How to Navigate a Business Launch Through COVID-19 With Sam Camarillow

June 22, 2020

Show Notes

When YogaSix was set to open up, they had no clue that the world would change, but they found a way and have continued to push forward to fulfill their dream.

We’re talking about:

  1. How to create a social media strategy that gets your audience to engage
  2. How going to bed earlier builds success in your personal and business life
  3. How to launch a company during a world pandemic Sometimes the only way to be successful is to push through

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Aaron [00:00:00] Hey Guys on this episode, we have Sam from Yoga six, and we're talking about how to navigate a business through Covid 19, how to create a social media strategy that actually works and how going to bed earlier actually helps you be more successful in your business and in personal life. Enjoy. This is the marketing natives providing. 

[00:00:21] actual ways, improve and succeed in your business. 

[00:00:25] And now your host Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:30] All right. Welcome back, guys. Thank you so much for tuning into another episode of the marketing natives. Today we have a special guest, Sam, with Yoga Six up here in McKinney, Texas. 

Aaron [00:00:41] Superexcited for you guys to learn more about her, their business and more so how they're navigating this, because you're going to find out very quickly that they started a business kind of in the midst of Cauvin. So that's going to be interesting to hear what's going on with them. Sam, welcome to the show. 

Sam [00:00:57] Thank you so much. Appreciate you talking to me. 

Aaron [00:01:01] Absolutely. So tell us a little bit about yoga six. What is that? What's why that name? So tell us a little bit about the company. 

Sam [00:01:09] Yoga six is it's a locally owned company, but it is a franchise. So it comes out of the original studio was not out of California, but our corporate offices in California. We are owned by the parent company of exponential fitness. So Exponential Fitness has big, huge fitness brands like Call-up Lottie's here of our rowhouse Stretch Lab HKT and also Yoga six, among a couple others. So what that means is that we're owned by this amazing company that believes in the member experience. And so my owner, Sherry Beasley, she has three locations, three territories in the McKinnie Allen area. And we are in the midst of building two locations at the moment. We have a West location in McKinney, Kuster and Elderado. And then our north location is off part and in three. And what Yoga Six stands for is we have six different styles of classes, something for everyone. So what Yoga say stands for is that we are all inclusive. So we have something for everyone, whether you have been practicing for 20 something years or this is your first brand new to yoga. We have something for you. All of our classes are all level based. And yeah, six different styles of classes just tries to offer something for everyone. 

Aaron [00:02:36] What can you go through some of those six thousand classes? I know I've heard of like hot yoga and goat yoga. I'm assume you guys don't do yoga, but go you're not on the schedule. 

Sam [00:02:46] Okay. So the six different styles of classes, we all of our costs are heat based. Some are a little bit more than others. So if you are brandnew yoga, we have a class for you that's called one to one, which basically breaks down some of the postures. And it's a little more informational. There's a lot of props that you can using yoga. So we break down how to use those. And so we take out that scared factor of I don't know what the heck to do. 

Sam [00:03:14] And then bring that approach and the one to want to kind of ease you into it. And then with our slow flow, it's a little slower. Instruction doesn't mean easy. It just means a little more holding of postures, a little more stability, purpose, flow. And then we have we have Ristau, which is a stretch based based class. So we get down low to the ground and do a lot of stretching. Great for runners, spinners, that type of thing. We also have, let's see, hot class, which is a set sequence. Very good. You type A personalities. It's the same every time they can kind of gauge where they're at. What else do we have? We have sculpted foam, which incorporates cardio and some lightweight dumbbells. And when I'm alone, always forgetting one, I'll remember it. 

Aaron [00:04:06] A second guessing that was not your you must day, I guess. Which one? Which one is the best. I heard the one for the runners in the low. Yeah, I need that one. 

Sam [00:04:17] I'm definitely or that one's going to be and they're all great. But that one is gonna be I think for the people who are those cross fitters as people who do a lot of running or sitting on a bike or anybody who sits at a desk all day long, it's going to be great for Ristau. 

Aaron [00:04:33] Nice. I'm sure Christian will find a way for us all to get into that or he wants them to. 

