The One Tool Chiropractors Need To Get More Patients

March 4, 2019

Show Notes

Today we are going to discuss the One Tool Chiropractor Need to Get More Patients, YouTube! Today’s episode is also helpful for businesses ready to get their start on the platform or expand and grow!

On today's episode, we talk about:

  • Cool things about YouTube that you should know
  • Reasons why you need to use YouTube
  • How you can get more exposure to your business
  • Getting more visitors to your websites
  • Rank higher in search results
  • Generating more LEADS for your business

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Aaron: [00:00:00] Hello. Hello hello. We have an amazing podcast today for chiropractor's. However it's very beneficial for most businesses. This platform is huge. We're going to talk about how traffic or how much traffic is there. We're going to talk about how you can rank higher in search. We're going to talk about how much time users spend there which I bet you don't believe how much time they actually spend there. And then the most important thing here is to generate more leads for your business. So take a listen.

Aaron: [00:00:43] We explain that it is YouTube some of you may have guessed and we're going to give you a virtual high five but see it yet. There we go. That was it. Christian give yourself a high five. Give me one sadly. I want to do some quick stats. That island like didn't know where did this. Hi. But some cool things about YouTube that you should know. There are one point nine billion with a B. Active monthly users. And there are only 50 million creators but only yet 50 million creators for people who are two billion people watching. So it takes a thousand millions to make a billion so we're not even a a percentage of it. I don't know what those numbers are. Math people can tell us. But it's a very small percentage of people who actually create videos versus consume. So huge advantage there for you the average viewing session get this 40 minutes. That's insane. Forty minutes. You know if you had 40 minutes to talk to somebody I think you could find out pretty quickly if you could close business with them or not. Or if they would at least be interested in you because if they're watching for 40 minutes I then you have their attention.

Christian: [00:01:53] I mean I believe that like I found myself watching super long videos and they like some of the creators are very smart on how they create the videos and how to keep people engaged and just watching those longer form videos like yeah. All the pot farms yeah I care about how long the videos are because I just keep scrolling but YouTube is more and more captivating for me.

Aaron: [00:02:17] Yeah I don't know. And you watch mainly on your phone or desktop on my phone. So usually mobile you don't watch as long as what you do on desktop. So for you to watch that long 40 minutes on your phone. I mean that's crazy.

Christian: [00:02:33] Sometimes a cell from my phone but I do the air play to a bigger screen out to a bigger screen. But yeah and are even times where I'm like oh I want to walks like something on Netflix and I end up watching you. Like. Yes just like random stuff on YouTube or like learning things on YouTube.

Aaron: [00:02:52] And I think what's good about YouTube is that it always tells you like so you watch this crazy dog video and then it shows you another one where it's like five crazier dog things like. I got to watch this next one is yet one of the greatest thing about YouTube is their recommendation.

Christian: [00:03:06] And I've said that about IG TV where you know they have stuff in there. But I feel like it's just all over the place at least for me or maybe I'm not consuming enough to really get the algorithm effect.

Aaron: [00:03:18] Well there's not as many creators. YouTube started in 2005 and they have 50 million creators. I believe there's less than 100000 creators on Instagram. TV. Yeah.

Christian: [00:03:28] So yeah I agree with like the recommendations are for me now that I watch so much YouTube like they like YouTube knows me to a tee. Yeah.

Christian: [00:03:37] You know the type of content that loves watching Dr. Pimple Popper. Yeah I really don't. But yes.

Aaron: [00:03:44] Yeah he really does anyway so very curious you can leave a comment on our Web site or just send us over a message on Instagram or leave a comment on one of our YouTube videos and let us know how much you watch YouTube. I mean just a week. I think that one of our employees has told me that he looked at his phone. He was actively watching but was gaming and just had it on in the background and he was watching I'm air quotes here below the table 20 to 25 hours of YouTube a week that it was just like going on in the background. The thing that's insane. Atest. All right. Last quick stat here only 9 percent of small businesses are there that that's an astonishing number especially when you look at how many small businesses are finally on Instagram and Facebook and that's great because we run advertising for those people but it's always nice to be ahead of the curve. It would have been great for you to be on Instagram now but it would've been even better for you to be on Instagram three or four years ago. I think that's also something that's going to happen with YouTube. We're talking about 2019 and 2021. You're going to have three or four times more business owners there. So it would behoove you to be on there right now.

Christian: [00:04:57] Yeah. And so we're going to do now is just kind of give you some reasons why we think that YouTube is a great tool for chiropractor's to get more patients and not only get more patients but we're talking about getting more exposure definitely more visitors to your website even potentially you know I was actually showing Erin a physical therapist. They have 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel. There are two old guys and they just mean they're having fun but they know their stuff. So they have the content to create all these videos and they're probably making a lot of money just from the monetization of those videos. So that's another avenue for you to also generate some income.

