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We help create and post your content online

We believe that to do well online you have to have a presence. It’s better to be on one social platform and do it very well verses being on four and being mediocre. Luckily, you can be on all four of those and have the largest amount of exposure for your business and we take care of the stress of when to post, how to post, and what to post.

The consultation and audit

We need to look at your current social media (If anything already exists) and see where you are doing well and where you could improve. We will then meet in person if possible, or at least over video chat to cover your goals and what you would like social media to do for your business.

Planning and strategy

This stage is the game allows us to help use your social media to compliment your brand, building a strategy around your business online. We cover the types of posts, how often you will post, and when you will post. Our goal here is to create unique and original content that resonates with your audience and keeps you top of mind always.

Testing and optimization

There are going to be posts and videos that do very well and then those that don’t. Our goal for every business owner is to continue to capitalize and reproduce the types of content that performs well, while mitigating the posts that don’t. We pride ourselves on using only original content and not stock photography.


In a nutshell, you can’t move forward if you don’t know where you have been. Reports can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Our focus is on education and what numbers and metrics to really pay attention to and why you should pay attention to some numbers, but not others. Understanding your business growth is important for us to explain to you.

Our expertise

Scheduled posts

Pre-approval of all posts

Custom photography

Custom video production

Audience insights


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Social Media Management


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