[Case Study] How Jace Beeny Used Messenger To Generate A 17.8X ROAS

November 4, 2019

Show Notes

ROAS - Return on Ad Spend

Yeah, a 17.8x Return on investment for the business!

This is the mantra that businesses are advocating for.. “What is my return?”

It’s not everyday that Facebook allows you to be a case study on their website… or like ever.

Jace is our guest today and he is an online advertising expert practicing his craft since he was 15 years old. He and his client, Beddy’s, took a Memorial Day sale to the next level when they launched their messenger campaign.

Jace is sharing with us the exact messenger strategy he used to generate the amazing ROI, how you can implement it, AND  you can copy the funnel over to your Manychat account by going here: https://www.jacebeeny.com/share.html

In this episode, we cover:

  • Jace’s strategy for the holiday campaign that generated a 17.8x ROAS
  • How Facebook got involved and did a case study about their campaign
  • How Jace started his business and his goals for the future
  • Jace’s current Netflix binge
  • Advice he would give himself if he had to start all over again

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Aaron [00:00:14] Hi, guys, welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives. This is a special episode and is actually our first that we haven't ever recorded here locally in Allen, Texas. Jace is over in Utah and you find out a little bit about him in a second. But Jace has been working in digital marketing for a while. We actually met, I believe, through Rick Marody's course for Facebook ads. Jace has been killing it on on Facebook. And we're actually friends personally. And Facebook could just talk back and forth. And what's really cool is Jace has had some amazing results. That was actually just brought out by Facebook as a case study. So we're super excited for you guys to find out a little bit about him. Jace welcome to the show. 

Jace [00:00:55] Thanks for having me. And I'm excited that I didn't have to go all the way out to Texas to film it because I don't make it out there very often. So glad to be doing the first zoom one. 

Aaron [00:01:06] Yeah, well, like I said, most of ours are local because we just kind of get local businesses. So yeah, I mean, but if you ever make it to Texas, we can record YouTube and put it on my list. 

Jace [00:01:17] I'll put it on my list. 

Aaron [00:01:19] Awesome. So this is it. We have some. We just have some information about you. We're just going to let everybody know that this is just all just a regular conversation. But one of the things we found out was that you started doing digital marketing at SEO when you were 15 and so early. 

Aaron [00:01:35] Just a little bit ago. 

Jace [00:01:37] Yeah, eight years. I was I would be. I was like the kid that would run around from business to business. And I would knock on their door and I'd be like dressed up in church clothes and things like that. And I would try and sell them SEO services for like, no joke. Twenty five. One hundred dollars a month. And so whatever. I got a client, it was like amazing. 

Jace [00:01:58] But that was what I did instead of getting like my first fast food job or anything like that. So I would I would help them rank and like the it's called like a map hacker that, you know, the like a couple of I don't know how it is now. I haven't looked into SEO in years, but I used to try and rank like the top three on maps for different little businesses. And that's what I would. That's what I'd go around selling. 

Christian [00:02:20] That's awesome. How did you get where did the idea come from to start doing SEO at such a young age? 

Jace [00:02:28] My dad bought me a course. Actually, I don't remember whose it was or anything like that. But yeah, there was a whole course on starting up your own SEO agency and that's what you were gonna be selling. So watch that. And I distinctly remember the summer that I was about to like have to get a job and instead I watched that and decided to try and go sell myself. And these services. So that is awesome. 

Aaron [00:02:51] And speaking of courses. When did you. And what age did you jump in and or find a rix clause? Because that's kind of how our paths crossed. 

Jace [00:02:59] Yeah, I think I was. Rick wasn't the first one. The first the first Facebook ads guy that I watched. I think I was 20, 20, maybe 21, because it wasn't too long ago, two or three years ago, three years ago, that I found Rick's. But other than that, I kind of just messed around with Facebook ads on my own. I'm the type that just jumps into a platform and starts messing with things. And I was I had I was working at a digital marketing agency. So I just kind of asked my boss, hey, can I just go go try this out on some clients and if it works, I'll turn it into a service. He was like, yeah, I go for it, though. Yeah. So I was I was learning Facebook ads. And then I think I know I'm sure I'd taken a couple courses or maybe watch some YouTube videos. The named Dan Henry floats around up in my head even though I don't follow him anymore. I think he's the one that first introduced it to me. And then I just started learning on my own, taking more courses and picking up more clients. 

Aaron [00:03:59] Cool. 

Aaron [00:04:00] So as far as taking this conversation, there's some fun information or some just family and background information. I want to. Like we should talk about first because we have some questions from that. And then let's get into more about the campaigns and specifically your campaign. It did really well. And I just want you to walk us through specifically like what did you do? How do you how do you land the job? How do you create that funnel? How do you get those leads? How the heck did Facebook contact you? And so we can go into Internet stuff and in a little bit. I think that's why everybody is probably clicking on this episode and listen to it go. So I'm actually reading some of this stuff. There's a couple of things that I mean, I align with a lot of the things that you have here, which is really cool about your family. But it also says that you're debt free and an investor and I'm know that still active or not. But then you also want to help make your family pursue their dreams to be more successful, too. Can you talk a little bit more about that area of your life? 

Jace [00:05:02] Yeah, I'm guessing you're reading my LinkedIn, right? Yeah. 

Aaron [00:05:06] That if you go from LinkedIn, your Website lets us off. 