Christian: [00:05:48] And yeah they have sponsors. Even so imagine. Yeah.

Christian: [00:05:52] Yeah. I mean there's a lot of possibilities with YouTube. And we think that's a tool that's under utilized for business owners and we're going to share some reasons why we think you need to be on YouTube.

Aaron: [00:06:04] All right number one your traffic is already there. We mentioned it earlier. Well we did get a quick stats one point nine billion active monthly users. There's only like 7 billion people on earth. So there's a lot of people consuming and your traffic there they're already searching so as a chiropractor if you just go to YouTube after this episode and look up to like chiropractor you're going to see a ton of different things like how to pop your back without a chiropractor. How did you fix this issue with it from a chiropractor. Somebody has already creating that content and it could be you don't allude to a lot of other things but your traffic's already searching for the content that you could be producing.

Christian: [00:06:41] Yeah when it comes to those type of videos you might find that yes a lot of people are doing it but whenever I'm looking for like recently actually I was looking for posture videos on how to correct your posture. And I ended up watching like maybe eight to ten videos from different people because I wanted to get like a consensus of what's the best thing to do.

Christian: [00:07:04] You know or maybe what's the best tip or trick. So if you see you know 10 people doing the same video watched those videos and learn how to make it just a little bit better or different or more engaging because people are going to be watching and they're looking for that they're probably going to watch multiple of those exact same video potentially telling them the same thing just to get reassurance that OK this is what I need to do.

Aaron: [00:07:27] Yeah. I mean think about those guys you were talking about. There could be somebody else who does the exact same videos as them but doesn't get the same amount of traffic because they just have their own quirky style. Somebody else could just be you know way more professional they could just not that they're not professional but just a different way to view it. So what we're saying is there's plenty of users out viewers out there that were watching videos and people watch more than one video because they watch 40 minutes so if you create a few of those videos you're going to get some views too.

Christian: [00:07:58] So our second reason is you can rank higher and search engine results. YouTube is owned by Google. Google is probably now making the stat up but 89 percent of users use Google versus to Yahoo or anything else. So by creating those videos even if you search for things like how to pop my back on Google right now I guarantee you some of the top search results are going to be videos. More than likely are going to be videos and those videos are going to be YouTube videos.

Christian: [00:08:35] So by creating these videos creating the content making sure that user right. Title we've got a premature horn I don't know if you heard that or not but by creating this video record the titles the tags the descriptions you're going to be able to rank higher on search engine results. And it's just going to be a lot easier for you to be found and get more patients and get more money.

Aaron: [00:09:06] Yeah. Money is translated as money. Christian also speak Spanish. Anslinger so just to give you guys an idea with that thing about it is that we run we do our search engine optimization for other businesses and usually takes about 90 days to release the result with you to rank on YouTube. It could be a couple of days or even a couple of weeks depending on how competitive is so I mean literally a fraction of the time to get to the exact same amount of search volume just by doing videos holla holla or ad segment doing our pockets what are we talking about us.

Christian: [00:09:47] My name is Kristen over here across the table is Aaron we are the co-founders of branding a digital marketing agency located in Allen Texas basically a suburb of Dallas. We could probably say Dallas Texas for all your listeners from out of state. I would like to say thank you to everyone who's listening. We definitely do appreciate you.

Christian: [00:10:10] And yeah don't forget to subscribe man. We love subscribers. Douglas describers earned love two hearts two hearts.

Christian: [00:10:19] All right. But yeah and again he doesn't want to give you the most value that we can. If you're listening and you are maybe in a you're a pet sitter and you want more business as a pet sitter and you need help with that just let us know. Like contact us anywhere on maybe Twitter Instagram Facebook any rabbit branding and let us know. Like Hey guys I want to listen to a pocket episode about pet sitters and how to get more business. So let us know will be more than happy to create an episode for you talking about pet sitting and how to get more business that way. So yeah this is my little spiel today I just want to make sure that we're giving you the ballot the value that you won the Cauthen that you want to you want to hear so let us know. Please thank you.

Christian: [00:11:07] By all right we're back.

Aaron: [00:11:12] Hopefully we don't get any more money references but if we do we'll well in advance anyway. Number three they spend a lot of time there. We talked about that it's overarching with what we said earlier. They are there for a long time.

