Pilot: An Introduction to Our Show!

June 19, 2017

Show Notes

It's here! Our first episode of The Marketing Natives podcast! Since this is our first episode together we tell a little bit more about ourselves, where we came from and what you can expect from this episode.

Future shows will be structured similar with the same 15 minute or less format where we provide actionable ways to grow, improve, and succeed in your small business.


Christian: [00:00:15] Helloand welcome to our first or should I say our pilot episode of The MarketingNatives. My name is Christian.


Aaron: [00:00:24] Myname is Aaron.


Franklin: [00:00:25] Andmy name is Franklin.


Christian: [00:00:27] Andwe are super excited about this podcast. We are finally getting it launched andout there to the world so y'all can hear what we're going to talk about. Youknow what we have to say.


Franklin: [00:00:41] Right.Right right.


Christian: [00:00:43] SoI guess we can start with a little intro on who we are. Who is BitBranding, whois the company who's bringing you The Marketing Natives, Aaron.


Aaron: [00:00:52] Right.So BitBranding is a creative and digital marketing agency in Allen Texas and wefocus on three main areas in our business so we're focused on a website designand landing page design, graphic design, social media advertising. And thenFranklin handles most of the videography and photography for us. So those arethree main section for businesses and we focus predominantly helping those smalland local businesses.


Christian: [00:01:20] Yeah,do you have anything else to add Franklin?


Franklin: [00:01:23] Wellhe kind of hit what I was going to say I was actually going to say that we alsodo some heavy lifting in the video and photo areas. Whether that be for yourWebsite whether it be for your social media or whether it be for your actualmarketing campaigns. Period. So yes we are pretty well rounded, Sir. I like tosay that.


Christian: [00:01:48] Nowif you are interested in, I don't know, maybe checking us out somewhere,anywhere. You can check us out at BitBranding.co. It's our website. And alsoI'm pretty sure every social media is the same thing.


Aaron: [00:02:00] Yesevery social media is forward slash bitbranding.


Christian: [00:02:04] Wellthat would be a website but it will be @bitbranding.


Aaron: [00:02:08] Right!Yeah yeah. Right right


Christian: [00:02:10] Itis not.


Aaron: [00:02:11] WellFacebook.com/bitbranding.


Christian: [00:02:13] Andyeah that would be if you're on a computer for everyone else out there withtheir mobile phones. @BitBranding.


Aaron: [00:02:20] Butdon't do it while you're driving.


Christian: [00:02:22] Absolutelynot.


Christian: [00:02:24] Allright so the name of the podcast, you already know, is called The MarketingNatives and a little bit of history or background on this particular show.We've actually been doing something very similar with a different show calledBrain10. We used the hash tag Brain10 a lot and that was at the very verybeginning of BitBranding when Aaron and I we're actually working remotely. Iwas in Oklahoma and Aaron was in Texas and we decided to start this show justto you know get our names out there and start creating some content. And Ithink I mean we have... we have a little accident over here with coffee. Thetable. The table is full of coffee right now always having all of our businesscards to business cards.


Franklin: [00:03:12] I'mpretty sure you are already scanned these and you followed up with these peopleso I'll be back.


Christian: [00:03:20] It'sall good. It's just a little bit of coffee on the table. We just. Franklin isjust what is called a christening.


Aaron: [00:03:27] Yeah.He's breaking in the podcast.


Christian: [00:03:29] Yeahbreaking in the podcast with a little bit of coffee. That's definitelyFranklin's thing. But as I was saying how many episodes do we have.. Did wehave on Brain10?


Aaron: [00:03:38] Ithink after it was all said and done we got to like one seventy six... 180. Itwas close to 200 episodes total.


Christian: [00:03:45] Yeah.Which is I mean it's kind of crazy to think about look back you know when westarted but we started that show Brain 10 on a platform that it doesn't evenexist right now called Blab and Blab allowed us to do it live and show ourvideo our faces live.


[00:04:03] People wouldbe able to join in. It was sort of a chat room style where people could writetheir stuff or even join us with their cameras and audio so they could askquestions.


