigger clients on Instagram is take advantage of that direct message. 

Christian [00:01:40] I wouldn't say that we've landed maybe well, we're probably better clients using the DSM, but more than that, we've gotten hundreds. He was a hundreds of. Companies, I guess, to be on our tit for tat show by having our virtual assistants literally. Message and the hundreds of people as per week in order to get us more of a numbers game, I guess in that sense. But I know we're seeing kind of a blast, all these people. But even more than that, if you use our other techniques first and then you go to the DM route, you'll get a higher response rate with with those clients. 

Aaron [00:02:24] Right. Instead of just going there, call and be like, hey, you need to use my stuff. 

Christian [00:02:27] Yeah. And you don't have to just go there with that kill right away. That first interaction or maybe first month of interactions with that person or company, you know, to be anything or anything, literally anything. You're maybe direct message in from Instagram's story that they posted and you're just commenting on like, oh, I love that or yes, that's awesome. Whatever. Just little stuff like that. Trying to create conversation with them, trying to foster that relationship and engage with them. 

Christian [00:02:58] But I guess we just want to reiterate, it's that DM that they move in that conversation into a private message. 

Aaron [00:03:06] Yes. And before you have a private message, one thing you do is turn on notifications. And what this does is turning on notifications allows you to see like you I guess you're using this more of as a as a rifle approach versus shotgun whenever you do notifications like that, because otherwise your phone has been blowing up all day. But if there's like five people on your radar and you're like, all right, I want to make sure that I really talk to these people. I'm engaging with them every time they post. I want to be one of the first ones. I want to comment. They're going to see my stuff. They're going to see me out there. You can turn on notifications on Instagram and just get notified every time they post, which is, you know, when that happens, you get notified literally within seconds. You could be one of the first comments. If you're doing that for a month straight away. Who the heck is this guy? They're going to at least check out your profile and they're going to at least be aware of you. So then you could go in for something like a DM and just pay. I'd love to have a conversation or I'd love to talk or add some value that way. So, yes. 

Christian [00:04:02] Exactly. So number one use a DM number two turn on those notifications for those people that you want to work with. 

Aaron [00:04:16] All right. And now we are to our favorite part of the show, and really this is just for you guys to find out a little bit more about us, what what's going on. And right now, you know, if you've been listening for the last month, we've been really telling you about our calculator. It is calculator dubbed it branding dot cl dot co. This calculator is really cool for you. It takes less than five minutes if you're thinking about a new Web site in 2020 and trying to figure out a new redesign. You don't know why people aren't calling you. You're starting a new business and you need a Website because you do. And you're just like, hey, I just want to I don't want I have to talk to a million companies. I just want to figure out how much it is going to cost to get a new website or have my own redesigned? You can literally find it out in about five minutes. Go into some questions. It automatically dynamically updates for you. And at the end of the these probably like 10 questions. Remember exactly how many questions you will get. A range will tell you. Hey, it's between one dollar and five dollars or five dollars and eight dollars to give will tell you what your Web site is going to cost in W and air quotes here. That is not an accurate number for a Web site. So if you are thinking that. I'm sorry, but I'm just putting out numbers. So make sure you go to calculator dot bit branding dot co. Again, it's a calculator dot bit branding dot CO. 

Christian [00:05:39] It was a great commercial. Thank you. You out there yourself, some last one. All right. Number three is. Yeah, depending on the size of the company, obviously you will be talking to someone that someone could be the owner, could be the owner of the company or could be someone close to to the owner, potentially, maybe. But regardless of that, like Aaron said previously, you know, when you engage with these people, when you try on their vacations and you start liking, commenting, sharing, engaging with their Instagram stories, D.M. in them, eventually you're going to evoke a response from them. I mean, we get that sometimes when someone is just being really active for their content and like they're being awesome, they're just commenting and liking on everything. We truly do appreciate that and enjoy that, that people actually enjoy that and they like our stuff and they're supporting us. So it's the same thing as to what does that effect gives you shall receive. 

Aaron [00:06:46] It's not the golden rule right now is how the rule of reciprocity. 

Christian [00:06:49] Yeah, that one. So that's all we're talking about here is don't I it. They don't try to go for the cell. Just be able to. Engage with them and be able to just have conversations not about selling, not about anything else, just, you know, either about what they're writing on their posts. Be intentional about the things that you're saying to them. Don't be a spam bot, I guess. 

Aaron [00:07:15] Don't be a spam bot hashtag. Don't be a spam. But I feel like we should. I was gonna talk to you about this. We should turn a lot of our marketing and ads into you like fun either raps or fun pop culture things. I feel like don't be a spam bot. Could be one of those things where like, you know, you just going through this and you get a message from somebody and you have it saved on your clipboard. Like gonna in this one to this guy. 

Aaron [00:07:37] And it's like Aaron Christian dancing is like a spam box spam, Box. Don't be a spam Box Box. Yeah, they don't say I'm going kinda funny. Just listen to people. Yeah. Lovely. Really cool. OK, so you guys should share that if you like that. Just make sure that you hit us up on Instagram. Be like, yo, don't be a spam bot. And then they tell us that we're not being spammers and that you really want that and then we'll create it. 

