Retired Teacher Builds Successful eCommerce Brand with Libby Boldra

December 28, 2020

Show Notes

This is such a special episode for us, we were able to interview Libby from Libby’s Boutique, one of our very first clients five years ago.

Over the years Libby’s has transformed and grown into a community staple in her small town, but with the power of social media and online sales she’s been able to impact lives all over the United States.

If you love American Dream success stories and want to be inspired, you’re going to love this episode.

You’re going to learn:

  1. What you should be using to define success in your online business
  2. How to create real relationships with people you’ve never met
  3. And how to grow and scale an online business

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Aaron [00:00:00] Hey ya'll, thanks for jumping into and listening to another episode or watching an episode of the marketing natives, we have Libby from Libby's boutique on today. She has been with us for about five years now, online clothing boutique. She went from a a little spot inside a inside of a spa to a little bit bigger location to a much larger location. So she's moved up. She's selling really well online. And she's just had a ton of success, very humble, but she shares her story and how she's gotten this way. We're going to be talking about a lot of amazing things. I think if you are somebody who is either starting out and selling online or if you are an established brick and mortar who wants to sell online. This is an amazing episode for you or somebody who just loves to hear a good success story from a small town in making it to a successful online business. We're going to be talking about how to grow and scale an online clothing boutique. We're going to be talking about the tools and strategies Libby's uses to create real relationships with people online that they've never met before and how you should define success in your online business. All this and a ton more. Check out the episode. 

Narrator [00:01:06] This is the marketing natives providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business and now your host Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:01:21] Libby, thank you so much for joining us on another episode and those of you were listening to another episode of the marketing natives, super excited to have you here. I think it's been a long time coming. You were actually, I think, our first guest for our tip for tip show. Right. Way back when way back when we were recording, it was a little crazy. But for those who don't know who Libby is or what Libby's boutique is, in your own words, could you tell us a little bit about who you are and the boutique? 

Libby [00:01:49] We're just a full, I would say, a full size boutique, in other words, we carry women's apparel and shoes and handbags, all the good stuff that women like we're located in, kind of like in small town America. Been in business for five years now. Gosh, almost going on. Six retired from teaching and opened a boutique and just been at it ever since. 

Aaron [00:02:14] Wow! And so you said retired from teaching, so how did how did you get started with this? Did you just quit teaching? You're like, Oh, I'm going to go open up a boutique. And that's how it happened. 

Libby [00:02:24] No, actually, not at all. I never even considered I never even thought about it wasn't something that I was on my radar, anything like that. I just one day my sister in law just said, you should open a boutique. And she told me where she thought I should open it. And I just started thinking about it. And the more I thought about it, the more consumed I became with it. And, you know, I went and asked a local girl that I owned a salon. It was a very large salon. So she had room. I just asked her if she'd ever consider me just starting out this little hobby of mine and opening a boutique. And that's just kind of where it started. And I had a very small area in her boutique that quickly grew from that very small, like rectangular space to she moved her chairs clear over to the other side of her salon. And I had half of a salon at that point. So it was just it was it was a it was an easy transition for me because women, you know, they come in to get their hair done and whatever. And so while their hair is processing, then they start looking around. So that kind of help the success of the boutique quickly because of that. 

Christian [00:03:34] Have you seen that done before, like a boutique inside of a salon like that? 

Libby [00:03:40] Maybe not the size of mine, but there's sometimes like maybe like little just areas, pop ups, maybe inside some boutiques. But, you know, other than her owning the store and it really being her salon, I kind of had half of the half of her business taken up with all of my things, so. 

Aaron [00:04:04] I guess at what point did you decide that that was too much or that you guys were like, was there something you were like, OK, we've grown so much like I need to leave this space because I need more of a space. Was there something that you really like? OK, sales are going up or you just felt like you were just outgrowing it. What made you make them? 

Libby [00:04:21] Actually, she decided to move her salon uptown in the same town, which I could have moved with her as well. But I had already been thinking about trying to chase a pretty small town. And I felt I had had some I had a gentleman from independents who had asked me several times to bring my boutique over there, and I thought it might be a good time to think about that. Independence is a bigger town, considerably bigger MERS population goes. And so I went over there and this particular location was very, very good as well. It was inside like Little International Mall where there was a coffee shop. So people were constantly walking by and, you know, just decided to just well, actually, I kept the boutique before she moved. I actually had the boutique in both locations. I had one on Yorkshire and one in Independence, and it began to be online. So it was just a lot. And I kind of had to make a decision to just stay in one location as well as have the website. So that's when I kind of decided just to be permanent and independence what I just want a botique. 

