How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet for Your Local Business

November 2, 2020

Show Notes

In this week’s episode we talk about the biggest asset in business, time. In the early days we wasted A LOT of time, because we didn’t know better. We thought you had to sit down with someone for an hour to talk about your business and then listen to theirs so you can build a relationship with them. Although that is true, the fallacy is that it wasn’t the only way.

We’re talking about:

  1. The three things you should stop doing so you can save time and grow your business
  2. How we wasted FIVE HOURS with one person and how you can avoid it too
  3. The exact step-by-step process we put in place to never get on a phone call or meeting with someone who isn’t qualified.

If you’re a local business owner who wants to generate more qualified appointments online we created a free training to show you our proven three step process. Watch the training

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Christian [00:00:00] All right. On today's episode, we're going to show you how to create an irresistible lead magnet for your local business. We're talking about making sure that it's digestible content, packing so much value that it feels like they're stealing from you. And then what to do after you get the lead magnet. We're actually going to give you some real life examples of some lead magnets that we've personally downloaded in the past. So, yeah, you definitely don't want to miss this episode. Check it out. 

Narrator [00:00:30] This is the Marketing Natives providing actual ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. 

Narrator [00:00:38] And now your hosts, Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:45] All right. So super exciting episode. 

Aaron [00:00:48] I thought, I was talking about lead magnets with a client last week. And then I was like, oh, this is like really good information that I was explaining to them. And I was like, OK, we should be reiterating this for ourselves. And I'm sure that most people are listening probably know what a lead magnet is. And if you don't, we'll explain it. But also, I was talking to a networking group about this. Yeah. I don't want a lead magnet like the definition of it was like all over the place to them, like it was all over the place. So we'll define it. But I think is going to be a really fun episode. 

Christian [00:01:22] What is a lead magnet? 

Aaron [00:01:23] Well, I was gonna ask you. What did you think a lead magnet was before? 

Christian [00:01:30] What do you mean before? Like before I knew? 

Aaron [00:01:33] Look, if you ever heard of it, you're like, what is this? I have no idea. Like, I would think like a local business are lead magnet. 

Aaron [00:01:39] And they'd be like, no clue. Right? 

Christian [00:01:41] I mean it is jargon. 

Aaron [00:01:43] Ambiguous kind of. 

Christian [00:01:45] Yeah. It's definitely marketing jargon. It's not like. 

Aaron [00:01:48] Yeah. 

Christian [00:01:48] It's on like every business owner should know this. 

Aaron [00:01:51] No. I don't think so. Maybe it's something like an offer? Or I don't know. 

Christian [00:01:57] Yeah, I mean offer, a promotion. 

Aaron [00:01:58] Yeah, there you go. 

Christian [00:02:00] Something like that. 

Christian [00:02:01] It's kind of like a lead magnet. 

Aaron [00:02:03] Yeah. By the way, I broke it down. Like, the easiest way to explain is a lead magnet it's something of really nice value that you're gonna give away to somebody for free. And the problem that I think that they have, the group of people I was talking to, is they're like, wait, so you don't just ask them to get their email address? You have to, like, give them something? Yeah, it will increase your chances of getting more of those e-mail addresses. So I just said it was something of value that you can give to your target audience. It's going to help them or add value to them in exchange for it. The biggest part of this is in exchange for contact information, email, phone number, whatever that may be. 

Christian [00:02:38] Got it. 

Aaron [00:02:38] So the thing that defines it pretty broadly, but it hopefully gives people an idea. 

Christian [00:02:45] Yeah, I give you this. 

Aaron [00:02:46] Right. 

Christian [00:02:46] You give me that. 

Aaron [00:02:48] Yeah. Bargaining chips. 

Christian [00:02:50] Bargaining chips. 

Aaron [00:02:53] Yes. All right. So number one here is to start with some lead magnets, Oops! That's information for the podcast. So my question, I guess from this, I was gonna ask this little part here is like, what's a lead magnet that you've downloaded in the past that you can think of? 

Christian [00:03:09] I  think there was a presentation that I was getting ready for. 

Christian [00:03:18] For a local marketing campaign. 

Aaron [00:03:22] Oh okay. 

Christian [00:03:22] And I needed something. And I remember looking for it. 

Christian [00:03:29] And I couldn't find any additional. It had been, for like Instagram probably. And I think someone who was big into that. I don't remember their name. But I remeber going to their website. Right?Because I needed more information on how to create content for Instagram. 

