How To Easily Grow Your Email List For Your Nail Salon

May 6, 2019

Show Notes

Today we're talking about how to easily grow your email list for your nail salon. We're super excited about this episode. We talked about four different things that you can do and it blends everything from in-store, to online, to social. It's awesome! Check it out.

  • Rewards program or gift card sign ups

When you walk into a store that you already like or frequently go to signing up for a rewards program makes sense. A simple ask will get a lot of people, but if you sweeten the deal for new subscribers you have a much better chance of getting their email. Bonus - get a phone number to send out SMS in the future.

  • Online booking system

Using software like https://www.bookeo.com/ or https://www.booker.com/nail-salon-software when they schedule online you can choose how much information you gather and email is a must.

  • Giveaways

Everyone loves a chance to win something. It needs to be something enticing though. Think free nail care for a year. The bigger the better because of the amount of people who are going to flock to your giveaway. Also, with the power of social it’s very easy to get people to share and have it spread like wildfire.

  • Create Quizzes

7 of the 20 most shared articles on BuzzFeed are quizzes! People love doing quizzes. Doing these is a great way to not only grow your email list but also reach a wider audience. Outgrow.co is a great platform to get you started.


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Christian [00:00:00] Ola and welcome. Today we're talking about how to easily grow your email list for your nail salon. We're super excited about this episode. We talked about four different things that you can do and it blends everything from in-store to online to social. It's awesome. Check it out. This is the marketing Natives. Providing actionable way to grow, improve, and succeed in your business and now your host Christian and Aaron.

Aaron [00:00:30] All right.

Aaron [00:00:30] So our first one here is rewards and gift cards sign ups and we don't really know a whole lot about nail salons. That's what we had to do a little bit of research. But what we do know is a retail space and it's very similar to what you can do in a retail space is what you can and nail salon because they're the same thing. You've got people coming into your business. But if it's a new place or somewhere that they frequent often then giving them some kind of incentive to come back is obviously beneficial for both sides. But when you do that you can allow it allows you to collect e-mail address from people most of the time people give you their name and e-mail address without really even giving it in kind of a sense of it's just more like Hey sign up for the e-mail list and since you're there and you just ask them more than likely they would do it feel like a nice little iPad. But if you give them some reason to sign up like hey if you sign up you'll be you know for every time that you sign in or whatever. You'll get 20 percent off every 10 times that you come. So there's a lot to do with the gift cards and the rewards program but it's I think that's probably the lowest hanging fruit.

Christian [00:01:38] And the easiest way to do that is literally like Aaron said to have an iPad and have it which is readily available right there in front of the cash register for people to just put their name email and sign up very quickly. Have you ever been to. No.

Aaron [00:01:55] I have one time for bringing just spontaneously one time and it was added to my goals on time.

Aaron/Christian [00:02:02] I've got my toes done. Yeah. Same here. I didn't we put nail polish on you probably did not. OK. I didn't mean to but it. Here it goes. It sounds like it was actually your coat. Now I know but it was it was an experience for sure. I mean it was OK.

Aaron [00:02:20] There were people washing your feet just kind of like that's an intimate situation here. Absolutely. So like I don't know. I was glad that they didn't really talk to me. I could kind of just like lay there and just not do anything.

Christian [00:02:33] Yeah. But I mean if I would've signed up for my email maybe I would get reminded like Hey come back and get your toes done. Right.

Aaron [00:02:40] I didn't do that and I don't think that had anything like that when I went I started something that would be really cool for them is as they like as they're leaving they grab their iPhones take a picture of your feet and then whenever they send you the e-mails this is something you shouldn't do but it felt like they sent you an e-mail like hey Christian it's been awhile.

Aaron [00:02:57] Do your feet look like this. I have nine. You looked down at your feet like God dang it. It's like big this went from like you know amazing to Sasquatch. Real quick. So booking my next session.

Christian [00:03:09] That's funny. That's another really cool funny idea.

Aaron/Christian [00:03:12] If I had an elf on OUTFRONT to do that right. Which is number two which is talking about booking and most people are online whether it's through an app whether it's through Instagram anything like that actually saw the other day a one of our friends had booking software on his profile on Instagram. So in stories he could swipe up but it's all done on the platform. So online bookings I think almost a must I still call it the massage place that I go to but that's only because the guy answers in one ring and he just knows my number and says how long. And then I turn it off. So it's actually faster but for a nail salon I mean if you just work one day into Friday and you like I want to get my nails done. You get to go in there and book it. Yeah. And I mean the normal things that you're going to ask people for are the name and email address and you just need a little checkbox in there that says like Hey we're gonna be subscribe to whatever or whatever.

Christian [00:04:06] That's a letter. And part to our day serial Yeah. And just you know gather all the information from your online booking system. But yeah I I'm on the other hand I think I don't like to do the phone calls. I like more of if I can just go online do a few clicks and book whatever I need to book much much rather do it online.

Aaron/Christian [00:04:28] Yeah I guess it just depends. If I have to research a new company and I've already spent a bunch of time on there I'm just going to book it where I'm at. There. But if I'm googling it and I read something like right away and I'll have time to do research I'm just looking at like reviews. OK. Four point eight stars. Great. I'm calling you can I get in. Because it's more last minute but if I planned it in advance then I think a booking system is absolutely the way to go. Yes. And not to miss over that part that Christian said. I know we kind of get over it but you do need to have that box to like email them afterwards. You need to make sure that you get permission before you just take their e-mail from the booking system. Be like oh I have a thousand people now I can go and e-mail them. No. I mean you really can't. So you do need to get permission for that.

Aaron [00:05:12] Absolutely. But what what what what.

