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On todays episode we talk about: 

  • Videos
  • Niches
  • Using hashtags
  • Instagram Stories


Christian: [00:00:16] Today we are going to talk about how can a personal trainer stand out on Instagram. We're going talk about videos. We're going to talk about hashtags. We're going to talk about Instagram stories. Yeah, we have a lot of good stuff here, but before we get started, make sure that you subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet, and leave us a review. Let us know how we're doing.


Franklin: [00:00:36] Dude. This is probably one of my favorite things to actually follow on Instagram. I'm semi-obsessed with the fitness world on Instagram. That's where fitness is living right now. I think this is going to be really good.


Christian: [00:00:49] Agreed.


Franklin: [00:00:49] So.


Christian: [00:00:51] Like I said earlier, I like following people like that, but I love looking at before and afters. Like those success stories. Love reading about those.


Aaron: [00:01:00] I was going to say and this is a great episode just because we all love the fitness world on Instagram, but it's so saturated. So how do you stand out? Which is the opposite of the topics for today.


Christian: [00:01:11] Exactly. So number one, videos.


Franklin: [00:01:16] Exactly. Instagram is like actually the place where photos actually like- I guess the photography world kind of like blew up, but like specifically with the fitness world, I really feel like videos is where it's at. Specifically, because you can show actual proper form. You can show proper, like actual, like, workouts and how to actually do it. You can actually even give, like, a full blown, like I guess you could say, workout session to people over video, and they don't have to leave their phone. They can take the phone to the gym with them, and hm. What was X's workout regimen for today?


Aaron: [00:01:58] Right. So I know I- actually I know two people personally. One person I run with she watches it for running specific workout, and then Brianna, she'll pull out- I mean, she has so many people that she follows for fitness that she'll pull off workouts and, like, combinations of other things, and it's all from the videos. From a marketing standpoint, just to explain this to you guys, people watch videos on Instagram about 20 percent longer than Facebook. So that's another thing, and another reason that videos are good is because most people do post pictures. So if you post a video, you already have people's attention that you stand out just a little bit.


Christian: [00:02:31] Exactly. And I mean another great thing about the videos that you can do is, you know, show new moves. It doesn't have to be a full work out, but I think we have or you have a friend who you.


Aaron: [00:02:43] He's pointing at Aaron.


Christian: [00:02:44] Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm pointing at Aaron. Aaron has a friend on Instagram, and I think you sort of consulted with him when he started and you told him to start doing videos. And he does a lot of things with this hammer looking thing.


Franklin: [00:02:58] All kettlebell. All kettlebell. I watch him. He does a lot of cool stuff with that kettlebell, dude.


Aaron: [00:03:03] Okay, so you guys are following him?


Christian: [00:03:04] Yeah, but no. But he has a hammer thing is that still called a- it's like a legit like long thing with a-


Aaron: [00:03:10] Yes, and it's got weight to it, and he swings around.


Christian: [00:03:12] And he swings it around and stuff.


Aaron: [00:03:14] So this is a shout out to Jamie Thayer. This is Thayer Fit on Instagram. So go check him out.


Christian: [00:03:19] Yeah, for sure. Like he's doing some cool stuff. That's what I'm saying like to me he's standing out because I haven't seen anyone use a freakin' hammer, you know, and swing it around as a workout. Like, that's unique. To me, that's just really unique.


Franklin: [00:03:33] Right. So wait a minute. Neither one of you have ever done like hammer throws on the tire as part of a workout ever?


Christian: [00:03:41] No, that's different. That's the thing. OK.


Aaron: [00:03:43] No. We'll have to show you after the episode. It's completely different.


Christian: [00:03:47] Yeah.


Franklin: [00:03:47] Nice. Cool. All right. So what's the next thing that- so along with the video- I'm sorry. I keep on interrupting you.


Aaron: [00:03:55] Go ahead.


Franklin: [00:03:58] OK. Well, the next thing that goes along with the video, even if they have video, like what should they be doing with the video? And how can they, like I guess you can say, narrow it down?


Aaron: [00:04:08] One thing that I would say about the videos first- kind of what you're saying there is you have the ability to choose a cover photo and a lot of people don't know this, but choose a really good screenshot of your video because that's the first image that people see. You don't have to have the one that's all like blurry and everything like that. So when you're doing the videos, make sure you choose a cover photo or yeah, cover photo or thumbnail image before the video.


Christian: [00:04:32] Yeah, I agreed. But I think I mean we already touched on this, and what you were talking about is like niche down. And you know, you can be a personal trainer, but you don't have to be a general, you know.


