How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business in 2021

November 23, 2020

Show Notes

This past weekend there was a picture that painted an amazing analogy for 2020 and 2021.

The picture was a larva and next to it was the year 2020. The second picture posted beside it was a butterfly and the year 2021.

No matter what happened this year, you can be planning for the best year ever in your business in 2021.

This week we’re talking about areas that are still under utilized by the masses that you can take advantage of to grow in 2021.

You’re going to learn about:

  • Stories, Reels, and YouTube
  • Facebook groups
  • And how to steal business away from the competition with TikTok and LinkedIn

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Aaron [00:00:00] I hope you're having an amazing day. Welcome to another episode of the Marketing Natives. Today we'll be talking about how to use social media to grow in 2021, insert whatever year. This is a solid, proven strategy for you to grow your business. We're going to be talking about video. We're going to be talking about going viral on TikTok and dogface to await. You shout out if you know what we're talking about. And audio like how can you use these platforms to grow your business online? There's one key thing for all of them to be successful we're going to talk about in this episode. Enjoy. 

Narrator [00:00:36] This is the Marketing Natives providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. And now your hosts, Christian and Aaron. 

Christian [00:00:52] Okay. So the number one thing, and we've been saying this for years now, it's still video. I mean, in order to keep growing on social, it's going to be video. I think video has evolved from the first time that we were saying, hey, do video, do video. 

Aaron [00:01:06] Yeah, it was just Facebook video. 

Christian [00:01:08] Yeah. I think now with the emergence of TikTok and now Instagram Reels, now I feel, I think Facebook, LinkedIn, I believe YouTube even have stories format. 

Aaron [00:01:23] Yeah. 

Christian [00:01:23] Where you can post your stories. The way that you do video is changing dramatically. I mean, I feel like a few years ago we were saying like, oh, do all your videos. 

Aaron [00:01:31] Horizontal. 

Christian [00:01:31] Horizontally. And now all these platforms are creating you know, the opportunity for you to create these vertical videos. So, yeah, absolutely, 100 percent. If you're a business owner and you're wanting to grow your social media and your business, you have to start doing videos. You have to start doing TikToks. 

Christian [00:01:50] You have to start doing Instagram Reels looking at the trend, looking at how you can, you know, take advantage of them. 

Christian [00:01:58] And you don't I mean, I don't know, has, did ocean spray, do they have a TikTok account? 

Aaron [00:02:04] I don't know if they don't, they probably should now, like, I don't know. Yeah, that's. They have someone like you're aware of it. I don't know if you really drank ocean spray, so we're alluding to like. Why don't you say explain why we're talking about Ocean Spray? Because this may come out. This may people may be looking at this in six months. 

Christian [00:02:20] So there was this a gentleman on TikTok by the name of Dogface. 

Aaron [00:02:28] 208. 

Christian [00:02:28] 208. That I mean, he made hundreds of videos. 

Aaron [00:02:32] Funny guy. 

Christian [00:02:32] Random stuff, not really anything to plan, but there was just one video where he's just on his long board, cruising down the highway, listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice straight out of the bottle and just chill and really just cruising and chilling and drinking his cranberry juice. And I mean, that video just exploded on TikTok and then obviously exploded on every other platform to the point where Ocean Spray basically gifted him a truck with a lifetime supply of cranberry juice. Really. Then you had all kinds of celebrities, even I don't know the name of the singer, but Fleetwood Mac, the singer from Fleetwood Mac, even recreated the video and other celebrities are, you know, recreating the video. A bunch of other people are doing the video. So that's the only reason why I brought up Ocean Spray and I wanted to read this article. I think I saw it on Twitter where it's not necessarily. Maybe ocean spray is not on Tiktok, maybe they're not, you know, making videos, but they were, they did a good job on acknowledging. Something like that.

Aaron [00:03:50] Yeah, they just simply are on they're on Instagram. I don't know about Tiktok. 

Christian [00:03:54] So they I think they do a really good job acknowledging that particular video that blew up. It had their brand in it. 