Christian [00:04:40] Well, I mean, I've done yoga in the past, but it's been, you know, some of those just guided videos and it's always been a very long usually session. But after, I don't know, two, three weeks of actually doing it. It's a full on workout. And I do not think that, you know, yoga is going to be something that would definitely work my muscles and my flexibility and all that stuff. And I mean unbeliever. I mean, I don't do it regularly. But the times that I've done it, I always feel like more powerful, more flexible. I actually feel like I'm getting a workout in. So, I mean, I. I love it. 

Sam [00:05:21] Well, speaking of the class, I forgot was power. So there you go. 

Christian [00:05:27] Yeah. 

Sam [00:05:29] We also believe that it should be a full sensory experience, if not only for your body, but it's also for your minds. We incorporate music, lights, sounds. We have tallit at the end of class where we get the smell from different essential oils and things like that. So we believe that from the second you walk into the second that you leave, it's a full experience for all the sentences. So it not only takes care of your your body, but it's for your whole your whole being. 

Aaron [00:05:58] And whenever you're going through a class, is there options for like you can just do a drop in, like, say, for example, like, you know, I just want to go once a week. It's that way. Or like what kind of. How are the memberships broken down for four people? 

Sam [00:06:12] So we're a membership based studio. We believe that if you come in, the more you come in, the more it works. Right. So we get you in there as often as your time allows and is best for you. But we like to start people off with, if possible, with an unlimited membership. So that obviously gives you wanted access. We also have eight or eight times a month, which is an eight pack or four times a month, which is a four pack. And then for people who just want to drop in, you're coming in from out of town. You never taking your class before. It's twenty five dollars just to drop in and see what we're all about. 

Aaron [00:06:48] And since since you guys own multiple locations, can you drop into any one of those locations or is it just the location that you're going to like at Harden or whatever? 

Sam [00:06:58] If you have an unlimited membership, you can go to any location. Not only the ones that my owner Shehri owns, but you can go to any location in the nation if you have ah, what we call our warrior free unlimited package. So if you travel a bunch, which I know a lot of people like, you know, I've had many memberships where I can only go to that one location if I go to town, I'm kind of out of luck. So for us, it's like if you have family or relatives, you travel for business. We're hoping that Yoga Six is going to be available for you wherever you go. 

Aaron [00:07:31] And so we're recording this obviously kind of in the midst of covered with everything going on. Where are you guys? As far as I know, you were in the build up phase and I think you're open now. What is it? Not open yet. So. Yeah. Where are you guys at as far as opening? And what does that look like and like when we'll be able to go see you, I guess, fully? 

Sam [00:07:53] Well, we actually were supposed to be open quite a bit ago and we got super close to where we thought we were gonna open around March. And then, of course, we all know what happened around March. We got delayed. So now what? Our West location, we're looking at less than 30 days. Right now, we're hoping for a July 1st ish timeline. So we're not releasing that date at the moment. But that's what we're kind of hoping is the first week in July we're going to be up running and ready to go following our state and federal guidelines, of course. So that definitely put a damper on our opening situation. But we're we're happy that we're almost to that point now. 

Christian [00:08:34] How did you guys pivot right there around March whenever everything got shut down and everything went into quarantine? And then I guess how how quickly did you guys implement something in place? 

Sam [00:08:47] Well, we are super lucky where we have a great franchise. We're part of a great franchise. So our corporate team really helps us out when all of this. I don't think I personally understood what obviously was about to happen. So I was like, oh, this will blow over in like two weeks. It's fine. That didn't happen. It kind of took over. There was a little bit of a standstill. I want to say for like a week. And then they were they were on it. So we had new marketing tools. We had new avenues. We went to a virtual platform even for our we had some locations. So Yoga Six has about 40 locations that are on the ground, like up and going right now. But we have four hundred and fifty that have been sold. So so everyone's in a different phase, whether they are not building at or they're in presales like us. And our corporate team had a plan for us. So we went to a virtual platform pretty soon, right after about, I would say, the end of March. We were already up in what we call phase one of pivoting. 

