How to Become a Local Celebrity and Build a Brand

August 17, 2020

Show Notes

In this week’s episode we talk about becoming a local authority, why it’s important, and how to create influence in your industry.

We’re talking about:

  1. How we achieved local celebrity status
  2. The steps you need to take to create episodic content that builds a brand
  3. How to scale your celebrity status to the next level once you have consistency

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Christian [00:00:00] Building a brand is crucial to the success of your business and being a local celebrity is just a little icing on the cake. On this episode, we're gonna talk about those two things and how we actually achieve that status of local celebrity. And in the meantime, we actually build a brand without really knowing. So stick around. We going to show you exactly how we did it and what you can do to do it as well. 

Narrator [00:00:25] This is the Marketing Natives providing actionable ways to grow, improve, and succeed in your business. 

Narrator [00:00:33] And now your hosts, Christian and Aaron. 

Aaron [00:00:39] Alright. So I thought this topic was pretty good because I go out to the community probably a little bit more than you. 

[00:00:46] And they always tell me, oh, I know Christian. Like, you know, they don't really know you. I was like, oh, have you met him? No, I haven't. Why? It's so at least in our local area, like Allen, you know, Collin County, Allen Fresco, McKinney or whatever. So they're like, oh, they know you. They know me. But it's not just because they've met you. So, like, that's what we're hoping that people can do. But I don't. And then when people finally do meet you, it's interesting because. Oh, hey, I feel like I already know you. 

Christian [00:01:16] Yeah, it's weird. Yeah. I guess at the beginning we used to go out a lot to networking events and stuff and then we just kind of decide yeah. I might want to kind of stay in and do a lot of the work. So when I do go to like a ribbon cutting or maybe I do see someone downstairs. Yeah. They recognize me as like, hey, Christian. 

Aaron [00:01:38] Yeah. 

Christian [00:01:38] Or yeah. When I meet with them for the first time, a lot of them. Yeah. They tell me like I feel like I know you from all the videos that you guys post. 

Aaron [00:01:46] Yeah. 

Christian [00:01:47] So it's kind of a cool feeling for sure. 

Aaron [00:01:49] Yeah. And it's we, we experienced it like 2016. We didn't really know what it was, but now we've got to have a podcast about it and we've talked about it before. But that's how to become a local celebrity and build a brand. And we were doing that. We just didn't know but now, looking back four years, four and a half years later, oh, these are things that need to be implemented so that that can happen. Because I think from everything that we want to talk about, it's more so that you're known by the right people for something good, hopefully. 

Christian [00:02:19] Right? 

Aaron [00:02:19] Yeah. How did become that local celebrity? So we started out like and I think we'll kind of transition or progressed, too. And you guys will find out as that video is almost crucial for this. But we started out with the company for those who didn't know, we started a show called Brain Ten and we would brainstorm ten ideas every day. And we did it five days a week starting out. And it wasn't really for our local community, but we used to put that on YouTube and then on Facebook and everything else. And we so we were just known as putting out a ton of content. And that's kind of like where we started. I don't think we created that show and we wouldn't have created Brain Ten. We probably wouldn't have come up with our other shows. Right. At least, I don't think maybe not. 

Christian [00:03:00] I think the doing the Brain Ten gave us the ability to come up with more ideas, you know. And Brain Ten. What was it? Who started that with a James Altucher? 

Aaron [00:03:10] Mm hmm. 

Christian [00:03:10] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:03:11] Yeah. He come up with the ten ideas. 

Christian [00:03:12] Yeah. Just everyday. Sit down. Write ten ideas on your notebook or whatever. 

Aaron [00:03:17] And you know that nine of them are going to be crap actually. Probably ten of them are gonna be crap. 

Christian [00:03:20] Yeah. So we took that same method. Right? And implemented into a video show where. Yeah. 

Christian [00:03:26] We're just literally it was like ten ways to grow your email list. Ten ways to. 

Aaron [00:03:34] They were a good topics. 

Christian [00:03:34] Yeah. Ten tips or whatever. So yeah. I mean there was a lot of really good stuff in there and it also forced us to. Because I don't think not everything we brainstormed some of them we, okay, let's look up some stuff and see what we can find. 

Aaron [00:03:47] Yeah. 

Christian [00:03:48] And it forced us to. Yeah. Just look at different perspectives and look at different articles. 

Christian [00:03:52] Look at different ways of people. 

Aaron [00:03:55] Research district company too. 

Christian [00:03:55] Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So doing a lot of research in and it allowed us to. Well like you're saying, build a foundation to come up with different shows, to keep our brand, to keep that consistency. And it also allowed us to keep ourselves educated. So it was like a two part thing, right? That we started doing it right when we started the company. 

Aaron [00:04:19] Yeah, I love to seek advise. 

