Libby's Boutique

Upon retirement from teaching, Libby's Boutique started merely as a hobby but grew into something much more. Libby always loved fashion apparel, shoes, jewelry, scarves, and handbags. But as much she loves fashion, she love Jesus more. So she decided to pursue her passion for fashion to honor God and truly make a difference. Libby’s Boutique supports local charities, but their mission is to financially assist families adopting internationally.


Libby's Boutique
Completion Date:
November 2017
Website Link:


Originally we built her first website on SquareSpace which was a great start, but as her business grew it needed something more powerful and dynamic. There was an inconsistency with the size of images and overall it wasn’t a very visual site. SquareSpace had limitations with marketing plugins, inventory, and seamless integration of point of sale systems between online and offline.


We knew the power of Shopify, so we moved the whole site away from SquareSpace. Shopify allowed us to include features and functions that were necessary for continued growth, including product reviews, cross sales and reward point system. Visually we wanted the site clean and to let the pictures tell the story. Shopify has a very intuitive back-end inventory system which makes it easy for clients to manage their own website.



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