Aaron [00:05:30] Well, and then since obviously we have a little bit of a background, we understand that, but like how were  how long were you in this location? Because now you're even in a bigger location. And hopefully as this video comes out or if you're listening to it on podcasts, go check out the video if you're not watching on video. Hopefully, we'll be able to show some spots of her current space, which is amazing. But what made her how long were you in that current that second location? And then you decided, OK, I need to move to this third location or to the place you're at now? 

Libby [00:06:01] I was there about two years and it was a great place to start in Independence. Like I said, I had instant traffic, but I was actually it was very successful there as well. But it was small and I didn't really have anywhere to keep a whole lot of extra inventory. And I went to a boot camp in Colorado called Destination Boot Camp, and it was just about how to grow your business and things and just kind of got me thinking about the idea of opening something larger. And so I came back home from that boot camp and started looking at buildings and, you know, just happened to get really lucky with the building I'm in right now. They were ready to sell. We were ready to buy. I got a good deal on it. And it's about a little less than three thousand square feet. And, you know, I thought I'd never fill that. That was one of my biggest fears. I'll never be able to fill this boutique, you know, with clothing. And but that hasn't been a problem. And as a matter of fact, right now, we've now taken we have a kind of a back room where we kept our inventory. But that's not even big enough now. So we've now moved all of that inventory to a separate location where all our shipping and most of our inventory is housed there now as well. So anyway. 

Christian [00:07:15] That's incredible. 

Aaron [00:07:16] So I don't want to like the way you say it is so nonchalant in the sense of like, yeah, we started this small location inside of this, you know, the spa basically, and then move to a bigger location. Now we're in a much bigger location and we don't have enough room now. So I just want to recognize it. Like that's a huge thing to be doing, to grow your business, to take it to that to that next level. What would you say is like, you know, if there's a couple of factors or one main factor, like what would you attribute your success? Because I would say that we talk to a lot of businesses who are trying to still figure it out or they're trying to understand, like, how do I make this work? And it seems like it's obviously working for. You're not saying you didn't have any roadblocks or hiccups, but obviously you've been moving in the right direction. What would you say is that, you know, attributing success to that? 

Libby [00:08:04] A couple of things. You know, page when Page decided to, my daughter decided to join me as well. You know, she was late 20s, early 30s now. And, you know, she brought this to the boutique that I didn't have as far as really being, you know, with all the technology and things like that. I mean, I could do it, but it was stressful, as you well know. And anyway but I probably really realistically, I would say the biggest factor is just that we just worked so hard. I mean, and I work hard. I mean, we we come early, you know, we we're still working in the evenings, even if it's from home. I mean, it's just I mean, it's a job that we love because if we didn't, I could never work this hard. But I do think if you're going to try to grow a small business and you have to be able to, you know, just put in a lot of hours and and work hard at it. Like I said, we love it. So it doesn't seem like it's work. So we have to be careful that we don't really overwork that and probably just consistency, you know, making sure that we just did the same things every day, the time we told people we were going to do this. And the communication and aname, I also feel like. She and I do have some fashion sense that wasn't something we had to learn, it just came natural to us. So that part of it is just easy and now it's easy for us to communicate that with our followers. So sometimes you have to learn that part of the job as well. We didn't it was just easy for us. So now probably hard working consistency, but what's done it for us? With a little help from Bitbranding. 

Christian [00:09:47] What do you what do you enjoy most about about your everyday working at the boutique? 

Libby [00:09:53] I mean, I do the are people for people we love, we love to communicate, whether it be on our lives. And I was visiting with a lady today from, you know, we were talking about football and something about my raiders and she was talking about the Cleveland Browns. So, I mean, like, you know, we're just communicating with women all over the United States and we love one of our very clear things to do is when women come in the store to be able to help them. We aren't able to do that as much anymore because we are literally in the back room or on doing something else. But I'd say I'd say probably buying the clothes is a lot of fun. Page and I are constantly looking for new apparel to bring into the boutique. That's that's really fun for us. So, yeah. And like I said of the people. So, yeah. 