Aaron [00:08:00] Right. Yes. OK, let's do that. All right. So the last thing is right. This last one. Dallas wants to hang? Click episode today. You guys again, a lot. Make sure that you give us another episode. So. All right. Last one is to create content that is going to entice your potential customers. So what that really means is that you have to figure out what their pain points are. And if you really offer a solution for them, if you don't, then it's probably a good time for you to figure out who you do need to have as a customer, not just going after somebody, because if you can't solve their problem, they're not going to work with you anyway. So go out there, figure out what the problem is, create content around that problem solving. And they have an issue with hiring people. And you are the solution to hiring people. Make sure that you're talking to them about that. Tips for hiring, tips for, you know, retaining clients. I mean, your employees, whatever that may be. And the only thing to add to all of that, I guess, from my side of it anyway, is to use storytelling. Don't just say like, oh, here's five things to help you. Hiring good employees, you can make it much better and say, OK. And you know, the restaurant industry, if you know your customers really well, there is 78 percent turnover for this, whatever. 

Aaron [00:09:13] But we have a client who has a 20 percent turnover rate because they decided to invest in billions, Jean and whoever else and all the cooks inside of this restaurant. And when they decided to do that, they started to show up to work earlier. They started to be more productive. The restaurant grew. They stayed longer. Now, all of these people have tenure. They've been there for 10 years or however long, and you can tell the story. And that's going to entice people like, oh, name like, we want that for our company. And they'll actually act on that a lot easier than just like Kirsch. Five things you should do. 

Christian [00:09:44] I think something that's very popular right now on Instagram, now very popular on Instagram right now, specially with designers and website designers, developers, all this stuff. 

Christian [00:09:57] They're doing carousel images. They're just jam packed with information. 

Christian [00:10:03] So people like lists. Right. Oh, yeah. And that's all they're doing. They're doing one picture and it's something on that list. So the very first one is how to do the X, Y and Z and then the swipe to learn more swipe and then very big, bold letters. Number one, as they like, uniquely designed, really cool. You keep swiping to learn more about that. And it's like almost reading a blog post right there on Instagram by just swiping with these pictures or OK. They didn't they didn't create this graphic. So, OK, it has words sometimes even has a little paragraph. It has a cool image attached to it. So it's very nice. I'm saying as designers, we're doing this right now. And eventually is going to go into like, you know, your real terms. 

Christian [00:10:44] You're, you know, people who are highly engaged in this think because they're going to see those awesome posts and then they're going to get their people to create them. I think that's well, to your point, like the carousel stuff, like people don't use that as well, because whenever you see those, do you not swipe over to the other pictures? Yeah, almost always. Every time. Right. 

Christian [00:11:00] And the other thing is, like people don't realize this, but having the carousel and the multiple ad multiple images it allows you to see for Instagram to show your stuff multiple times. Right. Because you might be scrolling. And I see the first image of that, Carol, Elsa. And I'm like, oh, yeah, whatever. I'll check it out later. 

Christian [00:11:19] And then later that day, I'm scrolling again through my feed and then I see maybe the second or third image on that carousel. So it shows people multiple times different images on the same post. So I think of multiple images. It's super powerful when you're creating content on Instagram right now. 

Aaron [00:11:35] Yes. That was a little nutty. I was a little nugget snug, snug that you got in there. This was how to land those bigger clients. But also just kind of help you stand out and get kind of hashtag beat the algorithm. Hashtag no spam bots. You learned both of those here, guys. OK, so says make sure you give credit to us. We want to back link to our website. OK. We're looking at that earlier. Awesome. Do you have anything else? 

Aaron [00:11:59] Another bonus nuggets on the night, meaning we need to have something for that. Like, oh, we dropped a nugget and it's like a little sounder meeting. 

Christian [00:12:06] Yeah, we like the sound of gold dropping on the table. Yes. 

Aaron [00:12:12] We're not gonna be. Bring back the rap. Air horn. We know you guys loved that. But we don't have the right bear anymore. So super sad. All right. If this is your first time listening to the podcast, please make sure that you subscribe whichever platform that is for you. That way, you don't miss out on any of our episodes that come out every single Monday. And if you've been listening for a while, we would truly appreciate it. If you would go over to iTunes, be like, yeah, I'm going to leave a five star review. These guys are killers. I'm not gonna do it. I'm driving, but I'm going to definitely leave them a review that they're going to love. And that helps us beat burning. Figure out what you like the most. And it helps us grow and be in front of more people who listen to podcasts like this one. So please make sure you go over there and leave that review. We may be doing something cool. For people who actually believe a review, I know it can be kind of difficult. Takes like three or four minutes. But that is time. So we appreciate it. But we may do some kind of contest or something in the future. So be on the lookout for that. And you guys have an awesome rest of your week or weekend, whatever time you're listening to it. By now. See you. 

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