An unconventional, proven marketing strategy for Chiropractors

February 10, 2020

Show Notes

The first thing you need to do before getting new patients is to think about the end in mind. What kind of experience do you want your new patients to have? This isn’t just an experience from the time they meet you, but from their  first interaction online. In today’s episode we are going to break down an unconventional, but proven strategy to help grow your chiropractic business.

  1. Set your game plan, what are the steps they will take before they contact you. This is best done with a piece of paper and a pen or at least an ipad. It’s okay to draw out what it looks like.

  2. Create a lead magnet. We want to give something of value away for free in exchange for data. Remember, data is gold in the online world. Some thoughts for a lead magnet, PDF download about ways to help with back pain. A quiz. You could even create a 3 or 5 part video series (1 min videos) that are delivered each day to them. Something to consider, it does not need to be perfect, you are the expert here. To generate traffic for this we suggest Facebook and Instagram video ads.

  3. Once someone gives you their email address and you deliver the value, follow up. Add more value and nurture the relationship. What is the next pain point your ideal customer has. If they opted in about back-pain, what else could be nagging them that you could help with? This message can and should be delivered via email and through advertising. You can run ads back to those who are on your email list.

  1. Run a direct response ad to them with a call to action and offer to help them. Schedule your appointment today or schedule your free exam are common. Do what works best for you.

  2. Focus on the experience post click. Now that they said they are interested in your services because they opted in and are now seeing your direct response ad, make sure to wow them on the systems you have in place. Let them schedule on your calendar immediately. You can use a tool like Calendly to sync. Once they submit on Calendly, redirect them automatically to a page to answer new PT information. Bonus if you put a video on this page and thank them for signing up. You will also want to send them an email confirmation and follow up series once they have booked.

  3. Once they come in and have an amazing experience, follow up personally and via email to ask for feedback. Once they give the great feedback, ask for the referral.

Rinse and repeat.

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Aaron [00:00:00] Chiropractors, the first thing that you need to do before getting new patients is to think about the end in mind, what kind of experience do you want your new patients to have? This isn't just an experience from the time they meet you, but from their first interaction online. In today's episode, we're going to break down an unconventional but proven strategy to help grow your chiropractic business. 

[00:00:20] This is the marketing natives providing actual ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. 

[00:00:28] And now your host, Christian and Aaron. 

Christian [00:00:36] Yes. Number one is set a game plan. Blueprints. What the heck are you going to do? 

Christian [00:00:46] I mean, there's definitely a lot of different avenues and different things you can do with the game plan. I think what you said is starting from you already have this client and working backwards could be a good strategy. And also just seeing all the available opportunities, you as a consumer, you see this every day. You know, on other platforms that you're Instagram, you're on Facebook, or in Linkedin, you're on YouTube. You see ways people are advertising to you. And that should always give you ideas for for your game plan. 

Aaron [00:01:17] Yeah, absolutely. And if you don't have an idea, you and you see some ads from other chiropractors or something like that, you don't have to steal the idea. But it's a good idea to just kind of see what they're doing, which leads us to number two, which is what people really want. And like I said, this strategy is a little bit different because a lot of people will do direct response first, meaning they'll say, hey, Christian, we're giving a new patient deal to, you know, everybody within the next 10 days and they just try to flood the leads. That's great for a short term strategy. And I think that's great for you as a chiropractor if you're just starting out or you want to do a push maybe once a year, but something that's long term, something that's going to help you warm up an audience and grow your business sustainably. Is this strategy and number two is to create a lead magnet, which is just really a fancy word for saying something that you can give away in exchange for contact or data. And then in this digital world, contact data is gold. I mean, that's your. That's literally how you're going to communicate with people. We just talked on a previous episode. I think a week or two ago about email and you giving their name, email and phone number and then you can start emailing them and talking to them and communicating with them. That just puts you into their world and just allows you to have a more a bigger, better relationship with them, I guess. 

Christian [00:02:38] Yeah, they get a good strategy for lead magnet. And when we think about lead magnets, I think the first thing that pops into my head at least is like a PDF, if, you know, type format where there's just a lot of valuable information. 

Christian [00:02:51] But something that Aaron came up with here is having an e-mail series is also a good lead magnet. 

Christian [00:02:57] You know, it's more of a hey, sign up for this four part e-mail series on on how to stop slouching in your back. We'll show you four different yoga moves that will help you have your straighter back or whatever. Yeah. Know as we're recording this practice journal. Yeah, but I'm saying that out loud because I feel like I've actually gotten this before. It was a four or five part series of. Yeah. Yoga moves that help you, you know, have a straight back stop slouching. So something like that. It's like a great value for me. Obviously I haven't really done that yoga moves or anything, but in the back of my head I'm always like thinking like, OK, yes, I can do certain things. You know what the value that you're providing me and I could do the yoga moves and stuff. But at the end of the day, like, I know that if I want to deal with having to do all these things, like I could just go to a chiropractor and they can guide me and help me and stretch me and whatever, crack my back to the clergy or as well. Yeah, exactly. 