Aaron: [00:04:45] We really advise against that actually.


Christian: [00:04:46] Yeah exactly. Try to, you know, dive a little bit deeper into, you know, a specialty inside of being a personal trainer, and I mean, there's countless of things that you could do. And I mean, the hammer thing is- you know, that's a niche, and like nobody else is doing that. At least that I've seen. So definitely do something that nobody else is doing. You know, inside of personal trainers you could, you know, just go into yoga or go into some hip training, or inside of personal trainer just also sort of like I said- I keep wanting to say healers, but the-


Franklin: [00:05:21] Physical therapist.


Christian: [00:05:22] Physical therapist. Thank you. That's who-


Aaron: [00:05:24] They are healers.


Christian: [00:05:26] But that could also fall under, you know, a personal trainer category of nutrition. It's also a huge thing about, you know, exercising and doing workouts is having proper nutrition. So you can definitely niche down and figure out, you know, some specialty within the personal trainer in order to stand out.


Aaron: [00:05:45] I think that that's probably all we're going to say about niching, but just hear me when I say this, if you're driving in your car, stop and think about niche. Think about something that you really stand out and you love to do because there is more than enough competition and everything else. So if you don't niche down, you probably won't stand out.


Christian: [00:06:03] Yeah. And I think Aaron was joking about earlier like doing llama yoga. Is that what you said?


Aaron: [00:06:08] No, it's real in Dallas. There's 40 to 50 people every day doing llama yoga. They're laying down doing yoga, and llamas are like walking on them.


Christian: [00:06:16] OK. So.


Aaron: [00:06:17] Or goats. Sorry. It's goats.


Christian: [00:06:18] Yeah. It's goats. Yeah. Because yeah, I remember seeing something on Instagram about goat yoga, and yeah, the goats like to, you know, climb and step on people.


Aaron: [00:06:29] Maybe their hooves feel good. I don't know, but llamas are probably a little too heavy.


Christian: [00:06:34] Yeah. Yeah.


Franklin: [00:06:37] What?


Christian: [00:06:37] Franklin is just perplexed.


Franklin: [00:06:39] Yes. If you could see my face right now, like.


Christian: [00:06:42] No, I saw a post on Instagram about that. Yeah.


Aaron: [00:06:45] No, I have a friend who saw it, and she's like- she saw it on Instagram of a yoga teacher saying she was doing goat yoga in Dallas, and then she posted a video the next morning saying she drove 30 minutes to go do yoga with a goat.


Christian: [00:06:58] See that's what we're talking about niching down. That's it.


Franklin: [00:07:02] Oh my god.


Christian: [00:07:03] Wow.


Aaron: [00:07:04] And it was a huge class. There were so many goats and- so many goats. So many people doing yoga. Like, how can you- anyway, we digress. Let's get back to- let's get back.


Franklin: [00:07:16] But you know, that would have been a great thing to put on what we have next which is Instagram stories. Like if you could have imagined, like, to actually see the coverage of a bunch of people, like, on the ground with their phones. I know they're supposed to be concentrating while they're doing yoga, but like, if someone were to sneak in while the goat was standing on their back while they're recording the story. And just like, you see this lady laying on the ground, and then above her, you see this goat just right there. Like that's how you see in the background, but use the Instagram stories to tell the actual story of what's going on in the daily life of your particular type of personal training with your clients, interviewing your clients, letting your clients share, like, how they feel about working out with you or the meal plan that you gave them or the motivation that you've giving them in the week. How, like, that would actually help them with the Instagram story.


Christian: [00:08:13] Yeah. And I mean going back to the go yoga. Like, literally you know I saw a picture on Instagram. Like it would have been great to see a video inside of Instagram stories, you know, watching these little goats step on people and stuff.


Aaron: [00:08:28] And something that- we're recording this in August of 2017, but something that's big right now is Instagram live videos are actually being put into stories, and they kind of get precedence or like first choice online. So you're doing a live video of live goat yoga. You're going to get a bunch of views from that.


Christian: [00:08:46] For sure. For sure. And something that we didn't talk about but is using the hashtags and that niche, niche, niche?


Aaron: [00:08:58] Niche.


Christian: [00:08:58] Niche.


Franklin: [00:08:58] Niche.


Christian: [00:08:59] And then engage. So Aaron was the one who came up with this, and you know, what you want to do is find those hash tags that select very few people are using. So for example, for us something like marketing is too generic. You want to find something in your niche that people are using the hashtag and go search for the hashtag and then go look at other people's posts, engage with them, talk to them. Be authentic. Don't do the general, wow, that's great. Yeah. Awesome, awesome post. Yeah, that doesn't help.