Aaron [00:09:51] Wow. That is very that's. Well, that's awesome, because pivoting after a week is very quick to do, especially for you guys. Like you said, you went from, hey, we're going to be talking about green opening and getting fliers out there. I'm sure you guys, it already sent out things in the mail or had already told people like this is the date and everything's kind of on hold. So what are the. You said this is this one. Are you talking about is the deal at which location is this one off of Huster and Elderado. 

Aaron [00:10:23] Got it. Okay. And when did the you said there was one gonna be coming to Allen. 

Sam [00:10:29] Well, she has and territory for Allen. So when you when you buy and you have like certain zip code you can build in and she has possibilities to build in and we're not sure she could choose to build somewhere else. But just we want to make sure we get this McKinnie area service because it doesn't have that kind of yoga in this area. 

Aaron [00:10:50] So which seems weird because I would think that this definitely fits the demo of, like, the type of people who would go in, you know, do yoga. 

Sam [00:11:00] I mean, there is there is definitely yoga. And I'm not taking away from that at all. But I think what we're offering is very different. There's always a place for more yoga. So but there there are some that are available. But we're just we're trying to bring a different perspective of yoga. 

Aaron [00:11:17] Gotcha. And so I guess a little bit more from your background. Were you doing yoga before or teaching yoga before? Like, are you like is your role more hands off in this, you know, this style of work in making sure that things run smoothly? Or do you actually help with yoga classes as well? What's it what is your complete role with this? Wow. 

Sam [00:11:40] So my background is I went to school for dance. I went to SMU and have a dance degree in the movement field. And I was just looking for a change and got my certification and yoga some 200 hours certified. And then I went into the group fitness industry. So I have done a lot of stuff from squaddies to rowing. So I've taught rowing to teaching dance now for 20 years and I fell in love with yoga. I just think that my passion and kind of in my back pocket of things I wanted to accomplish and be really involved in. 

Sam [00:12:17] And I happened to meet my wonderful owner, Sherry, who is offered me this wonderful position to bring yoga to McKinnie. And so my role as the GM is to support everyone. I will be teaching minimally. 

Sam [00:12:32] But my role is just to make sure the studio runs smoothly. I'm over the teachers. I'm over what we call our wellness advisers, our front desk staff and the daily operations. So I will be really invested in making sure that the day to day operations run smoothly and I will be involved in classes. So I'm going to be involved as much as possible. 

Aaron [00:12:55] And how did so backing up a little bit, how did you and Sherry meet? Because you made it seem like it was like, hey, we ran into each other at Target or something, so. 

Sam [00:13:06] Well, we met in a field where I was working and she I actually went to interview just for a just for an instructor job. And we hit it off really well. And I knew that I wanted to get more involved in yoga, but I didn't know it could be this involved in yoga. So I met her through another job. And then I interviewed separately through just wanting to be an instructor. And then she just said, hey, are you interested in a little bit more? And I didn't really quite know what that was because I was just doing fitness. And I love teaching. It's my passion. But now my platform of being a general manager gets to be a little more involved and gets to be. 

Sam [00:13:48] I don't know, I get to bring it to a lot a lot bigger role, a lot bigger part of the community. 

Christian [00:13:54] So ended we're a marketing agency. What it has been, I guess maybe your biggest struggles, especially with everything that's going on, is Provan 10 times harder, but with the marketing. Right, maybe the social media hasn't been anything in particular that you struggle with as far as, you know, getting the word out for the new studio. 

Sam [00:14:16] I would say, well, we're definitely. I think people shut down. I would say in my head, it was probably about a six week pause, so we were rocking and rolling and then all of a sudden people just shut down. So I think just being able to even inundate people with any sort of information was really hard. So that was the biggest part of our struggle, is that I don't even think I talk to a human being for about three weeks about yoga because no one really wanted to talk to me. And I think it was slightly insensitive for me to call people. 

Sam [00:14:53] Well, I just I didn't I think that was the hardest part is. Finding a balance between I want to reach out to people not really want to, but because of all the stuff that's going on. So that was my heart to me. 

