How To Increase Roofing Leads With This Simple SEO Trick

April 8, 2019

Show Notes

The trick is to get your business to show up in Google’s local map pack. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Create your profile on Google My Business. So many people forget to do this. Your location will not show up in maps at all without it. When you create the page, try to have a physical address vs a service area so you can start creating your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) everywhere.
  • Get lots of positive reviews! Work on getting quality reviews and make sure to always respond to every review; good or bad. Never pay for fake reviews! The best thing to do here is to simply have a strategy and ask for them.
  • Optimize your website. After you’ve worked on those two things then make sure your website speed is great. Run it by Pingdom.com. You also want to be ranking for specific keywords. Use Google Keyword Planner to better understand what people are searching for. Ideally, you’ll want to find keywords that are most closely related to your business, have high search volume (lots of people searching for them) and low competition. Those are your low-hanging fruit, to start with. Once you’ve chosen low-hanging fruit keywords for your business, you need to use these keywords on specific pages of your site. Search spiders put a lot of weight on mentioning your keywords in the titles, meta descriptions and the URLs of pages. The trick is to do this while still writing in a way that sounds natural and human—not like you’re just jamming in keywords so you’ll rank.


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Christian [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode we have something awesome for you if you're a roofer or really any type of business on how to increase your roofing leads with this simple SEO trick. When I talk about three little tactics that's going to help you with this ones SEO trick.  

Narrator [00:00:24] This is the Marketing Natives, providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. And now your hosts Aaron and Christian.

Christian [00:00:31] All right. I know you've been wondering what this one trick is and. It's very simple. Just get yourself on the Google Local map pack. If you don't know what the map pack is whenever you search for something like let's say marketing agency in Allen Texas you will get maybe some couple ads. And then right after those ads you'll going to see a little square box that has a map and it has a you know basically the top three results for that particular thing that you search for. And those top three results are going to be the map pack. It's probably one of the best things that you can do for your business or your local business to offer services or mainly services I guess. Maybe product can be a selling fridge raters or coffee shop like local coffee shop. So this is going to definitely help you tremendously with your local SU is to just be on that. Backpack. And so what we're going to do now is just give you a few tips on how to get on Google's local map pack.

Aaron [00:01:43] I wanted to say something before we jumped into number one here but it was funny because I was listening to or not listening I was reading something. The highest return on investment for marketing and for your marketing efforts is SBO. And even more to what Christine was talking about the bean and the map pack pays huge dividends so however much you end up paying an agency you are doing yourself for how much time over the long term it's going to generate way more business than you know a lot of other efforts so it's a huge I guess low hanging fruit for you to get a lot of business by just getting yourself in the map pack.

Christian [00:02:20] Yeah absolutely. So the first thing that you want to do is we'll create a profile on Google My Business so that you can actually. Input your information your address your phone number your website photos hours all those things into Google so that Google can easy find you. This is something that a lot of people don't necessarily know how to do and sometimes Google might generate it automatically from just people searching and you being maybe on Yelp or some other listings. So it's important that if you don't if you don't create it if you actually search for yourself and it shows that you haven't created anything you don't have the ability to just claim it. So maybe a little bit of a different process. But with Google My Business you can just literally Google Google My Business and it will give you the opportunity to create your own profile where you can input all this information. This is the step number one into being able to show yourself on the map pack.

Aaron [00:03:28] Yeah and Google does have just as a quick step probably about 70 to 80 percent of the traffic. So other search engines are going to pick it up from Google and if you're not on there it's going to be really difficult. And also if you want to lead if businesses are out there searching for you which they are and you don't have a good business page you're not going to pop up like Christian said but you won't pop up anywhere. And you also can't get any reviews you may or may not have heard how important reviews are to getting more business for yourself as well. So that is step number one. It is a process. You know probably set aside an hour or so to do it. But it does walk you through step by step or Google does step by step with screenshots on how to do it.

Christian [00:04:13] Yeah. All the information. Another thing here is like this is something that you don't just create ones and forget. It is a place where you can upload your own photos.

