How Local Businesses Can Network Effectively

October 28, 2019

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Hey, guys, this is going to be a super fun episode for you because it was for us. This is actually how we built our business networking locally. And if you are a local business owner, this is a great way for you to build your business, too.

We're going to give you Four (4) tips on How To Network Most Effectively And Grow Your Business using those for tips or tactics. And I think there's a lot of insight here, and it's probably a little bit against conventional wisdom of what you've heard about networking. So enjoy!

  1. Show up to meetings regularly

a. Every major chamber has weekly networking meetings and other networking groups will meet regularly. Attendance and showing up is the number one way to get business because people need to see you multiple times and hear your message in multiple ways before making a decision. Don’t assume you’ll get business after showing up to three meetings.

        2. Get involved

a. It’s one thing to show up to networking events, it’s another to do more than par for the course. Showing is absolutely step one and you are going to get some business, but getting involved as an ambassador, joining a board or committee will help you stand out even more. The time commitment for some leadership roles is very low, but the perceived value is much higher.

         3. One-on-ones are crucial

a. Showing up to meetings and being a leader in a meeting are all good, but getting the chance to sit down with someone one-on-one, you really get to tell your story and more importantly hear someone else's. This is NOT  an opportunity to sell, but it is an opportunity for you to shine by helping the person across from you close another deal or be a connector for them. As Zig famously said, you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

         4. Add value in your 30 second commercial OR tell stories.

a. Selling all of the time in a 30 second commercial is waste. Why? Because everyone else is going to be trying to perfect their 30 second commercial and won’t listen to you. If you add value, people are a lot more likely to tune in when you have something to say, SO, when you do actually have something to sell, your audience is primed.


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Aaron [00:00:00] Hey, guys, this is gonna be a super fun episode for you because it was for us. This is actually how we built our business networking locally. And if you are a local business owner, this is a great way for you to build your business, too. We're going to give you four tips on how to network most effectively and grow your business using those for tips or tactics. And I think there's a lot of insight here, and it's probably a little bit against conventional wisdom of what you've heard about networking. So enjoy. 

Narrator [00:00:32] This is the Marketing Natives providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business. 

Narrator [00:00:40] And now your host, Christian and Aaron. 

Christian [00:00:46] As you may or may not know, we started our business networking a lot to the point where, yeah, I look back at it and I mean I stop gardens and didn't do it and a lot of these things, but Aaron sort of kept doing that. The whole networking thing and getting more involved and doing a lot more things. And for sure have benefit our business tremendously. So we're going to show you four different things that you need to do to make sure that you're networking effectively. 

Christian / Aaron [00:01:19] Number one is to show up regularly, which is ironic because you just said used to go and I know my down area. So, yeah, the company still goes, yeah, I think it's important show regularly. 

Aaron [00:01:32] The reason why is. OK. There's you BitBranding. Who shows up? And then three other marketing agencies, the one who goes four times out of four versus the other companies who go to times out of four. You know, just by pure numbers. We're in front of people 100 percent more of the time, which means we have a lot more likely or a lot more chances to talk with our potential customers. 

Christian [00:01:54] Yeah, and I remember from the get go people telling us that that, you know, you just need to consistently come even if you think it's maybe a waste of time or you're not getting business right away. 

Christian [00:02:05] And we did. I mean, we kept showing up. And a lot of times it was almost like a déjà vu over and they know the same things over and over, having the same thing sometime. But, you know, new businesses come to networking groups and Chamber of Commerce and things like that. So, you know, as time goes by, you'll definitely meet new people and create new relationships. But that's what it's all about. It's about creating relationships. And in order to do that, you actually have to show up regularly and often it's often as possible. 

Aaron [00:02:37] Yeah, I think one person actually ended up doing her Website. We've done some marketing and we do stuff with them monthly now, but I think we had to be that like she saw us. It was like, hey, I like these guys, but I want to make sure that they stick around. So she literally waited six months before she contacted us to do her Website because she was like, I want to make sure that they're actually going to be around or that they're going to stay around a in business, probably because we were young. I don't know, maybe it's misconception there or the fact that, hey, I don't want these guys to be some fly by night, come in and grab a bunch business and just never show up again. 

Christian [00:03:12] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I mean, if you had if she had that mentality, a lot of business owners and myself included, if you know about sitting in a networking group and new person comes in and they're offering free things, are the best service available. Yeah, you take that with a grain of salt. I've never I don't know this person. I don't trust him for time I've ever seen him. So it's definitely I think a lot of business owners do that. They wait until they know and trust you and they know that. Yeah, you're gonna stick around. 