Christian [00:03:48] Yeah. I don't know. Maybe no. But in their website. Yeah. They had a lead magnet that was like a hundred and seventy five, which is an absurd number for this podcast. One hundred and seventy five content ideas for your Instagram. And it's like. Yeah. That's exactly I can make six presentations out of this. That's awesome. And you download it and it's like you know, majority of them, and it's just like there's really nothing new. But it's just, it's there and there may be like one or two or I don't know if there's a hundred seventy five. Hopefully there's like at least ten. And you're like, Oh! That was a good one. 

Aaron [00:04:27] Right. 

Christian [00:04:27] I would not thought of this. So I think those are like, to me, really good juicy lead magnets are the ones like here's 3,000 images for your next website. I'm like, yes, I need that. Like, I don't need them right away, but. 

Aaron [00:04:45] I'm going to use them eventually. 

Christian [00:04:46] Eventually. And so what I'm going to use this information. Cause I feel like, those are like the ones that usually get me excited. Not very much like the nine things that you need on your lips. Like, those are like whatever. 

Aaron [00:05:01] Right. 

Christian [00:05:01] But the ones that I like exorbitant numbers. 

Aaron [00:05:03] Right. 

Christian [00:05:03] Dude, I'm like, yes, I don't even need this. 

Christian [00:05:06] I know if it's like, I don't know, twenty eight plants that will actually live in your office and not die within a week. It's like kind of want to know all those twenty nine plants. I don't know. The bigger numbers just get me excited, I guess, when it comes to lead magnets. 

Aaron [00:05:22] We're going to talk about those later and like how beneficial it is for you as the consumer versus also the person who's giving away the lead magnet. So that's actually one of the tips here. But number one. So that's good. And I like that. Number one is to start with the step right before they meet you and like what you need from them. So, for example, like you downloaded those all those tips for content. Well, their next step after, before you was like, oh, a person who is getting on Instagram who needed help with content. And their solution may be like a posting tool or maybe like some kind of coaching program, whatever it is. So I think the information I was putting on here is like, so they're at point A and you're at point C, the person giving it away, you have to give them B cause they need, they can't go from A to C. So you'd like Christian would never go to that website and say, "Oh! Let me just hire this person to help me out or like to give me this tool to help out create content all the time". Like, you're just it's not likely that you're just gonna go from A to C like boom right away. 

Aaron [00:06:25] Right. 

Christian [00:06:25] Your first logical step would be like, easy. I just give my email address away and I'll get this. So it needs to be the step right before you actually need their services. For us, it could be like, Hey! I'm going to walk you through, like training on like how to get your business to a certain level. Like we need people to either have a team or to grow their business or get their income to a certain level. And if they've got that or to free up their time, then they probably make good sense for one of our programs. So we can help them get to that point then. 

Aaron [00:06:55] Now it's like, Hey! We can help you to go to the next level. Here's that next level and how you can do it. 

Christian [00:07:01] And I think like the bigger lead magnets, like 175 content ideas, could also be like, overwhelming to the point where it make things seem to say like, oh crap, there's like a lot of stuff here and like barely giving me any direction on what to do. 

Christian [00:07:21] Right? With these one hundred and seventy five pieces of content. 

Aaron [00:07:23] Yeah. Analysis-Paralysis kind of thing. 

Christian [00:07:25] And that's where I like, you kind of go into that. Okay. Maybe I do need this coaching to figure out what the heck to do with these one hundred and seventy five ideas. 

Aaron [00:07:33] Right. That's where you can scroll down a little bit. Like after 15. Hey! You're probably feeling overwhelmed right now. Schedule, free strategy call. 

Aaron [00:07:42] Number Dos. 

Christian [00:07:42] Give so much value away that it feels like you're stealing from them. Yeah. That's how I feel every time, especially other big ones like that. 

Aaron [00:07:51] Or they like. Dang! This is so good.. 

Christian [00:07:53] So they're giving me, giving away everything. 

Aaron [00:07:55] Yeah. Like what? There's no way they could. Like, what are they going to charge me? Because, like, I already have all the answers like they're giving me everything. 

Christian [00:08:02] Yeah. 

Christian [00:08:04] Whenever you download something like that you're like "Ha! idiots". 

Aaron [00:08:07] Yeah actually. 

Christian [00:08:07] I'm stealing your formula. Like whatever and then I'm like two days later you're, that thing is like in a folder somewhere on a computer. You're kind of forgotten about it because you don't have the time to really implement any of that stuff. 

Christian [00:08:18] Yeah. 

Christian [00:08:18] So it's like who's idiot now?  

Aaron [00:08:22] They don't understand that I know how to use this stuff and so I'm never gonna need them again. So, Yes, I feel like that's how everybody feels that through lead magnet. You're like, Wow! This guy's such a sucker. He could have paid, made me pay for this and but I got it for free. And I'm way better than anybody else who downloads this. 

