The Benefits Of Having A Graphic Designer In Your Business

September 10, 2018

Show Notes

Today's episode we talk about 4 benefits of having a graphic designer in your team:

  • Pride and productivity. Yeah, you would be surprised hearing this headline, but as we explain it will make sense. Employees and employers alike have pride in the work they perform when the brand is stronger. A good graphic designer can bring the brand to life in your office, work environment, and the work you perform.
  • TIME! If you don’t know the difference between a JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS, or PDF chances are there are a lot of ‘practicing’ and research to get you to the right place. Think back to what you are proficient in, is your time best spent doing that or trying to learn something new that you may be ‘okay’ in? A logo for your brand by a designer that knows you could take 2 hours, or you could try to do the same thing and probably not achieve the same results in 6-10 hours.
  • Design is what makes people take action. Whether it comes to your website, social media correspondence, mailers, or flyers, the colors and design makes a difference. If your brand looks cheap, more than likely those are the clients you will attract.

  • Influences perception. The way people perceive you is the reality they live in. If your brand doesn’t look trustworthy or is inconsistent it causes people to question how legit you really are at what you do.


Christian: A graphic designer, yeah. They will be able to create I guess a better work environment for the whole company.

Narrator: This is The Marketing Natives providing actual ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business and now your hosts, Christian and Aaron.

Christian: Hola and welcome to another episode. Today we're talking about the benefits of having a graphic designer in your business. We're going to be talking about four different things here. And number one is pride and productivity. Aaron I was talking and like he said something about Southwest. What were you saying?

Aaron: I was just saying that when you have a brand or a company that you care about - you do better work. For example if you care about. Southwest has a really good brain and a good culture. The reason it does that is because the consistency throughout everything the consistent talking and the consistent way that you speak to people the design the way that the brand makes you feel will make people more productive in the workplace. You would feel a lot better saying, "Oh, I work at Google or I work at Southwest and I want to create great work" versus "I work over here and you know this is the kind of stuff that it's in my office it's just a blank office there's no creativity there's nothing really making me feel like I'm basically giving back".

Christian: All right. So you're saying if a company a small company hires a graphic designer they will be able to in essence either create maybe revamp your brand as a whole. You're talking about logo, email signatures even the walls decoration inside the office.

Aaron: T-shirts, everything. Yeah.

Christian: Yeah. So okay, yeah a graphic designer. Yeah, they will be able to create I guess. Yeah. Better work environment for the whole company.

Aaron: Absolutely. And like I said it's something that you don't really think about. But people who are working at Google they they are very proud to work at Google because of what they're doing - the type of work but also that it's Google that we're part of or if that's Southwest and you can have that on a smaller scale to, "Hey, we are the best printshop in Allen Texas and we wear our colors pridefully. Like I know in my small town of Notouche whenever you're growing up Cobalt Boats is there. They have a 45 or 50 million dollar business and it pretty much thrived for the town. Everyone was very proud to wear their Cobalt Boat shirt and say that I was making a three or four million dollar boat. Like people are really proud to say that they worked there and their work showed because of that.

Christian: All right. Number two is time, having a graphic designer will definitely be able to alleviate your time and you'll be able to spend your time doing things that are efficient and effective for you and growing your business whereas a graphic designer they can kind of take care of everything else. You don't have to worry about learning Canva. Yeah last week we're talking about Canva and using in your business but if you don't have time to learn Canva or you don't know the difference between JPEGs, PNGs, EVS, PDFs, and all that. You know obviously you're going to have to spend a lot of time learning these things and learning how to manipulate them and learning the software and the tools behind all the stuff and maybe even spend some money and spend time and money on all these things a graphic designer would be able to quickly and efficiently tackle these things. So your money will probably be better spent on using a graphic designer. They can turn around things a lot faster than you ever will.

Aaron: Yeah. And I think it is something that comes to mind for us is that we work with the local print shop. Quite a few times to print things for clients or for ourselves and sometimes they'll say, "Hey, can you put a you know 2 inch bleed on this or can you put some kind of bleed on this or what is the bleed?" and you're going back and forth with the print company and they don't have any designers so that they can't do anything so we either have A) pay them or pay somebody else to figure it out or you can continue to go back and forth and mess up with a design and then your logo is misrepresented on a T-shirt because you didn't know the difference between a two inch bleed or even what it a bleed was. So just having the knowledge there is such a huge and crucial point for why people or graphic designers if there was no need for one in your business, then you know the need for a graphic designer would just kind of go away anyway.

