Secrets On How To Dominate Life As A Mom And Business Owner With Ashley Malfitano

August 5, 2019

Show Notes

On today's episode we're talking to Ashley Malfitano from the Uber Shop and her new baby project, “The Mompreneur Boutique". We talked to her about managing three (3) kids and two (2) businesses which is nuts.

We also talked to her about the purchase of a hundred dollars or less that has most impacted her life and what she listens to in the car. Podcasts, books, Tune in to find out!

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Christian [00:00:00] What's going on? On today's episode we're talking to Ashley Malfitano from the UBER shop and her new baby project, “The Mompreneur Boutique. We talked to her about managing three kids and two businesses which is nuts. We also talked to her about the purchase of a hundred dollars or less that has most impacted her life and what she listens to in the car. Podcasts, books, Tune in to find out!

Christian [00:00:38] And Aaron. Alright Ashley, thank you for being on our podcast. 

Christian [00:00:44] We're gonna break the ice with this question. 

Christian [00:00:47] What do you wanna be when you grow up? 

Christian / Ashley [00:00:50] I want to be beach bum especially after coming off of eight days in Grand Cayman. Yes. If I could live the life of not just a beach bum but like luxury living beach bum. Oh. 

Aaron [00:01:07] Was it, is the Cayman the super expensive because you know there's a lot of tourist people there. Or is it like, you know, the rest of it is like super inexpensive you go there with a hundred bucks or. 

Ashley [00:01:15] Oh no it's a more expensive island. And we made friends with some of the locals and they definitely try and price themselves in a point where they're not getting the bachelor bachelorette parties and it's not a big Cancun party spot. They want it to be the family, friendly much more like luxurious island. 

Aaron [00:01:35] So interesting. Yeah because I know like it for example if you wanna go to the beach in Belize it's like ridiculous like thirty thousand dollars a year and you can live like a queen, like. 

Ashley [00:01:46] No no. If you want to be on Seven Mile Beach you're looking at an apartment about one point six million. Oh yeah for an apartment, nice. Very little apartment. So, and that doesn't input you. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:01:58] Ocean View NICE. YOU LIKE OKAY I GOT, I GOT A LITTLE BIT OF WORK TO DO still, cause its new big dreams in my business do, too. All right. So we'll actually probably talk about two things so technically you have two companies. But tell us a little bit about the uber shop. What is uber shop? 

Ashley [00:02:14] The uber shop is a family owned business. It started 20 years ago out of a little hobby that my mom had at the time. EBay had just launched and she would shop garage sales and then turn around and sell it on eBay. And she realized there was a niche there. And so it just grew from that. And so now then the uber shop sells on eBay, Amazon, Walmart as well as we have a physical storefront in Plano. And so that is, been the main, our main business. And online we've been there for 20 years and then a store brand we just celebrated this past spring our 12th anniversary. 

Aaron [00:02:53] So we I think we've talked about this before it's very weird. Like, so obviously recording this 2019 most businesses are brick and mortar and then go online. You guys literally started an online business when online was not really a thing and then you went to brick and mortar. Like I mean, you like slapping here doing high fives to people as they going opposite direction and you go in the opposite direction. 

Ashley [00:03:14] It absolutely has felt that way. Sometimes we are doing it backwards and it's when we felt a need. That's where we expanded our business, Arizona opportunities. So we expanded the store when we saw a need to liquidate items that we didn't want to sell online. So we we buy huge Overstock truck loads. Well not all of it isn’t goods that we felt like we're worthy of going online. And so there was a need for a storefront. And we we expanded that area for our business. 

Aaron [00:03:41] Very cool. And for you 20 years ago obviously if you guys see this on the video Ashley is nowhere near old enough to, you know, so at 20 years old you start, you started I mean 20 years ago rather you started this when you were pretty dang young. 

Ashley [00:03:57] So I was late middle school early high school when my mom started this. So it was at that point it was out of our home and we were, we my siblings and I were helping my mom package orders and she had employees that worked from home and helped do product listings for her and so we would drive the drop offs to their different homes and we would do the post office ride. And so, my brother and I we did that for her and then I went away to college. And so, when I was away at college the business kind of really just blew up. It, it massive it expanded pretty quickly and my parents moved into our first spot outside of the home which is awesome because at that point it took over our garage. I don't know where the living, the dining room table was at the time because I think that was our workstation for five employees. 