Aaron [00:04:03] So they, so just kind of like play on to this. I've looked them up while we were talking here like Ocean Spray on Instagram they give context has fifty five thousand followers, so not bad. Dogface208 has 2.1 now which is just crazy and literally less than a month went to 2.1. So their normal videos are let's just say like what's there like examples of what they're doing. Like they had one that was like six thousand actually they had a good one that was like seventeen thousand views, you know. Fifty five thousand followers. Dogface on here, six hundred and fourteen thousand. Another one that dogface did. Four hundred thousand. Another one a dogface did seven hundred and fourteen. Five hundred and twenty six. Six hundred and six. And then they did another one themselves. Nineteen hundred. We're talking about six hundred thousand. So they were smart enough to like pick those up and play off of it. So it's just crazy what could happen that quickly. And now they're all benefiting from it which is. And we're talking about it right now. 

Christian [00:04:59] Yeah exactly. So. Yeah, I mean, I think that we're good into acknowledging the situation and then jumping in line. But obviously, I mean, you're probably not listening and you're not a huge fan like Ocean Spray. But I mean, you may have the opportunity to. 

Christian [00:05:15] Partner up, right? And I'm not even saying go to influencer route but. 

Christian [00:05:24] Doing that kind of like that microwave, like maybe, I don't know, like having your customers do the videos for you, right?

Christian [00:05:32] You don't have to necessarily do everything creatively with these, you know. 

Aaron [00:05:35] User generated. Yeah. 

Christian [00:05:37] And that's what I'm trying to get it. It's like you could create a campaign or whatever where  competition right? Where you have people making these videos for you, making this content for you and finding unique ways on capitalizing on these new formats because it's making it really easy for creativity to flourish with stories, with Reels, with Tiktok, because the platforms are just making it super easy for you to add stickers, add these effects, add these filters and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the creativeness of people and potentially of brands to do some really cool things and to jump into trends and capitalize social media by using the video, essentially. 

Aaron [00:06:26] And I think TikTok's like if you see something on TikTok just to go back to that, for example, like it's video based and just to give it another like. Exclamation point to why video is so important, video is the only platform that you can actually, like, see people's facial expressions again while we do this podcast. If you're listening to it, you can also go watch our podcast on Facebook or YouTube. But you can see people's facial expressions, you can see their hand movements. You can see that they're real people and it's the closest you get without actually seeing somebody. So it just adds a new level of like, I don't know, relationship. So video is the only thing that can do that. 

Christian [00:07:01] I have a good example like, well, I guess multiple examples. Whenever I see someone funny on  TikTok, I typically go to their profile on TikTok and then watch a few of their other videos. And then I go to, I check out their Instagram if they have a link on the TikTok. 

Christian [00:07:20] And it's like night and day. Like you go to Instagram and you would have never thought that this person was funny or that they could dance or that they could sing or they had any sort of talent, because on Instagram they're just again, people are so focused on like looking perfect and like all that stuff like that they just forget to be real. Right? 

Christian [00:07:38] So on TikTok you get this completely different person who is talking to the camera, it's like super relatable, like, yeah, I'm going to follow you on TikTok, but on Instagram which is like. 

Aaron [00:07:47] Your beach picture wasn't that cool, bro. 

Christian [00:07:49] Yeah, it's yeah. It's really weird like that. Looking at like the same person on two different platforms is like night and day. 

Aaron [00:07:59] Yeah. I think that, that's kind of into your point is when you can blend the two of them together nicely where like see I guess what you're giving is like this brand didn't match up. So there's like a disconnect. But if you're able to blend them correctly, that's where you can build something like massive. 

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Aaron [00:08:50] So yeah. Video, absolutely, we could go about that, this could be this whole path, how do you use social media to grow your business in 2021, 2022, 2023. It's video. It may change like maybe AR, VR, but like it's going to be video. Video is the number one way for us to connect with people across the world and feel like there's a real connection other than doing something else like we're talking about next, which is like audio. So you could use, what is it? It's not stitcher. I mean, stitchers one of them, but the, what's that free podcasts platform? Anchor. So you can use Anchor, you could use you know, they go about to buy Spotify. 

