How A Retail Business Should Use Instagram Chat Stickers

July 15, 2019

Show Notes

Instagram recently released a new chat sticker for their stories and we're gonna talk about specifically for retail businesses Four (4) Ways That You Can Use That New Chat Sticker.

Hot New Feature: Instagram Stories Chat Sticker - It allows you to initiate a private group chat through Instagram Stories with up to 31 of your followers. They click on the chat sticker and you decide who joins and how long the chat stays open.

How you can use Chat Stickers:

  • Invite customers to a local event - If you’re hosting an event at your location, use the chat sticker to build a mini community of followers that are interested. From there you are able to introduce yourself and answer any questions they may have.
  • Get feedback - Invite a select group to get you honest reviews and feedback on your products. You can make it more exclusive and share upcoming items.
  • Offer coupons and discounts - Make that conversion! Offer an exclusive limited time coupon and turn those followers into buyers.
  • Target a niche group - A good strategy is to combine the “Close Friends” feature with the Chat Sticker. You are able to select some of your followers and essentially get them talking in the same space.


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Christian [00:00:00] What's going on? So Instagram recently released a new chat sticker for their stories and we're gonna talk about specifically for retail businesses four (4) ways that you can use that new chat sticker. Check it out.

Christian [00:00:30] All right so if you don't know what Instagram Chat sticker the Instagram story is chat sticker is basically a brand new feature that Instagram has added to Instagram Stories and it allows you to include or initiate a private group chat through your stories so you can add up to thirty one of your followers. And basically you add this as a sticker on your story and people can click on it and then you can decide whether you allow them in the chat or not and the chat stays open as long as you want to. And again you have the power to decide who goes in the chat or who doesn't. 

Aaron [00:01:10] Yeah I think it's very cool we tested it out last week. I use it as a way. Like OK we're a BitBranding connecting other business owners and just try to introduce them that way. And I was surprised at how many people actually requested to join that chat. It was pretty cool. I think we had maybe six or seven that actually requested to join within a couple of hours and that was high to me anyway. We don't have like millions of followers so it's not like we're getting a million to request but it is a really cool way to have those people have real conversations. Now there wasn't any strategy behind it other than like hey let's test this feature out so we can say see how it works and what we're going to talk about for you guys is how retail businesses can use this. And I think that regardless of your retail business these are really cool ways for you to implement into your business and help you grow and have those one on one conversations with with business owners or customers rather. 

Christian [00:02:00] Yeah. So the number one way that we thought about using the stickers is to invite customers to some sort of local event. So I don't know let's say you're a clothing business and maybe you have some kind of kind of close to Fourth of July when we have a 4th of July celebration sale going on or something like that where you're bringing in maybe some local food vendors and things like that. 

Christian [00:02:23] You can create a story about it and towards the end you can add this chat sticker to it and you can invite people so you can introduce yourself for once. And also you can ask answer any questions people may have. And again you can do this multiple times leading up to the event. This will create different chats for that particular event. So just keep that in mind when you're creating these it's kind of like a one off thing every time you put a new Chat sticker on a brand new story. You're essentially creating a new group chat. 

Aaron [00:02:59] Yeah. And you can label these which is kind of cool but the one feature that Christian was asking about when we were testing this is like OK can we grab this same user name or the same group name and just continue to add people in that because that would be awesome we can just build really large lists. You cannot do that. So maybe maybe Instagram will roll that out a little bit later. But I also think that inviting these customers to a local event is also a good way like depending on if you look at these profiles these may be local influencers. Then may be people that you can connect with and maybe even do one on one conversations. Now because you're like oh I saw that you were in the chat you're interested in this but you actually have a decent amount of following. Let's be you know I would like to take this a step further but it's just that one on one conversation that you could have. 

Christian [00:03:40] Exactly. And I think you know this jumps in to the second point which is to get feedback. So once you have them in that group again it's up to you to decide when that group chat gets closed. But maybe after the event you can gather some feedback from people in that group or even incentivize them to maybe they didn't show up to the event maybe you know X or Y reason but you can incentivize them and maybe you give them a coupon or something right set right there inside of that same group that used for the local event. So the number two would be to get feedback. Use it as a tool to get feedback and you can also just create a brand new story with a branding sticker in order to say like hey I want to get some fresh feedback on this event or it does have to be the event. It could be maybe a you're releasing a brand new product and you want to get some preliminary feedback before you actually release it. They'll be also a really cool way to get more of a personal niche feedback. 

Aaron / Christian [00:04:43] Absolutely. And that's actually a really good example of I was talking to a business we're about to work with they do have candles and they call these different scent. And I told them about the Go Texan logo and you know how important that is or how vital it could be for their business and they're creating all new scents for Texas like blue bonnets and I don't know what other else ones they were gonna do but there's like 12 different ones that are like good Texan and they can be you know technically get feedback from people like hey which ones would you like to see we'll do these flavors or these flavors these scents and get feedback from people that way as their name wasn't in the Longhorn the Longhorn doesn't it like a bow or be. 

