Hard Exercise Works (HEW)

HEW (Hard Exercise Works) Clearwater is a family owned gym franchise in Clearwater, Florida established in late 2017. The gym focuses on Navy Seal style boot camps for normal people.


59,000 people
Ad Spend:
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Project Description

HEW Clearwater contacted us to help with their pre-sales and start off strong with their new gym in Florida. We created an eye catching video and offered one month of free training for a limited time. Our objective at first was video views, to get as many eyes as possible on the new business and offer. After two weeks of video views we started to retarget those who watched a certain percentage of the video and gave them an offer in the form of a still image to drive traffic to our landing page to submit contact info. The ad ran from August 2017 through the end of September 2017.

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