Aaron: So that was going really quiet. I'm sad that the old air horn and it sounds like it's...

Christian: Dying.

Aaron: He adds dying. It's an app so maybe I just need to give it a new boost. Maybe my battery's low. Yeah 60 percent so that's the problem.

Christian: Could be...

Aaron: 60 percent power. All right. So this is if it's your first time. Or maybe just your second time. This is where we talk a little bit about who we are. My name is Aaron I handle the marketing piece more like the online advertising piece for the business and Christian across the hall way way on the other side of the desk right now we're in opposite places recording or he's on the opposite side of the desk. You can choose. He's the more creative guy he's the creative director so anything that goes outside of the office and out to the world on social media that looks good that's done by him. Everything else was done by another company that was not us. So anyway if you have questions in your business about social media or you're about to figure out if you need to get a new website for the new year what we're really asking people to do is hey we're taking a decent amount of strategy calls between now and the next month or so and we just encourage you to spend 15 minutes on the phone with us. We'll say hey whether or not your website is good or maybe some tips maybe you don't need us at all. But at least you know what you do need. And if that means that you use us great if not at least you're in the right direction and you feel good about it. And it's completely free. So I'm going to put a link here. All you have to do is click that link and schedule a 15 minute free call to discuss your business and your marketing needs.

Christian: Now back to your regularly scheduled episode "The benefits of having a graphic designer in your business". Number three we're talking about how design is what makes people take action. Now we're talking about we kind of alluded to this at the very beginning where you know a graphic designer is going to be able to, you know, handle your logo, mailers, you know collateral marketing material, office, social media, your website, they will be able to basically touch your brand in every single way possible.

Aaron: That's uh...

Christian: Aaron is smiling over there. Anyways you know having having a good design and having a cohesive brand can make or break a company. You know if your brand looks cheap more than likely, you know, people are going to exactly think that your brand is just cheap like your business is cheap. So I think branding them is a huge component of a company having you know having a graphic designer in your business is very very beneficial in order to keep everything looking you know the same and everything is on the same page. You have your brand guidelines and all that to make sure that you elevate your brand to your company to a new level.

Aaron: Yeah I always remember like there's a reason that franchises say that you have to have your logos in certain spots, your cars have to be wrapped a certain way. Farmers doesn't let you put out a sign unless you do something a specific way like there's a reason that bigger companies, there's a reason that Apple does it, there's reason that Google does it and although you don't have to be to the extent that they are - you should probably follow a suit of brands who are very successful. Apple just hit a trillion dollars. They may know a one or two things about branding and you can tell that they're very consistent with their message and with their color scheme and the way that they put things out. And if you mimic that, you're going to have a lot more success too. You want people to presume that you know what you're talking about and that the decisions that they make with your brand is going to be something that's going to help them but if they're wondering. It's the first thing that they're wondering is is this business like just started up? Is it a fly by night kind of business? If that's the first decision on what they're going to do something with you or not. It's probably not going to be very successful or probably not going to happen at all because you not have been getting to the point where they're making a buying decision. It's more like I'm just not going to talk to them.

Christian: And technically this number four one kind of blend in with everything that you were talking about how it influences perception and the way that people look at a company and you know there's inconsistencies with your branding or you know you may have a blue logo and then your shirts are green with a red logo like if you create design consistency's you know people catch on to you know those subtle things. And like Aaron said I mean it just...it question - it makes your customer base question you know the legitimacy of your business and your company - your branding as a whole.

Aaron: Right. And I think what one other thing that's kind of blended with all of this is that if you're a smaller business let's just say you have less than 50 employees for the most part. If you're up in Allen Texas or you're in then you're down and there's another company down in Dallas that does the exact same thing. Just give people a context is about 30-45 minutes away. More than likely those people who are in Dallas have no clue who you are. But if they see something from you they are they are much more likely to say, "Oh, that's that company I've heard of". But if you're inconsistent they're not going to be able to put a name in a company with each other because the average person needs to see something about seven times consistently before they ever make a decision or you know really recognize a brand. So your inconsistency really could be losing a lot of businesses with that too.

Christian: All right. There you have it. The benefits of having a graphic designer in your business again this is The Marketing Natives and we want to definitely thank you for listening to this show and if have you enjoyed this show. Please subscribe on your favorite podcast app and even further beyond that if you're so inclined to leave us a review please do so - let us know how we're doing. Let us know if you like this episode or not. And let us know what you want to listen to or hear us talk about in the future.

Aaron: All right. See you guys next week.

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