Jace [00:05:10] So to be fair, that is a vision statement. So not everything is necessarily active. It's what I'm hoping for, everything to be active. But yeah, as far as helping on my family and I think I had some parts in there about helping my grandparents retire. If it's not on there, I'd like you know, I need it to be on there, like helping my parents become financially stable and retire eventually. Just where I realized I can do a lot for myself, but if I'm just doing it alone, who cares? And I've just always had a really close relationship with my family. So it doesn't feel right. If I were to go out and become successful and not help them, you know. 

Aaron [00:05:51] Right. And you're not. You're no longer with another agency at this point. You're all. 

Jace [00:05:56] Yeah. Yeah. I so I worked at a digital marketing job for like three years. Hired me in high school, gave me a shot. Still really good friends with my old boss. And then I left like two and a half years ago. 

Jace / Christian [00:06:08] And just started taking clients on my own, started up my own quote unquote, agency has always been a dream to work on your own, to be your own boss. 

Jace [00:06:19] I think so. And like when I quit, my boss said, yeah, I kind of knew this was gonna. This was when I hired you. I know you're gonna be here around here for for too long. I just don't think I was able to really articulate that that dream, that goal until it was three or six months before I left. 

Aaron [00:06:40] Very cool. And quantum. 

Aaron [00:06:44] OK. To clarify then, the quantum media was the company that you worked for in the past. Is that actually. 

Jace [00:06:49] Yes. So that's actually my agency. I do not market it. I do not promote quantum media. That is the LLC that I have for tax purposes. Everything that you're everything that I promote is myself. When you work with my agency, you work with me. 

Aaron [00:07:03] Got it. OK. And we actually have some questions from that, too. But then one wanted because I know that it's like your Website, everything you all draws back to Jace. And then, yeah, I saw the quantum medium. I was like, wait, is that just just you in general? 

Jace [00:07:18] Just that tax, just the tax strategy. Everything I do is personal branding. So cool. 

Aaron [00:07:25] OK. So let's let's jump in to this campaign. And I don't know where exactly is going to take us, but I'm just like, let's just throw it over to you and explain a little bit about this campaign that we're talking about. Give us some background about how you landed, the decline, what you what you did there and the results which will publish all the results on the show and its page. So you can see him. But Juice is going to explain this to us as well. They're insane. So I hope he gives us some really good insight to this. And hopefully he's got something to share with for. For you guys as well. Later. 

Jace [00:07:59] Yeah, I've got something really special for later. But yeah, that I landed the client. I actually knew me from my old digital marketing job I was doing. Not quite the same thing, but pretty close. And when I left the company, like six months later, they're like, yeah. We left your old agency and we want to work with you. So they're an active client of mine. This exact campaign wasn't like a project per say. It's just part of an active, ongoing relationship with the client. But the campaign is actually very simple. When I was setting it up, I was kind of thinking this is this is really simple, but it is just a click the messenger ad that pulls up a little message and says something along the lines of, hey, we're having X sale. We did our first one for Memorial Day. And instead of giving them the information right there, we make them opt in on many chat, say, hey, can we send you? Like the discount code, can we send you the sale information? There's a big button and it's, you know, yes, send it to me and they click it so that ops them in and then we just flat out give them the sale info. Okay. Use this code. It's buy one, get one 50 percent off. It's good. Tell Tuesday night and then we just put a little link to the shop. And that's pretty much the the front end of the campaign. After after a minute I've got a little timer set up so that after a minute what it does is it goes and asked them, hey, something along the lines of, hey, we've got a VIP group that we send. Like the group isn't the right. We've got a VIP list that we send wherever whenever we launch a new product or whenever we're having a big sale. You want it. You want to join our VIP list. And it's just a little yes or no option inside of any chat. If they say yes, then they're gonna get all of our follow up sponsor messages and stuff about future sales or the sale ending or something like that. They hit. No. And we just don't promote anything to them. So yeah, that the many chat side of it, like the bought flow is actually incredibly simple. And then the ad is dead simple as well. We just took the banner that the client was running on their page and instead of promoting, you know, big on the banner later Memorial Day. Sale Use code. Memorial. Memorial Day, 20, 19 or whatever it was, we just took that exact same banner. And instead of giving them the information that show me the deal or something like that. And that's the image we ran as the Facebook ad. And all through the case that I think on the case study, we were pretty transparent about what we did. So much so that people are always asking me, like, what else did you do? That's it. You know, you set up a simple ad saying we're having a sale and you hook up a bot that they have to interact with to get the info up the sale. And you just run that to warm audiences, you know, people who have either bought from you before, people who or have engaged with your list. We run a little bit of cold traffic through it, but it's not a focus on the spend since we only do it once every couple months whenever they're having a giant sale. 

Aaron [00:11:03] So. Okay. Couple questions from that. You talked a little bit about audiences and I wanted to focus on that. When you see warm audiences, obviously people have purges, website, traffic, etcetera. What kind of numbers size wise were you looking at as far as people who had purchased in the past and then Website traffic? Because obviously, I think any way it would have to be a pretty good sized amount of traffic for you to focus a lot on warm versus, you know, a little bit of cold, too. It sounds like they had a good brand a little bit already. Correct. 

Jace [00:11:34] Yeah, they definitely like this isn't something that you go out with a brand new drop shipping store and just launch and it just does money. This is more established brands for sure. I think they only had maybe a list of eight to ten thousand people who have previously bought from them and then are. And then like we did our website traffic and that's good because, you know, one hundred thousand a month or something like that, I forget the exact specifications. And then people who are just engaging with our brand, watching our videos over the past, I did like three to six months. I think I did I think I did three months of watching videos and six months of just raw engagement. And so, yeah, we had hundreds of thousands of people that we could potentially target and a lot of brands, a lot of the bigger ones do, especially if you're if you're spending money on Facebook ads. 