Aaron [00:03:43] Mm hmm. All right. And this next one kind of builds on the previous one, which is, you know, you want to go to networking events. That's that's important. But really, the next thing is to get involved, whether it's you know, there's usually if you doing a local chamber of commerce or you join a meetup, there's going to be that regular meeting where that's going to be that regular, you know, meet up that they have for that group. But usually they have a happy hour or usually there's something else like for the Chamber of Commerce. They have membership luncheons. They have young professionals. They have something for women, they have something for men. And those are the ones that, you know, there's smaller groups and more intimate. So it's like, hey, we seniors that we saw you in the big group. Now we see in the smaller group, we have a chance to really have a one on one conversation or a, you know, 3 to 1 or 4 to one conversation versus a networking group where you're all sitting down and giving commercials and you don't really get to have that opportunity to sit down and really talk to people. 

Christian [00:04:40] And then beyond just going through these events and activities, become ambassadors or volunteering your time, you know, maybe to have one of these activities or events run smoothly, joining you have a joining on board or committee just to help out more or, you know, Chamber of Commerce have a leadership. 

Christian [00:05:04] Allen here in Allen, Texas, where you're just sit with a close knit of business owners helping around the community and just, you know, everyone's grown their leadership skills. So, yeah, when we say get involved, it's not just attending more events, but also seeing ways where you can use your expertise in order to help out, which is always cool. Absolutely. 

Christian [00:05:33] Hello and welcome to the ad. This is BitBranding. We are a creative local marketing agency here in Allen, Texas, Chrsitian. That's Aaron across the table. You can't see us, but we're here and we're standing. We're always stand anyways. I just wanna let you know, we offer a bunch of services, different things that can help you. But if you're looking for more local business networking, help hit us up. If you're looking for someone in particular that you've been wanting to, I guess, network or meet hit us up. 

Christian [00:06:05] We've been networking for a long time and we know a lot of people. 

Christian [00:06:10] So if you're looking for that, I don't know. Networking, networking. A person who throws parties or events hit us up. Probably no one. If you're looking for a. 

Christian [00:06:22] I'll give me something. Something weird. 

Aaron [00:06:28] Well, now that you've put me on the spot, I'm kind of on a plane anyways. 

Christian [00:06:32] We probably meant that we're person that you're thinking right now. Just hit us up either on Instagram or hit us up on Twitter. DM us like, hey, I'm looking for this person in particular. Probably we know. 

Christian [00:06:44] And maybe we can maybe we can connect you. Let us know. That's the end of my ad. 

Aaron [00:06:52] All right, we're back. Just like those dinosaur movies. We're back. We're back. Oh, yes. Gosh, those are such good movies. Yes. There isn't really a dinosaur movie that isn't good. I mean, label for a time. Jurassic Park, where a bag. I can think of other dinosaur movies right before time. Oh, yeah. Doesn't own gosh. There's gonna be other one Walking with Dinosaurs. You used to Google that. I just Google that. 

Aaron [00:07:23] But there's really not anymore than what I that I put there. All right. Oh, yeah. We're back. And so anyway, we digress here. One on one. 

Aaron [00:07:33] Number three here, one on ones are crucial. So at the very beginning of the business, at least for me, I don't know how many one on ones Christian necessarily had. 

Aaron [00:07:41] He can speak to that here, too. I was kidding. 

Christian [00:07:45] I wasn't that many. I wouldn't say maybe 10 or 20. 

Aaron [00:07:48] Really? OK. Dating that. I mean, I've probably done like hundreds. Oh, yeah, for sure. Wow. 

Aaron [00:07:54] And I've cut down probably in the last six months a lot. But like whenever we first started out, I mean there's not a ton of work to do because we didn't have a ton of clients here. So it's like, hey, can we have four one on ones in one week? And I still remember one person who I know really well now. And she kept me for a one to one. Christian was like, what's going on? And we were there. And it was the most uncomfortable, like length of time that I've ever had with somebody. It was like four and a half hours for a one on one and will never do that again. Most of my one on ones now are like 30 minutes recommended recommendation is that you should do an hour with them. But one, the ones are crucial. The reason why is that you get to know about that other person. It's not an opportunity for you. Just sell them, but it is an opportunity for you to get to know who they are and how you can help them and how they can learn about you and potentially how you could help or they could help you. And we put in a nice little quote here, Zig Ziglar, if you're not familiar with him, I feel like he's kind of losing a lot of clout just because of, you know, a lot of people don't really know about him unless you're in the business or entrepreneurial world. But his quote was like, if so, you'll get everything you want in life if you just help another of enough other people get what they want. And I think it's absolutely true. And networking is that in the foundation for that networking success is one on ones. 