Aaron [00:05:18] All right. So this is our section where we talk a little bit about bit branding. Funny thing we're recording this on a Saturday like always. Yesterday was our one year anniversary at the office suite. I can't believe it's been a year. That's Christian clapping and there's a lot of other people outside there clapping as we record this. There is tons. You just couldn't see them. So I want to say that getting into a coworking space has been a really beneficial experience for us and also allowed us to have really good synergy with other businesses in the area. So if you're I think it's really cool to stay working at home and work from there because it's at least less expensive and everything like that. But we've actually probably gotten more business just by moving to this location. So this isn't necessarily an ad for anything other than make sure that you go and support your local if you have a coworking space or anything like that. Go there and spend time there and you'd just be really surprised while going there versus going to like a Starbucks or somewhere else which could be super loud. So if you're in the Allen area you should definitely. Or McKinney or Frisco area or plain out your office suites is a really good place to go check out. They are amazing. Obviously you've been here a year. A lot of people who love them too.

Christian [00:06:34] So yeah I mean the cool thing about yoga is that we didn't realize this but they had a open option where you'd necessarily have to have an office or physical office here. You can just have the membership where you just pay a small amount every month and you get access to the conference rooms the actual space the Wi-Fi everything. So you still get the exposure from other businesses. You get out of your house you do not smell like coffee from staying at Starbucks all day and it's a win win for everyone.

Aaron [00:07:01] Yeah. And we knew that two years ago probably would have done it sooner.

Christian [00:07:05] Yes.

Christian [00:07:10] All right. So number three we have giveaways and giveaways. Kind of similar to the rewards I mean rewards program we kind of want to do more of. Maybe a point based system where we know when you get so many points and you get to redeem that. But giveaways is more of a maybe a free nail care for a whole year or something big enough that people are going to get excited about to you know give you the e-mail you know their information their name email and we didn't talk about a little bonus but the phone number too when we're talking about growing your email list. But along with collecting that information you could also collect phone numbers to do some kind of text message campaign as well. These are all two valid methods of doing that.

Aaron [00:07:58] Right. And it's even if you're not thinking about doing text messages right now doesn't mean that you can't do it in the future. Right. Exactly. But the giveaways. This has nothing to do with a nail salon but somebody who does it really well is a what is it they're nothing or not nothing but cakes. But the buttermilk sky pie. So stealing an idea like theirs. I think they did really well they had lines out the door to get in and they had people come back you know quite frequently it's because of that one year give. So you're by doing a giveaway like Chrétien was saying for one year of nail care. You know what if it's 12 sessions maybe once a month or something I don't know how often people go but let's just say it's 12 sessions by making it so enticing like that you're going to get thousands of people there versus doing something it's more safe of saying oh well let's do like one free Maney or one free patty or whatever and you don't get really that many people in interstate you get five or six people to sign them versus you could have hundreds if not even a thousand people who want to figure out or find a way to get a thousand thirty thousand a one year free cert which is.

Christian [00:09:07] Yeah. And particularly with these giveaways. I mean you make your own rules so you could have this grand prize as part of the giveaway. This is the thing that everyone wants. So that's why everyone's signing up. But maybe on the back end you're offering a five or 10 percent discount to everyone who actually signed up. So you're still giving them some kind of incentive for signing up and giving you their e-mail address.

Aaron [00:09:30] Yeah. Giveaways. There's actually a few people that I've listened to podcasts about that have a million plus dollar businesses just off of giveaways like literally giveaways. And then another company that we do stuff with all the time it's kind of like I give away it's shortened time period is app sumo and they're an eight figure business just by doing giveaways. So I'm super cool. All right. Our next one here actually last one is quizzes and Christian actually found us companies on the let him talk about it a little bit more but he showed it to me yesterday and it's a really interesting and very visually way to get your audience engaged get information from them but also make it feel authentic which it should be anyway and they can have fun with it too.

Christian [00:10:18] So yeah I think I mean for quizzes you definitely need to have a stateless web website social media in order to spread that quiz. It's not something that you would want to do in store. I guess you could. I don't know but it's something that people would do on their social media that would they would share. You would create exposure for you. But a little stat. From the company that I mentioned here in a second but they said that seven out of the 20 most shared articles on BuzzFeed are actually quizzes and these are quizzes that may seem dumb but like a lot of people just like doing those quizzes like oh find out which Cardassian are you like you figure out which Avenger you know you're more likely whatever. So quizzes like that you know people loved doing those quizzes but you can figure out things within your nail salon or it could be. What is a vertical or whatever so you don't have to necessarily do things about. Now you could do something right into beauty or cosmetics and things like that and just figure out a really cool way to create these quizzes that's enticing for people to want to figure that out. Or what's my nail color the. Based on your Zodiac example like account for that but little things like that that people would just like to do. The companies call outgrow that SEO is just a great platform to get you started. I believe they have a free trial for like a week so you can contest around. They also give you a bunch of ideas based on your industry so if you're a retail or automotive or advertising whatever they'd give you already like ideas for quizzes and they also have other tools like calculators and just different things that are very interactive and allow you to collect leads and emails very very easily.

[00:12:07] Yeah. So all be in the show not to do or buy all of it I mean we'll put the link in there to see you want to try to write it down while you're driving so. All right. So that's what we have for you today. Obviously we don't run a nail salon but we do have a pretty good idea of how to get e-mail addresses for your nail salon. And if you know you liked this podcast so much you want to give us a free Patty Christian would be down for that. So definitely be it now. So but if you are a business owner and you liked this podcast please go over to I iTunes and leave us an honest rating review it's what we look at to make sure that we read every single one of them because a we only have like less like 10 ish. We need more. But it helps us to figure out what kind of content you guys need and want and help us create that content specifically for you.

Aaron [00:12:53] So make sure you click that subscribe button too if this is your first episode and we will talk to you guys next week.

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