Show Notes

On today's episode we talk about how to market a used car dealership online by: 

  • Creating a unique and clean website. We go a little bit more in depth on what things you should have on your site
  • Having a strong reputation management strategy. Simple... get more reviews!
  • Mastering search engine marketing. 
  • Using Facebook to advertise but doing it in a unique way.


Christian: [00:00:15] Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Marketing Natives. Today we are talking about how to market a used car dealership online. We're talking about reviews. We're talking about websites. We're talking about search engine marketing. A lot of good stuff in here if you are a car dealership owner or maybe you're part of the marketing team, you know? Also if you're listening to this podcast for the first time, we want to welcome you. If you want to check us out and have a full list of all of our previous podcast episodes with transcriptions and explanations and links and all that, you can check us out at


Aaron: [00:00:57] I would say- Kind of explain a little bit about our podcasts because we don't do it interview style. So we kind of just explain the industry specific because if it's their first time-


Christian: [00:01:07] Yeah, go ahead.


Aaron: [00:01:08] Okay. I will. All right. So Christian and I are business partners, and we kind of dissect these industry-specific terms. So one week we ' re maybe talking about a car dealership. The next week we may be talking about a dentist, but I do want to iterate that each podcast is applicable to any type of business owner. It's just we like to give like really good advice for that specific industry, and you can use it in your business as well. So.


Christian: [00:01:34] Absolutely. All right. So the first thing that you need to do to really market and be really good at marketing your car dealership online is to have a unique and clean website. The website is going to be basically your storefront online. So you have to make sure that number one, it's functional. Number two, you have the right content. A lot of car dealership websites use stock images or maybe just one or two images per car. You want to make sure that you have a lot of images, explanations, what's working, what's not working with the vehicle, and just be upfront about all those things, but most importantly have, you know, something that stands out and something that's clean and easy to navigate for your website. I guess another big thing is to- And this is something that a lot of people have been implementing in their websites, it's a messenger chatbot.


Aaron: [00:02:26] Yes.


Christian: [00:02:26] So you can automatically take care of a lot of customers, asking questions. You can set the chatbot to do different things and different answers. You can do- They can be very powerful. So definitely encourage you to use some kind of chatbot or messenger in your website.


Aaron: [00:02:46] Right. I think some more popular ones like Intercom you can actually- Say you're offline. It's 1:00 in the morning. They're searching for a car, and you're offline. You can connect it to an FAQ. So on your website, having an FAQ will really help you stand out, and if somebody's searching for it and there's nobody live to do it there, this is kind of like a customer service tool that you may get the deal compared to somebody else because you're able to answer the question.


Christian: [00:03:12] I mean, besides just having the chatbot, you also need to make sure that you have someone in your team who's responsible for those leads coming in from the website. You know, having that one person is good, and that person can delegate, you know, other tasks, but definitely have someone in charge of those people come in from your website.


Aaron: [00:03:29] Yes, that's the first impression. I mean, that's a part of our notes here is that that's typically the first impression. Most people don't go see a used car dealership across the street and say, "I'm just going to walk over there." No, they look online. They try to find the car they're looking for and then go check it out.


Christian: [00:03:48] Yep.


Aaron: [00:03:48] Anything else with the website?


Christian: [00:03:49] Nope, that's it.


Aaron: [00:03:49] All right. Cool. The number two here is to ask for more reviews. So reviews are very important. We've talked- I think we've had quite a few episodes before about reputation management and then how important that is and what kind of impact that has on businesses when you don't have reviews or they're not frequent or they're not good. So a car dealership, especially a used car dealership- I'm doing like some air quotes here. Like some people already have this preconceived notion that you're going to get sold to as soon as you get on the lot, that it's going to be a bad experience, and they kind of dread doing it, but if you have reviews from customers who tell you otherwise that say hey, this was maybe the best experience ever. I worked with Clifford or I worked with Jamison or whatever, and these people really helped me out. They, you know, they took the time. They weren't sales-y. They actually listened to what I needed. They didn't try to upsell me this Corvette that I needed and I really wanted this Honda. Honda's rock by the way. Anyway, but the point is that you get real customer feedback because you can talk about how good you are online. But I think even more so other than like maybe roofing or- I can't really think of another industry, but besides that like those types of industries, those are probably the most important for you to have online reviews before somebody comes in there.


