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On todays episode we talk about: 

  • Give away freebies
  • Before and after pictures
  • Community events


Aaron: [00:00:15] Hello. Hello. Hello. That's three hellos, guys. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of our marketing podcast. This is a pretty cool episode because- I don't know. I just was randomly thinking about mobile grooming companies because one drove by the other week, and I was like wow, I wonder what they do for their marketing. So I did some research and want to help those people out. So today's episode is all about marketing tips and strategies for mobile pet grooming businesses. We're going to talk about freebies that they should be doing, why before and after pictures are a must, participating in community events, and giving away free pet care classes. And Christian's making me a weird face like he's a puppy or something over here. So.


Christian: [00:01:01] Yeah, we're definitely dog people. So wait, can you give grooming to cats? Is that a thing?


Aaron: [00:01:07] I believe you can groom anything with fur, but you know, cats groom themselves. So you know, we're dog lovers here.


Christian: [00:01:14] Yeah, that's true. I wonder- I mean there might- There's probably like a cat grooming service strictly for cats out there.


Aaron: [00:01:22] Yeah.


Christian: [00:01:22] There has to be.


Aaron: [00:01:23] There is. Have you seen that BuzzFeed- That tongue that went viral where you put it in your mouth, and you could like-


Christian: [00:01:29] That was really weird.


Aaron: [00:01:30] Yeah, very, very weird. If you know what we're talking about, then you think this is funny. If you don't, go Google it. It's appropriate. It's just very odd.


Christian: [00:01:40] Yes, very weird.


Aaron: [00:01:41] So cats that act like dogs are cooler.


Christian: [00:01:43] Definitely. For sure. So the first thing here that we have for a mobile pet grooming business is to give away freebies. I think that's a great way to get people in the door, but you have to be sort of careful sometimes when, you know, you're giving away freebies. But a great idea is to give a free groom to any pet that has been adopted from a local shelter or a rescue group. So that would be- I mean, that's a great way to sort of give back to the community and give back to the local shelters which they always, always are in need of help.


Aaron: [00:02:18] Right. And this not only positions you as somebody who cares, but also whenever the shelter is looking for somebody and they suggest somewhere like to take care of this dog because the first thing that an owner wants to do is say hey, look, you know, this puppy has been abused or maybe it's really old or something like that. And it just wants a- You know, everybody feels better about a good haircut or grooming. So they are probably a good recommendation to send them to people out there. So it's twofold. You have a great cause, but you also potentially could get business from that as well.


Christian: [00:02:51] Exactly. So you put in here a quiz. Can you elaborate on that?


Aaron: [00:02:57] Well, I was just thinking that if they took a quiz like what kind of- Maybe before people purchased the dog. So it's kind of like beforehand. Like hey, I'm thinking about like my first dog or something or the best dog that fits me. So like oh, I'm a runner.


Christian: [00:03:11] So you're talking about like those social media-


Aaron: [00:03:14] Yes.


Christian: [00:03:14] Quizzes that you see all the time. Like what type of dog is the best for you.


Aaron: [00:03:18] Right. Like I'm an active person. I don't stay at my apartment all the time, or I have a house. I have a backyard. So it's like oh, your dog's, you know, is going to want a lot of energy so it can run around all the time. Are you going to be able to walk it? Versus like, you know, buy Chihuahua, and it could run around the house. And that's, you know, a marathon for it.


Christian: [00:03:36] Gotcha. Yeah, yeah. That makes sense. Okay. Got it. So the next thing here is- To be honest, I think this is important for any business is to have before and after pictures and have good before and after pictures. I mean that just speaks volumes, and I think we've spoken before about maybe fitness companies and seeing the before and after results. Like those are always like just very interesting to see, and definitely, the before and afters are just, you know, pieces of content that are one, easy to do. If you have a cell phone nowadays, it's just really easy to take good, high-quality pictures, and it's something that, you know, creates pretty good engagement online.


Aaron: [00:04:19] Right. And it's like okay, this is what the dog looked like before, and you're like hey, that's- You know, it looks like a regular dog, and then afterwards like wow, this dog cleans up nicely. But it also just kind of shows that, you know, if this person obviously has to purchase it, not a dog, are they going to spend a decent amount of money on keeping their dog, you know, groomed if it doesn't look good? So it's kind of a proof in the concept there, and also allows you to do like some shareable content. So people love to share their pictures of their dogs, you know, when they look good. So I see a lot of contests of like hey, who wore it the best? And it's like Halloween, and they get all fixed up. And they have, you know, an outfit or whatever, but they're groomed. And it's like share with your friends, and that's a good contest idea which is technically not on our notes. But it does go along with the before and after.


Christian: [00:05:06] Yeah, I think a good and funny way to do this also is, you know, to add some context to the pictures, and you can make up these. I just about is actually, but you know how, you know, you go to the barber, you go to, you know, your beauty salon or whatever, and you start talking to your, you know, stylist. You always, you know, end up in just weird conversation sometimes, but it would be cool to just make up these conversations and post them with the before and after pictures. Like oh, Trixie. You won't believe Tracy's story today. You know, she was telling me about- And just make something funny, and I think that will definitely grab people's attention.


Aaron: [00:05:42] Right. I finally caught the squirrel. It's been like three weeks now. I've been catching this one black squirrel that's just been running around the house, and finally caught him. And then I caught them, and I had no idea what I was going to do with him. But, you know.


Christian: [00:05:53] I've never seen black squirrels, but yeah.


Aaron: [00:05:55] They're in Canada and like Colorado and stuff like the mountains.


Christian: [00:05:58] Really?


Aaron: [00:05:58] Black squirrels. Yeah, look it up.


Christian: [00:05:59] Never heard of that.


Aaron: [00:06:00] So you guys are all educated now. There are black squirrels. They are not just all brown.