Christian [00:10:46] What is the what is that process like? Because I know you guys come down here to Dallas to market. Right. To purchase. Do you guys just kind of go for whatever feels right there's going to sell or is it more of a kind of falling trend looking to other boutique, looking to, you know, what's coming up? 

Libby [00:11:05] It's a little of both. You know, she and I are kind of the same person, which doesn't always help when to go to market because we like the same things and the same colors but, you know, you do look for trends, but you also look for things that, you know, I mean, we know our clientele at this point. We know what they like. We can we go to market. We can look at clothing and immediately say, oh, that looks like someone. So so we know our we know our followers pretty well and we know what they like. So it's not really about what she and I like. I mean, it is the point because you have to be passionate about your clothing to be able to sell them. But so we do look for a lot of trends, but we're mainly really try to take a look at things and say, what will our followers buy this? Is it a good price? Because that's something that we're really conscious about, is that we keep our prices affordable for women. 

Aaron [00:11:58] So, yeah, I was going to say one of the biggest things that I can see from a from an inside point standing out is that your guys return customer rate is like probably one of the highest I've ever seen across, like any type of industry. And I wonder if it's just because also you guys, for those who are listening, don't know, like you guys are on video pretty much every single day without that as a default. And I mean, we can talk about KLEMET sold here in a second are like your guys live video sales. But I think that to your point, like the consistency, that's a huge factor, but which is something to bring up. Like you guys know your customer so well. And then I guess they just know and trust you because that customer retention rate or the fact that they come back is like it's insane. It's really crazy. 

Libby [00:12:47] One thing we really try to do is we're not just about to say we want to make sure that we give them all the information they need to know about what we're trying to sell them. We don't want them to buy something that they're not going to love or that's not going to fit them. So, you know, we try to give them, you know, as many details about what we're trying to sell as possible to fit. So they buy their normal size. Should they size up, you know, those kind of things so that there's there is there is more of a success rate. So and then also it just comes back to having, like, a good relationship with them. I mean, like, we don't just get on and start selling clothes. I mean, we have conversations with them. And I mean, we these women we've never even known before. We feel like we know them because we like we talk to them all the time. You know it just through through the live and asking questions. But, you know, I do think the return rate is more that they love what they get because we've you know, we've done a pretty good job of telling them what size they need. So they're not having to return it. And, you know, that's that's really the bottom line. I think if if you if they had something in the mail or even here at the boutique, they buy something and they love it. When they get it, they're going to be a return customer. So that's awesome. You know, it's just like we really try to be honest. 

Aaron [00:13:59] How do you guys build so like you had a storefront, obviously, and people come in and so you could build a relationship. So it's like you. And then I know like you have some other people involved even before Paige and then now Paige, like you said. But you guys are so busy now. How do you guys. But I would say a good chunk of business is also done online. How do you guys build relationships with people that you've never met before, like not only through the video, but is there anything else that you guys are doing to build that relationship? And other than the fact that they just like the clothing or what's involved? 

Libby [00:14:31] I mean, I do you know, we have a lot of you know, any time somebody stops with us for the very first time, I personally write him a note. You know, it's not just, you know, it's a personal note. I talk to them about what they got and, you know, maybe where they live and, you know, just try to build that first initial, you know, and let them know we send them emails after they bought. Thanking them again for it and so are our national days on Facebook, those are always really fun. You know, you create a lot of engagement with people who don't necessarily live around here. They love some of those signs. We cannot wait every morning that our phone starts blowing up after those national days go on and women answering those questions and stuff like that. But, you know, I would say, you know, is always answering customer service questions. I mean, even when she shouldn't be, I said, you know, it's Sunday afternoon that I'll wait till Monday, you know, but she's very good about answering when people when people ask and questions or whatever and they ask them every day at all times of the day, the night. So, you know, I mean, sometimes, you know, sometimes you shouldn't be working when we are. But at the same time, you know, somebody wants to know something. And about the product, we're probably going to stop what we're doing and answer it. 

Christian [00:15:56] So, yeah, I want to know about the National Day and for you who are listening right now, think you guys do a really good job with what you post on social media. So tell us a little bit about the National Day post. 