Ashley [00:04:52] Our pool table was a packaging table. 

Ashley [00:04:54] So, OH MY GOSH! we were so excited to get our home back and we had an office and then quickly expanded to another office that was four or five times the size of our first office outside the home. 

Christian [00:05:06] Well you said that you, you'd left, I thought you're gonna to say that the company just went down because you were just so dependent so much. No, not at all. Not at all.

Ashley [00:05:16] I didn't really start playing an active role until post college and even then I had an agreement with my mom. 

Ashley [00:05:22] My degree is merchandising This is my background. I've always had a love for buying products and the selling process. And so I had an agreement with my mom I wanted to go out into the corporate world and experience that. Because that's an education itself. My college degree was one thing but it's great to go into some large corporations and see their culture and how they do business and so I went and worked for two very large corporations, had great learning experiences with them. But when I got pregnant with my first daughter that was time to leave corporate America and come back home per say. And I did and it was a perfect timing. My mom needed just a little more help running the business and so I joined her in the ranks and that was seven years ago. So I've been I. When I was in corporate America I would help her on the weekends when I could. But seven years ago I came in and took a very active role and took on the title as Vice President to help her. And then even in the last several years we've had to split the company and who's responsible for certain aspects because it's just gotten that big on how we're going to manage it and see oversee the day to day operations. 

Aaron [00:06:37] So what do you enjoy most about what you did then? 

Ashley [00:06:41] I like the creativity and all so I find it creative. We're like right now we have a line of concealed carry handbags that we design and manufacture and sell online. Yeah it's just a niche that we found ourselves in and we're going back into manufacture another round of it. And so to me I love it is the math behind figuring out what is our projected need for another year's worth of supplies and how much fabric and all the numbers behind it all. To me it's a fun little game. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:07:15] I was going to say I can I can tell a lot of people right now as they're driving on their treadmill or anything like that they are probably rolling their eyes like, Are you kidding me? Like that is the complete opposite of what I want to do so I mean that's really cool that it's you know everybody has their own specific talent so it's very cool that you're like No I love doing this stuff. So my friends when I had my daughter they had a onesie made for her that says My mom makes really cool spreadsheets. 

Ashley [00:07:42] And then we went on a girls weekend, just a couple months ago and we all had sassy little T-shirts about our personalities and everything. And mine was I bring the business plan and the spreadsheet. So any time I get asked to volunteer, most of the time I get asked to do the spreadsheets in the organization for that, so, they love you. 

Aaron [00:08:00] Yeah that's I mean obviously you're a great person but you're keeping your friendship because they're like We know for PTA or anything like that we have somebody who's gonna be able to help us. I don't want to get too far into this without talking about your other company or something. You just recently started and kind of explain like what that is what the name of the business is what do you guys do and why do you started it? 

Ashley [00:08:22] So we just recently just recently being in April launched a new website called the Mompreneur Boutique and our infrastructure is already there. We ship products out of our we have it an inventory Fulfillment System out of our warehouse. We have shipping stations. We already have the infrastructure there to be able to have a Web site. All we needed to do is basically buy the product for it and set the site up. The actual technology in it is something we've talked about for several years but it just was growing inside of me because I'm now a mom of three. Oh man I am Oh and I would consider an errand really help me put the words to this I'm a mompreneur and so I can really speak to that voice I know what it means to juggle three kids and have big goals for your business and me try and able to grow it and so how do we speak to that audience provide solutions and fashions for that busy mom on the go. And so that's where I came up with the mompreneur boutique and so we launched in April. 

Ashley / Christian [00:09:24] And to me that is just my sweet little passion project and I love every minute of it because it is it is the life I’m living day in and day out. I feel like you contained little passion project but it just speaks parallels to how your mom started the uber shop as a I think that he's had the exact same words as a little passion project. So I think this is gonna be really really cool and really good in the long run. 

Ashley [00:09:49] I hope so. I really hope so. 

Aaron [00:09:51] And so it's you talking to people who are just like yourself. I mean who are women who are trying to juggle those things and then you know obviously they need the attire for that so you just kind of filling that gap right filling that need of being able to shop online very easily. 

