The Strategy That Helped Us Kickstart Our Business

June 17, 2019

Show Notes

This is a really fun episode for us. It's unveiling and peeling back that onion Shrek reference to the strategies that helped us kick our business off and what really started the foundation for making us successful in the future.


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Aaron [00:00:04] This is a really fun episode for us. It's unveiling and peeling back that onion Shrek reference to the strategies that helped us kick our business off and what really started the foundation for making us successful in the future.

Christian [00:00:33] All right. So for those of you who have been. Following us since the beginning we say beginning is probably right. Nineteen ninety nine. That's way too far 2015 when we started our business. We took an approach that literally helped us tremendously in our business and professionally and just growing our expertise and the strategy. It's really a three part starting with video free content and distribution.

Aaron [00:01:09] Nice. All right some video. The reason I mean we've probably if you listen to anything at all we played video really really hard. The reason that we started with video is kind of a roundabout way one a couple of people we were watching influencers were saying hey videos potentially the future. And at this time you know it was just kind of starting to take off. Facebook video stuff like that Instagram you could do. You didn't have Instagram Stories doing anything. Nobody really posted videos there but we're like OK let's try this out.

Aaron / Christtian [00:01:40] There's video companies I mean video was definitely trending. And I was like something that people were taking interest on and never do and it's nothing like it is right now. But it was like sort of warming up to two people. It's already you know it was a part a big part of some of those platforms but it was like yeah Baby say yeah baby stages for sure.

Aaron [00:02:04] Yeah. And so the real reason well the rovers and half of the reason is that when we started the company Christian was in Oklahoma and I was here in Texas and it was just a really good way for us to communicate back and forth. We did Google dogs which is fine. And we could do face time which was fine. But for us to really collaborate as far as like working together and figuring out what to do we started doing video and we got on a platform called blab if any of you guys remember that please reach out to us on Instagram we definitely want to connect.

Christian / Aaron [00:02:37] I think like black dot t or I am I am glad that I am. So if you were on blab or you at least knew what it was please go over Instagram and shoot us a message I would think we would both love to just chat and just like talk about the old. The good old days singing like Old Town Road in my head now. So we were there and we what we would do with we would go live every day and talk about different things that were happening in business and marketing. And it was literally like for us we would have to do a ton of research before the show but then we would just go on live talk to other people. And it was a live platform that multiple people could jump into. So Christian and I would be going live and then there could be three or four other people who jump in and talk to us about the exact same thing. So really cool.

Christian [00:03:30] Yeah. And it was really weird because it was people from literally all over the place. Some of them which. Didn't you and I think spoke English or it was very broken English and it was really cool.

Christian [00:03:45] We definitely grew a lot from just doing blabs almost every day I feel like right. When we first started we're doing every day Monday through Friday and every day we're doing something. And it was always talking about and it is I guess the next part which is the free content. So within that content what we're talking about is different business or marketing or social media things. And we took the approach from James all teacher which he basically has this idea of just write down something and then he come up with ten ideas for it and you become an idea machine essentially because you keep doing this every day every day every day you're helping your brain which is a muscle to develop the idea machine strategy or whatever. So we would brainstorm literally ten ideas every day like how to do video on Instagram and we would literally write down ten things each on a google doc and then we will go live hom blab and talk about those things.

Christian / Aaron [00:04:50] It was a crazy wild ride but we'd end up doing one hundred and fifty episode on the day and actually you can see some of these episodes on YouTube all of them. I think you're OK. We have all them on YouTube so you can go back and see like how low quality we are in our rooms just kind of sit in and literally talking. It was like it was more of a conversation than anything else. It wasn't structured very well. Yeah.

Aaron [00:05:14] Detective Fridays were always very good.

Christian [00:05:17] Yeah. So we always took Fridays to talk about different tack like new apps or new Web sites that we found and all that stuff anyway. So the name of the show is called we put the hashtag was brain 10 is because we were brainstorming. Ten ideas every day.