Christian [00:04:21] I don't know why we like what was the reason. I think also Gary Vaynerchuk was also back then, like. 

Aaron [00:04:27] Doing a bunch show, a creep episode of content, basically. 

Christian [00:04:30] Yeah. Heavy on the content and consistency and all this. So we sort of took that to the heart. And yes, every made a lot of content very early on. 

Aaron [00:04:39] Yeah. Which has been very helpful. I mean, it's been very beneficial. I'd feel like had we not done that, we would have been where we are in the business now, education wise, probably two years ago. I feel like we would've been two years behind. 

Christian [00:04:54] Yeah. 

Aaron [00:04:54] Technology is always changing, but we were answering the questions over and over again and it was reiterating in our head. And so we knew it like the back of our hand. So I think that really helped us. And we used to do the 10 tech tips Friday too. Basically ten new apps or like technology, cool things that we found. 

Christian [00:05:11] That are coming? Yeah. 

Aaron [00:05:13] Which was really fun. So anyway, like it started to move us into towards creating Tip for Tip, which is our weekly show. Hopefully we'll get back to weekly. It has to be with our guests for a podcast. It looks a little bit different now, but when we have guests for our podcast and we'll have tips for tips shows. But that was weekly for, I think, April 20,2016. So 4 years we were weekly. I think we maybe missed one episode or two episodes in 4 years. It was weekly for four years. And we're gonna bring that back. But then it kind of the tip for tip moved us into. OK, well, what about a podcast? And that started the podcast. And that's where you guys maybe have found us now. But I think that. What is it? like the content creation is really where to be a local celebrity, to kind of bring this back and build a brand. You don't have to do video, but I think it's very much a. It's going to be easier because you can see, like the reason we're doing video for the podcast, like you can see expressions, you can see the way that we're moving and talking. You don't have to just listen to our voices and you sort of resonate with people because it's just a little bit easier to do that. 

Christian [00:06:28] Yeah. And I would say just go ahead and do it, because it's just it's such an exponential way to grow your brand and to just insert a lot of personality in there. And like I said, like, I don't think I would get. Oh, I know you like I know Christian. You know, if we weren't doing video, I think if we just pictures, we wouldn't get the same effect of. 

Aaron [00:06:55] I've seen you before. I don't remember your name. 

Christian [00:06:57] Right. So I think and especially like we have a lot of fun with our tip for tip intros, and all the people did watch that and then our blooper episodes. So not just doing the content, but doing things outside of the content to also include video. Also helped us again showcase our personalities. Say that like, look, we're real people. Or behind, you know, this company. But we're real people. We make mistakes, we have a lot of bloopers. So that definitely helps with building that brand and giving you the local celebrity status. 

Aaron [00:07:33] Yeah. And I think that it also helps people to realize, like, who they want to be attracted to. So like for us, we did funny, like intros or whatever. Somebody else didn't have to do that. Like if you're cut and dry person and you didn't do anything you say, like, hey, do a dad joke and it was very dry, like, hey, you should do this. Alright let's get into the show. Like, some people are like, hey, look, I'm tired of these guys doing funny intros. They're not my cup of tea. I want somebody who's just going to talk business. Well, you're going to attract the right people and you're gonna be a local celebrity to that person. So it's kind of like building your own tribe, I guess. And it doesn't have to be, like I said, doesn't have to be video, although we are pushing you to be video. It could be a blog post. Could be a podcast. But we'll tell you right after this commercial break. Right out to the rig. What you need to do to make this work. 

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Aaron [00:08:59] Alright. Thanks guys for not leaving. But the first thing you have to do is consistency. So think about TV shows for those of you who are pre Netflix this will be very easy for you. But when we were growing up, you had commercials and you had shows before TiVo and everything else was like, oh, if you were going to watch Ninja Turtles, it's like they came on at five thirty in the morning every, you know, every morning, whatever, Monday through Friday, like you knew what time they came on. Same thing for, you know, for parents at that point, like, oh, watch E.R. or whatever else. So like the point is that they always came out at the same time every night and people worked around that schedule. So what we did is we said, OK, Tip for Tip is going to come out at noon on Wednesdays every week. And everybody would just start to realize, oh, at noon, they may not watch then. They'll go back, but they're like, oh, it's Wednesday it runs around 12. I bet you tip your tip got uploaded. Let me go back and watch it. So consistency, not only with timing, but then making sure you tell people like, hey, would you probably see on YouTube a lot is I upload three videos every week. Well, if you only upload one video, the person who's following you is going to be like, you promised me three. You say every Wednesday at noon, we're going to upload a Tip for Tip video. You know that we're gonna have this. And then people start to follow up. 