Christian [00:08:43] Maybe not. But yeah. So give so much value away that it feels like you're stealing from that person. 

Christian [00:08:50] What wil be like a good way to test that? Like, if you're a business owner, you're creating your own irresistible lead magnet. What would be a good way to test if I got to give it away too? 

Aaron [00:09:01] No, don't even give it away. So I always tell people when I was going to say this at the end. But you can say it now because I think it's a good pivot point, which is don't create it. Like don't even think about. 

Aaron [00:09:11] I mean, come up with some titles or whatever, what you would give away and then reach out or post on a group or go live or whatever and say, Hey! I'm creating this podcast or I'm creating this checklist of how create an irresistible lead magnet, who wants one? And if you do leave a comment below. Well, if you get 10, 15, 20 people who say it be like gram or messaging, you all have this free by the end of the week. I'm finishing it up and then you actually go create it. But if you put it on and there's like one person is like, Hi! I'm Becky. I started a company the other day and what's Instagram? And like, okay well this is not good because. 

Christian [00:09:46] Right. 

Aaron [00:09:46] It's not the right person. 

Aaron [00:09:50] But if you have a good lead magnet, then you should have like tons of people reaching out about it. And like I said, don't even go create it yet because I think that's a waste of time and never one waste time on doing something you like Christian created this nine tips for your website and people like, yeah, I don't care about the stuff on my website. 

Aaron [00:10:12] Hey local business owners. If you're ready to grow your business online without having to work more in your business and you can spend more time on it. We created a free training on how to attract, qualify and convert more leads online. It's 38 minutes. It's gonna take a little bit of your time, but it's going to have a huge benefit. It's completely free. Make sure you click below on the description, whether you're on Facebook, whether you're on YouTube, whether you're on the podcast, everything's there that you need. Go grab the training now. 

Christian [00:10:43] All right, so our next one here is make it digestible, make it yummy. 

Aaron [00:10:48] Yeah. 

Christian [00:10:48] Put some sugar. 

Aaron [00:10:50] Well, the thing about it. Like, if you're going to let's just say a crumble and you're gonna buy a three cookies. That's gonna be like super heavy on your stomach. 

Christian [00:10:58] Well, that's a bad analogy. You know what? What does remind me of? 

Aaron [00:11:02] Why you don't like them? 

Christian [00:11:02] No, it's just not related to lead magnets, but like if. Like there's a really old, I'm guessing it was a lead magnet, from Noah Kagan, that was one hundred thirty ways to generate traffic for a website. 

Christian [00:11:18] So he could have made that like by digestible. 

Christian [00:11:23] He could've made that into I mean, a hundred thirty would like. He could have put that into, I don't know, like a ninety page PDF and make it look really pretty and put graphics and stuff in it like make it digestible. But if he really knows his audience, which he does, what he did instead of making it a PDF, he literally just made it a spreadsheet on Excel or Google spreadsheets. 

Christian [00:11:45] And you can literally just go in there and it's a little bit more interactive, actually. 

Christian [00:11:51] Yeah, it's just a list. Boring old list, literally. Yeah. But it's just so good. Like the content there is so good. Like you don't need it to be pretty or in a PDF form. 

Aaron [00:12:02] Right. We know that fractional or like what is that word I'm trying to use. Like practical. 

Christian [00:12:08] Practical. Yes. It's absolutely practical and digestible for his audience. Now. Yeah. If you're thinking about I mean maybe you run I don't know some kind of florist shop or you're a Pinterest guru or whatever. Like, maybe that audience is more into something that looks beautiful right? Along with, you know, that value, which makes it more easily digestible for them. But I think knowing your audience and knowing how they actually consume data will help you create something that's highly digestible like that. One hundred and thirty ways to grow traffic through a website. 

Aaron [00:12:41] Yeah. And I think the point for that number that you were talking about is like it was probably a PDF that you downloaded, which means you may have skimmed through 20 percent of it. But at the end of the day, like, if you don't finish it, then it's not really as much valuable because part of this is, The next one we're gonna talk about is, it can be a little bit more depth to what I'm talking about here. We're like making it digestible as like something that you can consume in like 30 minutes to an hour max. So that you actually get through it because to your point, like if you go through a one time, that's probably as to the extent like you're gonna download it and you're super excited about it right away, you're going to look at it. And then more than likely, like you said, it's going to go into a folder. And folders on a computer get lost real quick. It's just in the abyss. So you got one chance to get people to go all the way through it. And then luckily, you have your, their email address. So that's where you do the follow up part, which probably be another podcast episode. But, you get basically one shot to get them to digest that information. Unless it's something like what you said, but no it's like you could bookmark that document, but for the most part, you look at it. 