Ashley [00:10:05] Yes. There's a voice out there. Right now we're in a day and age where more women have either or have a woman in business or they have a side hustle and they were working for an MLM. They're trying to start their own boutique. Maybe they want to be a fitness trainer. There's so many different things that women are achieving and so and it's hard it's hard to juggle it all be a mom and do that. And so absolutely we're providing showing them providing fashion solutions. 

Ashley [00:10:33] And then secondly bringing fashion solutions for everybody type. So it's great to walk into a boutique and see all their cute clothes but sometimes those cute clothes only fits in line. That was in their pre baby. Yeah. But being post baby and post baby three times the body you just decorate and so you can still look so fashionable. And after having a baby and so I wanted to show fashions to women in that you can you know just look great. There was a period of time when I would after I had my first daughter I just I'd wear a t shirt and yoga pants and I didn't feel good going into work when I always wore that stuff. But then when I started putting together outfits that I felt comfortable in and fashionable in again my confidence went up. And so that's that's why when I provide to other moms out there when they're working their business because it's one thing to go into a new arena you already and be feeling a little nervous. But if you're looking good and you're feeling good with the way you look it's just gonna give you that little extra boost of confidence. 

Aaron [00:11:35] Absolutely. So obviously you're very passionate about both businesses and this is a good question because I think it'll be a challenging one in the sense that there's a very entrepreneurial minded. What would you do if you couldn't be an entrepreneur and why?

Ashley [00:11:53] So if I couldn’t be an entrepreneur I would probably go back to being a buyer for a corporation. So it's kind of that was my sweet spot before I Left and came here. So I worked for a big corporation. I was in there buying office and I got to do what I do now but I was doing it for someone else. 

Ashley / Christian [00:12:10] But now then I'm deciding deciding the destiny. It was always like the end goal to come back to the uber shop or was it ever the end goal to start your own business. 

Ashley [00:12:21] I. I guess I just felt such deep roots in the uber shop. That's where it was. It's come back. I don't think it's necessarily that I always have my own business. It was to come back to it. 

Aaron [00:12:34] So yeah I was gonna say it. It's obviously had years of engraining into you like this is always in the back of my head. Back on My Mind. 

Ashley [00:12:41] I guess. And my mom and I are very similar personalities and I thoroughly enjoy doing this with her. At this point in life I don't know what my day to day would be if I didn't do this with her. It's it's kind of a fun thing that allows us to have that just say we have a very unique relationship and I know a lot of people don't get the opportunity and I do. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:13:03] It goes on a saying it's like most people and actually this is a weird or sad spot but there's actually a book out I can’t remember wha it’s called something like tree but basically, I think I've told this to Christian but by 18 you've spent 90 percent of the time that you're going to ever spend with your parents or your kids with them. That's just like normal cities. You got to college and then you see him like once or twice a year. So like for you to do that. I mean it really is special to spend time with your family that way or I guess the way I look at it. He was like so many people are like how I spend a bunch of time with them but it's not QUALITY TIME SO I MEAN I THINK THE QUALITY TIME OF SEEING THEM TWICE A YEAR IS WAY BETTER THAN see them every day and you're just like you take it for granted but it sounds like you guys have a very good relationship and that is the thing we've learned is that so much of our we are together so much so sometimes when we leave the office it's so easy to keep talking business. 

Ashley [00:13:56] And so, that's the learning curve to not keep talking business. I just spent eight days. My parents were with us on vacation and there were several times I was like oh I'm going to talk to her about this business thing and like, no, it's vacation. We're not talking business. And so I had to really bite my tongue but it was I think the first time it allow we've got that many days in a row without talking any business. 

Aaron [00:14:18] Yeah I think that's not a mother daughter situation but like a friend situation. We were friends before ever even starting the business. 

Aaron / Christian [00:14:27] And it's very hard to not just be like Hey you want to go to a Buffalo Wild Wings and we're like hanging out and then like Oh dude I have this crazy business idea I have this like well at some point we're living together too. 

Christian [00:14:37] And it was really hard to just disconnect completely and not told you yet. 

Ashley [00:14:42] Yeah I could see that. 

Christian [00:14:43] Yeah that was definitely very hard. 