Aaron [00:15:06] When did you make that transition? Like you said, I mean, to me, I guess we're like everybody's kind of gotten this like we went through these stages of, like, what's going on with Kobe. Like, extreme fear, too. OK. Now, let's be prepared to now like let's open things up. Let's get back to somewhat our new normal is. When did you guys start to get into that transition to where you felt comfortable enough to talk to people about joining and in growing the business as you know, what you were doing back in March? 

Sam [00:15:37] I think we started to first of all, ah, I guess I'll call her phase one was just. Member retention. 

Sam [00:15:45] So we had members who had already bought into us being open a lot sooner than we thought we were going to be or we are now. So our number one was to check in with our members and just be human and say, how are you doing? What's going on? What's how's your family? You know, if anyone lost their job, I just would call and reach out and my owner did. I mean, we both got on the phones and started calling our members. So that was our number one is just member retention and also just making sure everyone was OK. And then I think it was I want to say maybe five, six weeks ago, things started to just turn around where we started to see maybe light at the end of the tunnel and we started to pivot on. At the end of this or when we get out of this or when things start to get a little bit back to normal, we are here for you. And this is what we have to offer. So it was more like where you at? Now, where do you want to be when this is when we're going back to a normal situation? And here's what we can help you with. If you would like it. So that's kind of what changed for us. 

Aaron [00:16:47] What do you think you're going to enjoy the most whenever you guys open? I'm sure this is the biggest thing right now is anticipating opening. But like, what do you what are you most ready for? Once you guys open that, you're like, okay, finally this big is this big relief is like off of my shoulders. 

Aaron [00:17:03] We can finally do this or I finally have this sense because we, you know, got this out of the way and I'm ready just to finally offer these people that have been so patient with us, offer them these classes and then to. 

Sam [00:17:21] Let them experience it and then just to hear to hear their thoughts, hear what their experience was here, their emotions, and I don't know if you guys feel the same way, but after I work out, I do feel I like it when it's over. I like I like those those feelings of being done and what I've accomplished. And I want to hear about my members accomplishments and just getting into the studio and and being able to provide this wonderful service for them. So I'm excited just to hear how their experience was. 

Aaron [00:17:58] All right, now we're cut into the section of the episode where we want to hear from you on the other side of this and hear a marketing question you guys have for us and how we can help you in just kind of candidly go back and forth and try to get a solution for you. 

Sam [00:18:15] Her. So I do have a question. I have a lot of general manager counterparts and from sister locations that tell me that I should be doing like a social media calendar, a reaching out to people, you know, and posting certain things at certain times and still shot versus video. This isn't this and that. So what are your guys suggestions on posting on social media? 

Aaron [00:18:43] Well, that is a very good question. And we've I think we had a meeting like, what, last week? Christian kind of like finalized that. So we met in March. I Christiani to figure out what our schedule was going to be. And then Kove it happened because we had a schedule before and then we kind of went off of it and we just couldn't figure out what works. So I can tell you a little bit about. But I think more so. At least my side of the answer would be that you need to figure out what's going to work for you. And our advice from the very beginning has always been to like start small and then grow from that. So if you just pick one platform and one type of content to post like a photo once a week, that's better than 90 percent of people. And you can always add to it. But that's I mean, I think Christian probably explain a little bit better for our side of it, but that's what I would. My suggestion would be just depending on where you're at right now, is to just start with something that you feel comfortable with and get one piece of the content out there and then adjust that and continue to add on later, because I think there's a lot of people who tell you you need to do three posts a day across these different platforms. And then your full time job now becomes social media poster. 

Christian [00:19:52] Yes, I would. Yeah, I would say the exact same thing. You have to look at, you know, your time and your availability and then go from there. Obviously, I think the one post a week, it's like a bare minimum, but it's like an that is better than nothing. And then another thing would be, I mean, how many instructors do you have at that location? 

Sam [00:20:14] We currently have eleven. 

Christian [00:20:17] And so, I mean, that's an opportunity for for them to also be taking pictures or doing some videos or even doing some many interviews with, you know, where reviews or testimonials. 

Christian [00:20:26] Right. With some of those people after the class. So all those things are, you know, huge opportunities. 