Jace [00:12:23] And the beauty of that is, OK, maybe like when we launch the campaign we were spending I think we were trying to spend a thousand dollars a day and Facebook just wouldn't quite spend it all. Yeah, well, Facebook wouldn't quite spend it all. But even if this is just, you know, you're you're just getting started. 

Jace [00:12:39] You've only got some small followings. You go out and you set this up for twenty five fifty dollars a day. It just gives you that extra that extra boost to any, you know, Thanksgiving Day sales or Labor Day, say, you know, whatever whatever promotion you're running and this can be completely modified to it. 

Aaron [00:12:57] So with the opportunity with that traffic, how long did you guys run that campaign? Was it just over that Memorial Day weekend? Only you just set it up ahead of time. It was over to those three or four days or are we guys prepping for that kind of, you know, presale before Memorial Day, or how long was it going? 

Jace [00:13:13] I think it was like a five day campaign. I forget, like if Memorial Day was on Monday, I think we started it like on Wednesday or Thursday when the sale started. And then one of the cool things that we did, actually, which was on Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day, we sent out a sponsored message to everybody who had opted in. 

Jace [00:13:32] And except for the people who chose not to get the follow up messages saying, hey, you know, we had a lot of people messages that they missed the sale because they were out doing things on Memorial Day. So we'll extend it for one more day. And that got that's what took a. I think we got like an eighty five times return on ad spend on that sponsored message. Wow. Now, on that follow up, I have to go check my own case study. 

Aaron [00:13:56] But I think it was. Yeah. That's right. No, two ways it looked. I think that's what it was because you guys had like 18 or something on the front. And then, you know, there's a crazy number for the for the back side. 

Jace [00:14:07] Yeah. So that was just it was a good little add on like a. OK. The sales over. We're going to extend it for a day and we're going to blast out to a bunch of people for like I think it was a penny, a penny and a half per message to send out that follow up of, hey, we're extending the sale. 

Jace [00:14:26] Well, you know, and that's probably correct me if I'm wrong, but probably one of the best campaigns that that company has ever ran as far as return and. 

Jace [00:14:39] Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Our our sponsored message follow ups always just crush it. I mean, like our retargeting and things like that do. Amazing. But not not like that. 

Christian [00:14:49] Yeah. 

Christian [00:14:51] Also, when I ask you about, do you have anything else regarding nurturing of those people who maybe signed up for it but did not use to discount or coupon or anything like that? 

Jace [00:15:04] You know, I haven't gotten that granular. We do send the sponsor follow up and they are on our many chat list for all the future sponsored follow ups. So other than some some engagement ads that we run because you can do an export up of everyone who opted in. 

Jace [00:15:20] And so you can make your own little engagement ad targeted just to those people for later that, you know, it's building subscribers. And I'm not I'm not a big broadcast guy. I like I don't manage any broadcast or e-mail blasts or anything like that. I only handle paid. I know that a handful of people will go out and do broadcasts to people after they opted in through an ad or something like that. But this was definitely like a like get them to convert quickly type of campaign. 

Aaron [00:15:53] And had you trying to do this type of campaign before with previous clients or this was just more like, I guess, what was your strategy whenever you sat down? Was this you worked with the team or was it you came up with that? You just kind of map in and out and saying, OK, I think this is their best place to market or have you proven it? You know, maybe on a smaller scale somewhere else. And that's what made you think to do this route or how exactly you come up with that. 

Jace [00:16:16] So I wish I actually came up with this campaign. 

Jace [00:16:18] I was sitting down with the client's team and we were outlining what we were gonna do for the Memorial Day promotion, because I always do big sales and we usually spend a pretty decent amount of money promoting it. And they said, we're going to try this this idea where we're not going to give them give away the code and the info of the sale. If somebody has to opt into our email to get it. And it was like, oh, that's that's a really good idea. Let's let's implement that with Messenger as well. And now that's pretty much how exclusively how we run our deals. It's only through messenger through that strategy of. Because like like if you go like Black Friday is coming up, everybody's going to have their Black Friday coupon code plastered all over their Web site. Right. Yeah. So instead of doing something like that, we were making it so that they had to opt into our email or our messenger. So I added that in. But we were they at the base plan was to make them opt into our email list to get that coupon code and to get the actual discount information. So that was kind of that that that curiosity factor of we're having a big Memorial Day sale. We're not telling you it's buy one, get one 50 percent off or let. Well, we're only letting you know that we're having a big one and you need to opt in and then we'll send you all the details through email. So we took that idea that their team had and implemented it with Messenger and with actual Facebook ads to reach more people. 

Aaron [00:17:45] It's funny because we see that right now. And it's like, man, it's so simple. Like it's just like a no brainer. But then it's like I honestly, Adam, all the campaigns or things like that, I've maybe heard something like that maybe once. But even then, like I've never really heard about that. It's just more of like, OK, we'll just delivered on the thank you page. Will delivered on the e mail, but nothing like specifically like the way that you guys are doing it. And it's I feel like it was just a tweak. Tweak obviously had a huge impact. 

Jace / Christian [00:18:16] Yeah. Because I mean we could have just ran a regular Facebook ad saying use this code, you get by 150 percent off, blah, blah, blah. And it would have just been another regular campaign and I wouldn't have built up huge subscriber lists and have all this follow up. 

