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How to Get Noticed on YouTube: Using YouTube to Promote Your Brand

How to Get Noticed on YouTube: Using YouTube to Promote Your Brand

August 20, 2020

Did you know that there are five billion videos that are watched on YouTube every single day?

This means that now is a greater time than ever to improve your YouTube marketing strategy and learn how to get noticed on YouTube. You want more and more people to see your videos on YouTube so that they will want to shop with you.

Hopefully, your business has already started making content for YouTube so implementing these tips into your videos will start to get you more views right away.

Keep reading for our guide on the best tips and tricks for using YouTube to promote your brand so you can get noticed.

Make Interesting Titles

When people feel like they're not getting enough views on YouTube one major reason is that they don't have an interesting title. When you're learning how to market on YouTube to potential customers you want to make titles that are relevant but also attention-grabbing.

Are your YouTube titles plain and boring or are they interesting and click-worthy?

You don't want to make a title that has clickbait in it because then potential customers won't trust your videos. Clickbait is when you create an outlandish title that has nothing to do with the video to generate views.

Make sure that your titles are truthful but still interesting enough to get potential clients to want to watch your videos.

Produce Content Your Clients Want to See

Another way for how to use YouTube for business marketing and get noticed is to make sure you're creating brand content that your clients want to see.

Many business YouTube channels will constantly be pumping out advertisements for their products or services. No one wants to see this kind of content!

Instead, the way to get noticed is to make compelling content about your business that sneaks in a product or service but isn't a direct advertisement. A fun video could be a behind the scenes look at what goes on in your company.

Vlogs are very popular videos on YouTube that bring in many clicks.

If you're interested in showing off your product, then make a video demonstrating how to use it. You can explain what makes the product special. As well as what different features it has, especially if there is a competitor product.

Don't Slack on the Keywords

YouTube is the second largest search engine right behind Google, which is why you need to be a master at SEO marketing if you want to post YouTube videos that get noticed.

When learning how to use YouTube for a business you want to make sure that you're not slacking when adding keywords to your titles and descriptions. Keywords are important when optimizing your content for search engines and this is how people will find your videos.

Be sure to do your research before posting a video and see which keywords people will be searching in your niche. Try to use as many specific keywords as you can so that your video will appear high in the right searches. This will help you get noticed organically by the right types of potential clients.

Engage With Your Subscribers

No one likes talking to a brick wall so when someone leaves you a comment you need to find the best way to engage with them!

You may not think of YouTube as the best place to socialize with your clients, but it is still a huge social media platform.

When someone leaves a comment on your video the best thing to do is either like the comment or take the time to respond to them. People like engagement. They will be more fond of your company when you take the time out of your day to notice them.

Plus, engaging with your viewers, getting likes, and comments on your videos are seen as a good sign by YouTube. This means that they will be more likely to boost your video so that it is seen by more people in their recommended page.

Besides that, you're creating a strong connection with your subscribers. They may later be potential customers that will shop with you because of this connection.

Link to Your Other Platforms

One of the best ways to go about using YouTube to promote your business is to make sure that you link your other platforms. Making interesting and engaging content that your subscribers want to see is only half the battle. You want to also make sure that they can follow your social media accounts, go to your website, or even find information to contact you like your email address.

Linking your other information in your YouTube video description is important. This way your subscribers will know to look there for it! Especially if someone is interested in buying your products or services then they will want to be able to find your website.

You can even make note that your other links are in the description of the video during the video. This way when people are watching the video they will hear you talk about following you on social media. Now they can find a link to all your platforms in the description.

This is one of the best ways to use YouTube as a business because you can get more traffic to your other platforms.

How to Get Noticed on YouTube When Promoting Your Brand

Promoting your brand on YouTube is a great way to reach your target audience and start making more sales. Yet, it can be rather difficult if you're trying to figure out how to get noticed on YouTube.

Be sure to use these tips and tricks when posting your content on YouTube so your videos get noticed by the right people.

If you're a small business looking for that extra push to succeed, then we can help! Whether you need help with branding, social media ads, engaging content, or revamping your website we have you covered. Be sure to contact us today to get started!  


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