Christian [00:20:31] And and it's kind of like taking the load off, you know, maybe some of the content that you have to generate. Right. And then I think on top of that, I would also. Come up with with a bare minimum strategy. I would also maybe look at what is it like the national calendar? They will give you some ideas on things that you could post and then, yeah, I would definitely mix it up with some videos and some photos and then add some graphics. And again, it depends on the on the platform. 

Christian [00:21:02] I believe we've also said to kind of start small but also start small and one platform and they kind of move on to into multiple. 

Christian [00:21:11] And I believe you guys have Facebook and Instagram maybe. 

Sam [00:21:16] I was going to say we have we're pretty I mean, I'm I'm hosting at least twice a day. Great. A lot of different things that I post. And we specifically are about Facebook and Instagram. We don't post on anything else. But I'm I'm listening to guys like you and different podcast and this and that. So I'm also wondering if there is another availability, another avenue, other places that you guys recommend. 

Christian [00:21:43] Yes. I mean, I would I would say stick with this as long as, you know, you have the time and the bandwidth to do it. Obviously, when things start opening back up and posting twice a day might not be, you know, somebody really sick for you. It might be. I know. But if you're comfortable with, you know, doing all that, then, I mean, I don't know. 

Christian [00:22:01] I would say maybe to talk as as weird and quirky. That's that's Dasan. I would say tick tock. It's probably the hottest, largest platform right now and it's, I mean it's growing like crazy. I think there's huge opportunity for, for companies like yours to do a lot of really fun stuff with Tick-Tock. 

Aaron [00:22:21] Right. Especially you because you're in that dance kind of world. So I mean, that's what it is. I actually saw something thing was yesterday. It was like a foodie took their Instagram account and was like, whatever I'm done with Instagram, I'm still gonna do it. But I've moved to Tick-Tock and they've blown up like they have maybe ten thousand followers on Instagram, which is good, but I think they have one hundred and fifty thousand on tech talk now because you can grow faster. It's kind of like first to the platform, but it was really nice. They were telling me about all the six different places in Dallas that I've never heard of that I need to go grab food with. And it's just a better way to digest it. So I would yeah. Experiment spend about ten to fifteen percent of your time experimenting with things. And that's not only different the platform, but also the types of content. Whenever you and I are talking to, all three of us are talking or anything like that. Ninety percent of the time we're not talking about business. We just happen to be talking about yoga. Six schools. We're doing an interview, but most of the time we're not. Most of the time we're talking about family or friends and what we did this week in and we're we're going to eat or things like that. Talk about those things. So, for example, you may be predominantly women and those women may predominantly be moms. You should be talking about those things and adding value to them as moms, not necessarily just as yoga, because they they they understand that and they know that they're going to get that from you. But they're moms first who happen to do yoga. They are not all yogis who happen to be moms. So I would use that as a place to test and say, hey, look, I want to talk to you as real mom. And I guarantee you, if you did a meme or something close to that, that's like, you know, mom's home schooling right now. That would be more like son wanting more photos and more engagement on when you're photos than anything about somebody doing a yoga stretch. And that's just because it's relatable. So that's what I was, a test platform and tests the types of content, because the last thing you want to do is, I guess, only post yoga related things, because that's what everybody else who's doing yoga and has a yoga studio is doing. And you guys are different based off of what we've heard from you. 

Sam [00:24:20] Sure. Those are great. I mean, we we want to be as relatable as possible. So I guess I have to learn how to do tick tock and second, check it out. 

Aaron [00:24:28] If anything, you'll just have fun and enjoy it there. All right. So let's hear your tip back to us. What's something that we can learn from your guys, a studio or business at the USF? 

Sam [00:24:44] What's something? I mean, it's kind of along the same lines of what you just said, just being relatable, but. We just are trying to be all inclusive and we're trying to do really stick with. 

Sam [00:24:59] I think at first I thought I had to ignore the fact that covered was happening or I had to ignore about all of the things that are going on in the world right now. And so I think if we are human and we allow those things to actually, you know, relate to us and also how you relate to other people. I think one thing that I learned in the NECMI the other kids can learn is that we don't have to ignore those things. We can and people will appreciate it more if you're just a human being talking to them, kind of like we just said, you know, that we don't have to ignore it and just be this brand. That's perfect. We we are also affected by the world. 

