What We've Learned After Spending $250,000 In Facebook Ads

December 31, 2018

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about what we've learned after spending $250,000 in Facebook Ads:

  1. You must have a strategy. Work backwards from your goal, and then find out what steps of the buying or lead process that works out to in ads manager.
  2. Successful ads take time and monitoring daily. Everyone talks about Facebook as some magic pill where if a business owner uses it they will instantly get business. Sometimes you hit a run boosting one post for $20, but nine times out of ten you don’t.  
  3. Speak to your audience specifically, not generally. Facebook is for friends and family members to be social, but when your ads are content that they are interested in you set yourself up for success.
  1. A good Facebook management strategy will help with your overall ads performance
  2. Be consistent with your branding. Susy doesn’t want to see an ad with a picture of a dog and then taken to a landing page where it ask for your home address for a live social security workshop.
  3. Video. Seriously. It can be scary and nerve wracking, but when you add video to the mix your chances of success go up dramatically because of all the options that can spin from that.


Hey, y'all! This episode is our last episode for 2018! Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! So before we bid farewell to 2018, we'd like to talk about something crucial to businesses when it comes to their online presence - Facebook Ads. We've had our fair share of mistakes and success when it comes to Facebook Ads, so before the year ends, we'd like to share with y'all our tips and tricks!


You need to have an effective strategy if you want to get those sales or leads with your campaigns. It's important to note what kind of content your audience wants and expects from you, if you can deliver that - everything should follow.

Monitor your ads!

Just because you boosted your Facebook ads for $20 it doesn't mean that you will be instantly gifted with more sales instantly. The best way you could make the most out of that $20 boost is to monitor the ad and see if good changes are happening or not.

Speak to your audiences specifically, not generally!

Making content for an ad that reaches out to a general audience may not always be the best idea. Let's say that you create an ad and it's aimed for foodies but a majority of your audience don't resonate with that - if you do this, your ad will most likely not have an impact on your target audience. It's important to target your audiences specifically so once you create an ad and you've done the proper research on your target audience, it should work its magic.

Focus on a good Facebook Management Strategy!

It's not rare to see an ad you're interested in online and end up visiting the page where that ad originated from only to see that company's Facebook page inactive. Having active ads but an inactive page doesn't really sell the best image for you and your company. Do your best to create as much content for your page and audience - this humanizes your business and shows how much you care about your audience and community!

Be consistent with your branding!

Whether it be pictures, videos, colors of images, the way you talk, e-mails, or your landing page, be sure to be consistent with the image you want your audience to be familiar with for your company. An example would be that if your company's primary colors for its logo are yellow and red, you should incorporate those colors to the design themes of your e-mails, videos, landing page layout, website layout, etc. Doing something as simple as this will solidify you as a brand.

Make use of video ads!

Pictures are great for ads, but it can't always tell the full story behind your campaign unlike video! A lot of business owners think that it's a hassle or a struggle to work with video campaigns because of the planning, time and effort. But if you're able to come up with the right video ad that resonates with your target audience, you'll most likely see an increase with sales and your overall business.

Alright, y'all, those the things we've learned after spending $250,000 in Facebook Ads on our own business. We hope that you guys got some great tips from this episode that you could use for your business in 2019! As we mentioned, this is our last podcast for 2018 but don't worry - we'll be sure to keep on giving you guys your weekly fix of The Marketing Natives. Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! We'll see you in 2019!

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