4 Ways To Effectively Promote Your Podcast

April 16, 2018

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about 4 ways to effectively promote your podcast. Those are:

  • Using the power of social media
  • Including guests in your show
  • Be a guest on other shows
  • Using the power of email


Aaron: [00:00:17] Hey,hello, howdy, and hola. I like to keep my intros really fun and entertaining,but also thank you, guys, for tuning in. Christian's smirking because he knowsit's super entertaining.


Christian: [00:00:30] No.


Aaron: [00:00:31] Butwhether you are driving in your car or walking or - I don't know - running on atreadmill, thank you for listening to the podcast, and if you've been listeningfor a while, we haven't done this in a while. Please share this podcast. Pleasesubscribe and please leave a review. This helps us grow the podcast but also toreach more people who are going to need this. So all right. Let's get intotoday's episode which is four ways to effectively promote your podcast. I'mguessing you may have a podcast or are thinking about a podcast if you'relistening to this episode. We're going to talk about sharing on social media,having your guests share. We are going to talk about a really fun event withour ribbon cutting that's coming up. That has nothing to do with the podcast,but then we have being on the podcast and including it on your other platformslike e-mails.


Christian: [00:01:28] Awesome.That was a really long intro.


Aaron: [00:01:31] Ihad to thank them and then tell them to subscribe and share.


Christian: [00:01:34] That'strue. That was a good job though.


Aaron: [00:01:38] Cool.All right. Let's get into this. So number one, take it away.


Christian: [00:01:41] Shareon social media. We're talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagramstories. I think the easiest way to share on social media is to use a toolcalled Wavve, with two Vs. That's wavve.co. This allows you to convert youraudio into basically a social video that's easily- You can easily share that onInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the idea behind that is really to- I wouldn'tdo the whole episode. I would just do maybe little snippets of really good,high value content from your podcast and create some really cool graphics.Wavve is super easy to use. I mean, it's basically a drag and drop, boom, saidit. They do have a free account that you can do about a minute of audio.


Aaron: [00:02:37] Yeah,one minute and- Yeah, one minute.


Christian: [00:02:38] Whichis not much, but I mean.


Aaron: [00:02:40] Ifyou do just have a monthly podcast, that's perfect.


Christian: [00:02:42] Yeah.  B ut I mean you can do like maybe, you know,15 seconds or 20 seconds. You can do multiple of those per month. So that'spretty good. But yeah, share on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Instagram stories, and then use tools. Like we said, Wavve is something that alot of people use. We just started using it. So we can give you an update onmaybe our next episode or something.


Aaron: [00:03:07] Yes.All right. And that one seems kind of obvious, but the next one is reallyimportant and something that we have not had. We've had two guests on the show,but we've talked about in the future, just throw it out there, eventuallyhaving a guest on maybe like once a month. And you want them to share it. So ifa guest comes on, make sure that you make it really easy for them to share. Souploading it to your  w ebsite, uploadingit somewhere, and then giving them all to share links so that they can share.That's a lot of wor- That's a lot of sharing going on.


Christian: [00:03:38] Sharing,yeah.


Aaron: [00:03:39] Share.


Christian: [00:03:40] No,but I think, yeah, absolutely. And a big thing is like, for example, ourpodcast is not an interview-style show, you know? But even if you don't have aninterview-style show, you can still, you know, from time to time bring someguests in. One, it's going to broaden your audience because that person'ssupposed to share it, you know, if you make it easy for them to share. So youcan definitely expand your audience and your reach by having guests, and italso helps with your current listeners. Sometimes they fall into that okay, Iknow exactly what's coming up on your episode, you know. So if you give themthose, you call them in-betweener-episode or whatever. In-between - isodes.


Aaron: [00:04:21] In-between-isodes.


Christian: I t's just a little bit different ofcontent, maybe a different structure, and it keeps your listeners, you know,entertained.


Aaron: [00:04:30] Yeah.And not only that but it helps that other business as well. So as theiraudience grows because of it, you'll get more people, and maybe you can havethem around for a second time if it's a really good interview.


Christian: [00:04:49] Yep.Exactly. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Was that a good whoa?


Aaron: [00:04:50] Thatwas a good whoa. So.


Christian: [00:04:51] Allright. So this is just a segment that we talk about our company, BitBranding.We're located in Allen ,  Texas. We are asocial media marketing agency. Main two things, we create social media adcampaigns, and we create websites. And we do a really good job at it. Check outour website at bitbranding.co/portfolio. You can actually see some of our work.We have some good stuff in there. All right, but today we're going to have ourribbon cutting. We just recently - about a month ago maybe - moved to our brandnew office in the Yeager Office Suites in Allen .  We're located at a 550 South Watters Road,and yeah, we're planning to have a really cool ribbon cutting on May 3rd at4:30 P.M.. I think we've talked about some things that we want to bring to theribbon cutting.