Aaron [00:03:59] Yeah. So it's something to think about it for. Your lead magnet is to like workers said to people who are talking about slouching. Well if you're big thing is helping people with like their back pain, cutting out all chiropractors just focus on back pain. Which is why I say that really knowing your audience in the lead magnet, you could give a way that's gonna be super helpful because I mean, that video series, I would definitely give my information away or give somebody my email address so that I could get that serious. Like, hey, three proven, you know, stretches to help you with your lower back pain and, you know, get rid of it forever. You know, like that. Don't like. Yes, sign me up. Like how how is this possible? So be thinking about that. And it doesn't take a ton of time. It is gonna be your most time consuming part. But this lead magnet is something you can run you. You don't have to change once you find out what works. You can have it run for a very long time. Exactly. All right. Number three, this is kind of in conjunction with number two, if you do like a PDF. But just you say you get somebody e-mail address, you want to add value to them. So, for example, we got the game plan. We figured out who it was. We're running ads on, say, Facebook or giving away that three part e-mail series about how to help you with slouching. 

Aaron [00:05:11] And now, once that series has been that series is finished. 

Aaron [00:05:15] Now, you still want to make sure to start nurturing that relationship. So still continue. Send out e-mails to that person. Have a call to action in there. You can also use that list of people who have signed up for it and you can start running ads to them as well because Facebook allows you to upload your e-mail list. Hey, I got two hundred people who said they're interested in this bout back slouching series. So they may also be interested in this neck adjustment or like text neck strategy is. Well, so I'll show them this ad and then start showing them value like that, and I'd like some things that they could do on their own. And then you could have a direct called action from that, but just continued to warm them up I guess is basic what I'm saying. So like don't just click the e-mail address and be like, oh, for some reason they didn't call me. Like, this is it's more of a guess. It's quote unquote longer and the strategy. But when these people come to you, what we want to have happen is that they're more qualified and then they're ready to pay and they're ready to be customers now versus if you do something like really quick. It's like, hey, come on, new patients, you may get a bunch. People who come once and you waste a bunch of time hires. Yes. People play Lakers and play Lakers slightly. But I mean, so I don't know. Does that make sense? 

Christian [00:06:26] Yeah, absolutely. And yeah, the more I think about it. Yeah. You get the people who just want the deal and that's it. But this strategy, you're sort of warm than them up nurturing them into your brand, your company, you as a person. That could be part of. You know, that e-mail series and the follow up that you do, it's a hey, get to know me a little bit better. And I just want to talk briefly a few tools, mailchimp active campaign to tools that we've used for e-mail marketing and nurturing. So definitely check those two out mailchimp or active campaign. How to campaign is definitely to be something more robust and that gets a better tool that we're actually using for a company. 

Christian [00:07:10] Hello and welcome to the part of the episode where we share with you our bit branding Ad And today we are still running our Web site cost calculator tool for you. That Web site calls calculator tool is an excellent tool for those businesses that want to create a brand new Web site but don't know the cost of this Web site. So all we have to do is check out or bitbranding the Web site called calculator. You can send us a DM on messenger. Messenger. Yeah. Messenger. Facebook messenger. Absolutely. Do that. Or you can go to BitBranding as Instagram account. And we have the link to set up right there, bright and shiny just for you. Would you click on that link? You answered 13 questions and we get you a price for your Web site. After that, we'll do a little bit of nurturing and follow up to see if you want to get that Web site done. 

Christian [00:08:04] How does that sound? Sounds great, huh? 

Aaron [00:08:08] Offer some help. So this is probably the most direct way to get business and probably the I guess of the path of least resistance. If you can go the longer route and really build a brand. But this way we'll definitely do something. So scheduling an appointment, scheduling a free exam, whatever is gonna do best for you. I know that there's some kind of regulations within like, you know, you can't give away free services, but doing a direct response ad is going to be the fastest way for you to get people into into the door. 

Christian [00:08:39] And what do you do? What do you recommend as far as, you know, talking about this call to action? 

Christian [00:08:45] It should be something more specific toward whatever they're offering, right? Yeah. And instead of being more generic, you click here. Yes. 

Aaron [00:08:53] Schedule your free exam. Yeah. No. Yes. To be very specific to the offer. And it should be like go and look at. I think we've talked about this before on a podcast. I think so. Anyway, there's like a way that you can look at everybody's ads, go look at like five or 10 chiropractors ads and then see what they're offering and don't do the exact same thing. I mean, you could do something similar, but make sure it's a little bit different. So that you know.

Aaron [00:09:17] Yeah. Yeah, exactly. 