Libby [00:16:11] You know, we've been doing those national days for oh, my gosh, I know a very long time, well over a year. And every day, you know, we just get them from the national calendar. We don't create them ourselves. But every day is a national day. I think today, as of today, is National Farmers Day, I think. And, you know, we just talk about supporting your local farmer and then we always ask something to get engagement from them. Today, it was like, who's your who's your favorite farmer that you want to recognize today? And then we always give a five dollar gift card. We somebody at random every day. We do that on and on our story on Instagram now, and we also do it on Facebook. So every day we're giving away ten dollars just to women who comment on them. And but we get some really good we get some really good responses from some of them. And some of the national days are just a hoot that anyway. So it does. We're not just always selling on Facebook. Actually, we do a lot of things on Facebook that have nothing to do with selling. And just I think that's important for your customers to know that, you know, we want to know who they are. We want them to know who we are. And we're not just here to sell, sell, sell, sell that that we're interested in fun things as well. 

Aaron [00:17:21] Yeah, I think one thing you guys do well and we've talked about just from the beginning is like you have been very like I guess for a business owner, you have to decide, like, how comfortable you are sharing what you believe in and also what you know, what you want to share about your family. Well, you got your page as part of your family. She's part of the boutique just because you're a front facing. But you guys also share with like I remember when you were adopting your son, like you guys went through the whole process and you would look at it is like a boutique. It's like this has nothing to do with clothing. But you guys were updating people on the on the the progress with the adoption and what all went through it and everything like that. So like was there ever even a second guess where you're like, oh, this has nothing to do with the boutique, but more so like I'm going to post this because this is how I know I feel like this is how I should share who I am and what is boutique is about. 

Libby [00:18:10] Yeah, that's what that's what I was just kind of alluding to, is that it's not just about selling and not to be real with you. They love that. They love the store. They loved following when they were golfing and even on our lives that we do every day at lunch time, always. Malik is a hoot. Let me tell you, there's always something to share about that. Like that's funny. And so they enjoy that as well. And so and we we struck up a conversation or relationships with other people who have adopted. So you have that that one on one with them as well. And they share their experiences. We're doing our lives. They'll tell something about adopting or or whatever. And we we do we do a mission every day and we give back to somebody, some organization, something. And we just we just want to make sure that, you know, we're not just here. Like I said, we're not just here for the money. We're going to see the sale. We're here to, you know, really blast other people, because obviously we have been so incredibly blessed my whole life and now for sure what the success of the business. So I just feel like we're blessed. We've been blessed to be a blessing to somebody else. We do that every day at lunch time as well. 

Aaron [00:19:25] Lunch with Lib, explain this so I know and it may have changed to just because of this whole pandemic thing, but previously I actually let you explain what is lunch with Leyb and kind of explain that for people who don't know. 

Libby [00:19:41] Well, OK, so that's what started out every day at lunch time. We came on and did something. Sometimes we had a guest on or whatever and talk about something was going on in the community or just lots of just a plethora of different things and lots of live now has kind of evolved into there are alive that we do every day at lunch time with women on on their lunch. And so we kind of change a little bit now. It's like live with live at lunch time. And and that's and I mean, women will tell you right on there that they cannot wait to hop on at lunch time to see what it is that we're, you know, what we're having on there today as far as Aperol or whatever. So we've been doing lunch with live for a good two years. I think now it's been since we were C I think I started that over at the other shop. So a good a good two years now we've been doing lunch with them and it's just been we're pretty consistent. We're on every day at lunch time. And so, you know, that's when you have a good following. If you're there every day, when you tell them you're going to be there, then women join you. So. 

Christian [00:20:51] Do struggle with doing videos or more specifically, live videos. 

Libby [00:20:56] Well, not anymore. Now, I don't even want to because the I don't even I don't even think about what I'm going to say on a video before I do it. I mean, I've just done so many I'm at this point and I'm never really too much of one to not be able to speak on camera. But it's just it's just easy for me. I mean, I know it's not for everybody. I understand that. But for us, it's easy. We don't we don't rehearse what we're going to say. We just we're live. And whatever it is is what it is. So it's good. 