Sam [00:25:35] So I think that's the one thing that I would say awesome. 

Aaron [00:25:38] Yeah. That's good. It's funny that it can be similar advice from both things, but both differently and how we look at it, because I guess it's just a like in our world, it makes sense to talk about social that way, but in general, that's a good way to kind of reframe. All right. So we have a couple of questions for you that we call like our Rapid Fire Fun section. So this should be fun for you. This also. May stump you so we can always move on, so you can do like a we don't have a button or anything like that, but you can say pass and we'll come back to it potentially. So are you ready? Okay. You like. Yeah, you're like. All right. It's time to get intense. All right. So what's a purchase of one hundred dollars or less? That is positively impacted your life in the last six months or recent memory? 

Sam [00:26:39] This is going to be ridiculous. I would say my yoga mat because I actually had to purchase a new one. And I didn't know how much use I was gonna get out of it. So there you go. 

Aaron [00:26:50] Dating. And how much was the argument, just for reference? 

Sam [00:26:54] Seventy something, I believe. 

Aaron [00:26:56] Yes. I don't know how much yoga mat wear. This must be a nice one. I'm guessing it's a nice yoga mat. 

Sam [00:27:01] It's pretty nice. It's it. It definitely will. I got it to sweat a lot on. So you have to invest on something like that. 

Aaron [00:27:08] Gotcha. You're the one that I had was like you laid it on the ground and you pretty much like we're on the ground rolled. 

Christian [00:27:16] Yeah. From the. Shouldn't be. Yeah. The wind. Just pick it up. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:27:20] Yeah. And it hurt your knees just to be on it because it's like literally paper. 

Sam [00:27:26] Maybe you got me. 

Aaron [00:27:28] Yeah. I'm guessing if I paid seventy five I get a little bit better. Younger man. Oh. Well you answered that like a champ. So that was very impressive. 

Sam [00:27:39] Thank you. I appreciate it. I don't know. There's a couple different reasons that I probably buy. 

Aaron [00:27:45] Well, we want to know those two. Sure. 

Aaron [00:27:47] You have to answer this from succulence that I've already killed. So that sucks. 

Aaron [00:27:54] Killed succulence. That's impressive, honestly. 

Sam [00:28:00] You know, I bought what I bought a couple of clothes that just don't fit. So, yeah, things that I just don't need to be purchasing online and just wait. 

Sam [00:28:14] The succulence is a good one. 

Aaron [00:28:18] All right. Next up, in the last five years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your life? 

Sam [00:28:34] I would say I used to basically stay up until three or four o'clock in the morning and wake up at like eleven or twelve because my schedule allowed me to because I was teaching dancing you stands at nights and my. That's just the way I thought my body clock worked well. So that was my belief. And I changed that. My behavior changed as well. I started going to bed a little bit earlier. I stopped watching as much TV at night and then going to bed and actually getting some rest. And my body clock has completely turned around. 

Sam [00:29:08] And I'm waking up at like the awful hours of like six and seven and actually being productive. So I don't really believe in that before. So I think that has definitely helped me not to say that that has to be for everyone, but that helps me. 

Aaron [00:29:21] Well, we would have met each other if you wouldn't have been waking up that early because we met at the McKinnie chamber. So you definitely wouldn't have been there. 

Sam [00:29:28] It also didn't hurt that I was teaching five, 30 a.m. classes for a while. So, you know, that doesn't hurt that my I had to change. 

Christian [00:29:38] I can definitely relate to the I feel like I've always said, oh, I mean, I. Oh, I mean, I. 

Christian [00:29:42] But changing that to actually go to bed at a decent time and actually getting, you know, your full eight hours or seven hours and then waking up early, you just feel more productive. I think especially if you get like a workout early in the morning in the head the rest of the day to conquer. So, yeah, I would definitely agree with that. 

Sam [00:30:01] It was nice. It was for a while for me, though. I can't do that too early. I go to bed at like three or four. Not going about it for your boy. 