Jace / Christian [00:18:29] And it probably would not have gotten the return that we got now because I'm just thinking about it now as a user. If I click in there and I say yes now, I'm kind of like intently like asking for something versus just like, oh, I have this code and I'm just clicking a button. So it's like I went through all these steps I really wanted. So now you guys have really intentional shoppers. So, I mean, it's really so simple that it's just as I'm saying it allows me is really just genius psychological trigger there. 

Jace [00:18:59] And I've like given this away at a like I've shared the strategy and stuff at it, like a live presentation. And I could tell the entire audience was sitting there thinking, really, this is what we were. And it's like, yeah. It's that simple. It works. Because when I was as I said, when I was making it, it was like this. This seems too easy, but. Yeah. And that's something that we just do because it works in OK. 

Aaron [00:19:22] So we covered a little bit about the campaign. If you want to touch more on the campaign. But I'm really, really curious to hear about it. Did you submit something to Facebook? Did Facebook reach out to you guys? Like, how exactly did you get that cool spot on Facebook Web site? 

Jace [00:19:38] That's kind of a mixture of both. I'm sure you were aware of all of the jokes. And I'm just gonna leave it at jokes. That is said about like Facebook reps and talking with them and all that. And I had been talking with this rep on behalf of this client for probably like three or four months. And every call was just. All right. Yeah. I'll make sure to turn that little setting on. And yeah, just a bunch of calls where it wasn't really that great. And then I just casually mentioned. Oh, yeah. We just ran this this Memorial Day campaign and got like 18 times return and our sponsored message was like eighty five times. And like, whoa, stop. Excuse me. What would you do? OK. Tell me about that. She's like you want to want me to submit that to our success stories team that they probably love it. If you could just put some of the information together and like some some data for me, I was like, oh, yeah, like send it over to him. And I think like two days later, they're like, yeah, we're gonna. They sent me the huge form to fill out. It took like two or three months of back and forth and drafts and just everything. But yeah, I just kind of casually mentioned it. I mean on purpose. But I casually mentioned. To the one of the two, I like our Facebook group. And she was all over it. I phoned somebody calling me. But yeah, I don't think that they are actively looking for different stuff. I think you need to be like talking with a rep. And it's nice that we have that relationship there because we asked for things. And there's been times where, like, I've got like locked out of an account or something and she was able to help me out. So as much as they don't provide that many great ideas, it's an awesome contact they have. And if you drop enough good results on them, you know, one of them might stand out. 

Aaron [00:21:31] And have you tried this strategy with other clients? I mean, I know a big focus for you are a lot of focus. I don't know if it's specifically what you do is e-commerce. I don't know if you do any other legion or anything like that. But have you tried this on other e-commerce clients? 

Jace [00:21:47] The chat about strategy or the success story strategy? The trap. I want you out by strict. Yeah, unfortunately, it's actually pretty hard to get clients to bite on this whole chat bot thing as crazy as it is. And I can link to a Facebook success story and they're like we have to implement it on the site and all that. But you know, I've tried it and I probably ran six or seven campaigns with that model and they all get 13 to 18 return on ads and people are still struggling to sign off with it. 

Aaron [00:22:17] I don't understand. 

Jace [00:22:18] I don't know. Okay. To be fair, when I when I take somebody on and I want to do chat bots for them, I do like everything chat bot. So I'm doing remarketing and retargeting and I'm going and I'm trying to put pop ups on their site that link that pull them into messenger and all that. And so I think that I might be selling to too much right there. And it's not just like, hey, let's set up this one little campaign. You know, it'll be fine. 

Jace [00:22:43] So that might be some of the resistance there, which. 

Aaron [00:22:48] Yeah, I guess I can understand that, too. Like, we do want to put all of our eggs in one basket and just say that the messenger is the you know, Bill, I guess we have this year in the nose anyways, like systems that you've used to skill established businesses giving a free on. I understand it's a given free audit for his business or his clients business and let them know they're skilling. Pete, traffic is the right move for them. Is that just like general, like a leaf magnet type of strategy for you as an agency to see if it's the right fit for you to bring somebody on? Or is it just more of the customer service aspect or is that like just today? 

Jace [00:23:23] Yeah. It's that I end up saying no to a lot of people that want to work with me. At least 10, 15 a month. And a lot of that is based off of just asking about their business. 

Jace [00:23:38] I see how they how they're doing. If they're not at the that the level that I usually play out, then I turn them away. And then if they are usually spending 50 to 150 grand a month on ads, then I'll go in and do an audit and make sure I'm not jumping into like a dying account or if they're doing everything. That's amazing. Everything they're doing is amazing. I honestly can't help them. That's why I want to do an audit of the account first just to just to make sure I think I can actually help. Before I take them on as a client. 

Aaron [00:24:07] Hmm. So I guess two questions from that. One of them was. So with the benefit of you and I being friends on Facebook, is that I so basically you're I will see you as a rant. We'll just say it's a longer post about other ad agencies taking advantage of people and Internet, your friends showing or telling you about that and just jumping into an AD account. Do you see that quite a bit? I mean, we hear people ask us questions about ads, but never really had we jumped in there and seen something until after they'd become a client. So I think that's probably where we should order did a little bit ahead of time to see or if we're going to get access to it. But it just happened more frequently for you or is that something that's pretty regular, pretty popular? 