Christian / Aaron [00:04:23] I believe you can do video you can do one like video like looking about a video mounted video.

Christian [00:04:29] I mean there's a lot there's a lot of cool things that you can do with Google My Business. I think the also the more you use it the more you updated the you know the better is going to be the best result you're going to get. Because basically you're just playing by Google's rules. You know you're feeding the beast and given what it wants you know. And people also want that. So you got to think about you know what your customer wants as well. They might want to see. Let's say you have a coffee shop and you have some pictures there that are from the nineteen sixties don't know it was a really old coffee shop that you've renovated recently. And then you want to show that those renovation pictures and things like that. Maybe you'll change ownership. The movie that a previous owner had you know a picture of the owners in there. I mean there's a lot of things where you can upload images and and you know show the atmosphere of the environment of your place. Remember your service and all those things will definitely help you on on ranking on on the Google so not just creating the profile but also keeping it updated in all the new features.

Aaron [00:05:35] Like there's yeah there is a new feature probably about six months ago the ability for consumers to text you and tell you how things are going or ask you how things are going or schedule appointments. All of these are like newer features. You don't have to profile people we've talked you into getting that.

Christian [00:05:52] Yeah. And also like because like the address phone number. I'm also just looking at ours are now like you can do appointments. So have you ever appointment software. We have ours just linked right there. Want to just do it plumbing right there. There's also like a quick like question and answer where people are asking questions about your business. You have the ability for the owner to be the one who is answering those questions not other people because other people can also answer the questions. So I mean there's quite a few things in there that you can input on a regular basis or change things like that.

Christian [00:06:27] So some Narrawong for your profile and also don't forget about it.

Aaron [00:06:33] Very cool. Or number two we kind of alluded to this a little bit earlier I said you can't get reviews if you don't have a Google My Business profile. So these are not necessarily in chronological order but this one is huge. You had to create your profile first and then you need to work on getting positive reviews. When we talk to business owners there's a very small percentage who actually say oh I want to go get more reviews when they already have they're like I have a five star on Google and therefore reviews but they don't realize that their customer or their competition has 50 reviews and they're 5star or if they get 1 1 star review or a two star review and that's very likely to happen just pure numbers that it could really push their star rating down. It could take. Now they're playing the catch up game and they end up calling us till like hey help us fix this versus hey let's continue to maintain. So making sure that you get positive reviews is a good signal to Google as well.

Christian [00:07:25] Yeah I think like Aaron said if you look for a marketing agency in Allen Texas or I mean we're talking about roofers so you know roofers in Allen and you know you see in the map pack you have the top three. And then maybe you have of you know average rating of four point six five and three you know but in the five only has two reviews and the four point six has like 300 reviews I think you're probably going to go with 300 reviews even though it has a lower average overall. That gives you a better representation of you know the quality of work that you're doing. So getting positive reviews is not just getting it like yours and not just getting free reviews but it's getting consistently and the best way to do that is just to have a plan in place has some sort of strategy. You didn't have a software or even hire a company like us wink wink where we can help you get more positive reviews. And also don't ever pay for reviews. That's the worst one of the worst things that you can do for you for your business.

Christian [00:08:38] People are pretty smart nowadays. Algorithms are pretty smart nowadays. So just don't ever pay for reviews. You can pay for the strategy and implementation of getting those reviews. That's all good and dandy but don't just flat out pay some company on five or something to get more reviews. So again you just have a strategy in place and ask for those reviews.

Aaron [00:09:07] All right. So this is your first time listening. We do want to take some time out and say thank you. This is the marketing natives. Our goal is to provide you with actionable steps that you can use in your local business. And we are talking a little bit about e-commerce in the future but really just actionable steps you can use in your business to grow online. And then today's episode with them is very fitting. We do offer local Vescio and if you are looking to get in the map pack and you're saying hey look and a Christian I love this podcast love listening to it. I'm driving but I'm just busy business owner and I'm going to work and I'm going to meetings and I don't have time to do anything. You're talking about. Just feel free to shoot us a message over on Instagram and just ask them questions we can at least point you in the right direction or if it makes sense and we were a good fit for you then and vice versa then we'll be happy to help you start getting rankings in your local area on your local map. All right and make sure that you go over to Instagram. Make sure you follow us. We put out a lot of good content. As a side note that I think will be helpful for you.

