How to Stand Out From Your Competition

September 14, 2020

Show Notes

In this week’s episode we talk about competition. There are typically two trains of thought when it comes to competition, watch your competition and know what they are doing or the second option is to do your own thing and not care. 

It’s a dicey situation because there is merit to both directions, that’s why we’re diving deep into what you should be doing to stand out including whether or not you should be watching what the competition is doing online.

We’re chatting about:

  1. Naming your product or service 
  2. How to be a local authority
  3. The one thing that will put you 200% ahead of your competition

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Christian [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode. Today, we're talking about how to stand out from your competition. We're actually going over four or five different things that you can actually implement today in your business. Things like naming your products and services, things like how to become a local authority. And that one thing that will catapult you 200 percent and blow you away from competition. Check it out 

Narrator [00:00:23] This is the Marketing Natives providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. 

Narrator [00:00:31] And now your host Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:37] Alright. So I think that we've actually created a like blog post about this like 2016. 

Aaron [00:00:43] I was just redoing it. So this is something that was resonating with our audience back then. But we wrote a blog post about it. 

Aaron [00:00:51] And now I figured it would be really good to put a podcast out there about the competition. 

Christian [00:00:55] Interesting. Yeah, I don't know. I didn't remember that we did. 

Aaron [00:00:59] Another one would be that we need to add into is like how to sell without selling. A lot of people jumped on that and we did and I don't know if you remember. But like, I had the YouTube pillow and I was like pushing it into your face, telling you, like,. 

Christian [00:01:10] Buy now. 

Aaron [00:01:10] Yes. 

Aaron [00:01:12] But I think one of the questions we get a lot is, hey, how do I stand out or how do I, you know, differentiate? There's so many people and I guess we get it ourselves, too. It's like there's a marketing agency. There's probably five marketing agencies inside of our building. Who knows? 

Christian [00:01:26] But I think it's also one of those things that if you're brand new business owner. Oh, what makes you different? 

Aaron [00:01:33] No glue. 

Christian [00:01:34] Yeah, it's. They don't have a lot to say, I guess. Or they. Oh, we're family owned or, you know, a little things like that. That's like. I mean. Yeah, but there's also other ones that are family owned that do the exact same thing. 

Aaron [00:01:46] Or we pride ourselves on great customer service. 

Christian [00:01:48] Right. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:01:49] I hear that a o lot. 

Christian [00:01:50] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:01:51] We're gonna have the best customer service ever like that. There is a food truck I was talking to. I mean, you know them. I won't call them out, but I was like, hey. What makes you guys different? I mean, obviously, their food is like Latin cuisine. And I'm like, oh, or Latin cuisine. I'm like, okay cool. Which makes it different about your latin cuisine. Like we're gonna focus on customer service. Like, Oh, okay, well that's fine. But I mean, is it spicier or is it like you get some kind of experience, you always get like a little tiki pill or a umbrella. I don't know. So anyway, so today we're gonna talk about tips for you guys to help you stand out from the competition and I think it's easier for us to say now because we're looking like I said, the tips we gave back then were good, but they weren't, I guess, as proven as they are now or not as much experience. So a little bit more experienced here. 

Christian [00:02:44] So are any of these repeating from the blog post or are they all brand new? 

[00:02:49] They are somewhat. There some of them that are similar. But I think we can add so much more context to it because like number one, like the first thing we have here is to zig when people zag. So like we did this, we just didn't know. For example, I said, okay, well, everybody's telling you like, hey, you need have a blog post. And we were like, okay, well, how can we create our own video series? And same thing for, like the podcast at the time, people like, oh, let's do a blog or let's do a video series. And then we said, okay, well, let's do a podcast. There's not very many people there. So when everybody else is doing one thing, you should probably find a different way. I mean, there's a lot of proven ways to reach out to your audience, but think about a different way of doing things other than just saying, all right, this marketing and you see in this marketing and you see they both have a podcast. What makes them different? I don't know. Versus this one has a vlog or something that's different, I guess. 