Jace [00:24:56] So it's definitely happened more, but that's based on more. People have been reaching out to me lately, especially since that success story. And I've actually started to be active on social media, which is great since I do advertise there. But now even even clients that have been with me for over two years, they just they weren't getting the right numbers from their ads agency or they they were hiring them, but they felt like they weren't actually like moving the needle and growing their business. I can think of four clients that I have jumped in and I go and I look up some stuff and it's like, oh, here, here's why they're not moving the needle. They're getting you a great return on ad spend, but they're spending fifteen dollars a day. And you guys are a multimillion dollar company. It does. Yeah. It's like it doesn't matter how good of a row as they're getting, they're not going to do anything to impact your actual growth. 

Aaron [00:25:50] So it is maybe you can. We can always kind of stuff like this. A lot of times we'll just have a sense, just normal conversation, but. So you weren't posting too much on social media now that you are. Most of your business being referral? Or have you been using ads to generate your own businesses as well? 

Christian [00:26:07] So, yeah, this is actually one of the things that I. I don't like about me. Like I'm a I'm a B2C marketer. People who can figure out B2B marketing. You guys are some special black, amazing kind of people. Whenever I run ads trying to grow myself, it I just get leads of a like a lot of people who are starting up little tiny stores. They want to spend a couple hundred bucks on ads. I'm not the best fit for that. I'm sure some other people serve that market. I do not. So a lot of my clients and a lot of my clients, my current clientele have come from networking and then just trying to be as much of an authority on the subject as I can and getting good results. 

Aaron [00:26:49] So networking again, it's something that we know here for local. Like you just networking there in Utah. Where are you in Salt Lake or. 

Jace [00:26:56] I'm just south of Salt Lake, 20, 30 minutes south. 

Aaron [00:26:59] OK. So just now, working with business owners there or networking online or. 

Jace [00:27:05] Funny enough, I it's a lot of online. And then my clients end up local. I I can't tell you why. But yeah, I'll I'll go and. I've got clients that go to masterminds, and so I networked with people who are also out their mastermind. I'm in a mastermind myself. I feel like I make pretty, pretty valuable posts on Facebook and I get shared around that gets passed around so that when somebody does come across me, they go, OK. This guy knows what he's talking about and I want to work with him. So networking is that. It's like a very loose term because it's not like I'm going out and going, OK, I want to network with other e-commerce companies that I could run ads for. It's going and networking with friends and marketing. And they go, oh, cool, I do. I do financially lead generation. I've got like five people I could refer you to that you all do e-commerce. No hard feelings. If you say no to them. But I'd love to pass you those leads. Nice. Yeah. That's one thing I've learned is you like the the value of one relationship. Whether you realize it's gonna be valuable when you do it, when like when you start it or not, it it's insane how much that can grow. 

Christian [00:28:20] I do want to ask about. I guess either education or training as far as ongoing and how do you keep up with current trends and even something like, you know, when chat came up. How did you know that came up and how do you keep up with everything that's going on with social media? 

Jace [00:28:41] Yeah, it can be tough. Things change fast, actually. Things change really fast. One of the big things that changed recently was a lot of the privacy and the connections that you need to have with Facebook ads. I think that a big reason that a lot of people are getting their ad accounts shut down is because they don't have their businesses structured correctly. And so you do one thing that looks like a little bit of a yellow flag with Facebook and they just shut everything down. So I was trying to learn more about that. So I posted it in a Facebook group. I mean, and this random lady from Australia connected with me and was teaching me about a whole bunch of stuff. And so we're like changing it. We're exchanging skills because I know a lot about product catalogs and how to setup e-commerce ads. And then she's really good at math. Setting up business managers and making sure everything's verified with Facebook and making sure that you're not like sharing data where you shouldn't be and all that. So there's like little changes like that. As far as like learning things about about chat bots, lots of courses, lots and lots of courses. I don't know, many chats. Got a good free one that teaches you pretty much the ins and outs of how to use everything. And then the strategies just come from experience and really watching what other people are doing. If I ever see a good ad, I'm taking screenshots. I'm saving it into an archive. I'm I'm go into there to the Facebook ads library and seeing what other ads they're running. It's really just going out there. 

Jace / Christian [00:30:06] Being a researcher and figuring out what's going on and how you can take advantage of it being an actual user and dissecting what other people are doing correctly. 

Aaron [00:30:16] Yeah, I was going to say that that sounds like pretty much like my life here. Oh, yeah. Save, save, save. It's like how many? Two hundred. Unopened. 

Jace [00:30:26] Yeah. Yeah. You got your own little swipe file but. Yeah. I mean I believe even if I go back and look at them or not, they're there somewhere in my subconscious to help me create better ad campaigns in the future or something like that. I don't know. 

Aaron [00:30:39] I'm going to use that line. I use it in the future for whenever I'm talking to gather, they're there. Which is true. I mean, especially filling Instagram stories. I feel like you come across a lot of really good Instagram stories and like that actually caught my attention. We need to do some stuff. Have you. Have you had much success with doing campaigns to specifically stream stories or much experience with those for the right client? 

Jace [00:31:05] I guess I'm actually not much of an Instagram user at all. I mainly use Facebook. I know I need to go on Instagram. I know. But yeah, I've got to I've got a client in the fitness industry because I don't just do e-commerce. I do some lead generation for webinars and for challenges and things like that. I'm definitely marching down into e-commerce because I see that as a just huge right? Yeah. But anyway, like my one of my fitness clients, she does very well on Instagram stories because she's inviting them to come and do a Pilates and she's got like a five day challenge and things like that. The other thing that I'm using Instagram thought I should share this because it's amazing is that the polls on Instagram stories has been working really well with e-commerce, like the the advertising ability, right? Yeah. In general. Well, I'm sure. I'm not an organic guy. Like I. My client does something organically. Cool. I don't I don't know about it, but at least I don't know how well it's working. I guess I know about it because I have sometimes leverage it for ads. But yeah, there's an option to add a poll inside of your Instagram stories as ads. 

