How To Build An Audience For A Brand New Clothing Boutique

January 7, 2018

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about how to build an audience for a brand new clothing boutique:

  1. Try going live - Social networks are pushing live content. So if there’s any piece of content we would recommend you to go after is live video on any platform. Now for a clothing boutique, we would definitely recommend Facebook and Instagram as your go-to platforms. Don’t forget to boost and retarget to viewers.
  1. Focus on quality content - When we talk about high quality content we mean everything from data, images, graphics, hashtags, structure. You got to make sure your content is compelling enough for people to stop, read, engage and potentially share. So ask yourself before you post… is this something people would care for? Don’t post just to post.
  1. Partner and leverage with influencers - Partnering with like-minded sites and influencers is a great way to introduce a new audience to your services/offering. There are many great apps and services that walk you through finding quality influencers in your area.
  1. Grow an email list - What we call “borrowed audiences” such as social media followers change so often, plus platforms keep changing their algorithms making it harder for you to connect with your potential audience. That’s why we recommend for everyone early on to start and nurture an email list. Having your audience in an email list has great benefits like being able to massively distribute your content to ALL of them and not having to rely on algorithms.


Hey, y'all! This is officially our first episode for the new year! We know that there are a lot of people that perhaps would like to start a business of their own to kick off the new year, so we have 4 tips that you guys can follow if you want to build an audience for your brand new business.

Go Live!

If you want to gain a following, maximizing social media and its potential will be the best way to do so. Sites such as Instagram and Facebook are the best places to do live video. With live videos, you can interact with your audience in real time - this gives your videos an authentic feeling. If you're able reach out to friends and even people in their other circles that you don't know, then your business's name will surely spread out! 

Quality content!

Creating content for your followers is important, but the quality of content is the key for successful interactions with your followers. People will most likely engage with you by liking or commenting on the content you post if you focus on key factors such as your captions, graphic designs, and overall relevance of your content to your audience. Your content has to look good, it has to be pleasing to read, and it has to be relatable.

Partner up with influencers!

There are tons of people on Instagram and Facebook that have a 150+ followers. These influencers could help you and your business out a lot. If you feel like a certain influencer has a good following and the image they give resonates with your brand, then you should seriously consider partnering up with them! Be sure to set the grounds on how their posts will go when they endorse your products or business, this will help you give the type of image you want to show people for your business and brand.

Make use of emails!

Social media sites are a great way to grow and reach out to your audience, but due to the different algorithms for the different sites, you can't always say that your content is being seen by your audiences. So the best thing to do is to send out emails to them. Every one of your followers are most likely to have an email address, so if you keep a personal email list of your followers or customers, then you'll be able to keep them updated at all times about what's happening with you and your business.

Well, everyone, those are some ways that you can build an audience for your brand new business. We hope that you guys liked these tips and if you want to start business of your own - then do it! It's a new year, you don't know what might happen!

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