Franklin: [00:04:16] Youknow what I want to I want to chime in real quick because I've been like quiteover coffee and you say that like whenever I came on in I went into that folderto see how many videos ya'll had already done and episodes that ya'll hadalready talked about... I was extremely impressed simply because you wereconsistent enough to actually do the episode right out the notes. And I didjoin blab for a minute and I looked back a couple of episodes that were stillthere and I saw that I actually had a lot of people come in and join in andtalk to you guys about the titles and the subject they're talking about. Thatwas what really kind of blew me away with the subject matter and why Brain10would do it. One was like one of the highlights of the week.


Christian: [00:05:04] Yeahabsolutely. And technically you can still see all these episodes they're on ourYouTube page. And again you can just go to YouTube.com/bitbranding or just do aquick search on YouTube and you'll find a lot of those old episodes.


Aaron: [00:05:19] Right.One last thing I was going to say about Brain10 is it. Pretty much set thefoundation for our company because we gained all this knowledge very veryquickly and become local experts if not more regional experts on those topicsbecause we had to go Christian each had to do our own show notes find out aboutthese topics and then present them to other people. So if we're like how do wedo Twitter advertising or how do we create our first ad campaign. We had to go figureout how to do that stuff and then teach it to people within a day or two. So itreally set the platform for our for our knowledge so we can talk to peopleprofessionally today.


Christian: [00:05:57] YeahI think everything that we do as far as our shows or anything that we do onsocial media it almost always has an ulterior motive behind it. You know welook at Brain10 And yeah we did that because we wanted to provide theinformation and at the same time we wanted to gain some knowledge. You look atTip For Tip and show we do on Facebook and we also also put it on YouTube. Wedid that because, you know, we're answering our clients or small businessowners were answering their questions at the same time they're getting exposureat the same time we're making connections with all these local people aroundhere. People are getting to know us because we are the ones who are alwayshelping everyone with their marketing stuff. So everything that we do on socialmedia always has more than just one meaning we don't do things just to do them.I always make sure that you know there's multiple things that we're benefitingfrom these things and that and anyways going back to Brain10 and Blab. Blabclosed down because it wasn't making any money. So we basically moved it toYouTube and we we've been doing it on YouTube for for a while. And we did theGoogle Hangouts.


Franklin: [00:07:14] Youknow we did a little bit I it about a month or two. Right. And that was thatwas a cool into it was a cool. Interesting. I guess when you say like Iwouldn't call it an experiment but the experience of actually doing it becausethere was a time where all three of us were in three different states. Right.You were a Christian it was in New York and was here in Texas. And I was inLouisiana and we all got up you know I think it was like 8 a.m. and we did theshow that way which we all still got. It was actually even better because therewas no way that we could actually share our show notes with each other and tosee what was going to be on that episode to actually have like a reaction toit. But that was that was pretty cool too. It was really it was one of thoseways where you get actually authentically and synergistically like learnsomething specifically from somebody else's research.


Christian: [00:08:08] Yeah.Like I said yeah Brain10 to us you know it was a blessing more than any of thembecause we learned so much from that and it brought us to to create thispodcast really to venture out to do something new.


Christian: [00:08:22] Doyou have anything else to say about our deceased show, Brain10.


Franklin: [00:08:26] No,I guess you say rest in peace. Yeah.


Aaron: [00:08:31] Imean it's gone. It's still it's just kind of like a new reincarnated into thispodcast so it's still alive. It's going to be a better version of it with hispodcast so there's going to be great you guys who were listening in a car rightnow are out for a run or whatever you guys are doing passively to engage andget some knowledge from us.