Christian [00:03:39] I think also look at this first one "Zig when people Zag". It's also, I think, like taking risks. So, like, you could be the agency that's on TikTok, right? Giving marketing advice or just marketing news or whatever. 

Aaron [00:03:54] Right. 

Christian [00:03:54] Right? Where a lot of people are not doing that right now. 

Christian [00:03:59] So that makes you very unique. You're in the forefront of whatever new technology that comes out. I think at the beginning we did a little bit of that with like Snapchat. 

Aaron [00:04:08] Yeah. 

Christian [00:04:09] Where we were kind of posting in there. But it was just yeah, it was hard and time consuming because we were trying to do everything at once. So I wouldn't say like do everything at once, but be daring enough and take the risk of jumping in on something that's maybe brand new. 

Aaron [00:04:27] Right. 

Christian [00:04:28] Or that not a lot of you are going towards, right? I mean, you said it yourself. Like if you're doing blog everyone saying do blogs, then do video series instead, same with like everyone telling you, oh, you need to go to Facebook, right? That's where everyone's at on Facebook. Well, forget Facebook. Let's do tiktok and be the tiktok agency. I think it's about also like taking risks and and looking out what's new and trending, I guess, or what's about to be trending. 

Aaron [00:04:55] Yeah. 

Christian [00:04:55] Right. I like how we were looking at video, how kind of what we're looking at a podcast and we'll do some tiktok stuff. 

Aaron [00:05:03] Hopefully in the future. 

Aaron [00:05:04] I think once we get these operating procedures done, I really want to get in tiktok. It's just like my brain tells me, yes, let's go there. I have ideas. Let's do it now. But we got to get the infrastructure first. So be looking over tiktoks for us in the future. Alright, so the next one we have is something that we've done for ourselves. We have our leads accelerator program, which you'll hear about a little bit later. We've named it Website overhaul. We've named it, those are all specifics. But you could do like, oh, we do social media marketing or we do a website design. Or, for example, if you're a dentist, like, oh, we offer teeth whitening versus like the complete I don't know. I know dental company here McKinney so we shout them out. Like the illume dental experience. Like this whole experience is like you get an examination, you get an x ray, you get a free teeth whitening, you get this particular kit and then you have a seven day at home kit like that's their illume dental experience versus just come in and give free teeth whitening. Or like, if you're a roofer, hey, get a free roof inspection. Like, that's just the exact same. There's no way you can stand out because it's the same offer. Like, how do I know you're better than somebody else's? If I'm just comparing apples to apples versus something different. 

Christian [00:06:12] Yeah. So, yeah. Naming your products or your services. 

Aaron [00:06:16] Yeah. 

Christian [00:06:16] And I think we also allude to the packaging of certain things. But yeah, I think that what we want to point across is naming your services as something a little bit different or more unique. 

Aaron [00:06:28] Mm hmm. 

Christian [00:06:29] That would definitely make you stand out like you said we could on our website. We could say, oh, we offer website design or we have our Website overhaul package. 

Aaron [00:06:38] Mm hmm. 

Christian [00:06:39] That definitely. 

Christian [00:06:41] I mean, you look at any other agency and. 

Aaron [00:06:43] Nobody has that. 

Christian [00:06:44] Yeah, website design, Website development, and that's it. But yeah definitely makes you stand out and it makes you very unique. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:06:51] And this can be done for anybody. Like I said, we labeled ours Website overhaul or leads accelerator like there. I mean, it's lead generation and a Website literally redesign. We just changed the name to do it for ourselves. You don't have like I don't think the name matters nearly as much as actually naming it. Like, that's more important. 

Christian [00:07:09] But number three, we have become a local authority, basically building your brand. 

Aaron [00:07:15] Mm hmm. 

Christian [00:07:16] And I think we've done this from the get go with our company. 

Christian [00:07:20] Just making sure that we're putting out content, right? And that we're actually doing the networking and that we're pairing the two. For example, when we talked about the beginning, we wanted to educate people and educate business owners. And we do that through our video or podcast. But then also we take our 30 second commercials during our networking, and we also take the opportunity to educate business owners. So I think we we've combined that online and in-person and sort of push forward this education agenda, right? Anytime you talk to us, you're going to learn something new. 