Christian [00:13:48] Even then it could get lost. 'Cause I have thousands of books. 

Aaron [00:13:51] Yeah, exactly. I bookmark it. It's like I bookmarks. Oh look, this is stuff about college 2010 bookmark like. 

Aaron [00:14:00] Yes. How often do we go to our bookmarks? I'ts not that often. It's a nice thought that we have in our head. So you got 30 minutes to basically tell them who you are or what you do, why you're better than somebody else and give them a ton of information and then moving on to the next tip, which is to help them get that W. So, like, you've got to help them get that win. Like, why do they download it. Like Christian downloaded this document to get stuff for a court or a workshop he was preparing for. Did he get what he wanted and did he find really good stuff to help him get to that next level? I don't know. Did they? Okay. 

Aaron [00:14:36] So whoever he downloaded it from obviously does not email him well enough or he doesn't check his e-mail. One of the two because he doesn't know who they are. But if they did a good job. Again, another podcast. I can see this in the making is you at least have their email address that you give them that win and then like, Oh! so-and-so gave me this PDF, I got a win out of it. I was able to prepare for my thing that I'm doing. And now they're emailing me, telling me about. okay, now that you've done this, you've downloaded a hundred and seventy five content ideas, the next logical thing for you to do is to learn how to make money off of your content. Here's a free online webinar. Watch this free training and then the free training is like forty five minutes as I'm explaining it. 

Aaron [00:15:17] And you're like idiots. I can go and use all this stuff right now. But that's the W part. You got to have that win. 

Christian [00:15:25] Yeah, I think that's very important too. It goes back to what we talked about last week, which was you capture their attention and then you tend to scroll on phone. They make the action happen. I think that has deeper psychological benefits because they are more just attached to you. So like, you were able to provide that win quickly. Again, it creates that psychological bond, too. 

Christian [00:15:49] Okay. They know they're talking about. Yes. They were able to solve my problem. So, yeah, I think that's very important. And I was gonna say about that something else I was gonna add. 

Aaron [00:16:02] About them getting the win or implementing it?

Christian [00:16:07] I don't know what it was.

Aaron [00:16:08] Okay. Well, getting the win is probably the biggest thing from here. I think to go kind of recap from the other ones, and I'll tell you about the last one? Go ahead. Got it?

Christian [00:16:19]  Yeah. So I think getting the win, in order to get the win and something that we haven't really touched on much. 

Christian [00:16:28] It's like you need. You really need to know your audience. You need to have, like, your messaging, like, locked out. Yes. It has to be, like, explicitly clear what they're going to get from this. Yeah. Because I think you can yeah. You can get a lot of losses if you know, whatever you're using, whatever tool or a method that you're using to, you know, push this lead magnet. If you have just spammy or click baity stuff just to kind of get eyeballs to it and they don't deliver, you don't get that win, then that's just a huge problem. 

Aaron [00:16:55] Yeah. 

Christian [00:16:55] So I think part of creating your irresistible lead magnet is knowing your audience very well and having very clear messaging. And I mean, again, don't be spamming. Don't be click bait. 

Aaron [00:17:06] Yes. Well, and I think part of that W is also like it doesn't, like all the other things don't really matter. Like to it. Your point was like Noah. He uses a spreadsheet and some people make it pretty. At the end of the day, if they download it and like, whatever, like, it didn't impress me with the design, but it helped them. Yeah, this looks like crap but at the end of the day, it helped me and I'll download it 10 times over and I'll share it with a friend. Then, that's still giving them the win. And I think that Trumps' every other point like it. It takes them from point A to point C. Okay. But it gives them that win. And I think that's the most important part for the lead magnet. 

Aaron [00:17:46] All right, last one here is. 

Aaron [00:17:49] I think the one thing that most people miss and that is that the lead magnet is just to collect contact information, it's not to go in for the kill. But you should pivot them into the next step. So they download this lead magnet. What's logically the next step is a strategy call. Is it a free offer? Is it now that they know who you are, that you give them something? What is it to take them to that next level so that, you know, that's where you start to actually make money off of it or at least turn them into something besides just a lead. Because lead magnet collects leads and then not only is turned into sales, so how do you take them from a lead to the next step? 

Christian [00:18:30] So I could be. It's like that seven dollar, what is it? 

Aaron [00:18:34] Yeah. 

Christian [00:18:36] Where do? 

Aaron [00:18:37] Tripwire? 

Christian [00:18:37] Yeah. Do we have one? Yeah. 

Aaron [00:18:41] No. 

Christian [00:18:41] No? We have a seven dollar? 