Aaron: [00:05:39] ImagineDragons was one. Ziplining is confirmed. I believed that you were going to getthe Hawaiian flamethrowers,and we're just checking with the Allen city officialabout that. So the ceiling's high enough. We just may or may not have to have-Some of the times their staffs are three feet instead of six feet. So we'rejust going to have to check on that one, and then I think that the hot tubs aregoing to be brought in. There was going to be four. Only going to be three now,but there will be bottle service with that.


Christian: [00:06:07] Loveit. I love it. Yeah. So I mean, it's gearing up to be some spectacular, let metell you. I've never heard of any of those things in any ribbon cutting. Soyeah, we're super excited. We're super psyched about this.


Aaron: [00:06:19] Andnot only that, but you'll be able to tour the building. So I mean, we have anoffice here, but it's a really cool space. Think like Google meets- I don'tknow. What does it meet?


Christian: [00:06:30] Likea better Google.


Aaron: [00:06:32] Yeah.Think Google but meets better Google.


Christian: [00:06:35] Yeah.


Aaron: [00:06:36] Andit's better because we're here. So.


Christian: [00:06:38] Yeah,definitely. So yes .  May 3rd 4:30 P.M..We'll be sending out more information, and you'll definitely be hearing aboutthis. So you definitely need to come.


Aaron: [00:06:48] Yes.And we need to figure out a link to tell you guys where you can subscribe toour newsletter because that way you just stay up to date with everything that'sgoing on with that.


Christian: [00:06:55] Yeah,sure. We'll figure that out.


Aaron: [00:07:00] Allright. That concludes our ribbon cutting ad. Make sure that you attend. Allright, and back to our regularly scheduled episode of four ways to effectivelypromote your podcast. And that is- Number three is to be on other podcasts. Sojust like you want people to come on your show. It's a little bit easier forChristian and I to be on other people's podcasts. So if you're listening tothis and you need guests, Christian and I would love to come on your episode.Either Christian can go on or I can go on. Doesn't matter. We just want to beon your podcast.


Christian: [00:07:32] Yes,absolutely. And again yeah, it's just a easier way to promote your content andto expand your reach with other podcasts listeners.


Aaron: [00:07:41] Right.And if you're listening to our podcast, then if we come on your show, we'reobviously going to share that to our audience as well. So it is a win-winsituation, and it really just allows you to be out in front of more people.Think of it as like guest posting or guest blogging. If you're writing a blog,you're an expert in an area, and you have somebody write about a particulartopic. They're going to drive traffic back to their website as well as helpyour rankings. So be on other people's podcasts.


Christian: [00:08:13] Yessir.All right. And the last way to effectively promote your podcast is to make sureto include it in your newsletter. We started doing our newsletter everySaturday for about 2 to 3 weeks now, and we include that piece of content inour newsletter. Our newsletter is basically a summary of all the content thatwe put out throughout the week. We usually publish these episodes on Monday. Sowe include a link back to our website. So if you go to bitbranding .com/podcast, you'll be able to see all our podcast episodes, all thetranscriptions, everything that we talked about right there. And then anotherthing with the newsletter is you can also- I know with MailChimp, for example,you can automate the delivery every time you publish a podcast episode. Solet's say that we publish it on Monday. That means that MailChimp wouldautomatically create, you know- I mean, you craft the template, but MailChimpwill automatically send that email to all your subscribers telling them thatyou've published a new podcast episode.


Aaron: [00:09:20] Allright. And I do have time. We have a little bit of time here to do a bonus one,and that is to pre-market your podcast. So for example, if we know thatChristian and I are going to bring on Mark Zuckerberg in three weeks, we'regoing to probably start talking about it now. We're going to have differentvideos. We're going to have different posts about it to make sure that whenthis podcast drops you need to make sure you check it out. So it kind of buildsup the hype, kind of helps tell the story, and that will really help you togrow the audience and get people engaged for what you're about to put out.


Christian: [00:09:55] Yeah.


Aaron: [00:09:57] Allright. That's it. No bonus for you. We don't have a double bonus. We've never,never done a double bonus.


Christian: [00:10:02] No,double bonus.


Aaron: [00:10:03] Doublerainbows, but no double bonuses. All right. Christian's- He loves the doublerainbow. That's why he's laughing. All right. So this is our favorite timewhere you guys share this episode. So you're going to stop what you're doingright now, unless you're driving, and pull out your phone. Subscribe to thepodcast. Click those three little buttons. The three little dots in the righthand corner if you have an iPhone. Share this episode with a friend, maybesomebody who's about to start a podcast or maybe it's you who's starting one oranybody who would be benefited from this. Is that what-


Christian: [00:10:40] Yeah.


Aaron: [00:10:41] Allright. So anyway thank you, guys, for listening. Please share it, and alsoshoot us a message on Instagram @bitbranding and give us some ideas for someother podcasts that you'd be interested in.


Christian: [00:10:55] Awesome.All right. See you next week.

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