Aaron [00:07:58] Mm hmm. 

Christian [00:07:59] And I think that's pushed us to become the local authority, become that person or the expert that, oh, anyone has questions about social media or website design. 

Aaron [00:08:08] Go here. 

Christian [00:08:09] Go to these guys. 

Aaron [00:08:10] And it's also yes it built up demand for something. So instead of us just telling them what they should buy, it's more of a hey, we know the answers to this. So everybody just looks at us like this is a resource for something versus ah where do I go? Because they can find a need, a marketing agency. But if they're like, oh, we're looking for an answer. These guys have done a video on and they've done a podcast. They obviously know what they're talking about. 

Aaron [00:08:37] Local business owners, if you're ready to grow your business online without having to work more in your business. And you can spend more time on it. We created a free training on how to attract, qualify and convert more leads online. It's 38 minutes. It's going to take a little bit of your time, but it's going to have a huge benefit. It's completely free. Make sure you click below and the description, whether you're on Facebook, whether on YouTube, whether you're on the podcast, everything's there that you need. Go grab the training now. 

Aaron [00:09:08] Alright, so next one we have is consistency. 

Aaron [00:09:11] And up until the pandemic of coronavirus, Covid19, whatever you'd like to call it, you've probably heard of it at this point. Depending when you're listening to this, it's potentially going on. So hopefully not. But I guess my point from that is that up until that point, we did a video show every week and I think we may be missed two times, maybe in four years. And we're gonna bring that back just as an FYI. I just haven't told anybody so sneak preview. But we've done the same the like a video series, kind of high production video series every week for four years. And that's the consistency that people need. Like, they need to know that it's gonna be the same time or the same day or whatever, at least the same day, knowing that, hey, this is coming out or this is the content that we're producing. And it also helps with being that local authority, but also it helps you become better to instead of I guess that a little taste into like who you guys are. And it just helps you to feel like, OK, these guys are gonna be around awhile. I feel like that just makes me feel or like helps me at ease knowing that, oh, they just don't just post one time. They're actually around. They're gonna be putting on content. They're going to stay in business. 

Aaron [00:10:19] I guess. 

Christian [00:10:20] So you're saying consistency with posting on social media. 

Aaron [00:10:24] I think consistency with I mean, I'm talking about social media, but I think with anything like it could be your messaging, too. Like you say, like we'll do a Website for twelve dollars and then three weeks later, like, we'll do a Website for seventeen dollars. Like that's inconsistent. Or like our slogan is this. And then just like, you know, those people who'd like change their slogan, like every week, it seems like that's consistency too. I was like, you know, the consistency with the social media posting, but I think it's also the consistency with the messaging everywhere else, too, like of our website says, you should go here and schedule. But then in person, we're telling them, don't worry about scheduling, just message me like that. Just tells you don't have a process or place or anything like that. And that to me, gives me uneasiness about it. 

Christian [00:11:06] Yeah. I mean. Yeah, I would agree with that. I think that the main thing is your messaging and what you're trying to get across. And I think that translate to website or in that your social media and all that. But yeah, for sure. Having a clear message or a clear call to action and going back to like your services or products that you've named. Right. Using that consistently throughout Facebook. Throughout the videos that you create. Right. Like having this call to action where it's like if you want to, you know, grow your lead, then, OK, the leads accelerator program is for you. Yeah. So like we mentioned that on our videos, we mentioned that on our podcast. We mentioned that on our website. We mentioned that everywhere. And I think like you're saying, that consistency is what. Yeah. Again, catapults to to something farther than what the competition is because the competition might have something on the website. But then on social media, they're just like posting links about something random. Yeah, there's just there's a disconnect. 

