One Strategy Pet Sitters Can Use On Facebook To Generate Leads Automatically

May 27, 2019

Show Notes

The rage right now is messenger, but ironically we have been talking about messenger since 2016 and then if you remember in 2018 messenger blew up and now it is kind of a lull again.

We’re here to explain why messenger is important and why you should care.

Right now Facebook and Instagram are pushing messenger, which means your overall cost is going to be lower to reach people, but it also has over 1B people on it AND they own WhatsApp.

Think about it this way, a one-on-one messenger conversation with your ideal customer for a very small cost.

The Strategy:

For this pet sitter, we were targeting her location plus 10 miles and focused on those who had pet interests. This could be anything from petco, chewy, SPCA, etc. We wanted to target pet owners, give them an amazing deal, and then send traffic to messenger. A common mistake on Facebook is to run a messenger ad, but you want to run a traffic campaign to messenger. Our average cost per click is way below $1. We have automation set up through ManyChat that only notifies our client when there is an unique question or the pet owner is ready to make a buying decision.


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Aaron [00:00:00] Hey guys we have a quick episode for you today. It is all about one strategy that you can be using a lot of people aren't using to generate a lower cost per lead for your business.

Christian [00:00:28] All right so let's get this started. Basically the all the rage right now is messenger right. It's the messenger bots automatically doing things with within your messenger. But actually Aaron was doing a little bit of digging and we've been talking about messengers since 2015 2016 where we had this show where we would brainstorm ideas just every. We brainstorm ideas on 10 Things and anyways here in a few weeks we're going to talk a little bit more about that particular show. But yeah we're just digging around some of our Google Docs and we're talking about messenger and doesn't a teen actually a messenger sort of blew up a messenger bots and chat in all this stuff. So now doesn't 19 and in the future this only going to keep growing and growing. And Facebook keeps pushing it too. So there's just a little tidbit here that anything that any social media network is pushing you should be doing automatically. No matter what it is. I mean if Instagram right now is pushing for TV and they are because they're pushing it on their own people's timelines then you should be doing that. So same goes with Messenger and Messenger is very important.

Aaron [00:01:46] And yeah I think that at least for now some final thought. But yeah yeah. The reason that I think messenger and no messenger is so important is that because there's so many people on it more than likely if you're listening to this you are a messenger. Some people don't know that messenger also owns WhatsApp so you can actually run ads to WhatsApp their version of Messenger as well.

Aaron [00:02:15] So your audience is there and like Christian said they're pushing it right now and it's just a super easy way for you to have a one on one conversation with your potential client customer. And so the strategy that we're talking about here is all around messenger and if you haven't tested it this isn't necessarily a you should do this right out the gate strategy. You should probably play around with your Facebook or Instagram ads it's not necessarily like a beginners ad campaign but if you've played around with it and you think you're ready then this is absolutely a strategy that you can use because it's effective. So give me a little context on the strategy here is that for this particular person this is a real life scenario of a pet sitting company that we have and we focus a lot on the targeting and the offer the information that's going to them. But it's all just literally going to from traffic to messenger.

Christian [00:03:22] Yeah some of that traffic you could be targeting is you know location based so anything within you know 10 miles and also focused on people who have pet interests and it could be anything from you know maybe some people like Petco or Chewie or at the SPCA local SPCA maybe even just local shelters and things like that just to get those people who are interested in pets within 10 miles. You're not necessarily going to hit everyone who has a owns a pet but usually under pet interests people who are either attending or going to those places or like those places they typically have some sort of pet.

Aaron [00:04:04] Right. In our relevance score for that for people who don't know the relevant score is usually of about a 9 or 10. So it's super relevant. That's what we found to work really well. So first thing is the targeting the next thing is the offer. So we have a really good offer going on for first time customers. So I think that it's like 20 percent ish isn't what it was.