Aaron [00:14:45] So I mean I don't think either one of us initially hated that but it was also like oh yeah like we're closer as business partners but not closer. I was like oh yeah we should do fun stuff as friends so I think it's yeah you have to like train yourself like an kudos for eight days of doing that because my mind works on business like 90 percent of the time anyway. So it's really hard for me to like step away and not do that. It was hard.. 

Ashley [00:15:08] It was hard to put down the phone, the email, the laptop and I already had in my mind I'm like OK you bring your laptop because on Monday morning you have to do this one task keep the laptop in away until that one task on Monday morning it's a practice of unplugging which is a healthy thing. 

Ashley [00:15:25] I think entrepreneurs because you can't get burned out and we need to give our families that focus time and really pour into that. 

Aaron [00:15:34] Yeah absolutely. And I feel like there's gonna be a lot of speaking of business that I feel like there's gonna be a lot of businesses that go to places and they somehow like you go there and in blocks like cell signal or like you know the mountains and stuff have that too. But like you know Dallas doesn't really have that well you have signal everywhere but I feel like there's gonna be certain places where like you just don't get cell signal they're going to have wired phones and you go there and you hang out with friends and you actually just like Hey let's play cards or have real conversations or go on like a do something active. But I feel like that's going to be a business because we get so like geared in or like focused in that it it's hard to disconnect but you got to force yourself like OK I have to pay somebody a hundred bucks to come here because I have to disconnect. 

Christian [00:16:17] So two businesses three kids. What's a day to day like and had the heck do you do all that? 

Ashley [00:16:26] No day is the same. I preplan let's just put it that way. Preplan thank you. G mail calendar. I time block my day I start I mean I start months in advance actually just wrote a blog about this last night about how did I plan for the summer because my kids are out of school and so it's I just find creative ways creative solutions and maybe it's summer camp they're gonna go to summer camp for a week and I get time to work on the business and understand as a mom when I blocked off time to work I need to find a place for my kids because. I realize it's not right for them for me to be working and juggling them at the same time. It's just not fair to them. I learned that the hard way with just one kid and when you add 2 and 3 it’s just a none start. So I yeah. I schedule ahead of time. I have a wonderful support system. My husband is absolutely amazing and but he's a fireman so he works 24 on and 48 hour. So if his day is off he's able to help with the kids. So we kind of just look at our calendar a month in advance and realize okay these are days you're working. These are the days I'm working. And then also I think it's very healthy and people should be aware of is putting at family time into their calendar. It's like these are family days as well. So it's clear expectations to everyone when mom has to work and what our family days are. So we time block that all out and gmail calendar and then yeah it's it's overwhelming and complicated and I try and tackle one day at a time so every week is flexible. Next week I'm volunteering my kid's summer camp and so I have to be there every evening. So I'm going into work a little earlier and I have several babysitters to help us to shout it to the babysitters. 

Ashley [00:18:19] Absolutely. Thank goodness I have two sisters that are college age who’s just graduated college and has been home for a gap year. She has been a lifesaver. On watching my kids. 

Aaron [00:18:31] So you talk a lot about OK so the two businesses obviously I want to kind of shift over here to a little bit like the marketing for two businesses that are completely different. As far as like social media what do you have a platform that you guys like to use for the. The uber shop vs. the mompreneur or like or to use both. Like which platform do you prefer to use. 

Ashley [00:18:55] So for the uber shop I really have learned for that business that I like being on Facebook. I have played around on Instagram but we just I haven't seen the right audience. That's a local audience pickup for that. And so if Facebook has just been a great place for that and our customer base is a little older and so they are truly just adapted Facebook over the last couple of years. And so that's a great platform to be on for them. Now with the mompreneur boutique it definitely is Instagram. And so learning the ins and outs of Instagram and big goal. 

Ashley [00:19:37] I need to get to 10000 followers so I can get, swipe up let’s go! Yeah. My best friend said Ashley I have a bottle of champagne a really nice bottle. When you get that swipe up feature that you talked about were cracking it open. 

Ashley [00:19:49] Yes. Yeah. Instagram we've seen a big there because the hashtags and the hashtags opening up those niche markets that truly are your customer base. You've seen already seen that in just the short time that we've been on there. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:20:04] Yes. Discovery. So what's your Instagram? We do that stuffs later, boost your Instagram for for that one the mompreneur boutique. Gotcha. So make sure you go follow them there. In kind of a Segway to that what's the what's the biggest struggle you guys have with online marketing or maybe there's no struggle but like I guess we've never talked to a business owner who hasn't struggled because it's all right. We even have you know changes. So what's the biggest struggle with online marketing for you guys? 