Aaron [00:21:28] I was going to say I well, I remember, like, early days, we're like, we've got to do this whole video thing. Like, I mean, yeah, it was just kind of rough. But now you've probably I mean, who knows how many Facebook would probably tell us, but I mean, you've probably done thousands of videos at this point, like literally thousands. So it is I think you alluded to it earlier. It's part of that consistency and that's kind of the consistency with the videos and everything else. 

Libby [00:21:56] Actually, before we started this a little bit ago, right before we came on had said, do you know what they're going to ask you? And I'm like, oh, no, I didn't even think about that. So even with this situation, I'm like, OK, I guess I hope I can answer the questions because I don't know what they are. And it's I'm so. Yeah, we've done a video or two. 

Aaron [00:22:16] Yeah. So people who are starting out, like you just said, video is easy, easier. It came easier. And obviously you guys have had a lot of success with the boutique. What what advice would you give to other new boutique owners or like even online store owners. Like what advice would you give to them to help them if they're just starting out or maybe in a rut right now? 

Libby [00:22:40] Well, if you're just starting out, you know, one thing I will say, and I think it's probably maybe attributes to maybe not the success of something, is that if you're not willing to put in the hours, you know, and even learn from other people, you know, we learn from you guys, we learn from other boutiques, we watch other boutiques. And we're always, always eager to learn something else. We just listen to see just listen to something. Today the hub had to offer. I mean, it's just continually trying to stay up with, you know, what is working right now for other people. And we don't have all the answers, but we just have to you have to be able to you have to be able to have the work ethic to do it. If you don't, then probably you're probably not going to succeed. I mean, know, that's probably a cliche. I mean, for anything in life. But, you know, the world's not for the faint of heart. It's it's it's a lot of work. And I think you also have to kind of love it, you know, to be able to have to work that hard at it because there's just so many facets involved in it. You know, it just likes to be consistent. So I think what's made us successful would make anybody successful. If you're willing to put in the hours and and be consistent with what you do and, you know, just continue to learn from other people about what's going to work. 

Christian [00:24:00] The the the pandemic, the coronavirus that that would do anything to your business, I know you're very established online on social media and you have a great following and I know you're also in a smaller town. So I think smaller towns didn't really get a lot of I mean, I don't know, lockdown's I think there were shorter, et cetera, that the coronavirus of the pandemic affect your business at all. 

Libby [00:24:26] I don't I mean, I don't know how fortunately, unfortunately, however you want to look at it, I mean, the pandemic for us. Was really when our business online. Well, that's when we decided to do comment sold because we like you know, there's a situation again, you know, you can either phone or you can say, OK, what what are you happy? Where are we going to do right now to try to, you know, just get over the hump on this and not let this just all the work I put into this for four and a half years and I'm just going to close my doors. And I wasn't willing to do that. And we kind of want to look into commensal for a long time anyway. But I just never had I say she really never had the time to look into the technology of it and what was involved and all of that. And so here we were closed down. I think you're close for like three weeks, our actual brick and mortar. And so we had a little bit of time at home to research it and talk to the people that, you know, have comments old and and so literally, we just jumped in, you know, I mean, we just jumped in and we did a live like a week after we had comments. So, I mean, it was crazy. I was a little nervous because I had no clue what we were doing. I don't know what the numbers meant. I didn't know anything. She said, you just get the fashion together. I'll take care of the rest of it. And that's that's kind of the way it's been from here on out. I just I take care of all the fashion part of it, and she just does all the technology. And another, she doesn't do the fashion because she certainly does as well. But, you know, we just I mean, our lives just I don't know, that's just they just took off and, you know, and we gained a lot of followers. And and you don't just lose those followers just because, you know, everything begins to open up again. I mean, you pretty much retain them. And so, yeah, I mean, the pandemic for us, because there was just a lot of women that were you know, I thought maybe I thought maybe nobody want to shop online. They were worried about their jobs or worried about money or whatever. And for us, it was literally the opposite. I mean, I just I just was blown away at how well our lives just took off our live videos. I mean, we had already done like videos, but Page was invoiced and people and when the video was done, it was a lot of work for her so we could comment. So it was a game changer for us. 

Aaron [00:26:45] Yeah, I was going to say it just to talk a little bit about comments sold, obviously people can go look up what it is. It's like live videos and having people literally comment and, you know, they can purchase through and hopefully get to select Shopify to make it work. But what would you say? There's obviously some pros there. Are there any cons to comments sold that you have found if somebody is in the market for jumping on a platform like this, what would you say the biggest hurdle to doing something like Carment sold would be? 