Christian [00:04:25] Yes it's 20 percent off. And technically we're I think there's something that we're also looking at was the big companies you know you have well when it comes to that gets dogs walking and things like that you have big companies in the area these apps that you just automatically do everything and they normally just hire random people and I don't think they thoroughly go through you know background checks and things like that. So I mean that's a plus for us. You know she's a local person you know she has local family members helping out and like it's a lot nicer than you know there's huge corporations and huge apps that are doing that but the pricing is very comparable to what we've seen. These are the companies targeting us. So yeah.

Aaron [00:05:14] All right. So the last thing that you want to do with this ad so say you figured out your targeting. We do a 10 mile radius of the location with the interest that Christine talked about traffic to messenger campaigns not messenger campaigns. So that's where you get can get a little dicey. You want to do a traffic campaign to messenger.

Christian [00:05:32] So sending traffic to messenger and a messenger ad would be just something that is on messenger right. Whenever I'm correct it is.

Aaron [00:05:40] So yeah. So I give you scroll to messenger and you've seen ads before that's not what we're talking about right. Placement could be another another spot but it can be a little confusing.

Christian [00:05:49] Right. So yes our ads would look like normal ads on your timeline and Instagram and whatever but when you click on it that's where it just takes you to the conversation. Yes. A one to one conversation.

Aaron [00:06:02] Absolutely. And that's what you want to get to is having people click. And then having a conversation with that business owner or your client so that they can close a deal. So on average right now or clicks sort are like way below a dollar. I think when we first started out it was kind of high. And I say high it was so like 70 or 80 cents. But since then it's even dropped below that. So having them click is one thing and then actually starting a conversation is another. And we use software called many chat to me you may have heard. And it allows us to automate the conversation so that the only time that our client gets on there is whenever somebody is either asking a unique question or when they're about to close the deal and they're figuring out the details for it. But we have pretty much that part of it automated. And then she doesn't really get a notification unless it's taken to that next level if somebody is just kind of shopping around or doesn't really know what they want. Then she may be able to jump in on the conversation but more than likely if they click on this ad it's pretty blatantly obvious like a pet sitting services here my common questions and I get a answered in yes.

Christian [00:07:08] So yes some of those questions are like you know how many pets do you have. We try to get a little bit more personal by asking you know the names of the pets and things like that but we're essentially just gathering all the information. But with the messenger bot we can make it just a little bit more conversational more fun for the the end user so that they don't feel like they're just filling out forms they're actually having this quote unquote conversation with someone but is really just about.

Aaron [00:07:35] And you know say for example if it's on a landing page or we send traffic to a landing page and it cost us five six seven dollars to get the lead then she has to follow up with it isn't it's not as valuable as saying paying for example like if it costs us a total like seven or eight dollars for then have a conversation because she's already having that conversation so her opportunity to close the deal or the cost per acquisition is going to drop a lot more than if you would just do anything as a cost per lead which may be a little bit lower in the beginning but yeah and yeah if you just get to start with this many there's other shop bought options out there sort of software Mini.

Christian [00:08:13] That's just one that we landed on though we like and they have I think the lower tiers like 10 or 15 bucks or something like that a month there's a free option to for some stuff yeah. So definitely do the free option and test around and see how you can implement this strategy on your Facebook ads.

Aaron [00:08:33] All right. So this is a short episode we're not going to do our normal spot in the middle where we talk to you guys a little bit about us but I do want an outro Doolittle Astros plug for making sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you guys can continue to stay up to date with what we're talking about.

Aaron [00:08:50] A lot of this is timely information so the studios subscribe the more relevant it's going to be to you because you know a messenger may change in six months. So this is an episode that you need to subscribe to. And then those of you who have been listening for a while you like you really need to leave those guys a review meeting that they've been asking me. OK go ahead pull over on the side of the road OK Put on your hazards go leave us go to a safe location. It's just extreme. Go to a safe location pull out your phone. Go give us a review and iTunes and let us know what you think of the show so that we can continue to make it better for you.

Christian/Aaron [00:09:28] All right. Bye bye.

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