3 Major Keys We Learned From Attending Social Media Marketing World 2018

April 9, 2018

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about 3 major keys we learned from attending social media marketing world 2018:

  • The power of networking! This took us by surprise. One of the biggest opportunities in this conference is the power of networking not necessarily the content. Although the content is fire.
  • Circling the big takeaway. A little trick that we implemented was taking notes for each track and at the end circling the ONE key takeaway that you can implement tomorrow. This helps you not be overwhelmed with the amount of information you will get.
  • Going all-inclusive. There are so many benefits for going all-inclusive... I'll give you a few: breakfast & lunches included, welcome party at the USS Midway, recordings of ALL the tracks, and, access to workshops. 


Christian: [00:00:00] Ithink there was one of the tracks that I went to that he said you know what?You're going to fill your notebook or your piece of paper with a bunch ofnotes. You're going to go back to your office, and you're not going to do adang thing with it. You know, you're not going to do anything with it. You'rejust going to probably throw it away or have it in your notebook and just keepit there. So what I did was I, yeah, I still filled my notebook with a page- Atleast a page of notes per track, but then after it was done then I wouldcircle, you know, that one big take away or that one thing that I know I canimplement in the business.


Narrator: [00:00:39] Thisis the Marketing Natives, providing actionable ways to grow, improve, andsucceed in your business, and now your hosts, Christian and Aaron.


Christian: [00:00:54] Hello,and welcome to another episode. Today we're talking about three major keys welearned from attending Social Media Marketing World 2018. We're talking aboutthe power of networking. We're talking about that one key take away andall-inclusive passes.


Aaron: [00:01:10] Allright. And it has been- What is this? We're recording this in April now. It'sbeen a month or so that we've been here. So it's kind of fun to recap forourselves but also share some insights with people who could potentially attendnext year or should attend next year.


Christian: [00:01:27] Yeah,I mean, you definitely should attend next year.


Aaron: [00:01:28] Yeah,we are.


Christian: [00:01:30] Weare. So yeah. Okay, so I think the biggest thing that we got out of this or oneof the major keys, like Aaron put in the title here, is the power of networkingand the ability for us to meet potential customers, meet potential synergypartners, and also just meet friends in the industry. I think that's somethingthat we didn't- We went into Social Media Marketing World thinking that allthat we were going to get out of this or the majority was going to be thecontent. You know, the tracks, the classes, the workshops, all that stuff. Wedidn't really- It kind of hit us in the face when we got there, and it was likewhoa, there's a huge potential here for networking. Obviously, we kind ofadjusted and started meeting a lot of people and shaking hands, and I mean, itwas great.


Aaron: [00:02:26] Iwas going to say it was probably within the first hour we kind of got there. Wegot off the plane in San Diego, took an Uber with a girl who was also going toSocial Media Marketing World, and then got there, got our badges, and then wegrabbed our lunch, and then we met like our first person that ended up being solike somebody we connected with right away. Actually, I think he may listen tothe podcast. So we can shout him out. What's his Instagram handle?


Christian: [00:02:50] It'sBen. I forgot his-


Aaron: [00:02:51] Ithink it's like techloversblog.


Christian: [00:02:53] Yeah,techloversblog.


Aaron: [00:02:54] Soanyway, shout out to Ben. But yeah, we met him within like 20 minutes ofsigning up. So. And that threw us off completely because we were like well,here's all that, I guess, probably - I don't know - that week before we werelooking at all the tracks like, all right, Christian, you go tackle these onesover here. I'm going to tackle these, and then we just tell each other aboutthem, and let's learn as much as possible. And our goal was to do that and thentake some cool pictures with people that we've been following online, and thatwas it.


Christian: [00:03:21] Yeah.We didn't really think about the networking part, and to be honest, it's- Thisis sort of a tangent right here, but it is kind of overwhelming if you sign upfor Social Media Marketing World. There's a lot of information, a lot of thingsto process, because they have the regular tracks. Then they have the workshops.Then they have the meet and greet or meet and eat up. Is that what it wascalled?


Aaron: Y eah, meeting and eat ups or something.


Christian: [00:03:47] Thenthey have the Slack group where all the people are commenting constantly.


Aaron: [00:03:52] Constantly.


Christian: [00:03:52] Tryingto create connections, and you can potentially create connections there and thenmeet them when you arrive in San Diego. So there's a lot to take in. Sodefinitely, you know, get your ticket early. Start with that process early oftrying to figure out the things that you want to do and be thinking about thatnetworking piece even beforehand. So for example, in the Slack group, make someof those connections and just, you know, meet at least, you know - I don't know- one person a day or something like that for an hour like a lunch date orsomething. But also keep in mind that you're going to need some time thatyou're just going to randomly meet some people. So don't schedule everything upin advance.