Christian [00:09:20] Cinco, Cinco. So you have to focus on the experience. Post that click. Right. So before I was having that call to action, once they click there, you know what's going to happen after that? So that's why, you know, you either want to have them immediately schedule on your calendar. You can use a tool like Calendly, which we actually use in our company. But there are a million other scheduling tools out there that you can hook up to this ad or landing page. And that way they schedule. And then automatically after that, you can have a thank you page with a more personalized video of you saying thank you for booking with us. These are the next steps. What's coming after it just literally walked them through the whole process, everything that's going happen. You know, even after they schedule, even after they go home, you want to make sure that you have those videos in place means you have to scheduling in place. And even that e-mail sequence that goes out, you know, reminding them that they have this scheduled event. 

Aaron [00:10:33] Yeah. And calendly does that for you, too. So if you'd use you do you something on calendar, you can schedule it and then send reminder emails and reminder texts of like, hey, your appointment's in one hour or hey, your appointment's in 24 hours or something like that too. I think that's just a good way to keep people to actually show up. And then to your point, like the video on the on the thank you page. That kind of lets them know who you are before they ever come and meet you. So they're like, OK, I'm kind of nervous about going to the chiropractor, but this guy seems like a really good guy or girl. And, you know, I feel like this is gonna be very helpful for me. So I'm already excited about coming to to see him. Whereas before I kind of just signed up, there was very low commitment I could cancel at any time. But now I'm like, OK, now I feel like I made a commitment to this person that I can actually see. 

Christian [00:11:20] And we're talking about landing pages and thank you pages. I guess a few tools for that. We used to page a lot of people use click funnels as another great tool to create these pages and connect them to your ad. 

Christian [00:11:37] Was there anything else you want to recommend? 

Christian [00:11:41] There's lead pages in the early pages. 

Aaron [00:11:43] Probably other probably would stay away from unbound, but the lead pages is probably another one that's decent about it. Just seems very like insta page is great. Let's give a rating here. So insta page is perfect for you, if you're not necessarily quote unquote a designer, or if you want to be able to like drag and drop and like manipulate very easily, click funnels is great for you. If you're a beginner and you just in your find which just using something, template it and you just plug and play like you're your text and you don't really want to like customize at all. It's very good for a plug and play. Would you say like that's probably accurate? 

Christian [00:12:15] Yeah. I mean the thing with click funnels is that you can tell there's a click funnels page. So there's a very distinct look to click on those pages. And if you want to look like all the people who are doing also click funnels and you'll most likely end up looking like a click funnels page. 

Aaron [00:12:30] I'm curious if that's going to be kind of a tangent, but I'm curious about the the as you guys picks. I think this will help you, but I'm wondering if eventually consumers are just gonna be like, yeah, I've seen this type of landing page so many times and they just get kind of blindness to it in my head. I'm like, oh, I just know that's click funnels page or whatever else. But maybe that's just because we're entrepreneurs and most people don't run into that. 

Christian [00:12:54] So we use both. We use the page and we use to click funnels. Yeah, just different types of campaigns. 

Aaron [00:12:59] So easy customizable one and other one that you're going to look like a lot of other people, but that doesn't mean it's not successful. A lot of people do really well, but. Those number six. So once they come in, we kind of talk about this a little bit. They hate just focusing on that amazing experience, but make sure that you follow it personally. You could write a letter or write a note, handwritten note, something like that. Make sure that you email them to get feedback. They're a lot more likely to give you feedback via email, like if you just ask them a questionnaire versus like personally. How was it today? Well, to be non confrontational, it was great. And then they go home and you give them a feedback score and the like. No, this was horrible. I just want to tell you in person. So make sure you ask for feedback. If they give good feedback, ask for a referral like, hey, do you have any friends? I'd love to offer the same. Just gone to them. I'd love to help them out. I'd love to give you a discount for referring somebody, but just ask for that referral to. And then most importantly, if this works, continue to do it, continue to test and then doing it over and over and over again. And that's that's going to be how you grow the business. 

Christian [00:14:03] Mm hmm. Yeah. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Clean the dishes. Rinse. Dry repeat. Right. I don't know how that works. 

Christian [00:14:13] Giving over every step. Actually, you said you just did test different things. And literally from almost every single step that we've talked about there, there's something that you can tweak, you know, along the way to make it better or make it different and see what actually works better for you. 

Aaron [00:14:30] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:14:30] And that's you could get out you could do every single one of these things and do really well. And then you could always you could always be improving, I guess, is what we're trying to say. I'm so awesome. Thank you guys so much for listening to another episode of The Marketing Natives. If this is your first time, please make sure you hit. Subscribe on whatever platform you're listening to. This makes sure that you don't miss out on any of the episodes that we put out every single Monday. And if you've been listening to a while, listen to a while. You've been listening for a while. Please go over to iTunes, Apple podcasts and give us an honest rating and review. You can do that from your phone. You just go to the app or to the marketing natives. Just click on our little icon there and then you can scroll to a podcast episode and scroll to the bottom. It will show you how to leave a reviewer or you can leave a review there. This is what really helps us grow the ratings reviews is how it spreads to more people. They want to know that we're putting out a good podcast. So if we are, please leave a honestly rating and review so we know how to improve or how to get better or continue to do the same thing. So we will see you guys or talk to you guys next week. 

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