Christian [00:30:10] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:30:11] Right now I don't even think I can make it till three or four. It was like I think was Saturday night or something like that. I was like it was eleven thirty and I was like my eyes were burning. I was like I can stay up to like watch a movie. I can't stay up to watch a show like this is late or less. I mean it to me that's like an hour and a half past my bedtime. It's like oh man, I could not even do that. 

Sam [00:30:35] Well, I have friends. You ask if I want to go to dinner at like seven thirty. I'm like seven thirty. That's so late. 

Aaron [00:30:43] It's like I'm going to be falling asleep at dinner. 

Sam [00:30:50] It's definitely turned around a lot for me, but I do like being a little more productive during the day, that's for sure. 

Christian [00:30:57] You mentioned this watching TV and during this pandemic, there's probably been a lot of opportunities to either Netflix binge or Amazon Prime binge or Hulu binge. What has been something that you've been watching lately? 

Sam [00:31:15] Well, of course I watched Tiger King. So that happened. What? 

Aaron [00:31:20] Did Carol do it? You got another clip. Here's what I know. 

Aaron [00:31:25] There's some people out there who are Carol Baskin fans to like. You know, I think that's the thing that we can unite the country on is that Carol Baskin did it. So I just want to clarify. 

Sam [00:31:35] Well, no question on my mind about that. 

Aaron [00:31:39] She's selling a ninety five mask's now. So if you want to participate and help her out, you can purchase those. All right. 

Sam [00:31:47] She needs more publicity. I also like it. Is it dead? I mean, many that like mean something to me. I watched that one. That one's a great second one. And then I got back to watching Shameless. Yeah, my my team watching it all over the place. And I also had some Real Housewives marathon going on in there, too. 

Sam [00:32:15] So forget about that. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:32:20] I've heard a lot of people talk about shameless. That's the. What's the premise of that? 

Aaron [00:32:25] Real quick, what William H. Macy. I know it's just about a family from Chicago. It has a whole bunch of problems. And just just watching their shenanigans go from from the years. I think there's 10 seasons. 

Sam [00:32:42] So that's the next thing that I'm gonna do whenever I find a new show is that they have to have the prerequisite is at least seven seasons. Because I loved Parks and Rec and I've loved other shows and they're like six seasons, five seasons, three seasons. I'm like, really like if you love your show and then you like get all the way through it and you find out that it was canceled. Like I'm like this. This is horrible. I want more of this and then those five or six seasons stuff, just another nine. So 10 seasons. That sounds like you're good for a while. I can deal with that. 

Sam [00:33:17] Yeah. You can get on that one and spend some time. It's a crazy show. 

Aaron [00:33:26] Awesome. All right. I think you answered every question, at least in the rapid fire part of things. Yes, you did this. I mean, honestly, probably top one or two of completed in Rapid Fire as quickly. And the first question usually stuns people. It's usually a quick pass. But you answered that without skipping a beat. So I'm very impressed. 

Sam [00:33:50] You know, I felt like I had pressure on me. 

Aaron [00:33:55] All right. So how can how can our audience how can the people who are watching the video and audio podcast version this, how can they find out more about Yoga six, especially in the McKinnie area? How can they find out more about you, how to kind of get involved? What's the best way for them to find you guys? 

Sam [00:34:13] Well, we're on all the socials, so we're on Facebook, right? Instagram. If you look out West McKinnie Yoga six, North McKinnie 06. And then if you go to just yoga six dot com and it will bring you to your closest yoga six location. You can see also then see all the locations that are opening up around the United States, around this area. And then also, what else if you wanted to send an email W McKinnie Yoga six dot com or call two one four two one four nine six four two. 

Aaron [00:34:45] Awesome. We will put all of that in the show, notes will be reaching out for that. Just make sure everything's correct there, but awesome. Sam, thanks so much for jumping on here. Was fun to get to know you and learn a little bit more about what's going on. And hopefully we can go out there. I'm trying to practice my posture and everything you're doing with that. 

Aaron [00:35:05] You can get a. Awesome. Thank you so much. We'll see you hopefully very soon. All right. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Waffle Day. Thank you. Bye. 

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