Ashley [00:20:28] For me it's I am so close to the business. It's hard for me to write copy or write a post because I'm so close to the business. I mean I think some people would be like Oh that should be easy for you. And it's like no it's easier when you have someone that's kind of far removed. You tell them exactly because to me I'm like I have too many words I needed to say and I don't know exactly how to say it. That's in the customers terms. So that's been the biggest thing is that we recently had someone hired someone that's able to write copy for us. And when I see the post she writes I'm like oh she got my thought out and it's just such a pretty way. And so that was a huge step for us was just something I would spend hours fretting over just having that person that writes copy that knows it in and out how it can just be a big game changer. 

Christian [00:21:16] So what does 2019 or could be to 2020. How does that look for the uber shop and then the mompreneur boutique. 

Ashley [00:21:24] So the mompreneur boutique will start there. It looks at truly I how I'm going to buy my fashions in the next year because I mean I am a buyer at heart. And then how am I going to tell that story. And so I've really the first go around I was like OK I've had some great learning lessons on how I really want to tell that story out to the mob how I want it, be a resource to her for the last half of Twenty 19 going into 2020 and then for the uber shop it's continuing to build our online business we've learned. Yes we've been in the business for 20 years but we're still learning so much and just even the way we buy for that business is. Yeah. It's been, we’ve had an interesting growing year and it's been mind blowing and we've seen great results and so just streamlinig, streamlining and making those businesses more efficient too. 

Aaron [00:22:17] Yeah growing pains are for real for sure. 

Ashley [00:22:20] You need to. You need to go through some growing pains. It's how you'll come out stronger on the other end. We've gone through so many growing pains throughout the 20 years and at times are like Oh goodness how will we survive it. Oh when you do survive it and you come out on the other side you're like wow OK look at us now. We did that. You think you can do anything until you get to that struggle. Right. You learn a lot and it makes you get more efficient in your business. It makes you realize hey maybe I need to learn this new area I need to take classes and be more efficient in that area. 

Aaron [00:22:55] And so think that's what's attributed to your guys success or what. 

Ashley [00:23:00] Like what do you attribute the success to of the businesses to? My mom and I did a Facebook live. At the end of 2018 and she doesn't like being in front of our marketing and so I got her on one Facebook live and I said What is the one biggest business advice you can give and she has be acceptable to change. And that is it is that over 20 years we have changed and evolved and been willing to change and evolve with the times. And I think that's what you have that's tell you plan for longevity. 

Christian [00:23:33] So we have a question here. Usually stumps people. What purchase of a hundred dollars or less has most positively impacted your life in the last six months or maybe recent memory. 

Ashley [00:23:47] Oh goodness gracious nice I like that response. 

Aaron [00:23:53] So you guys you prepared a lot of answers already. You know we're going to go through some typical business stuff. This is the one we'll do is kind of focus whenever we shift it for the video. I'm trying to talk to give you some time to think. But what I spoke is the video like you like thinking because I say I feel like that's a good visual. 

Christian / Ashley [00:24:13] But your last purchase that Spend. 

Christian / Ashley [00:24:18] I mean for the business? Or my personal life? Could be both. 

Christian [00:24:21] Yeah. And then it has improved. 

Ashley [00:24:24] I mean I'll tell you when it's less than a 30 dollar purchase. That changes the way I pack my suitcase. Storage cubes. Yes it is the most crazy thing. But I tell everyone about them. 

Ashley [00:24:34] I put all my girls and myself for eight days worth of stuff in one suitcase. No you didn't organize in storage cubes. 

Christian [00:24:42] So do you have the manual one or like the one that you hook up to like a vacuum cleaners. 

Ashley [00:24:46] How does things like zip around. 

Ashley [00:24:48] OK so each kid has a storage cube and it's all all their stuffs neatly packed in it. And then. So when we get there, they just gets thrown their storage cube and you unload that in your little hotel space. 

Aaron [00:25:00] I need that for my wife. Oh my gosh!