[00:09:27] Really? So Spotify now. But yeah, I mean audio is another great way for you to grow. After all of these. Let me just kind of put this back into it. Nice little box here is to say that choose one of them. Obviously, if we are going to rank these in priority like video versus audio, videos definitely going to beat that. But because you can always break down video to be audio and you can't make audio into video, but, choose one of them to start, I don't think you should go after, like, all of these things at one time, like start creating Reel, start a YouTube channel, start doing Instagram stories like that. Doesn't, that doesn't  move the needle because now you're just doing too much versus just doing one thing. So but, another example is like the podcast we started. So we started with video, we started doing brain of people familiar with Blab. Probably not. It was like multiple person conferencing, like video sharing. So we started there and then we went to like Facebook and did videos there. So we started with video. And then after so many episodes of our show, our weekly show, we move to audio, which is the podcast where you're listening to now. So we've kind of progressed, but I don't think if we would have started with the with video and then podcast the exact same time, it probably both of them would have fallen flat on their face. 

Christian [00:10:54] And even with the podcast now, we're also making a video today and we didn't start doing video audio at the same time with the podcast. 

Aaron [00:11:04] Now we start like two years later. 

Christian [00:11:06] Doing audio only. And then we added that video aspect to to the podcast. Again, to make it more relatable, to engage with people a little bit better and to be on more formats, i.e. YouTube, Instagram, etc. 

Aaron [00:11:20] Yeah. 

Christian [00:11:20] And showcase a little bit more. But yeah, it's really video and audio and again with the technology and I think we've I mean the past year or two we've been talking about people need to start doing podcasts. I mean just start, you know, distributing them on different social media platforms. But again, things like anchor and other technologies that are coming out where it just makes a super easy for you to start a podcast, syndicate the podcast, and with the click of a button, whereas before you have to even hire someone to figure all this stuff out. I remember when we started, it was like, OK, there's ten different things that we need to figure out and maybe purchase this and do this and do that. And now you just probably just need to download an app on your iPhone. 

Aaron [00:12:05] Yeah. 

Christian [00:12:05] And put your headphones on and start talking. Right? And you can push a button and boom! You have a you have a podcast and it's on Spotify, it's on iTunes, It's everywhere. And you don't have to do even anything on the computer editing, anything like that. You can probably do it all within your phone, which is incredible. And I think because of this, technologies make it easier. Obviously, it makes it more accessible for you and makes it more accessible for for other people to listen to it on social media. And that's what we're saying, to do video, do audio, especially now that's easier than ever. 

Aaron [00:12:38] Right. 

Aaron [00:12:39] And to go back to that like the ticktock like dogface story. I was talking to Christian a couple of weeks ago. Like the reason that dogface put out all that content is because he just kept getting targeted from Gary Vaynerchuk and he just kept telling him, like, continue to put out content, continue to put out content. So whether you use video or audio or whatever else, like who would have known that some random video of him longboarding and he Lip-Sync. So the big thing that kind of made it famous was like he just Lip-Sync so well, I guess. And he's like drinking ocean spray, but like they hit. But he did hundreds of videos before that. They were just as crazy, just as fun. And none of them like did something like it was just something like I think we said not in this episode, but a previous episode. You can't really plan to go viral. It just doesn't happen that way. It's very serendipitous. It's, it doesn't work that way. But what does happen is that the more content you have, the more chances that you have to reach the right people. You just never know which video is going to work. Like we've put out tons of them. And I was looking at data the other day and there's two particular videos they just have done really, really well. And it took us, you know, ten - twenty videos to get to this one that's doing really well, you just never know which one's going to do it. 

Aaron [00:13:53] So I think going back to the title, this episode, How to use social media to grow your business in 2021 or in the future doesn't matter is to use these platforms, but then to just don't focus on like being perfect, just continue to document and create like what's going on and think there was something right before this and you watch or listen to know again. He has a podcast I should say, but he actually did a YouTube video about like how you can make money doing anything on YouTube. Did you see them? 

Christian [00:14:25] That's his newest one, right? 

Aaron [00:14:26] Yeah. 

Christian [00:14:26] Yeah. I think I haven't seen it yet, but I saw the title and the email. 

Christian [00:14:29] But it is just literally one guy who does something in like Bolivia or whatever else another guy does, like rock climbing. Another guy makes something. So it's like you literally could have your own little niche. And these people have good followings like decent size following this one lawyer. It's actually a cool account. I'm gonna follow him. But he's a lawyer who creates videos on YouTube, great video. And he basically debunks and does like his real lawyer analysis of like law shows like suits, which to my to this day is still like top three favorite shows for me. And then he does, like, better call Saul. Like what? All of these things that they go in there, it's like, oh, you know, when Saul says this, I can't do that. Or like when Harvey does this on suits, can you actually do that? It's like, yeah, he can, but he said it wrong. It's like just interesting regardless. So now he has a million and a half followers, this guy does, just being a lawyer who's not even practicing law, he just went to law school and now he does YouTube videos. 