Aaron [00:32:12] And I've seen really good results with them because in the day, just like the choose one of the other and then they're able to market to people based off of what they choose or how exactly does it mean. 

Aaron [00:32:24] Not even that yet. Unfortunately, at least not that I know of. It is a newer feature, but yeah, it's just that engagement level of them taking a quiz and then having the option to swipe up and visit the website. It's it's been doing really well. Engagement rates are really high and we ask questions that kind of make people self select into. Yeah, okay. I need this product even if we can't necessarily take that data and do much with it right now. They are making they're thinking that like micro commitment of saying, yeah, like I would need this kind of product or I do have this kind of problem in my life. And then the product sitting behind the quiz, just waiting for him to swipe up and buy it. 

Aaron [00:33:07] Nice. Yeah, it's cool. One less thing that I want to cover on that net messenger campaign that is that I think that, you know, everybody who's listening right now should be looking for us. And when we talked about this a little bit earlier, but share with people what you can give them about that messenger file and unity talks. Like I said, the beginning of this podcast that you're going to give somebody something nice a way to meet these people. 

Jace [00:33:34] Yeah, I've got a I've got the whole mini chat sequence for you. Exactly how I built it. How to run it and everything. I'll just share that with you guys. So if you go to awesome Jace Beeny dot com slash share to make that not so right. I've got the flow that you can just add into your own manager to get ready to run everything. And if I share my screen, I'll just go through it quick. 

Aaron [00:34:06] Yeah, absolutely. They'll be great. 

Jace [00:34:11] So I'm sharing. There, you guys see that? 

Aaron [00:34:15] Yeah. Maybe zoom in a little bit more because. 

Jace [00:34:17] Yeah, I'm messing with all the the video overlays on it and everything. But yeah, I've just got it. So you guys can just there's like an opening message all template out pulls them into here. This is where you give him the actual code. This is where you put a link to your shop. 

Jace [00:34:36] Tags. Looks for a tag. So this is like adding them to the VIP list and this is just this condition where they're already on, they've either said yes or no to the VIP list that doesn't send them this message, ask them to join VIP. All that. So, yeah, this is the exact flow, obviously with the, you know, a template such as holiday. Instead of saying Memorial Day that we use. So we just use the Jace ad and I just pulled them into this and they were off to the races. 

Aaron [00:35:03] So for those who are watching on video, you're seeing this right now. Those who were on the podcast, you can pull over safely whenever you'd like. This is I mean, it's this is huge. And honestly, it's really is. When people ask for on a podcast or what they're looking for is like, I really need just that plug and play with Jace is talking about how to do. But literally, he's he's laying out this template for you to be successful. That's I mean, that's huge. 

Jace [00:35:28] Yeah. And that's just the Jace Beeny dot com slash share. I don't know if you guys put any links or things like that, but. Yeah, well the basic share page, just click on that button. It'll pulling into your money chat account and. 

Jace [00:35:41] Yeah you'll have all the tags, you'll have the sequence, you'll have pretty much everything you need to just run that as a Facebook app. 

Aaron [00:35:49] That's cool. It, it's kind of like click photos. I didn't know that many Chat had that option where you could just share a funnel. Basically, you're a messenger series. That's cool. 

Jace [00:35:57] Yeah. People don't use it enough. And I've definitely been considering it more for my my own marketing yakuzy. 

Jace [00:36:04] Yeah, that's that's a heck of a late magnet right there. So. 

Aaron [00:36:07] Oh, my gosh. Yes. I mean it's got proven results already. So that's awesome. OK. Is there anything we want to get into? We always interview people. And if you listen to an episode of our interviews before. But we want to get into a couple of fun questions before we you have to leave. He's on your five 30 year time. 

Aaron / Jace [00:36:28] Seven thirty six. Thirty six thirty. He tells only an hour difference. I didn't know that. 

Christian [00:36:34] That goes to member right now. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:36:38] It's like I hate daylight saving time. It's coming up in a huge soon. So is there anything else about this campaign that we should know? If I'm a listener right now and I'm like, okay, I'm pulling over, I'm definitely getting Jace’s funnel, I'm stealing that from him. He doesn't know. Urban numbers like this is amazing. But is there anything else about this campaign or anything about that funnel that they should know that's going to help them be successful for running those message your ads for their business? 

Jace [00:37:08] Yeah, you can definitely turn to Evergreen, OK? Yeah, I'm going to go into the depths of that. But we we run it as an ever growing campaign giving 10 or sometimes 15 percent off, I think depending on the client just all the time. It doesn't just have to be around a big sale. And that's I don't know if I ever showed or it doesn't ever show any of my many chat growth and success story or anything. But yeah, we've gone up to almost twenty thousand subscribers very quickly by implementing not only an ever growing strategy, but then like the burst of a of a holiday sale using this pretty much that exact same flow, just some slight modifications. 

Aaron [00:37:51] That's cool. Right. Guys, you definitely have to download this feeling checked out messenger. You don't I mean, you got to know a little bit. But this is this. 