Ashley [00:25:03] So that's just my recent one from last week. I like, absolutely love storage cubes. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:25:08] But what. What company did you buy it from or was it just went on Amazon. OK. So there's not like a brand or anything it's just like buy some storage. 

Ashley [00:25:14] Can I just go on Amazon. I'm an avid Amazon Amazon prime surfer because I hate taking my kids in the store. It's like herding cats getting three kids in and out of a store. So if Amazon dropped off at my house in two days or less. Yeah that our target drive up and they'll bring it out to my car. Those are my two places to shop. 

Aaron [00:25:33] Right. You're like this is this is my calling. Yes. 

Ashley [00:25:37] Yes. I feel like I'm the only person that uses a service that. I hope they don't take it away. Absolutely. 

Aaron [00:25:42] Yeah. I was going to say I feel like there's a lot of resistance for a lot of stuff too. And for whatever reason like my wife Brianna she likes to. She actually likes to go grocery shopping I'm like look you could save probably five hours a month but I'm not doing that. I like to go grocery shopping I'm like yeah OK yeah. 

Christian [00:25:59] Megan said the same thing and I guess we've done the grocery pickup thing a couple times when we don't have time. But she and she's like No I enjoy going grocery shopping with you. 

Ashley [00:26:08] Maybe they can go grocery shopping together. I love be the one that says, I don't enjoy going grocery shopping but my husband does and so he takes on that task at our house though when we don't have time. 

Ashley [00:26:18] We do do grocery pickup so when we are flying home on Tuesday night we were quickly doing our grocery order to pick up the next morning before our plane departed. 

Ashley [00:26:29] So yeah it's a great time saver. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:26:33] Yeah. So hopefully they do not take those away. Hopefully not. All right. So not a difficult question. Well maybe I don't know. In the last five years what's a new belief, behavior or habit that is most improved your life? 

Ashley [00:26:47] Well that's a good one. I would say I have never been really into personal development books. I always try reading on and then I get stuck. I had a girlfriend say hey you need to read this book I was like OK. She has just do it on audio and I was like OK I'll do it. So last July I write my first personal development book what was it. I was a girl. Wash your face. 

Aaron [00:27:10] I knew you were going to say that. I knew you were gonna say that. She just came out with a new book too. Yes. 

Ashley [00:27:15] Girl stop apologizing. Yeah. It's already red. It's done. I I. 

Aaron [00:27:20] I don't even know how I knew I knew you were gonna say that. She's that lady is killing it what's her name Rachel Hollis Yeah she's killing it. 

Ashley [00:27:27] She just speaks to moms. She just spoke in the past when I tried to read a personal development book. I just get stuck. It would get boring to me, I don’t relate to this. But I can relate to her. And so she was so relatable and I just I red that book and I was like Oh wow OK. Is this. Who is this lady. And so then I went and looked her up on social media and became a follower. And then I joined her business coach class coaching class. 

Ashley [00:27:54] And I'm just hooked. I can't wait. I'm going to her conference right here in Dallas in July and I'm just so so excited. And the friend who got me hooked on the book we're going together. And so, but since then I've red other books and started following other people and watching their videos and things on just tips and tricks on how to be more successful and get to that next level. So Brendon Buchard and some of them they have some great books out there. 

Aaron [00:28:20] Oh yeah. I was going to ask who else who else is it besides her. OK that's a you enter them pretty quickly. That's. Wow. That's awesome. So a year later and you're like a believer like this is my lady right here. 

Ashley [00:28:33] Oh her. And I just it just personal development. Yeah absolutely there is that we all need to evolve and there's a whole stock. I literally had 10 books on my desk right now that I don't know why I buy an actual book because then they actually end up ordering an audible because I can listen in my car a lot more than I can which I'm listening to hug your customer, I don’t know if you red that book by Jack Mitchell. Oh it is awesome. It is awesome. It's one of my new favorite. Hug your customer. It's by Jack Mitchell who owns a clothing store out of the northeast of Connecticut called Mitchell's clothing and it is just unbelievable. They talk about how they service their customer and I think that's a law. Start right now is customer service. Yeah yeah. It's just simple things they, he talks about they did in their business. That's helped them grow to where they are today. 

Aaron [00:29:27] Yeah and definitely check that out. 

Christian [00:29:28] So do you enjoy the audible versions more than a physical book or are you still love a physical book. 

