How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas For Instagram

December 24, 2018

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas For Instagram:

  1. Take a deep dive into your business, culture, people.
  1. Figure out 7 to 9 categories or types of posts. For example, for us its Family/Friends, Posing, Ninja Turtles, Books, Our Work, Cross Promo, Food..
  1. When it comes to caption you can talk about that particular post or just talk about whatever comes to mind. The point here is to try and engage with your audience… the photo/video needs to make them stop but the caption needs to make them comment.


This week's podcast is quite special because it is our Christmas Eve episode! It's a quick podcast, but we think that the topic is definitely something that a lot of small business can relate to. Since social media sites like Instagram are key factors for your business' growth, you'll always need new content to keep things fresh for you and your customers!

Our first tip would be to develop an identity for your business when it comes to its culture and the way it presents itself on Instagram so that it could click with your target audience. You could do this by posting pictures that correspond to a certain theme that goes with your company's culture. An example of this would be if you post biweekly pictures about food or family - this would make your audiences familiar with your brand and the online content you produce.

Another thing you could do is self-categorize the different types of posts you have on Instagram. Just like we said, if your company recognizes itself with something like food or maybe books, then you could use these categories as ideas for content. For example, in our company, we recognize ourselves with family, friends, Ninja Turtles, and food, so what we'd do is post pictures about these different categories on different days. This way, we won't end up running out of ideas what to post about because we have tons of categories to work around for content!

The most important thing you could do in order to help your content in Instagram or social media grow would be coming up with interactive captions. Sure, we can say that the videos or pictures catch the eye of the audience, but it's an awesome caption that can tell them the story behind your content. Once people get to read the caption and have that urge to interact with your post because of it - your content will automatically start clicking with you audiences on a whole other level!

So, if you're able to get the hang of these three things or even master them, then your Instagram and other social media accounts will definitely grow!

Well, we hope that you guys were able to learn something new from this week's episode. We hope that y'all have a Merry Christmas with your friends and families! We'll see you guys again on December 31 for this year's last episode of The Marketing Natives!

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