Aaron [00:37:59] Yeah. This is this is I kind of a pitch. Pitch isn't the right word. I kind of promote this as this is a really good introduction to Mes Messenger. Nothing fancy. They say, yes, I want the code. You give them the code sentiments, you know, give them a link to your site. 

Jace [00:38:16] If you don't get too much more simple than that and you can implement it on your site with either a little pop up growth tool or you can just run it as a Facebook ad. So this is like a great intro to what you can do with messenger. In my opinion. 

Aaron [00:38:29] Quick question from that. Your pop up that you're doing on there. What percentage was a pop up versus the the actual ad then this specific campaign? 

Aaron [00:38:39] It was I. It was all the ad. Oh, yeah. Everything that's tracked is done through the ad. I with this with this campaign, I was only slightly implementing it on a pop up just because I like the reporting of ads. And as I said, I'm a I'm a paid traffic guy. I only kind of help clients with like them more organic side of things. 

Aaron [00:39:02] Got you. OK, cool. That is crucial. And I mean, I really hope that the people listening and do will have Jace's information on YouTube. We'll talk about that a little bit later. But if you implement this and you have some success, you have questions, whatever you definitely going to give. Jace, let him know to reach out to him. But so we have a couple of just our typical questions right now. I'm curious, since you aren't here. We want to find out a little bit more about you. So do you watch Netflix, actually? That's a question number one. 

Jace [00:39:35] I mean, my girlfriend watch some Netflix. 

Aaron [00:39:38] OK, what do you guys watch? Are you currently bingeing? Let's what's what you guys watching right now? 

Jace [00:39:45] We just finished the office pretty recently. There was a show. I mean, we obviously keep up a stranger things. We binge watch that the day it comes out. It's funny how fast we watch that. Shows like American Dad, shows like Family Guy. We're actually kind of getting to a point where we're starting to look for more stuff as we're very quickly running out of episodes from Adult Swim. Yeah. What about you guys? 

Aaron [00:40:14] I watched. So I think the office is good, but Parks and Rec I think is better. 

Jace [00:40:21] We'd watch more. Yeah, we'd watch Parks and Rec time. That was first. We've been dating for about 10 months. So it's a it's a long, blurry road of everything we've watched on that Blix. 

Aaron [00:40:31] So I was a big Parks and Rec fan. I felt like I should have watched the office first because Parks and RECs a little bit newer. And I feel like that's nice. Different. But I'm more of Parks and Rec. And then I would say like murder or like something like that. Some, like stranger things. And you like that style? Kind of. 

Christian [00:40:51] I'm more into movies, man. I don't remember the last time that I watched like a full on, like, series or. New girl. 

Christian [00:41:01] New girl. Yeah. Glass like full series. And I actually watched your girl is really good. Have you seen new girls? 

Jace [00:41:07] I haven't. With the other the other thing we've been watching a ton of is like planet Earth. We had a documentary or documentary series called Explained and it's like these little 20 to 30 minute segments. So good. Wait. Yeah. We we end up going a lot to documentaries, animals or crazy stuff that's going on as far as series. Yeah. We're kind of tapped out on those. 

Aaron [00:41:31] Yeah. And I was just I was ironically we were headed to a presentation both Christian and I. And I was telling you I was like, hey, I just started watching this thing. Can't explain. And it's like, I'm really good. Yeah. So we need to combine and figure out how to be. So what's the one about water? 

Jace [00:41:48] Scary. 

Aaron [00:41:50] I'm gonna figure out a way to figure out water for the rest of this world or the course. 

Christian [00:41:56] Okay. I have a question here. You said you're not a big Instagram guy. Mainly Facebook. Is there anything that you want to dabble into or that you're planning into getting more or learning more? I guess not necessarily posting for your personal brand, but maybe when it comes to ads, maybe you want to get more into Instagram ads, maybe linked to me. Snapchat? 

Jace [00:42:20] I don't know. Yeah. YouTube. I am trying to. I am. It is like pulling teeth, trying to get all my clients to also run YouTube ads and they have to film videos. And YouTube ads are different than Facebook ads and all that. 

Jace [00:42:33] But the YouTube ads that I have run for clients have actually been very successful. So Google on YouTube. I'm definitely trying to dove into I know a lot of people who are big on Snapchat and that I just I don't want to mess with it that much. I did. I dabble in Instagram or not. And Instagram and Pinterest ads have not cracked the code for that. I've got one client that it does OK for, and that's because they are just a rockstar client. Everything that they do is gold. But yeah, Pinterest is interest is a tough one. 

Aaron [00:43:05] So whenever you see you're working with these people hands on to literally getting Jace's brain, which is great. Do you work with contractors at all or like do you just only handle a certain amount of clients and you like, look, I can only handle 10 or 15 clients at a time and then I know I'm maxed out and I'm not trying to do anymore. And then you just kind of rotate through projects or how did you work exactly with that? 

Jace [00:43:27] Yeah. So it's just me. No contractors, no outsourcing, none of that. And my magic number is actually around six to eight depending on the client. 

Aaron [00:43:37] And right now I've got five and I'm doing pretty well. 

Jace [00:43:42] Like I definitely charge more than a lot of agencies, or at least I charge like I am a big agency. But it is just me and I just work with me to manage their paid traffic, anything, paid traffic. And, you know, I always I'm always jumping and answering random questions about why Facebook notifications aren't showing up here or there or sometimes the site's a little buggy and I've got just enough tech experience to fix it. Like a little problems. 

Aaron [00:44:10] Yeah, we we know that we're old as well. Like, hey, I know you heard from me from you know, we hired you for this building. You're like, quote unquote, techie. 