Aaron [00:05:35] And now that I'm looking at the titles. If you just search hashtag brain tan or if you just type in brain 10 on Google you used to type in brain 10 and I would come up with some kind of weird stuff but now it actually pops up with with our stuff. If you type in brain 10 together it does give you an idea of a couple of the topics. Just because I was interested at the time we had some pretty good topic titles anyway. One of the episodes was ways to keep customers for life. Another one was lead generation mistakes that businesses make. We did a lot of that like I said the top 10 tech products we found that week so we're always find a new apps. It's just I guess it was really cool to see that like we stumbled upon it the other day but like the stuff that we were talking about in 2015 a lot of it has really come into fruition. We were talking about messenger and actually you know that because we did it on a previous episode. We were talking about messenger in 2015 and said that that was gonna be huge. Well it's been four years now and Messenger is really blown up. So it's kind of cool to see that we are kind of right.

Aaron [00:06:38] But really cool. I guess journey with that. Yeah.

Aaron [00:06:48] All right. So this is your favorite part of the episode. We take a little break. We'll go sit down. You get your jungle juice Virgin or non virgin. Whatever you're listening to this in the summertime go to the pool.

Aaron [00:07:00] If you're not listening to this in summertime go get some hot cocoa and make sure you go to bit branding on Instagram. And if you are a business owner and you're trying to figure out how to grow online specifically with digital marketing I know I need to be doing it. I know social is huge. I know that I should be advertising I know we should be creating videos but I just don't know where to start at. I don't know how to do anything. Go over to Instagram. This is something we used to do a long time ago and ask for a one pager. This one pager will give you we'll do an audit of your social media your Web site anything and we'll fit as many things on there as we can in one page. We'll tell you exactly what your problems are and the solutions so that you can continue to grow your business and just figure out where the gaps are so that you can grow faster and more efficiently.

Christian [00:07:55] We're back. Right. We are back. So the 13th the 13th the 13th. We're on number third number three as a distribution. So after creating these videos that were recorded technically live on blab we actually have the recordings so we would distribute that through Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube. We literally used everything we just posted the same thing everywhere which is not technically a strategy to use now but at the time we didn't have a lot of followers and this is like our core machine to generate content for us. So that's what we did. We just literally posted it everywhere doing this strategy doing video doing the free content distributing across different platforms basically allowed us to be experts and to learn and grow because a lot of these things we're talking about we brainstorm 10 things. But a lot of times it just required a little bit of research you know maybe we would look up a word video heading and we would get ideas from that. So it definitely allowed us to carve a huge chunk of our time into the beginning to really instruct ourselves and and stay at the top of our game really. So a lot of our content even right now it's done in that way. Everything that we do has multiple layers of reasoning behind why we do certain things and we always want to be one. Always learning and doing content like this always makes you do research and learn a little bit or look at different alternatives or different ways to do things.

Aaron [00:09:37] Yeah. And I guess another cool thing about this is that like outside of the distribution it's also set us up to create more content. And we've always like use that as like the you know this is the strategy that helped us kickstart our business. Yes but it's also the strategy that we've continued put in place like Christine said the education part. And that's probably even part of the reason you're listening to this episode is that the marketing natives rather as a whole is because we're like OK we want to continue to educate we want to continue to add value. This is just a different way to do that. So this actually technically could respond off of that that core value of that strategy but a fun fact is that when I'm trying to do this with a plug for you guys as a business owner but we don't currently do brain 10 anymore we did like a hundred fifty episodes and then stopped. And the reason that we stopped was to start this podcast that we weren't going to do all three but from brain 10 gave us ideas and really opened up the door to start what we're currently still doing which is tip for tip that's been running for over three years where every Wednesday we talked to a business owners they asked us marketing questions in exchange for tips in their industry. And that's kind of involved and changed over time and now we're really I feel like we're putting out some of our our best stuff as far as video with to protect now. And so that's also an idea for you it's all free. So if you are a business owner and we'd love to come on our show just got a bit branding does SEO for its slash tip for tip and thought that forum and we'll get you on the show and just you know actually a little note to say like hey I heard about you on the marketing natives that'd be pretty cool to be cool yeah.

Christian [00:11:17] All right. There you have it that's it that's all we have for you. We talked about that one strategy which is technically a three part that helped us kickstart our business. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this episode make sure to please leave us a review on i tunes we would love you for that. And if you want to know or learn more about us you can check us out at Instagram at that branding or searches on Facebook at that branding and again go to YouTube and literally search bring 10 altogether.

Christian / Aaron [00:11:49] And check our old videos you have look at our new stuff and then look at our old 70 pound Christian had long hair. I got to go in for just for that. All right see you guys.

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