Libby [00:27:14] You think you think of any herbal supplements they have somewhere else? I mean, like she said, like she does all the time. And it's so I mean, there's a lot of ins and outs. I mean, you have to know the program well, you know, but I think for us, it's just been I mean, they do take a percentage, obviously, of your sales. But for us, it's the money the sales far exceed. It's worth it. That's right. And what's what else has been in the app? The app the app has just been you know, we got our act. We did well enough on content sold to start with that. They gave us a free app. And anyway, so when we thought that was pretty cool, but we had no idea that. I mean, we have so many women that shop on the app. So that was really that was really a game changer for us as well. You had brought this up before, you know, being like so you guys do our ads for us and retargeting and all of that. And, you know, now that a lot of people go to the app for comments sold, some of those, it's hard to like, whatever that word is that you guys use, you know, bring them back to the website because maybe they were never on it to start with because they just went to the app, so. You know, how how is that how is that all going to play out as far as being able to still make sure because we love our Web site, the beautiful, you know, and it's a nice Web site. And, you know, we take really good pictures and it's nice to look at our Web site. That's nice to look at, you know, and so we don't want to lose that as well, even though we have a lot of them that go to the app. So how do you guys, as a marketing company, you know, how do you work through that? So that I mean, is there any way to connect with those on the app or, you know, I don't know, I put you on the spot that I've been thinking about that, too. 

Aaron [00:29:18] So. Yeah, no question. Yeah, absolutely. So the good thing is that the traffic for the site hasn't slowed down anything. If anything, it's only sped up. So it's I think it's kind of like an omnipresent approach, meaning you want to be both places. The biggest thing, like I said, is the right now the returning customers are a huge percentage. So one way to get those people who purchase on the app and still run ads to them and send them to the website is a couple of things. Either A, we download that list periodically and upload that to Facebook and remarket to those people that way, because everybody who purchases or goes to the app will be able to get email address to that way. The second thing is that once they start getting on your email list, they never really go off unless they unsubscribe. So we'll continue to send email correspondence to those people as well, because I don't want them wherever they're going to shop. Like if somebody wants to shop on Facebook, like Facebook's coming out with something where you'll be able to do something like a comment sold on Facebook directly. So if they want to do something on Facebook or if they want to purchase on Facebook, they want to purchase on the app. We don't ever want to exclude them. But you do want to make sure that eventually we either collect their email address, which is most valuable, or send them to the website. So I think it's a it's a combination of everything of use it collecting their email address and then uploading it to Facebook and remarketing to people that way so we can still run ads to them for much cheaper cost. And then also just getting an email address and nurturing them that way is because just because somebody purchased from the app doesn't mean that later they may not purchase from the website. 

Christian [00:30:50] You know, and I guess the the app is automatically pulling the products from the website. Yes, right. OK. Hmm, I wonder if there's also maybe the opportunity to do some exclusives, right, that are just like maybe on the website only or maybe on the app only way we do that, we do sometimes exclusively something on the website or exclusively on the app. 

Libby [00:31:15] Yes. 

Christian [00:31:16] Yeah. So I think that would be another way to kind of maybe steer people into, hey, we have a website, you know, introduce them to to that as well, especially if they've just been on the app and maybe have no idea that, you know, you actually have a website with maybe more products over. 

Libby [00:31:30] Right. I do think that's the case because sometimes they will ask us a question like like like if they might get an account credit or something like that or they might win something on the app, then, you know, or or they want something on the website, you know, I mean, they all say this code isn't working. Well, that's because they're the code was made for the website and they're on the app or vice versa. So sometimes I do think that, you know, maybe that they know about the website or they don't know about the app or vice versa. 