Aaron / Christian [00:05:23] Oh Bebo or Bebo. Bebo, bebo. 

Aaron / Christian [00:05:25] Yeah. Doesn't have a candle for that. Smells like manure. Yes. No. 

Aaron / Christian [00:05:33] That thing is. Well I don't know how many different bebo's they've had obviously two years. If it is like super longhorns and Ray and beast. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Manu rude. There probably is because there's grass clippings they have grass clippings which I actually like the smell of I don't know if I'd burn that at my house but it's kind of a cool. I was talking to them today. As a side note they have one hundred and ten different scents but you can do a combination of like three different scents together so like if you do that math or you just like potentially thousands of different scents you could create a whole account. Yeah. So feedback very important. 

Aaron [00:06:10] All right. So we're talking about retail businesses and Instagram a really good way for you to grow your business is through Instagram Stories. Maybe you've seen the videos we like. Hey how did that person advertise or how did they get a story in front of me. What I wasn't following them well that's through advertising and specifically targeting you the consumer or the business owner that way and you could do that too. And if you have any questions about how to use Instagram Stories for your advertising absolutely go to Instagram and shoot as a DRM that's probably gonna be the fastest way to get over there and ask us any questions we'll give as much information to you as possible about how to do that. But it's very inexpensive right now because there's not a ton of people advertising on Instagram Stories. And I think that will just be a really unique and fun way for you to get in front of your audience just because there's over 400 million active daily users who are on Instagram Stories. So it makes sense for you to be running ads there. 

Christian / Aaron [00:07:11] We're back. We are both of us. Nice. 

Aaron [00:07:15] All right. So our next one. Number three here is to offer coupons and discounts. This seems like a no brainer for retail places they're always trying to figure out these sales or discounts or coupons but it's a great way for you to give discounts one on one and really track it like Hey I'm giving this to 20 people or 31 people that you can have in there and did these specific 31 coupons get used or if you tell them not to share with their friends and then somehow you get 33 redeemed in your account. How did that happen when people share coupons. But regardless it's a really good way for you to track. Hey is this working and if it is maybe you could do that at scale or start adding it a little bit a little bit more. And with the way that Instagram is rolling out the shop feature if you're a retail store and you sell online too you could have a chat then a link to your store and have them all purchase and do everything within sight of Instagram which is now that I'm saying it out loud exactly what Instagram wants you to do. 

Christian [00:08:13] And then number four I was just kind of thinking about this. But next week we have a episode about micro influencers and technically this last way that you can use a chat ticker as a ways for you to sort of reach out to these micro influencers. So number four is target a niche group. And basically the strategy here is to combine the close friends feature with the test taker so the close friends feature allows you to select your you know I don't know top favorite friends or whatever you've got to do your friends. I would say in this case as a retail location maybe you have some followers that really engage with you a lot. There are always active or maybe have a lot of followers. So there are micro influencers. I would put them in a close friends group and then target them with the chat sticker. Maybe offer them special things or coupons or discounts or even you know you can get them all in one place talking about you know your brand what you can do better. So maybe these are superfans not necessarily micro influencers but super friends of your brand. And again you can just kind of want to get feedback and buy them to a local event. So you can do any of the above things that we've talked about but it's just a better way or a more targeted way to talk to some of your followers. 

Aaron [00:09:36] Absolutely. I really like that idea. And it's Instagram kind of gives that to you very easily because you can click the top fans or it gives you that option to easily click the top fans and let you do the chat very easily so it's not a lot of work for you on your end. 

Aaron [00:09:51] Like we tell people to shoot people direct messages and do a one on one doing it this way and a group you can knock out a lot of one of seven birds with one stone. Thirty one birds thirty ones that should be a band. We're gonna start a band should be 31 birds 31 birds 31 birds. That's if you ever watch Parks and Rec House watching that day to day their Mouse Rat. It's such a funny but 31 birds is pretty good too. 

Christian / Aaron [00:10:18] All right. Well it is a real thing. Well I'm not sure what mouse right now. The other thing. No no no. That's us. That's us. 

Aaron / Christian [00:10:26] Don't we still on that if you're listening to this. All right we digress. But now you guys know what our band name is. So check it out on Instagram later and twenty twenty five Yep word. 

Christian [00:10:35] All right. So there you have it the. So just to kind of recap the four things that you can do to use chat stickers or invite customers to a local event you can use them to get feedback. You can also use them to offer coupons or discounts and also to target a very niche group of followers. 

Aaron [00:10:54] And if you this is your first time listening make sure that you hit that subscribe button. We come out with new content every week every Monday and one out of every four episodes is gonna be a guest interview could be a local business owner could be an online entrepreneur or could be just a really cool friend and or somebody who jumps on. But it's always interesting cool conversations. So make sure that you subscribe so you don't miss those. And if you've been listening for a while please go over to iTunes and lead is an honest rating and review and we will give you a shout out on here and I don't know what else we would do but we'd at least give you a shout on here. So make sure you leave an honest reading and review. 

Aaron [00:11:31] All right. 

Christian / Aaron  [00:11:32] Holla, bye.

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