Christian [00:15:25] Yep. Yep. Anyways, yeah. Consistency. I think it's very important to oh this is what I was going to say. On Facebook and our insights. Right. We have like all these other companies that we've added. And we are the only ones who consistently put our content on Facebook. Whereas like there was other some of these other companies and other agencies that we follow around this area who before, yeah, there were at least once or twice they were posting every week in the past two or three weeks, I've checked at least once a week. 

Aaron [00:16:01] Nothing. 

Christian [00:16:01] Nothing, nothing. And I understand I mean, some people are like, you know, the pandemic or whatever. They have to maybe. 

Aaron [00:16:08] Work from home. 

Christian [00:16:09] You gotta work around. Do actual work not, I don't know, whatever, maybe their excuse is whatever. But yeah, no one in our industry that we follow that are local are consistent enough on Facebook at least, right? 

Aaron [00:16:23] Not to mention YouTube or Instagram or whatever else. 

Christian [00:16:28] Right. So it was very interesting to me to see that. And even I mean, even our engagement on Facebook may not be the best, but again, we're still consistently putting out the content, putting in the work and doing that, whereas other people that we're keeping track off, they're not doing much. 

Aaron [00:16:48] Yeah, I think that goes back to the, it's not a matter of if, but when that will actually play a factor. Because there was a, you know, we hear it all the time and even as of recently, the last couple of months, like, hey, went to your website and then we checked you on social and you have a ton of content. You guys seem to know what you're talking about. So ads going back to episode 177, that social proof versus like, oh hey, these guys haven't posted since you know March. Are they still in business? You just don't know which video is going to work. Like, you know, we may get a video that has two or three likes and then one has twenty or thirty or whatever else. And it's like, you know, we're marketing agency. So it's not like we're the same as shout out to @Totally90sKid. Go follow them. We're literally post like a post organically and it's like twenty or thirty comments within a couple of minutes because it's just fun versus like marketing. It's about this is fun for us, but for you guys you're like, I want to grow my business and I have to learn marketing, which is why I'm listening to this podcast. But it's not something that I just wake up on I'm happy about every day. Otherwise, you would become a marketer. 

Christian [00:17:53] Yeah. Exactly. 

Aaron [00:17:53] All right. So just kind of recap for you guys. I think the overarching approach here is that you've got to create content and do it consistently. If you do that and choose video or audio or location, doesn't matter if it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, doesn't matter. But just go out there and create content consistently and you will evolve what your brand is and reach more people because you don't know when that person's going to interact with you. That's going to make a huge change. I remember go back to the @Dogface208, look at his, it's a perfect example of, you know, I don't what he's charging on cameo right now, but I want to do something with him. But who knows? This guy went from living in a trailer to doing cameos and selling you know, all this merch for probably thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousand dollars per month. So it can happen. And it's a great way for you to to grow, to not necessarily go viral, but just consistent content. 

Christian [00:18:51] Yup, exactly. 

Aaron [00:18:53] All right, guys, thank you so much for listening to another episode of the Marketing Natives. If you are wondering, like, how do I create content consistently? How do I put in this plan? How do I make this process work? Just shoot us a message over on Instagram and we will give you just a quick 45 minute strategy session on how to be more consistent online and set up a proven way for you to grow your business online as well. And if you've been listening for a while, please make sure to go over to Apple podcast and leave us an honest rating and review. This helps us to figure out what kind of content we need to create and how you can, how we can reach more people to help more businesses grow online. And if you are a first time listener or watcher. Thank you so much. We really do appreciate it. We can't necessarily see who the individual is. We can only see the numbers, but we do really enjoy helping more people. So, thank you guys. We put out new content every single week. If you're on our YouTube channel make sure you subscribe weather, whatever podcast app you're on, make sure you hit subscribe. We put out content every single Monday. And if you're on YouTube bonus episodes, we put out tutorials and two or three videos every single week. So if you guys have questions, we're always available over on Instagram @BitBranding and we'd love to chat with you there. Have a great rest of your day. 

Narrator [00:20:15] The Marketing Natives podcast is a production of Bit Branding. 

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