Aaron [00:18:42] No. Not for seven dollars. We have a ninety nine dollar. 

Christian [00:18:44] I thought there's a seven dollar thing that we are giving out. 

Christian [00:18:49] Maybe not. But yeah, it's like that. So I guess what we'll be, if we were building, we had the one hundred and seventy five content ideas. What would be like a good Tripwire?

Aaron [00:19:02] A good Tripwire would be like a maybe like a video series from. It's like okay here's like maybe you come with the content and the Tripwire would be okay. Now how can you use this content to actually make money for me? Because like, okay, you're going creating good content, you have good engagement. But now how do you turn that engagement into dollars? And this is like behind the scenes of me walking through Instagram of the exact messaging and templates. And we'll walk you through how to direct message somebody who has no idea who you are and turn them into somebody who's gonna give you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So that can be a Tripwire for like forty nine dollars. Unlimited access to this right here. 

Christian [00:19:38] Bonus content. 

Aaron [00:19:39] Yeah. 

Christian [00:19:39] My hashtag strategy that I use. 

Aaron [00:19:42] Yes. exactly.

Aaron [00:19:46] Yeah. So if you want that, wish I could, I would give it to you. It's forty nine dollars. We'll create it after this. But now that's the I mean that's the next step. 

Aaron [00:19:54] Could be a webinar. Could be anything. 

Christian [00:19:56] Do you always charge for this Tripwire? 

Aaron [00:19:59] Yeah. Because then at that point it shows interest of like what's gonna happen next. Now, you're just kind of depends on where the point the person is at in the journey and the price points to like our lead magnet doesn't cost anything. And then the Tripwires to have a strategy session. The only thing that we make them do instead of giving us money is like to fill out an application. So we know that, OK, this isn't gonna be a waste of our time or their time. And then it goes directly to the sale. If it's something smaller, like a thirty nine or forty nine dollar product or let's just say like your high end services, a little bit lower than that, you could get away with, you know, the thirty nine or forty nine dollar object. But we don't care about that because it's like we give a free training and then we make them pay Forty nine dollars. Just because they pay forty nine dollars doesn't mean they can afford our higher end service. 

Christian [00:20:48] So almost, Tripwire while it's almost kind of like a qualifier. 

Aaron [00:20:52] Yeah. 

Christian [00:20:52]  You're getting a more qualified lead because they're spending more time also filling out more information or giving you money. 

Aaron [00:21:00] Giving you money, because then they know they're committed and they give you forty nine dollars. 

Aaron [00:21:04] More than likely they're going to be able to like, OK, maybe you have a 300 or 400 dollar course, like if you spend forty nine dollars with the chances of them buying a 400 dollar course  for you, it's so much easier for them. It's like their credit card gets like 10 times lighter. Like, Oh! It's so much easier. I already know Joe is so-and-so because he help me with my content strategy. Now he helped me get my first client from Instagram and has a four hundred dollar course that has six hours of content and it's gonna take me from 1X to 10x. I'll pay four hundred dollars for that. My card is, I'm happy to pay that. Yeah. So that's, the pivot part and it's so needed. And this can be done in the spreadsheet like Noah does it, I don't know if this one in particular you're talking about, but like down the bottom they'll say like, hey, if you found this was useful, go to .com or .com. Here's our products. Like, they know what their Tripwire is. 

Christian [00:21:53] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:21:53] And ours is always like hey go to apply.bitbranding.co or website or sales.bitbranding.co. Those are all like the next steps and we should just have them in the PDF or in the video or like right now on the screen. Jack, put up the leads accelerator screen here and you can see the link and that would tell you like: Hey! this is a lead magnet. This podcast is a lead magnet so go watch a free training. So there's tons of different ways you could use it. 

Christian [00:22:24] Excellent. 

Aaron [00:22:25] You want to recap those? I feel like we covered, how many did we cover? 

Aaron [00:22:29] Six? Five? 

Christian [00:22:31] Oh, so yeah. Number one, start with the step right; before they meet with you. I think Aaron alluded to the point A to point C, you need to give them point B. Give so much value away that it feels like they're stealing from you. Make sure it's digestible. Make sure that it's something they can get a quick win out of. 

Christian [00:22:53] And then pivot them into your Tripwire. And I think in between that, we also mentioned knowing your audience, having a clear message that will help you create that or "iresistible". 

Aaron [00:23:05] Nice. That means irresistible. 

Christian [00:23:06] For you. You know, English speakers. 

Aaron [00:23:09] English speakers. Yes. 

Aaron [00:23:12] All right, guys, thanks so much for listening to another episode of the Marketing Natives. 

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