Christian: [00:06:07] That's funny. But yeah, just give the dogs some personality to them. I know Megan, <egan my girlfriend, and her family, they usually do this with their dogs. You know, they're always like talking and like, you know, the dog's responses.


Aaron: [00:06:21] Third person or whatever.


Christian: [00:06:22] Yeah, to the dogs. And they make voices for them. Like Harley is a little-


Aaron: [00:06:26] I think everybody that's a dog-


Christian: [00:06:28] They do that?


Aaron: [00:06:29] Yeah.


Christian: [00:06:29] All right. I didn't know if it was just them, but yeah, they make unique voices. Like Harley's a Mexican dog for some reason. He's like. "Hola, homes. I'm just right here. I'm a low rider." And he's like a little wiener dog. It's just really funny.


Aaron: [00:06:42] That's a great visual. I can actually see- Yeah. So it sounds like he's a little bit of like a gangster wiener dog.


Christian: [00:06:48] Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's pretty funny. So.


Aaron: [00:06:50] Mexican Cartel.


Christian: [00:06:51] I mean, things like that are things that you can definitely incorporate with your online strategy when you're posting pictures or even doing videos.


Aaron: [00:06:58] Well, I was going to say if you do the pictures or if you do like a little gif or I guess you would have to be like a little video, but like you could just have somebody- Like the picture of the dog or the video the dog, but somebody's voice in the background. That would be like over the top but hilarious.


Christian: [00:07:12] Yeah, exactly.


Aaron: [00:07:15] All right. So big one here is again we're talking a lot about giving back, and people love animals. So you already have that going for you. So pictures are good, but getting involved with community events and just getting awareness. People need to know who you are first and foremost, and doing something like community events or, Christian wrote on here, a free pet nail trims or handing out bottles to a 5k. So handing up the bottles with your logo or your branding on there, but also offering free pet- Like I know that my mom would never cut my dog's fingernails because she was so afraid of like cutting into the cuticle. So my dad would, but I know a lot of people that are really afraid of cutting their dog's nails. So if you did that for free, I mean, that just stands out. You could do like a little community event for that, but yeah, that's a really good idea.


Christian: [00:08:03] Yeah. Now you'll also be surprised on the amount of events that are centered around pets too. I know- I think in Frisco, they did something recently where it was - I don't know - it was like the Biggest Dog Day or something. They opened up a park, and they had a bunch of sponsors and bunch of tables. So definitely be on the lookout for unique niche-down events like that exclusively for pets. That's something that you definitely want to be a part of.


Aaron: [00:08:31] Right. And if you live in a- You know, this is- Mobile grooming really makes sense in like a metroplex or like a city. So there's a lot of places you could be traveling to depending on the amount of vans you have. So there should be- I mean, every weekend- Well, maybe a couple of times a month or something, there would be something for a dog. Like there's also like restaurants and like pet friendly places that you could also go to and talk to the owners and say hey, is it cool if I, you know, park here?


Christian: [00:08:58] Park here. Yeah.


Aaron: [00:08:58] So there's a food truck which, you know, I don't know how far away you have to be, but like maybe in the parking lot. Hey, this is going on. Your dog's already here. You're at the dog park or you brought your dog to this restaurant, and then afterwards, you know, you enjoy yourself. And then you go, you know, pamper your dog basic.


Christian: [00:09:13] Yeah. That's pretty good. The last thing we have here as far as marketing tips and strategies is to give out free pet care classes. You can do this online, or you can do this in person. Either way you should treat this, if you do it online, just like a type of webinars where you're collecting e-mails. I mean, yeah, it's going to be free, but you definitely want to be collecting e-mails in marketing this class really, because the point is not to just give out free classes. It's to get a customer base and get some actual clients out of this.


Aaron: [00:09:48] One last thing that I just thought of is there are specific pet photographers. Go make friends with those people. They're going to be taking pictures of the dogs, and the dogs need to look good. So when a person, the owner, contacts the person who's taking the pictures, they're wondering hey, how do I- You know, where do you recommend to take care of my dog? So that can be a really good synergy partnership. So you take them, you know. You take care of them beforehand, or they come to you. And then you refer them to a photographer, but it can be a really good partnership for you.


Christian: [00:10:20] Yeah. Okay. Do you have anything else?


Aaron: [00:10:23] No, this was a fun episode. We should do more stuff around animals.


Christian: [00:10:27] Especially dogs.


Aaron: [00:10:28] Especially dogs. Yeah, for sure. Maybe if we ever put on an event for a dog, completely unrelated to our marketing company, but it would be really fun.


Christian: [00:10:35] Yeah. Anyway so just to recap here number one, offer free grooming to any pet that is adopted from a local shelter or rescue group. So sort of partner with some of those local shelters. Make sure that you take before and after pictures. Make sure they're good. Incorporate some humor into them. Participate in community events like 5K or sometimes they do conferences or events strictly around pets. So those would be great opportunities. Offer maybe some free pet nail trims in there. Also give out free pet classes either online or in person, and make sure that you're collecting e-mails.


Aaron: [00:11:14] All right. So we think we gave you- I know we gave you guys a lot of information to go with, and if you enjoyed this episode, go ahead and click that subscribe button. Share this on social media, and if you have a friend who's looking to start a pet grooming business or may even benefit from knowing somebody who's started a pet grooming business like a photographer we talked about, share this episode with them to get some ideas to help them grow their business. A good way to do this is to click those three little buttons in the right hand corner of your iPhone, Android- I need to get an Android in the office so I know what to do, but anyway you clicked those three buttons. Click share the episode. We'd love for you to share it on any social network and share it with a friend who would benefit from it, and we will talk to you guys next week.


Christian: [00:11:59] Bye.

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