Christian: [00:08:52] YeahI guess the other thing I have to say is Brain10 we started doing almost verygeneral knowledge regarding social media, website design and graphic design,marketing, advertising and what we wanted to shift with this podcast is thefact that we want to... number one not cram but you know get all of ourinformation out. It's going to be 15 minutes or less all of our episodes.Number two we want to make sure that we're still hitting on those social media,advertising, marketing topics but we want to maybe do a little bit morespecific regarding industry. So before we would say something like, oh, 8things that you know a small business owner needs to be doing on Instagraminstead of doing that for this podcast we are going to be doing maybe eightthings at a pizza shop owner needs to do it on Instagram. Right. So we're goingto be a little bit more specific and narrow down on different industries anddifferent businesses. All around this area.


Aaron: [00:10:02] Yeah.Not just local because we want to focus on that part.


Christian: [00:10:05] Aaronwas using the word local. But I guess it's not necessarily just for smallbusinesses or small businesses or small businesses than you know hugecorporations.


Aaron: [00:10:17] Wemay do a fishery like I keep using the fishermen example but it could be somefishermen how to use Facebook. Ads for fisherman up in Maine for example itdoesn't have to be but it's just that industry so.


Franklin: [00:10:30] Ora small donut shop in your area it can be anybody that owns a business thatdoesn't have a large amount of employees and under a certain amount of income.


Christian: [00:10:42] Right.OK. Yeah definitely small business owners that's that's definitely who thispodcast is directed to.


Christian: [00:10:51] Whatelse do we have here. I think that's I mean do we have anything else regardingthe podcast.


Franklin: [00:10:55] NoI just have a question. Like I'm going to throw this in. They don't know thatI'm actually going to ask this like what is the one thing you are lookingforward to as far as the podcast has goes though individually you can't answerat the same time.


Christian: [00:11:07] Wellall of that.


Christian: [00:11:12] Goahead.


Aaron: [00:11:13] No.Go ahead seriously.


Christian: [00:11:15] SoI think what I'm looking forward to is that it's still something new like itfeels it feels similar or familiar. I guess the topic is the things that we'regoing to be talking about but at the same time is almost a brand new worldbecause we're we're getting industry specific. So I feel like our the researchthat we used to do now we have to you know yeah we'll find the answers. Butthen we have to apply it to a certain industry. Right. And that's where it getsinteresting. I think like you know a lot of people know there's a generalknowledge but when it comes to these different industries I feel like we'regoing to have to put a little bit more brainpower to give people something alittle bit more unique than than what they're finding out there.


Franklin: [00:12:06] Right.OK. Ok.


Aaron: [00:12:08] Yes.I agree with everything Christian had to say. But I also say that I'minterested to reach a different group of people. A lot of the people we'retalking to already are have found out about us from Facebook or advertising forvideos. And I think it's to be really cool to find out more about the podcastcommunity and also really like the fact that you know we're going to be able totalk on microphone's and mix the mp3s like that's just a whole new experienceand we're still creating content which I think that's the biggest thing that Ienjoy most about this is that we haven't been passive on creating content andthis is going to basically make us create more content.


Aaron: [00:12:50] Andthat's always been successful for us in the past.


Franklin: [00:12:53] Niceand serious like they were. It was almost like I knew it was going to ask aquestion but I promise you guys they did not. Yes.


Aaron: [00:13:06] Ithink that's it. Our first episode we don't even know the topic yet. So ifyou're watching this it's already going to be out anyway but I know I'm goingto have some fun research in this next topic so yeah.


Christian: [00:13:20] SoI guess is it for our pilot episode. Hopefully you gain some knowledge on whywe are starting this podcast a little bit of history on where this podcast camefrom. Hopefully you are as excited as we are to start this podcast andhopefully you listen to us every week.


Aaron: [00:13:40] Welltwo things that I've learned from listening to podcasts. I know we got to dothe timing here is one if you want or listen this far into it please subscribeand then that way you make sure that you check out every episode and then leaveus an honest review so we can get better at what we're doing. So those twothings really help us and we would really appreciate that. So just subscribeand leave an honest review.


Christian: [00:14:04] Cool.All right well signing off. Christian.


Aaron: [00:14:08] Allright. I'm out of here Aaron.


Franklin:[00:14:10] AndI'm Franklin and before you go like leave me with your favorite like car whereyou listen to it. All right.

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