Reputation Management

Your review ratings impacts your business

Reputation management should be implemented to help you maintain a genuine brand image, no matter if you are currently facing a critical situation or if you are simply taking steps to be proactive.

Most effective way of marketing

When most decisions are made by searching online, it’s important to note that 91% of those who searched online looked at reviews before making a purchase and of those who were searching, most searched more than one review site.

Automate, optimize and protect

We provide a simple automated way to proactively get more reviews and distribute them across the major review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and over 200 industry specific sites. Our service automatically catches negative feedback so that you get a chance to rectify the customer’s experience.

Monitor and listen

As a business owner, we know it is difficult to remember everything, that is why we monitor your review sites and any time there is a positive or negative review we will notify you. It’s important to track reviews, but just as important to listen to what your customers are saying about you online.

Every business needs it

Whether you have 20 five-star reviews or you have a lower star review, every business needs an online reputation. For instance, 73% of consumers consider any review older than three months to not be relevant. Other factors to consider are the sentiment of your reviews, did they just give you a five-star or was it a raving paragraph?

Our expertise

Reviews on autopilot

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Reputation Management


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