How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Roofing Company

November 19, 2018

Show Notes

In today's episode, we talk about How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Roofing Company:

  1. Make it simple for them to leave a review. Don’t bombard them by asking to leave a review on three sites, they won’t do it. Pick 1-2 that they can choose from that you need reviews from the most and then give them a link to make it happen in a few clicks.
  1. Once the job is finished. Let them know you are going to send over a request for a review via email and see if they are willing to leave one. By them committing aloud that they would leave a review, it locks them in to at least psychologically remembering that you said you were going to send one and for them to be on the lookout.
  1. Hire a marketing agency in Allen, Texas. If you are great at what you do, we want you to continue doing what you do well. Allow an agency to come in and not only request new reviews and grow that number, but to mitigate the bad reviews. We can monitor up to 100-200 review sites and when a review is left we get notified almost instantly that there was a review, so if it was good, we can respond and thank them. If it was a bad review, it allows you to respond and rectify the situation, and in many cases, get it removed by talking to the customer.


Christian: [00:00:16] Welcome to another episode. Thank you for listening - for tuning in. Today we're talking about how to get more online reviews for your roofing company. Again, y'know we always say roofing company or dentists or whatever. But a lot of these tips or tricks or how to's apply to a lot of businesses so stay tuned and listen to what we have to say.

Aaron: [00:00:36] All right. Number one make it super simple for them. This seems like a no brainer but so many people - complicated. For some reason they don't...they don't give people an opportunity to actually leave a review. So make it super simple for them. Don't bombard them by trying to send them, you know "Hey, leave me a review on Facebook, leave me a review on Google, maybe leave me a review on Yelp or wherever." and just - it's way too much way, too soon and it's just really overwhelming for them. So choose one platform send them a link and tell them, "Hey, I would love it if you love me a review on this place.". Only one of them and you're going to get a lot higher success rate than if you say, "Hey, can you review me on Facebook and Google." or "Can you review me on these multiple sites." Like just pick one, the one that you're going for right now and then focus on that.

Christian: [00:01:33] Yeah. Number two once the job is finished, you as a roofer, or maybe you're not a roofer - you're something else. Once the job is finished or once you're walking out or once the deal is done - set - they're happy customer. Let them know that you're going to - there's two ways really. You know the job is done. Let them know that you're going to send them a request for a review via e-mail and see if they're actually willing to leave you a review by committing out loud that yes, they are going to send your review, it kind of locks them psychologically to actually follow through and do that. So it's just a matter of, I guess, mentioning it multiple times throughout the process. And then when you send a review, make sure you follow up even after they sent the you know actually complete the review is very important. But another way to actually have them do a review almost right away would be to have an iPad handy once you've finished a job and make it available. Again going back to number one, just make it simple. Have your number one priority for getting reviews whether let's say that you don't have reviews on Yelp right now and you want some more Yelp reviews. Then have that one as the only way for people to leave reviews and just make it simple for them. If you have the iPad is already set up. Then you can just leave the review right there and basically you're getting rid of a lot of objections and a lot of steps for them. So you know you're just doing it right there and then.

Aaron: [00:03:11] Awesome. Yeah I mean I'm a lot more likely if somebody asks me right there, hands me an iPad and says, "Hey, as I already have in my head. Do you mind leaving a review after you just told me two seconds ago that you liked this product." And I'm like, "OK,". No, I'm not going to have you back the iPad and say, "No, I have to leave right now." or you know, maybe one time out of ten.

Christian: [00:03:30] And the thing is like you can make it so you could be doing something. So you're busy doing paperwork - I'm doing air quotes. I'm busy doing - while I'm busy doing this paperwork stuff for you. Let me hand you this iPad so you have an opportunity to leave us a review. You know? So like it make it so that they're almost obligated to leave that review or put something in there.

Aaron: [00:03:51] Right. They can't mess with the food on the stove top or something.

Aaron: [00:04:01] Alright. So for our regulars, you know what time it is. It's your favorite part and ours. For the newbies, this is where Christian and I - we just kind of alternate on who speaks. But we tell you a little bit more about us and sometimes give some advice. Sometimes let you guys know about a different offer that we have. And one of those is that we don't really speak about this. I think our last episode on reputation management was in April of this year of April 2018. So if you are a business and you don't have very many reviews on Google or you don't have the - like the sentiment or you don't have the quality of reviews, maybe your business just had a couple lows with the amount of reviews you were getting and got a couple of bad ones. We are absolutely here to help with that, it's super inexpensive. It's very effective and we can not only help with the reviews - in getting more of them, but mitigating the bad ones. So if you have any questions about that please feel free to e-mail us at hello@bitbranding that's B-I-T-B-R-A-N-D-I-N-G dot co and we'll at least do an audit of where you're at online and just shoot you over that for free.

Christian: [00:05:15] Boom, there you have it!

Aaron: [00:05:16] What?

Christian: [00:05:20] All right. So our third thing on how to get more online reviews or a third way - Aaron kind of just said it in our ad - which is to hire a company like us to take care of it. So and we say this a lot with you know when we talk to potential customers and clients that we want you to continue what you do well. So if you're a roofer, that's what you do well. I mean you're going to be a great roofer, you know us we're great marketers, great designers, great review getters is that a thing?

Aaron: [00:05:57] Yeah, we are the getters of of the reviewers.

Christian: [00:06:02] Anyway. So a company like us, you know you can hire us, and we basically take care of everything for your reviews. All we need is just a list of either e-mails or phone numbers and we take care of reaching out to people. We also take care of reaching out in a way that you don't get 20 reviews in one day. You obviously want to pace them out so that it doesn't look like you're just getting all the reviews in one day or one week or one month. And then we also monitor good and bad reviews to make sure that you respond to those reviews in a promptly way and manner. Also try to mitigate any bad reviews. Some platforms, you can get rid of some of those reviews depending on how many of them are fake. There are ways to do that. Some other platforms is kind of like, you know, you just how to respond but you have to do it quickly.

Reviews is one of those things that - the one thing that people look at when they look at you online. So having a bad review or even good reviews that have not been answered or there's just crickets. You know, it's not good for your business. It's also not good for your business to have five star reviews that were from two years ago. And you don't have anything recent - makes you think that business has gone under. So it's very important to stay on top of your reviews. Just because you think that you have, you know, five star reviews and you have 200 reviews and that's it. Like I don't know any anything else - that's wrong. You know people look at the frequency, people look at how many of you have - the date. So there's a lot of factors that come into consideration when people are looking at your reviews online. So having a company like us will definitely help you stay on top of all your reviews, not just one platform but like what do we have like 100-200 review sites that we can monitor.

Aaron: [00:08:02] Yeah, I think the only thing that makes us a little bit different is that we have a actual approach to how to get more reviews. So it's not just like we just send people a link because you can do that. So we have an actual approach of showing people and saving them time to leave reviews and then a follow up system to make sure that they do leave the actual reviews. So we can get more reviews more effectively on the platforms that you choose. So I think that's it.

Christian: [00:08:31] So there you have it. Thank you again for listening to the Marketing Natives. We really do appreciate it. This was how to get more online reviews for your roofing company. And speaking of reviews, if you want to leave a review on iTunes - we would greatly appreciate that. Let us know how we're doing. And if you're not on iTunes, I don't think any other podcast platforms allow you to leave reviews but you can go to our Facebook page or Instagram or whatever - just leave us a comment and tell us like "Hey, just heard your episode about getting more online reviews for a roofing company. And just wanna give you some love and give me some shout out." So we'd definitely appreciate that and we'll obviously respond back. So anyways, we'll see you next week.

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