Aaron [00:32:02] So, yeah, that's pretty new. So it may be that they just don't know about it yet. But I know that a good thing is that, like, they're coming into your world one way or like multiple ways. But like you say, for example, if they know if they know about the app and they've already been there, it's because they either watched you on Facebook or they've been to your website where they found out about you some way. And if they're on Facebook, if they've watched any of your videos or visited your profile, like we're still running ads to those people anyway, so we'll never lose them that way. It's just the only part of that we would need to like I guess, seal the the difference or figure out the difference is collecting the email addresses from the people who purchase exclusively exclusively from the app. And it may be just talking out loud. It may be the you start running separate emails to people on the app and then also get them to buy on the website because we call it in the marketing where like more sticky. So like if they purchase from the app and purchase from the website and watch your videos and check out your Instagram, like now you seem to be everywhere to them and now it's like you're a huge part of the world. So I don't think I don't think it's necessarily a hearse and the only the only area that I know personally that we'll need to talk about, which I didn't think we were going to talk about until know six months from now, which is Eskow, which is search engine optimization, which is like Google traffic. So now that you have enough business online through paid traffic and local and then just word of mouth, now it's like if people are searching for a boutique, like a clothing boutique now, Libby should start playing in a different game where Libby's boutique pops up for people. Even if they're not in the area, they may just be looking for a clothing boutique and you may start to pop up for clothing items that way. So that's another area to be thinking about as well. 

Aaron [00:33:51] What's your current Netflix binge or online platform like Amazon or Disney plus or anything like that? 

Libby [00:33:58] Well, to be honest with you, I don't I don't hardly ever I don't watch much anymore. I'm always doing something with it. And it's sad. I mean, but I like it. So it's not like I feel like I'm missing out. I tried to watch Yellowstone, but it was it was it was too graphic for me so I can do that. And so every now and then I might sit down and watch an NFL football game like yesterday. But other than that, I don't watch much TV at all. I do like to read nonfiction. I like to read books that are inspirational, whether it be like like, oh goodness, Meyer or something like that. I do I do like to do to read like that, but if I have spare time, I have a child now so I don't have another child. I should say I don't have a whole lot of time to be to be watching anything so. Never been a big TV watcher anyway, I can see that by the time I could be doing something productive. Right. 

Aaron [00:35:05] Type in your writing. 

Christian [00:35:07] All right, next question. What purchases of a hundred dollars or less has most positively impacted your life, let's say, in the last six months or a recent memory? 

Libby [00:35:18] Nine hundred dollars are Lance. 

Libby [00:35:22] Oh. Goodness. 

Libby [00:35:28] Not usually at a loss for words. I don't think I don't think I can come up with that right at the moment. 

Aaron [00:35:38] We can we can skip that question and I won't give a smart aleck remark. So we'll just move on. 

Libby [00:35:43] OK. 

Aaron [00:35:45] For those who don't know if Libby was a teacher of mine, so there's a different type of relationship where the people are like, wow, why would he say that? 

Aaron [00:35:55] That's just our. Go. 

Aaron [00:35:59] Yeah, I mean, she's talking about a football game, she was being very nice because I'm a huge Chiefs fan, she's a Raiders fan and she wants to rub it in my face very badly. So that was very respectful of her to just move on. Took advantage of a situation. 

Aaron [00:36:13] Yes. 

Aaron [00:36:15] So I guess going back to that book, I do want to go to the book said if we're not talking about Netflix, I am curious, what if for a nonfiction book and you could only read one of them will say, quote unquote, binge this one over and over again, what would it be? What book would you grab? 

Libby [00:36:32] Oh, goodness. I read a lot of Charles Stanley, which I mean, he's an older minister, but so full of wisdom I could probably like Battlefield of Mind by Joyce Meyer is just a really good one that I've read a couple of times because everybody has problems with the mind and and or where it goes and things like that. But she's probably my favorite as far as author goes. If I were going to binge read, it would probably be a lot of her, a lot of her books. 

Christian [00:37:04] So what about this one? What do you wish you had known when you started this whole endeavor? 

Libby [00:37:12] Oh. Kaige. I think that if. Sometimes. 