Aaron [00:44:19] So you fix this problem, like plug it and plug it back in. Yeah. 

Jace [00:44:27] Your clients clients pay me enough that it's generally I just I just take care of it. If it's actually a big issue and I don't solve it, then I help them find someone who is. 

Jace [00:44:36] Oh, yeah, that's where I'm at right now. 

Aaron [00:44:40] So this question can be taken however you'd like or you can twist it however you'd like. It's one of our just another fun one that we have is with something that you think that you've failed at. 

Aaron / Jace [00:44:52] Oh, let's say I'm definitely. 

Jace [00:45:07] Just ever. 

Jace [00:45:07] I just the thing that popped up in my head is I spent an entire summer. And I think my junior year of high school teaching myself the Adobe Creative Suite. Everything I was, I was messing with Flash. I'm really good at Photoshop. I can create all I know, every in and out of Illustrator and I can even edit videos and things like that. And then I found out that I am not creative at all, really terrible. Like I know how illustrator works ends and in and out. I can't make a logo to save my life. So that was I was a pretty big fail because yeah, for a little bit there I was. I was trying to start up a business of editing people's oh older like old family photos that they like find and scan. You know, they don't like damage on them. I know how to edit like I know how to edit and tweak photos all day. But as far as like creating something new or like, OK, let's let's let's make a flyer look good. You can't do it. Absolutely cannot do it. 

Aaron [00:46:11] That's probably the best answer we've ever had for that for sure. Yeah, it's funny because so I'm more like you're not going to speak the same language. Christian is very much the creative side and loves to take this and make something look good. And I'm just like, yeah, whatever. 

Christian [00:46:27] Yeah. You know, the basics. Same thing. 

Christian / Jace [00:46:29] I probably know how to navigate through Photoshop, maybe illustrator and do certain things, but I learned it inside and out and I was following tutorials and I was learning how like I know all the how the layer effects of Photoshop work and I know what they do like on a technical standpoint. And I have zero clue how to make it, how to make them look cool. My dogs growling. So, yeah. Hey, he never growls, but when he does, he is obviously upset about something. 

Christian [00:47:04] It's funny when you actually ask this question on your Facebook page. If I'm going to ask it to you, if you could go back to day one, what advice would you give yourself? 

Jace [00:47:19] Yes. So I think I remember the answer that I gave in the comment, which was something along the lines of you're not an island. Like, I definitely like an introvert, or at least I was. I'm breaking out of that shell. And I try to do everything on online and just going to do it myself. I'm gonna figure everything out. I'm going to make my own money, blah, blah, blah. And the older I'm getting, the more I'm realizing that you need to go out and meet people. My business is relationships and it's establishing relationships with people and then finding ways that both of you can benefit from those relationships over and over and over again. Because, like, I would have never said I want to be on a podcast until maybe six months to a year ago is when I started to break out of that, or I would have like a mentor who would invite me to a not a networking event per say, but like a meetup group of other marketers. And I'd always just now put it off, put it off. And then I got to meet with these people. 

Jace [00:48:20] And I realized like, hey, I can provide a lot of good info and I can be a good and be a good connection for them. 

Jace [00:48:30] And it's just it's not only been empowering and, you know, it feels great and everything, but it's also being incredibly good for the business. 

Aaron [00:48:37] That's cool. All right. Last question like this that I'm thinking of is just along the lines of what you were saying there. So what is something it's been in recent memory, say, six months or so, that you've the most impactful purchase that you've had of one hundred dollars or less. That's, you know, positively impact or changed your life. 

Jace [00:48:57] One hundred dollars, huh? 

Jace [00:49:01] Looking around for random things that I use this headsets. I've been really nice. This is like a hyper X gaming headset. That's been awesome. I think I think it is one hundred and twenty though. I don't remember when I got it for. But yeah I'm always on my computer. I've always got my headset on. So this is how I do all my audio. This is how I listen to everything. I'm also a big gamer. So this is like a gaming headset. 

Aaron [00:49:24] So I was going to be my next part. I was doing as a writer for the business. Right. Yeah. 

Jace [00:49:33] I love having my I love having my 10 HD graphics card be a write off for the business. It's awesome. 

Aaron [00:49:39] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:49:41] If only our employees understood what a write off actually was. They're like, oh, you can't just buy that. 

Aaron [00:49:46] And in that are right in front like we have to actually pay for it like that. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:49:53] Yeah. Right off. It's not free. That's another lesson. Yeah. Yeah. Some less taxes and things like that. 

Aaron [00:50:00] Yes. Awesome. Jace, thank you so much for coming on. This was awesome. Like I said, it was our. Time ever having somebody remotely and super excited to get this video out there, share this with everyone. If you guys are listening to this for the first time, I want to let you know this is not a normal episode once a month. We do an interview. And again, like I said, this is a very special episode. We did. Somebody brought them in remotely. Jace played along really nicely to record video on his end so you guys can see the full video. And more importantly, I really wanted to go and download his messenger funnel. This is if you get nothing else, you don't even listen to the podcast. You just watch it and you're like, OK, I want to steal Jace's messenger. Fine. I'll go and take that. It is absolute gold. I don't think that most people realize how impactful or how important that is potentially change your business. So I'm Jace. Thank you so much for coming on. And if you are listening to this for the very first time, please make sure you subscribe so that you'll miss out on any episodes. And if you've been listening for a while, what really helps us grow is if you leave that honest rating and review and we will see you guys or talk to you guys next week. 

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