Christian: [00:05:13] Yeah, absolutely. And I think I said that, you know, your website's like your storefront online, but to be honest, like a lot of people might just search and the first thing that they might see is going to be reviews. So reviews is something that they might even see before they actually see your website, and if you don't have the right reviews or timely reviews or you're not answering to the bad reviews and the good reviews, you're not going to get visitors to your website.


Aaron: [00:05:38] Yes. So just some good practices there. Always respond to the bad reviews, always respond to the good reviews, and don't just assume that people are only going to be on like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Yelp. There are industry specific. So make sure that you get some reviews on those spots as well.


Christian: [00:05:54] Yeah. DealerRater,, and all that stuff.


Aaron: [00:05:57] Which- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn't know- They may have reviews. I guess I've never really looked at that part of it, but yeah.


Christian: [00:06:04] I think so.


Aaron: [00:06:05] All right.


Christian: [00:06:09] Whoa. Cool.


Aaron: [00:06:10] That's a little echo part at the end. If you hold it down long enough, it gives like an echo sound. So that's where my DJ skills really come into play.


Christian: [00:06:17] Interesting.


Aaron: [00:06:17] All right. So this is your first time or if it's not you first time, this is probably your favorite part of the episode too. This is where we tell a little bit about BitBranding, and for the last three weeks now, we've been talking specifically about our ribbon cutting. We are in Allen, Texas, 550 South Watters Road at Allen Yeager Offices, and we are going to have a ribbon cutting on May 3rd at 4:30 P.M.. Again that's May 3rd at 4:30 P.M.. We have a lot of exciting things. Let's head it over to Christian. What kind of things are going to really attract people to come out?


Christian: [00:06:52] Yeah. So actually we just confirmed we're going to have a room full of puppies that you can come and play with. That's pretty exciting. We're also going to have a speech done by Tony Romo. He's coming over to our ribbon cutting. We also have- Obviously, we still have the zip line going. The hot tubs. We've also-


Aaron: [00:07:14] With bottle service.


Christian: [00:07:15] With bottle service. Yeah. Now we also thought about doing instead of just water in the hot tubs, during one with chocolate. That will be pretty tasty, and people can fondue in there too. That'd be kind of gross maybe. I don't know. We're still working out the details on that.


Aaron: [00:07:31] It sounds great on paper, but you know, as we're playing with the amount of chocolate that's going to be needed, it's- You know.


Christian: [00:07:37] That might be a little bit costly.


Aaron: [00:07:39] Oh. He almost missed. There's a small band coming that will be live in the courtyard, Imagine Dragons, if you've ever heard of them. You can go google them. I think they got a couple of songs out you may like. So.


Christian: [00:07:51] Yeah. Good stuff.


Aaron: [00:07:51] But anyway, if you want to experience all of that and more, it's probably way cooler to meet Christian and I. We are in the Dallas area. We would love to meet you guys if you're listeners in the area, or if you drive from a really far away, that'd be cool too. But May 3rd, 4:30 P.M. our ribbon cutting. Be there or- I don't know. We should do like a live video or something, but I don't know. Anyway, May 3rd 5:30, Allen, Texas.


Christian: [00:08:18] Yes.


Aaron: [00:08:19] Sorry. 4:30.


Christian: [00:08:20] What'd you say before?


Aaron: [00:08:21] I said 5:30.


Christian: [00:08:23] No. 4:30.


Aaron: [00:08:23] We were testing you guys. You're probably listening, and you said, "No, it's not 5:30. It's 4:30." All right. So, and give me one second here.


Christian: [00:08:34] Perfect, perfect. I love it. All right. So we're back to how to market a used car dealership online. The last thing we have here is to master search engine marketing.


Aaron: [00:08:49] SEO.


Christian: [00:08:50] SEO.


Aaron: [00:08:50] Search Engine Optimization. Where you go on Google, on Yelp, if you use Bing, or if you use something like DuckDuckGo, this is where you're going to try to find your business online. Most people use Google. So that's what we're going to kind of use as our example, but mastering this is going to be very important. People go to Google. They're looking for a car. They're not necessarily looking for a dealership unless you have a great brand in the area. They're probably not thinking about the dealership. I can't- Can you think of any in the area?


Christian: [00:09:21] Hm-mm.


Aaron: [00:09:21] No, me neither. So there's no good ones. I know there's Clay Cooley-.