Libby [00:37:28] Sometimes you have to really be careful that I alluded to this, that I balance my actually our Mr. Church with something, that I balance your work and my life, and I have a real hard time with that. And so I wasn't kind of prepared for that, like when I taught school. I mean, I loved what I did. But when I went home, I was done for the most part. I mean, maybe if you ask me first grade or whatever, but I didn't take anything home with me. And in the last five years, I've really never been able to to so. Even though I tell myself I'm not going to I'm not going to sit down like yesterday, I, I put that in my Facebook thing that I wasn't going to watch the regular season game yesterday, which I mean, I love that I had work to do at work, you know, and so I was going to come here. And that's when Carl said they has they arrested on what's a football game. And I did. And I was so glad. So, you know, probably going into this, I had no idea what I was up against. But I'm also a very competitive person, so I'm going to have a business. And I wanted to be successful. So I have to I have to work at it to to get it to that. And like I said, there's always something to do in the retail world. Always you just have to tell myself just no more. So probably going into it, you know, I wish maybe I would have realized how much work I was going to be. Like, I retired to work harder than I've ever worked in my life. Right. I had no clue when I started that that was was going to be the case. So. 

Aaron [00:39:05] So last question here. As we kind of wrap up, you mentioned this and I'm truly interested and I think a lot of people could get a lot from this is what do you what do you define success as? 

Libby [00:39:18] Oh, well, I will say that even though I love what I do here, I mean, it does not define who I am as far as I'm a successful person. I mean, for me, I'm a successful person because that's who God says I am. I mean, like, I'm worthy and and, you know, I am enough so my success doesn't come from or I guess I should say maybe my self esteem, those kind of things, they don't they don't come from the boutique at all. I do love what I do here, but very confident in who I am. And it has nothing to do with fashion or anything like that. I just you know, I've had a very blessed life and I'm very thankful for it. And so for me, success is just more of, you know, trying to live out the trying to live out the plan that God has had for my life. And that's what I mean. 

Libby [00:40:13] That's what I think everybody should think of as far as success goes and not necessarily how much money you're making or how successful your job is. 

Aaron [00:40:20] The perfect answer. I knew you'd have the perfect answer for that. 

Aaron [00:40:26] I don't think that yeah, I don't think it matters. Yeah, you don't have a direct answer for that, but I think that encompasses and should encompass what success is for everybody. So I think that's a good grounding for that. So thank you. So for those who are listening and they want to start shopping at Libby's boutique, they want to know more about comments sold. 

Aaron [00:40:46] They want to know more about who you guys are, what's the best way for them to find you, connect with you, consume your guys is content. 

Libby [00:40:55] I mean, of course, they can you can always send us an email shop@libbysbotique.net, that's the best way to get hold of us. They can shop on our website libbysbotique.net. They can shop on our app. They can go wherever you download your apps, your app store, find the best boutique or you can shop with us there. You can send us a message on Facebook. We always answer those as well. So there's a lot of different ways to connect with this. We're probably going to connect with you that day. If you say something to us, we're pretty good about returning our emails and and things that people ask us. 

Aaron [00:41:27] Awesome. All right, thank you guys so much for listening to another episode. Thank you, Libby, for coming on here. It's been, like we said, long past. Do so. Truly appreciate that. 

Libby [00:41:38] I just I just tell anybody that's watching this. Do you know that they're thinking about a marketing company, you know, or whatever that I would you guys come highly recommended? You guys have done a great job for us. And, you know, a lot of the success that we had isn't just just just what we've done, but a lot of what you guys have done for us as well. So we truly appreciate it. And I think everybody out there and that's listening to to hear that as well. 

Aaron [00:42:00] Well, thank you. And I just want to point out that we did not tell her to say that. 

Aaron [00:42:03] We're paying her to say. 

Libby [00:42:04] That everyone is going to say that. I would not like to. 

Aaron [00:42:11] All right. Thank you guys so much for listening to another episode of the marketing natives. Hope you guys go out and you find out more about Libby's boutique and what they're doing in the community and across the country and maybe even eventually around the world and the impact of their making. If you're listening for the first time, please make sure that you hit the subscribe button so you miss out on any of our new episodes. We put out content every single Monday for you. And if you're watching on YouTube, make sure you also hit subscribe for those who have been listening for a while. Make sure that you go out there and leave us an honest rating and review over on Apple podcast. The ratings help us to reach more people, but more importantly, find how we can make the podcast better. And if you love guests like Libby, please shoot us a message over on Instagram and say, Hey, Love Libby's boutique would love to connect with them or I want you guys to interview more people like Libby that will help us to create content that you'll enjoy more. So I hope you guys love this one and check out the episode for next week. We'll talk to you soon. 

Narrator [00:43:09] The marketing native's podcast is a production of BitBranding. 

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