Christian [00:10:20] There you have it. Those are selfless plug. Yeah selfless we will always have to do that.

Christian [00:10:27] I guess in the future we may be able to get some burial sponsors right.

Aaron [00:10:31] If you're a business owner maybe that's our next podcast that is an ad looking for local businesses to sponsor the podcast that we awesome.

Christian [00:10:40] All right. So.

Christian [00:10:42] Now we have the last tip so we've talked about creating your profile now for getting your profile on the Google My Business and then the next step will be getting reviews having some kind of strategy and plan to get more reviews. Glossing is just more maintenance and sort of the bulk of local SBO which is optimizing your Web site for specific keywords.

Christian [00:11:09] This is a very broad term but we're going to talk about here.

Christian [00:11:16] I mean I guess it involves a lot of things a lot of moving parts in it is sort of difficult or hard but it's definitely doable and there are certain free tools that you can use like the Google keyword planner where you can just have a better understanding of what people are searching for the search volume. How competitive are those keywords and I'll give you a good start for you to see. Again what people are searching for and how you can answer those keywords in your website. There's one thing to you know.

Christian [00:11:53] Make sure to do just your regular maintenance on your website so meta tags titles descriptions keywords and all those things. But also in the front end. Now let's say you have your home page and a lot of people like to you know sometimes just keep the homepage simple but it's good to just you know put some text in there they're out and about out a load about your services add a bit about this app some testimonials. All those things all those keywords that you're adding into the home page help you to rank for certain keywords. So adding all those things are very important. You also have got everything you've read Temple Qasam a roofer even inserting something like a review on your website. You know this text. Let's say you know you want to write for something like you know best roofer and Allen and maybe in the review that's where he actually says these guys are awesome. They're the best roofers in Allen. Little things like that will definitely help you ranking on on the local map pack. And beyond that I mean there's there's things like citations guest blogging actual blogging on your website to add more keywords so doing a load of maintenance on the current pages that you have is great and dandy but for the long term you definitely want to be always constantly inserting new keywords and new words more than new content on your website. So it's important to. Have a blog and have good quality content that you're always going to update you on your website.

Aaron [00:13:27] Yeah and I think that is a good resource for Christians talking about theirs so we know we can't talk about everything for this but we do have resources on our blog or a podcast that talk specifically about how to grow it how to grow or how to continue to maintain and optimize your website that are all specific to that to that particular subject. But it is an ongoing process like you said and it is something that's not going to be a short term strategy for you to be in the map pack it's not going to be something unless you know you're trying to arrange for like underwater basket weaving in Alan you're probably not going to rank in the next 30 days. It's more of a six month process for you to do that. So it's a long game. But again there are a why is there.

Christian [00:14:11] Yeah absolutely. And I think this last step is it's the most time consuming and you know the hardest. But as one of the most rewarding because you're not only going to be in the map pack of dogs will also help you would just regular as CEO and showing up on you know regular surgery search results depending on what they're searching for you and if you plan on being in business for longer than six months then this is probably a strategy for you.

Aaron [00:14:35] If not then please disregard everything we just said the box gets. All right. Thanks guys. That was how to increase ruffianly is with this one simple esoteric and that is really to get in that map pack if you're a local business owner and if you found value in this podcast. Please go to iTunes and go and leave us an honest rating and review. If you leave us a review we will give you a shout out on the podcast you can't thank you enough for the reviews it helps us figure out what we need to do to make the content better but also helps other people as well to find the podcast. So make sure you go over there leave us an honest rating and review. Make sure you subscribe.

Aaron  [00:15:15] And then again head over to Instagram. Shoot us a DM, know that you were listening to the podcast and maybe we'll send you something pretty cool in the man.

Aaron  [00:15:24] Yep bye! The Marketing Natives podcast is a production of BitBranding

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