Aaron: [00:11:27] They being your users your potential patients and it just allows you to get to them to where they already know like and trust you. I mean that's more of a if you hit those three factors you're going to get more business. They have to know of your business. They have to like you because nobody's going to do business something that they don't necessarily like. If they can avoid it and they have to trust you. And I think that it's you. Trust is a huge factor for a chiropractor and how you build trust as being an authority and creating content in telling people that you know what you're talking about. So by creating videos adding value to people and creating content you're going to be seen as an authority and you already have that trust factor if you get trust all the other things kind of fall in line with that because you don't really trust people that you don't like. And they already obviously know about you. So that's that's huge. Makes sure that you are using YouTube because they spend so much time there and you should be there too.

Christian: [00:12:24] Yeah. Just a little quick thing. I know a lot of creators on YouTube. The strive to make their videos 10 minutes long and everyone's literally doing this right now.

Christian: [00:12:37] We're about halfway through February as I said before February I can't ever say it. It's my birthday month. I can't say but we're about halfway through and this is where a lot of YouTube rules and content creators are doing right now. If you really look at them they're doing about 10 minute videos. It has to do something with the algorithm. So if you're starting to create content on YouTube take that into consideration you don't have to make every single video ten minutes long but that plays a factor into the YouTube algorithm.

Aaron: [00:13:08] Look at that little tidbit we should come up with something for that because we're braining we do the weekly bit some do a little bit you know it's a tidbit that we can give is a little bit like it night supervision. Yeah. He said something else. Anyway. Number for our last one here for you chiropractor's getting more patient and then also with getting more leads. We could use something called a lead magnet. You could offer something like a checklist. Do these things before you ever go see a chiropractor. Do this if you can't see a chiropractor have Christian hurts his hand from typing all day. What are some things that he can do to relieve the pain so he doesn't have to go see a chiropractor right now. You could target exactly who you're looking at or looking for. In the middle of your video or in the description you could say hey look download this sends him over to your Web site or send him to a landing page a one page website where you can just get their e-mail address. And now you can start having a conversation with them off of YouTube. So a lot of opportunities to generate leads.

Christian: [00:14:14] Yeah. Yeah and actually I mean I do see a lot of people doing the specialty fitness professionals. They do a lot of that and they ask hyperactive. You can also think about I guess what is that called weight.

Aaron: [00:14:30] He's moving his hand back and forth. Guys were going through this what's it called. You know like standing up desk.

Christian: [00:14:36] No your Sasquatch sounds like topics like you talk about chiropractic very chiropractics like a hierarchy you know like you're talking about this car affected thing. But you can also talk about physical therapy you can talk about mobility. You can talk about fitness related stuff you know in chiropractic guide. So your YouTube channel doesn't get to be all chiropractic tips. Know even like us for example like Yeah we talk about marketing but we also talk about social media. We talk about business growth we talk about you know different things that are tied to related yet are related to what we do. So yeah you could do for example I was thinking about this too because I want to find a good mobility exercise or workout to do something like on my off days I can just you know maybe a 10 15 minute mobility workout where I'm just sort of more of a stretch workout.

Christian: [00:15:26] You know you can find a Pilates person. Those are the best people to ask for mobility workouts are you. But a chiropractor on their YouTube channel they could potentially help that you know have a guess as somebody right. Yeah exactly. So or maybe even you know.

Christian: [00:15:40] You talk about mobility on one of your videos. And then you can have a PDF download of this mobility workout you know five minute work that you need to do you know every other day Boliva.

Aaron: [00:15:50] And you know things like that you should do this somebody should do this because I don't think that we found anybody who is especially if you're in the north Dallas area. You should definitely do it. But wherever you're at even if you're in a small town and you're like oh this doesn't apply to me. It does. It does not matter where you're at. Most people if we're talking to them in the U.S. are most developed countries have the Internet that it's valuable to you. So lots of lots of good things here. Just a really quick recap for you guys. We're talking about the traffic. There's a lot there. You can rank very easily. They spend a lot of time there your customers your consumers your patients they all spend time there. And the last thing is that they can generate or you can generate leads there. All this costs you is the time that it takes to create a video and upload it. YouTube's free. I think people kind of forget that part right. Yeah well except for that YouTube thread I've read there's a funny statistic 300000 people pay for YouTube bread which that's a very big number to me anyway. All right. So that is our episode I hope you guys really enjoyed that. We can't thank you enough. And even as there's only five people who ever listen to the podcasts locally there's a few more. We really thank you for listening and we do it for you as Christian mentioned earlier. We would love for you to subscribe whatever platform you guys listen to this on and really give us an honest rating and review that helps us to create content that you want. That you need and that we can continue on creating to make sure that we add more value to you. We do these shoot super short episodes so that it's a maybe a halfway commute to your work or on the way home or while you're on a treadmill. That way you can get back to doing whatever you would like to do. So we'll talk to you guys next week. Yeah next week next week.

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