Christian [00:10:19] And I think that's a, I was reading a tweet earlier and it was this guy who is transitioning from one company to another. He's a social media manager. And he said that one of the most important things to bring brand awareness and to build a brand initially is that consistency. Because people don't know you, people don't know how often you post. People don't know anything about you, right? So having that consistency will sort of attract people, right? It would attract people to to start following you because they know that you're putting out content, right? You go to someone's page and they sporadically post maybe a happy, Merry Christmas. And then six months later, it's like Happy Fourth of July. And there's no consistency to the way they post. Nobody is going to really follow you. You're not going to create brand awareness. So the the number one thing before providing value, before you know, where there's video or photo. It's like having that consistency. OK, we're going to post this day, this time, you know, consecutively, because otherwise you're not gonna get the following. You're not going to get people interested in you if you're not providing that consistency. 

Aaron [00:11:31] Right. So I guess to go a little bit deeper into this, to become that local celebrity and we'll talk about a little bit more of an advanced way to reach these people here in a second. But make sure that you pick a topic that you know your audience has a problem with or where they are going to find value in. Make sure that if at all possible, you can do video because it's going to help you reach those people because they can hear you and see you and engages almost every emotion since except for touch. And then make sure that it's true to like who you are like. So, for example, if you're acting one way, what you really not that, then is gonna be harder for you to get people because you're trying too hard. So just be yourself. I think it's really important. So for us, like we wanted to, like, implement dinosaurs or we wanted to implement Ninja Turtles or whatever else and have fun beginnings or whatever else, like that's us. We wanted to be fun. So that's just our route. And then we put it out consistently and then we found out a problem people had. We wanted people to get questions to their social media and marketing and website problems like what are these local businesses having problems with? Let's fix that. Let's answer these questions. So whatever it is for you. Make sure you figure out those things first. And then once you get that rolling and if you've been doing it for three months, six months, whatever, then you can move into something more advanced, which is adding ads to it. 

Christian [00:12:54] Mm hmm. 

Aaron [00:12:55] And that allows you to do. Allows you to be everywhere to the right people. So right now, you may just post to your Facebook page or YouTube or whatever else, and those platforms determine where you go. But if you start to play or pay to play, then you can say, OK, I want to target these groups of people because I know my audience and I want to show these videos to them. And if they watch this video, then I want to show them something else. So without going crazy in depth here. We just say, like, if somebody watches one of our videos of tip or tip. We want to show them maybe a second video tip for tip. And if they watch the second one, we want to show them a third. And with Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, you can do that. You can say, all right, if Christian watches seventy five percent of our tip for tip video. I want him to see the second Tip for Tip video. And if he watches seventy five percent of that, I want him to schedule call with us. So, hey, Christian, would you like to be a guest or would you like to whatever your call to action is. We talked about that 165, 164. Episode 164. What is your offer? So we're like, hey, Christian, our offer is grab our free training. You've watched this and you wanted help with social media. So now it's rational for you to say, hey, Christian, grab our free training. Christians like I know these guys, I like them. I trust them. And it feels like you're everywhere to him. I'm like, Christian. He's like, oh, I see these guys everywhere. That's where you start to really build that brand. And everybody's like, Oh, I've seen you. And then if you go out into the community and you're at a networking event or something else, like I see your videos every single week, I see you every week. I know you do this intro. I know you do this bit like, hey, I liked this episode, then you start to really get that local celebrity status. 

Christian [00:14:32] Yeah, I think that I mean, another thing that the ads allow you to do is target your geographical locations, right? So,. 

Aaron [00:14:41] Yeah. 

Christian [00:14:41] You want to be a local celebrity in where you're doing business. You know, we could say like, oh, we want to be a local celebrity in Frisco. And we kept, you know, started just running ads over there and then joined the chamber and like, do this and do that and become a mini celebrity. You know, in Frisco as well. So you can definitely target different geographical areas. And the ads just allow you to exponentially do that throughout your area. I think you mentioned something else. 

Christian [00:15:10] I forgot what it was. 

Aaron [00:15:11] I have a question for you. 

Christian [00:15:12] Yeah? 

Aaron [00:15:13] Have you seen my ad that I have a radius? 

Christian [00:15:15] What? 

Aaron [00:15:16] Have you seen my ad that has a radius around this building? Probably not because I am only spending a dollar a day. But I'm spending a dollar a day and it's everybody who's been to our building. We're at the Yeager Office Suites in Allen, come say hi. Everybody who's been within a one mile radius, which is kind of rough because there's a couple other businesses are here. But if their a business owner. I told them at the very beginning, hey, if you're a business owner, keep watching. If not, skip this. But we've gotten like I think it's been like ten bucks or something. We've got like eight clicks or whatever of people who have watched it. But it says, hey, look, if you saw this ad, it's because you checked in around this area. If you want to learn how to run ads like this, then swipe up and we'll show you. And probably hasn't reach you because, again, it's probably got a lot of people to reach, but more importantly, Yeah to what you were saying. Yeah. You can target a geographically location like, hey, I want to target this area specifically. I want to do Allen, Texas. Everybody who's a business owner in this area right here. I want them to see my video. And that's. And you could just dominate that area. I just wanted to do it here for Yeager because I wanted people to be like, hey, look, I saw your video. I don't even follow you guys. 

