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SEO is a process that allows Google or other popular search engines to show the right product or services to the right people. If SEO is done well, you will rank for the terms that make the most sense for your business. If done incorrectly, you could be costing your business money, but also show up for things that don’t relate at all. Whether you are driving traffic online or in person, the amount of traffic you get is correlated to the success of your business.

The audit

The first thing we need to do if you are an existing business or even a new business, is audit where you are at online right now. What is bringing you traffic, how much of it, and where are the gaps to bring in more.

Planning and strategy

Whether we are helping drive more traffic to your site or building an advertising campaign, our process is similar. We focus on coming up with a strategic way for you to get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. We help you focus on easy wins, but are always playing the long-game to win long term.

Testing and optimization

SEO, as we mentioned earlier is a process and the marketplace is always moving, we have to play the game Google and the other search engines tell us to play. If a strategy isn’t working as well as we would like, then we continue to try new things and optimize. We won’t tell you that you’ll be on the first page of Google over night, if someone does tell you that, run. But what we can tell you is that consistency over time will grow your business and increase search traffic.


This is probably the most important aspect of SEO that no one talks about. The reports. As a business owner, you may not care to know about every detail going on with SEO, or you may, but regardless we are going to educate on as much or as little as you would like to know so that you can track the true ROI and that we are heading in the right direction. The last thing we want is for you to talk to us in two months and wonder what has happened. A monthly detailed report gives you all the answers to your questions and more.

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