Ashley [00:29:35] I mean just like crawl up on the couch and listen. But now it's just so hard to get that time but I am constantly in the car car pulling kids or driving to work that I'm I enjoy listening either to a book or a podcast. Thanks. Yeah. And now that I have time to you I listen to like a book that's like pumping me like how your customer pumps me up on the way to work and then on the way home I'm like any pumped up to see my kids and I put my mind in the mommy brains I listen to my like raising kids podcast till I get me in the right Mom mind mom. Mom brain, Ok Yeah that's all twisted up. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:30:12] Yeah yeah I was gonna say I thought the mom brain meant that you forgot something right and so many people use it as an excuse yeah they normally do but it's still a certain brain like you know how I'm going to talk to my 3 year old it's like a certain segment into my brain I gotta learn it's different in the way you talk to us it's different. 

Aaron / Christian [00:30:27] I'll talk to you guys I don't think you put my hand on your shoulder look you directly in the eyes speak your name very calm teary voice hi Ashley how are you today. It's a very calming voice everybody can kind of tell that to the podcast like you guys can see that too. Very nice. 

Aaron [00:30:47] So what did you what do you wish you knew now that you or what did you wish you knew then. But you know now like you can tell yourself like you could go back in time and you'd tell yourself hey look you needed to do this for the business for your personal life or whatever. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:31:03] You don't have now or you do have now rather than truthfully if you can dream it you can do it. And I guess I've always known that that's what my mom always taught me but I never actually felt like I believed until this past year. And but if you dream that you gotta have a plan to achieve it. And so it's really having being willing to put in the time and the effort to make that plan and then even more so the hustle to accomplish ends. And so that's been the big thing. Like don't be afraid to dream big but then be willing to work hard to achieve it. And so. 

Christian [00:31:41] So you asked us about our vision board. Do you have a vision board or. 

Ashley [00:31:46] I don't have one. Visually I write down every morning my 10 goals for myself where I see myself in 10 years. And what are the 10 things are in get me to that person. So I write down that stuff but I like the visual board for your company in your office. So I was thinking like I need to go do that. 

Aaron [00:32:08] There's very there's something very psychological and therapeutic about writing it down too especially if you do that. That's I feel like the combination between both of us here would be probably the ultimate place to be. You don't have the actual vision board because we do we see it every day but then also writing it you know there's just getting grains it into you. It set your mind up right. 

Ashley [00:32:27] So I do that I have just this morning routine I get up I do my Bible study my meditation time and then I reflect on things I'm grateful for from the day before and then I write out my Where am I going to my 10 things are going to put me at the next spot where I want to be in ten years from now so And then lastly what is the one thing I can do today that's going to help me make that happen. 

Christian [00:32:51] Very cool. So what is. I think this is the last hard question. What do you think it's something that you failed at and what did you learn from? 

Ashley [00:33:02] What am I failed at. 

Ashley [00:33:07] I can tell you what I've learned. It's something I've read currently do is sometimes I'm. Are you familiar with the Anygram yet so I'll put it out there on Anygram three. I like achievement and so I sometimes I want to achieve a little too quickly because I get that gratification I get the high off of achieving something. So sometimes I've realized over the past as I could be a lot more thorough and have done a much greater job. If I hadn't been rushing through it too quickly got to say now then it's as much as it goes against my personality and with that gratification it's holding back and being so much more thorough and doing a better job and not just checking it off my list right. 

Aaron [00:33:49] Yeah there's something again you're like oh yes I wanted to be able to check that I checked it out. 

Ashley [00:33:53] That's super satisfying and satisfying but there's so much more gratitude when you realize well I really put in the time and effort to see this completely through when it's not just checked off. I truly lived it and accomplished it. 

Aaron [00:34:07] Yeah absolutely. All right. So those were kind of the hard questions you got through them. Thank you. You passed she will get a picture afterwards for that award. Thank you. You're very welcome. So easy question or maybe not so easy question. Do you have a show that you just recently finished watching on Netflix is like a binge or what you currently Netflix bingeing. 

Ashley [00:34:32] I'm currently in fixed bingeing parenthood. 

Aaron [00:34:35] Oh I love parenthood. What season are you on? 

Ashley [00:34:38] I'm on season 2 Im on the end of it. But you're my own Season 3. I'm like in the middle of it. 