Aaron [00:12:06] Yeah. So I think like subconsciously builds that trust. But I think for me too, sometimes I've seen a brain for like six or 12 months and I'm like, OK, I know this person has this product, like I just know about it. I've seen videos and I've just been indoctrinated of it over time, like maybe on their on their email list, maybe on their Website, like you're saying. But it's just I finally signed up or finally took the next step and purchased because I'm like, they know what they're talking about. It's consistent. It took them six, eight months. They're still hit me with it. There's obviously something here and it's working. So maybe I'll check in now. 

Christian [00:12:42] So the last one we have here is to Create a process. Right. Package up your service or your product. 

Christian [00:12:51] And again, that not a lot of people are doing that. You talk to someone and if they have the ability to tell you. 

Christian [00:13:00] Oh, you're interested in a Website overhaul process. 

Christian [00:13:04] Then this is step one. This is step two. This is the third. This is that four. 

Christian [00:13:07] These are deliverables is what you get. These are the results that we're gonna get you. So being able to say all that. We'll definitely put you in front of a lot of people where, I mean, they might have some sort of process. 

Aaron [00:13:22] Yeah. 

Christian [00:13:23] But it's it's having something that's like. You've doubled down on it. You've written it down, you maybe you have it on a little flyer or something, I don't know. 

Aaron [00:13:31] Right. Documented somewhere. 

Christian [00:13:33] Yeah. Visually, the client can see oh wow. This is step one, step two step three. 

Aaron [00:13:37] Yeah. 

Christian [00:13:39] Instead of just like, yeah, we we go through these things. 

Aaron [00:13:42] This is this is what we do. 

Christian [00:13:44] Right. 

Christian [00:13:45] I think making that real. Putting down the Website, talking about on social media, talking about videos, on your content. It's what moves the needle as far as like you standing out from other people. 

Aaron [00:13:58] And I think this is also part two of like the naming process. So like if you name your product than or your service like you're already. I would say one hundred percent better than most people, because if you walk around town right now or look at anything right now of your competition, you're gonna see nobody's name to that process. But then secondly, nobody really has a process behind it. So if you can name it and build the process behind it, it's not even gonna be close with your competition. You're gonna already be so many leaps and bounds ahead of them. And it may be very similar to your competition, but it's going to help you stand out because people are going to buy into that. 

Christian [00:14:32] Yeah, I think we have experiences more with. When we try to like outsource for copywriters, for example. I want to know. OK, what's your process? And they can never give me a straight answer. I go with there's an initial questionnaire and then we go from there. 

Aaron [00:14:49] Yeah. 

Christian [00:14:49] You know, it's very much like a no. I want to know like day one, day two, day three. What do you do and like. So that's what it's good that complementary services like that have processes and have, you know, names so that it just meshes well with someone who's, you know, already at this level and have this process in place. You're able to just mesh really well. I'm talking here like Business-to-business, you know. 

Aaron [00:15:13] Does the copyrighter that we've used recently? 

Aaron [00:15:16] Does he have a process? I feel like it does right? Or 

Christian [00:15:19] Again, it kind of. 

Aaron [00:15:20] Yeah. It's more of like, hey, I just want to get as many jobs as possible and really build something from it. 

Aaron [00:15:25] Dang. Well, good to know. 

Aaron [00:15:28] All right. So that's all we have for this week. Thank you guys so much for listening to another episode of the Marketing Natives. And as we mentioned in the commercial, make sure that you go check out our free training on how to attract. qualified. and convert more leads online with our leads accelerator program. And if this is your first time listening. Please make sure that you hit the subscribe button so that you don't miss out on any of our content that we put out every single week, whether that's on YouTube or our podcasts, wherever you can, whatever popular podcast. You're listening to it on. And if you've been listening to us for a while, it's been a couple of months since we've got an a review, which is being honest here. So we would love for you to go over to Apple podcast, leave us an honest reading review and we will shout you out. It really helps us know if we're doing a good job. We know you guys are listening. We see the numbers there. We'll also want to know I iTunes wants to know are Apple podcasts, wants to know they were doing a job so we can show and share more people and create more episodes for you guys. So hope you got a lot out of this and we'll talk to you next time. 

Narrator [00:16:25] The Marketing Natives podcast is a production of BitBranding. 

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