Aaron: [00:04:35] WhichI think we- That's what we kind of did. What they did at Social Media MarketingWorld, like what Social Media Examiner did was they had table topics. So as youwent to go to breakfast or lunch, if you wanted to talk about a certain topic,then you could sit down with people and talk about it. So for example, Facebookads or YouTube marketing or Snapchat, you would go sit at a table, and thosepeople know that's what you're there for. They have little things on the tablelike a piece of paper that was like an icebreaker and got to know people, andsome of the things that are in these notes are that there's a lot of people whoare not marketers that go to the conferences too. These are business owners whowant to learn what to do or potentially find out hey, who are the marketersthat are investing themselves and know their stuff? I want to talk to them andpotentially bring them on for business. So, and I was surprised at the number.I would say like maybe 20, 30 percent of people there are actually businessowners that are looking to hire marketers. It was a large amount of people thatwe met that way.


Christian: [00:05:36] Allright. So the second major key is just to have one key takeaway. I think therewas one of the tracks that I went to that he said like you know what? You'regoing to fill your notebook or your piece of paper with a bunch of notes.You're going to go back to your office, and you're not going to do a dang thingwith it. You know, you're not going to do anything with it. You're just goingto probably throw it away or have it in your notebook and just keep it there.So what I did was I- Yeah, I still filled my notebook with a page- At least apage of notes per track, but then after it was done, then I would circle, youknow, that one big take away or that one thing that I know I can implement inthe business. And a lot of things it was something like really small or likejust a little tweak from, you know, a huge presentation that talked about a lotof different things or maybe like a part of a bigger strategy. You don't haveto implement the whole strategy right away. Circle the one thing that you knowyou need to do in order to get started, and that way you don't overwhelmyourself with a lot of things and a lot of notes and a lot of different points.Just grab that one thing from each track, and then overall, also there's alwaysthat one big key take away from the whole conference. So yeah, I would saydon't overwhelm yourself. Just circle that one thing.


Aaron: [00:07:00] Yeah.And plus, what's good about- Which we'll talk about our number three in aminute which is the all-inclusive. You can listen to or re-watch the videos. Soyou're not going to absorb it all there, but you do get access to things laterthat you could go back and watch or listen to. So if you just take away thatone thing, and I guess I would say that those one things that we took away fromthem, I know Christian now we're talking, and it was just stuff that we werelike, you know, this is so obvious. It was like, you know, hitting us in theface. Like why would we not do this? But when you're in your business and youkind of get in the trenches and you're doing a bunch of work, you don't really-You kind of get blinders to the small things, and it's crazy when somebody justtells you like oh, what you need to do is have like a CRM. We had one, but I'mjust saying like you should organize your contacts and your leads. It's justsomething super simple. You probably knew the answer, but it just wasn't- Youjust weren't doing it.


Christian: [00:07:57] Right.Sometimes it takes someone to knock on the side of our heads saying, hey,  y ou need to be doing this. Whoa.


Aaron: [00:08:08] Yes.Thank you. So our last podcast I don't think Christian did the whoa whoa. It'spretty much been like the rap airhorn and then Christian saying something, buthe kind of slacked the last episode. And I think I called him out, but allright. So this is our time for you guys to learn a little bit more aboutBitBranding, and what we're going to be talking about for the next month rightnow, our next four episodes, is going to be our ribbon cutting. So this is anamazing opportunity for you guys to meet us, especially if you're in the Dallasarea. We are in Allen, Texas, and we are having our ribbon cutting off ofWatters and McDermott in Allen. It's at the Yeager Office Suites in Allen at4:30 on May 3rd. I usually know that. Right? That's right?


Christian: [00:08:55] Mhm.Thursday.


Aaron: [00:08:56] Thursday,May 3rd. There will be food. There will be drinks, and there are probably goingto be some- What else is going to be there, Christian?


Christian: [00:09:02] Sowe have a lot of good entertainment. We have Imagine Dragons come in. We'regoing to have an indoor zip line. We also- I think we're going to have a hot-Multiple hot tubs inside the building. We also have the-


Aaron: [00:09:17] Champagnebottle service at each one.


Christian: [00:09:20] We'regoing to have the Hawaiian fire-breathing warriors.


Aaron: [00:09:26] Ohyeah.


Christian: [00:09:27] Haveyou ever seen them?


Aaron: [00:09:27] Well,yeah. So to give them a little background, the ceilings are very vaulted. Soit's like a 30-foot ceiling. So it's not like it's going to be dangerous.They're going to be able to not hit stuff when they're throwing them.


Christian: [00:09:37] Yeah,absolutely. Anyways, it's going to be really fun.


Aaron: [00:09:40] Whoops.It's not over yet.


Christian: [00:09:42] It'sgoing to be really fun. You're definitely invited. All being serious, we'redefinitely going to have some really good food and the opportunity to meet somepeople around the area. I mean, we met a lot of business owners through showsthat we've done and just networking. So we definitely encourage you to come by,and I mean, this is our first office. We're super excited, and we really wantto have a good time.


Aaron: [00:10:05] Yes.So again, mark your calendar, and that is May 3rd at 4:30 p.m. at the YeagerOffice Suites in Allen. We will link up all the address information in the shownotes so you have that as well, but. We are back.