Ashley [00:34:43] OK. You know if you're on season three because it gets crazy like that No I'm on season two. OK. So they're like about to adopt. Oh yeah. It's about to get us. Have you seen parenthood. I don't think so. Yes on Netflix. 

Aaron [00:34:56] It's very family oriented kind of show. At one of those ones it's kind of like this is us. We're like you may find something in your eye by the end of the episode. They do a good job of you know like real family emotions and real family situations. 

Ashley [00:35:11] They're going back in time like I'm in a time right now though is you know based on where the economy was in 2008 and that you know the recession and job loss and you just. It feels good being on the other side of that now and seeing a thriving economy by it to go back and kind of reflect on that and watch a show and I don’t know, I'm enjoying that a little bit. So.

Aaron [00:35:32] Yeah. Yeah. I really liked parenthood. I was upset that they didn't continue to do anything. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:35:38] There's only five seasons but I've definitely become a Dax Shepard fan since then. Yes. His podcast is awesome. Oh I didn't know he had a podcast. You know Dax Shepard is right. Yeah. He's got some kind of line or something at Target with him and his wife too. 

Ashley / Christian [00:35:53] Yes they do have that too but yes. Great podcast I am. What are they normally talk about? Here the one I'm listening to which is a three hour long podcast. He has a counselor and I can’t think of his name. He's from the. Golf Institute and not golf. 

Ashley [00:36:12] I'm saying this wrong. Anyways the gauze is a gauze like black. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:36:16] No, like a psychologist and this guy that studied marriage and relationships Dr. James Dobson No. 

Aaron [00:36:23] And Andrew Andrews. No I think I know you're talking about it's a husband wife kind of husband wife but husband daughter. Dang what is it. I think I know who you're talking about. Yes. 

Ashley [00:36:35] I mean he's done a lot of research and some great books. Yes. Just think of his name right now it's that mommy brain but he. It's great. 

Ashley [00:36:44] He's like he can predict and based on watching customer couples three different times. If they're going to get a divorce. Yeah. And just that different in what he sees as success in a relationship. And what can be signs of failure and how to work through those. And so yeah. Dax Shepard interviewed him for that. 

Aaron [00:37:02] It's nice to listen to that. I know that I've seen that guy live. Day at the Smart conference there he was like a bunch of bigger names like with Dave Ramsey and stuff. But dang I know that that guy is him his water or his daughter started some kind of foundation. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:37:17] But yes super cool that I can tell you once I look at my list as soon as we stop recording. 

Ashley [00:37:24] I’ll remember when we stop recording. 

Aaron / Ashley [00:37:26] Awesome. All right. So how can our audience find out more about the uberrshop, mompreneur more about you guys so you can go to either hook Web site. 

Ashley [00:37:35] So ubershop dot net or follow us on Facebook just the ubershop store and then check out our Web site for the mompreneur boutique or on Instagram. So, and then if you really find that voice speaks to you join our group on Facebook it's kind of more an intimate group we aren't really trying to sell products to you and that group is just more a conversation of moms. What are you talking about that season in life. What's the name of the group. It's just if you go to the mompreneur boutique on Facebook you'll be able to just to join our group right there. 

Aaron [00:38:08] OK. Very cool. Awesome. All right. Thank you so much Ashley for coming on. Thanks for having me. 

Ashley [00:38:14] This was a bucket list item. 

Ashley [00:38:16] Like my dream is to have a podcast one day but just to be a guest on your list. I think that you would do really good. 

Aaron [00:38:22] Yeah you do a pretty awesome women. Definitely. I mean you would definitely but you could definitely resonate with people. I think it's also a really good. Thanks. All right. So this is your first time listening. Make sure you hit that subscribe button. We have a special guest once a month. But every other week or every three for three out of the four weeks we have a usually tips about social media. So you want to make sure that you subscribe so you do not miss out on the latest trends of what's happening online. And if you've been listening for a while. Please do us a huge favor and leave us an honest rating and review if you leave us a review. We will also give you a shout out on the podcast. You have a website or a cool handle. We'll we'll shout that out as well so make sure you subscribe. Make sure that you leave us a review and just it helps us to understand how to continue to make better podcasts for you. All right. We'll talk to you guys next week. 

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