Franklin: [00:09:34] Yeah. Give some value in your comment whenever you're actually commenting with them. If you see something that they're doing wrong, like, actually give them that feedback, or if you see that they're doing something great say, hey.


Aaron: [00:09:46] Like I really like that goat in your picture. Like that's a cool goat.


Franklin: [00:09:50] Exactly. His coat looks great.


Christian: [00:09:53] Yeah. I mean, the best thing is really to either ask questions. I mean, that just requires them to answer you and keep the conversation going.


Franklin: [00:10:02] Exactly.


Christian: [00:10:03] So you can start with a question. You know, that's great.


Franklin: [00:10:06] Exactly.


Aaron: [00:10:07] All right, and then this is- again these may be just like obvious, but be yourself. You're going to stand out anyway because you're different. We're all unique and different. So be yourself. Whether it's like you love to. Gosh dangit. They're doing funny things behind the microphone, guys, so I apologize. I can't keep a straight face.


Christian: [00:10:27] We're trying to be ourselves over here.


Aaron: [00:10:29] They're being theirselves. But anyway, so for example like, Christian is Puerto Rican and Franklin is, you know, Louisianan, and he talks like a Louisianan guy. So maybe that's going to work for him on working out. I don't know. But it may not work for somebody else. So don't try to copy somebody else. Just be authentic. Be yourself, and now help you stand out especially you get down into a niche. So we're kind of like- if I can paint this visual, of we like going to the journey of the center of the earth kind of thing. We just keep going deeper and deeper.


Franklin: [00:10:58] Right. And guess what?


Christian: [00:11:03] What?


Franklin: [00:11:03] We're not going to be- this is not inappropriate. I promise.


Aaron: [00:11:07] So give us some context, and then what do you mean?


Franklin: [00:11:09] OK. So I'm just going to say is it. OK if I just say it? Show more skin. That's not to be like- that's not me being like sexual or anything like that. It's more or less so we can actually see the progress. What most people would do is say they do a Transformation Tuesday or Transformation Thursday, and being able to actually see the parts of the body where the person came from, where they started, and where they ended, where you can actually visually see the progress. Make sure that it is done tastefully. Make sure that you are like sports bras for women and proper, like, workout shorts for women so you can actually see the definition from where they started and where they ended. And guys can wear basketball shorts to where they can see the proper parts of the upper body because that's where guys work out most, like abs, chest, shoulders, arms. For ladies, they want me to be flat. That's what they want, and nice shoulders. They don't want.


Aaron: [00:12:13] And they want it in five days too.


Franklin: [00:12:15] Yes. And make sure that you tell the story inside that Transformation Tuesday to actually tell who the person is, say what was ailing them, what caused them to actually get to the point where they are, and what motivated them to get to the point to where they are today.


Aaron: [00:12:34] And we didn't really talk about this and this is just like a side note, but don't use some kind of Paint or like some kind of weird tool to like write before and after on there. Just try to keep it as clean as possible, and don't try to doctor it up. If you're not a photographer, you don't need to do that, but just don't try to go over the top. I see a lot of people who take great pictures and then they just try to- man, they're just need to hire their own graphic design or something. So don't try to do too much with that.


Franklin: [00:13:01] Right. Just keep it simple.


Christian: [00:13:03] Yes. All right. So just recap here. How can a personal trainer stand out on Instagram? We talked about doing videos. We talked about niching down, doing some goat yoga, using hashtags and different niche, and engaging with people using Instagram stories, telling real stories and driving traffic back to actual posts and videos on your timeline. We talked about being yourself, and we talked about showing more skin.


Aaron: [00:13:32] And we're going to be doing these podcast, breaking these down into small videos, but eventually. And one thing I would love to do is have us all go do some goat yoga and do like a two minute recap of what some goat yoga was like because I think that'd get some good attention.


Christian: [00:13:46] I would be down to do some goat yoga.


Aaron: [00:13:48] Let's do some go yoga. So while you're thinking about us doing goat yoga, go ahead and share this with your favorite personal trainer, or if you're trying to get into the fitness industry, please leave us a comment and review. Make sure you subscribe, and the easiest way is click those three buttons in the right hand corner and share this episode with somebody you care about. And we will see you guys- we won't see you. We'll talk to you next week.


Christian: [00:14:12] Yes, we will.


Franklin: [00:14:14] Later.

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