Christian: [00:10:23] Boom.That concludes our little ad section of our podcast.


Aaron: [00:10:28] Allright. So kicking it off to our final topic here is something that Christianand I did, and I'm very happy we did which is to go all-inclusive with theSocial Media Marketing World. We've been talking about going to this conferencefor- Since the start of the company. So for a couple of years, and this is thethird year we were finally able to go, and we're like if we're going to go wemight as well do everything and get all of the value out of it. So we wentall-inclusive, and it was well worth it.


Christian: I t was kind of funny because I wastelling Aaron about- So Michael Stelzner who's the CEO of Social MediaExaminer, that's a company who puts up Social Media Marketing World, he wastalking about- He has this show called The Journey where he goes througheverything from the beginning of planning this event all the way to the actualevent. It was very an episodic series, and in there they're talking about theyadded the marketing ticket I think or the marketer ticket this year. Andbecause of that, they actually got more all-inclusive.


Aaron: [00:11:40] Whywas that? Just like the price point difference, I guess, or-


Christian: [00:11:43] Yeah,I mean, if you think about, you know, as a- You look at it as like oh, why do Iwant the marketer which doesn't include all those things or do I want theall-inclusive that includes, you know, all these things? So it was just likealmost like a marketing tactic, you know, to include a lower tier product inorder to increase the all-inclusive. So we might have been caught up in that.We just saw the all-inclusive like oh, for $200 more, we can get this .  You see what I'm saying? So that's what theydid with that, but anyways, the all-inclusive is definitely worth it.


Aaron: [00:12:19] Absolutely.


Christian: D on't you get like the party?


Aaron: [00:12:21] Yes.So like the first night you get there a day early, and there's a party on theMidway. They're probably still going to do it next year which was awesome. Wetook a tour on the Midway which is a U.S. carrier, and-


Christian: [00:12:35] Soit's been converted into a museum.


Aaron: [00:12:36] Yeah,to a museum. It's no longer moving, but we took a tour on that which had stuff fromlike Desert Storm on there, but anyway. There's a private party for all theall-inclusive people, and a lot of the speakers come out. So there's a lot-It's a smaller group of people. You get to meet a lot of really cool people.Like I think Christian and I both took a picture with Branden Harvey there. Ican't remember who else we met on the ship, but it's smaller, and you get akick-off party. You get there a day early, and then one of the other cool perksis that on the other days, the Thursday and Friday, you get free breakfast andlunch which was, I mean, that was like a deal right there.


Christian: [00:13:17] Ohyeah. I mean, think about it. We didn't have to worry about getting breakfastor getting lunch. So yeah, that was definitely really good.


Aaron: [00:13:26] AndI guess the first night since we went onto the Midway, we got dinner for freetoo, and then the next night was- Thursday night was like a party in the jungleor something like that. So we-


Christian: [00:13:37] Yeah.It was a club party.


Aaron: [00:13:39] Sowe didn't have to pay for food then. So I think for total groceries throughoutthe week, we ate one night out, and then groceries throughout the week was like30 or 40 bucks. So just that was a huge savings, and it also kind of forced youto mingle with other people too.


Christian: [00:13:53] Yeah,yeah. All right. Do you have anything else?


Aaron: [00:13:56] Whatwas the best thing about the all-inclusive? I'm just curious to hear yourthoughts.


Christian: [00:14:04] Idon't know.


Aaron: [00:14:05] I'mthinking the videos afterwards. I haven't done anything with them yet, but youdo get all the videos and audio from the workshops and all the tracks and thekeynotes. Pat Flynn did an amazing keynote. So you can watch that at any time,and I think that's the biggest thing because you're going to have thosetakeaways we talked about earlier but you will probably forget, and you canlook back at these at any point.


Christian: [00:14:30] Yeah,that's true. All right. So there you have it. This episode was three major keyswe learned from attending Social Media Marketing World 2018. Just to recap, onething that we definitely learned is the power of networking. In this event,you'll have the ability to network with potential business partners, synergypartners, customers, clients. Like I mean, you can find a little bit ofeverything. Another thing is don't overwhelm yourself and grab that one thingfrom each class or workshop, and the last thing is to definitely go all-inclusive.By the way, we're not being paid by Social Media Examiner or anything likethat.


Aaron: [00:15:10] Right.


Christian: [00:15:10] Wedefinitely just did the all-inclusive. So we enjoyed the all-inclusive therecordings and the food and all that. So those are just things that werecommend and we took away from that.


Aaron: [00:15:20] Allright, and we have like 3, 4 seconds left. So just want to tell you guys to goto bitbranding.co/podcast. Share this episode. We are on Spotify now, iHeartRadio, and all other podcasts spots.


Christian: [00:15:32] Everywhere.


Aaron: [00:15:34] Sowe will talk to you guys next week.


Christian: [00:15:36] Seeyou. Bye.

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