Christian: [00:09:25] Well, no. There might be some good ones.


Aaron: [00:09:27] No. Okay, that's true. There definitely are some good ones, but they're not sticking out to us. So if you are a car dealership and want to stick out, this is a selfish plug to say reach out to us. But anyway, people are going to go to Google, and if you have a certain type of car, you have certain types of cars, it's probably a good idea to have like maybe- I wrote down here like a one-minute video about the car kind of showing the outside, showing the inside, maybe some features. It's got 497 horsepower just on the wheels. It's got leather interior, and it can fly. Like those are all, you know, techniques to use to kind of tell people about the video or tell people about the car, and I don't see anybody doing any videos because it takes a little bit more work. But if you're gonna buy a car, I feel like a video will really give you a better understanding. And I would probably go check out a car if it was done as a video versus just a bunch of pictures.


Christian: [00:10:23] So what you're saying is do a video, put it on YouTube, and then link that video - that YouTube video - to your website to that specific car.


Aaron: [00:10:31] Exactly. And I mean, you should write out some details about the car too. So like maybe some features, all the things that you said in the video, like as some bullet points so that people still get that information if they can't watch the video. But Google owns YouTube, and that's a search engine tool. So you'll start to rank for that specific type of car. You know, if it's a 2012 used Honda Civic and you rank for that video in the area, they're going to see that video, and you link that to your website and drive more traffic there. And that's where the messenger bot or the messenger person is able to talk to them, and they come in and make a purchase.


Christian: [00:11:07] Do you have anything else?


Aaron: [00:11:09] If you don't want to do videos, you can do blogs.


Christian: [00:11:13] I think the one thing that we didn't talk about was social media.


Aaron: [00:11:15] Wow. Yeah, we missed that.


Christian: [00:11:17] And.


Aaron: [00:11:18] Bonus.


Christian: [00:11:19] Bonus. So yeah. I mean, definitely be on Facebook. That's where everyone is at, but you need to do things differently. You know, don't do the typical, you know-


Aaron: [00:11:30] Standing in front of a car. We have a great deal. Come on down.


Christian: [00:11:34] Yeah, exactly. Don't do those. Be a little bit more creative. Add some fire or-


Aaron: [00:11:40] Right. Some stuff blowing up.


Christian: [00:11:42] Stuff blowing up. Yes, some special effects. I don't know. Just make it fun just to attract some people. Make it funny definitely. I mean, cars is a very broad audience, I would say. So make something really funny or something extravagant out of that. You know, you'll get people watching your videos and images and all that on your Facebook. And also I think - don't quote me on this - but I think car dealerships can post on the marketplace now.


Aaron: [00:12:11] ,Yes they can. So actually most people can post on the marketplace as well now.


Christian: [00:12:15] No, I know people could, but I didn't know if dealerships could also do that.


Aaron: [00:12:19] Yes, I believe they can, and you can also set up like what's called a catalog on Facebook and actually have a list of your cars that are there and remarket back to people who like looked at your videos or your images about specific cars.


Christian: [00:12:33] Gotcha.


Aaron: [00:12:33] And one last thing, I guess - it's very important - is Facebook advertising allows you like- Say, for example, Christian's in the market for a luxury vehicle. I can actually find out if he's been looking in the last six months for a luxury vehicle or is looking for like a sedan or SUV. So you can target people who are looking for specific types of cars and put it right in front of them.


Christian: [00:12:54] All right. There you have it. So this episode, how to market a used car dealership online. We talked about having the clean, neat website with lots of pictures, considering using a chat bot. We also talked about getting a handle of your reputation management, getting more reviews, having reviews, you know, consistently, also responding to reviews. Number three is to master Search Engine Optimization, create some videos and blog posts on your website. Number four, social media ,  social marketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook page. Make sure you're doing very unique videos. You know, also use the Facebook marketplace to share some of your vehicles.


Aaron: [00:13:41] Right. And if you've gotten this far in, you are a car dealership owner and you're needed some help, reach out to us, and if you are tuning in and would do us a favor, you love the podcast, please leave us an honest review online. Share this with a friend by going to, and if you would like a podcast in your industry, go to BitBranding's Instagram and shoot us a direct message.


Christian: [00:14:06] All right. You'll hear us.


Aaron: [00:14:09] We'll talk to-


Christian: [00:14:10] We'll talk to you next week. Bye.

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