Aaron [00:16:20] But I saw your video. 

Christian [00:16:22] What I was thinking of was the. So, I mean, having yeah, having video and then I think you talked about, like inserting, you know, personality with like the Ninja Turtles or whatever, like. It's also good if you can find some sort of way to incorporate like, maybe your orange shirt, right? You're the guy with the orange shirt, right? 

Aaron [00:16:42] Well, we used to have, I used to have orange watch and you had a blue watch, right? 

Aaron [00:16:47] We use to do that a lot. 

Christian [00:16:48] Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So something that like, again, going back to the consistency thing, like I said, it's not just consistency in posting, it could be consistency in like the way that you always wear that hat, right? And then when you go out like that just kind of clicks with people, right? And same with like who's the, I know. I recognize his realtor. The realtor with red shoes. 

Aaron [00:17:06] Red shoes. Yeah,. 

Aaron [00:17:07] Sure. Yeah. 

Christian [00:17:08] Yeah. So it's just like stuck in my head because like she always wears red shoes. 

Aaron [00:17:13] She has three hundred and fifty pairs of red shoes. 

Christian [00:17:15] Mind blowing. 

Aaron [00:17:17] It's crazy. 

Christian [00:17:18] It's just like something that sticks with you, you know. Like is this is like a recognizable leg. Okay. Yeah. I know who these people are. Liky Yep, that's the two guys like Ninja Turtles. So I think it's something like that. Like adding that to everything we're talking about. It's also like just a bonus, right? You don't have to do. But it's a bonus, it will add to that potencially. 

Aaron [00:17:37] We should have a Ninja Turtle shirt for, like, every show or whatever. 

Christian [00:17:41] Something. Yeah,. 

Aaron [00:17:42] We should do it. 

Christian [00:17:44] I mean, I think we are pretty recognizable just because we're young. 

Aaron [00:17:49] Right. 

Christian [00:17:49] And I mean, we're on every single video. So I think that helped. 

Aaron [00:17:55] I do like the idea of like something like that. At least like every tip for tip episode, it's like they wear this shirt like I think on our cover photo, like I'm wearing a green shirt you wear in a blue shirt. Like we've kind of cut that. I think they'll be cool. It'll just continue to wear like the green dinosaur shirt or the taco, Texas Taco, which is it attracts people to us because they're like, oh, I love dinosaurs. And this person's like Texas and tacos. What's not to love like. 

Christian [00:18:21] Right. 

Aaron [00:18:21] These are like three of my favorite things. Texas, tacos, and dinosaurs like heck. Yeah. 

Christian [00:18:26] So if you like those things, make sure to contact us. 

Aaron [00:18:29] Yeah, absolutely. Hit us up on any platform at BitBranding. 

Aaron [00:18:33] Alright. So if you're a local business owner and you want to become that local celebrity, this is what you need to do. You need to create episodic content. 

Aaron [00:18:41] Do you put out consistently? It will help you build a brand. And then when you ready to take it to the next level, start running ads for it. That's really everything. And you'll find all this information in YouTube and our podcasts in the show notes of everything that we have here. So you guys can come back and look at it if you're just listening. 

Christian [00:18:59] Yup. 

Aaron [00:19:00] Alright. So if this is your first time listening, please make sure you hit the subscribe button, whether it's on podcasts, whether it's on YouTube, Facebook, they have an option to, like always see this first. Wherever you're watching, make sure that you subscribe, or you like, or comment so that you don't miss out on any content that we put out every single week. And if you're somebody who's been listening for a while and you're over on Apple podcasts, please make sure to leave us an honest rating and review and screenshot it. And then Tag us on Instagram stories. We will do something special for you. We will absolutely share it, but we'll do more than that, too. We want to reach out to want to talk to you. This is what helps us reach more people. So we truly appreciate that. You guys have an awesome rest of your week. We'll talk to you next time. 

Aaron [00:19:40] Alright Guys. 

Aaron [00:19:41] If you want to be a local celebrity and attract, qualify, and convert more of your leads online. We have a free 38 minute training that walks you through the exact steps that you need to do to make this happen for your business. Make sure you click the link below in the description, whether it's in podcast, YouTube or Facebook. Just click the link below. And we'll see you on the other side. 

Narrator [00:20:00] The Marketing Native's podcast is a production of BitBranding. 

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