Christian [00:09:13] Yeah, absolutely. Even the 10 or 20 that I did, I would say 90 percent of them would always ask. All right. So what can I do for you? How can I help you succeed or be a better person or whatever it is? They would always, always ask that. 

Aaron [00:09:28] They obviously ask. Oh, yes. I mean, I was framed. So those who are listening, you can guess that I was going to say it, but I'm not going to say it because that's not a nice thing to do. But we're gonna move on here. If you want to have a one on one, one on one with us. Yeah. We never done one on two. One on two. Yeah, we did a few. Yeah. Very, very beginning. 

Aaron [00:09:58] We're like do we both go to this. I think it was George Iowa. It was me and George. He's like, well like how do we do this? And he's like wanted to tell you a lot about me and then want to hear a little bit about you guys. And we're like, OK. He's like, yeah, we'll just kind of take turns talking and telling each other about who we are. And we're like, oh, OK. 

Aaron [00:10:18] I thought I was a one on one as a yeah, but that's fun. I'll teach you both. And so we both kind of showed up to that two on one. Yeah. Fun times. Very fun times. 

Aaron [00:10:29] All right. Number four, this is something that you probably got a tip that you probably won't get from other people. And this is kind of our philosophy towards work with us. It’s what’s worked for our business and that is giving value in your 30 second commercial versus selling. And what I mean by that is so many people amd Christian. I mean, whenever you first went to networking events, you probably heard it, too, in people's 30 second commercial. It's always like we have the greatest new whatever out or hey, come shop today. Rates are low or hey, you know, we're selling these new cakes. They never added any value to people. It was more of like, hey, buy from me. Like you need to buy from me now. 

Christian [00:11:12] Not like we were just sold by forty five other people who just told us to buy from you to me, as you put it here, besides providing value, also like telling stories. Those are things for me were the most interesting. Whenever people would stand up and start saying, hey. So I had this lady who did it. And I don't know if there were just interesting. And I think that's human nature as well. You know, we're inclined to tell and listen to stories. So whenever someone would start with a story, I was always OK. What is it like? I want to know what happens next. So I think those are definitely very beneficial. Finding way to tell I mean. Super short, 30 second stories, so it's kind of tough, so you can't give a lot of details, but there were always sort of interesting to me. 

Aaron [00:11:59] Yeah, and when you say that Kim Hannon, who is Beck and call Shadow, she would always tell about these random stories like, for example, I remember them well, like there's this one guy who is a paraplegic and she was like putting him in a bariatric van. And they were saying, he's like, you need to or she was telling him like, hey, you need to buckle up. And he's like, no, I'm not going to buckle up. And she's like, we're not going to take you anywhere until you buckle up. Like, it's you know, it's our policy. It's better for your safety, et cetera. Come to find out. He put on the seatbelt. The reason he was a paraplegic, because he got flown out of his vehicle and did not buckle a seatbelt. Wow. And it's like so it's top of mind like this. Just kind of a cool story for her. But but it's also just like it's a good story. And you just kind of. It shows it wasn't like, hey, Beck and call is the best company ever because of this is just like, hey, we care about this person. And even though they don't care about their health or whatever, we care about them. So. And that was literally a 30 second commercial or like a story. 

Christian [00:12:56] So stories sell now, would you say to do this every single time? To do what? Let's say you do the value right. And to provide value. You just give him a tip, I guess, every single time is there. Would you recommend to maybe once in a while just to have a commercial about your business and sell in something? Yeah. When there is something to talk about. 

Aaron [00:13:19] Yeah, but it's like a 10 to one kind of thing. I what I've found is that if you add enough value to people and you give examples or tell a story with that, people will come talk to you more about that than they will a specific offer. So let me actually get more people come and talk to me. I guess it makes networking easier because I don't have to go and sit down or go and talk to people. It's more like I told that story or I told that tip. And you were like, hey, I'm curious, like, how do you do that? 

Christian [00:13:45] Or, you know, it resonates with them and they have something to actually talk to you about. Exactly. Yeah. 

Aaron [00:13:51] Versus hey, you know, we're selling these bright and, you know, great new ad campaign strategy. Come see us afterwards. And, you know, it may resonate with one people or one one people, one people, one person, one person. But you're still like, you know, there's been times where we're lucky enough, luckily enough. You know, there's been a line of like four or five people who wanted to ask questions or something like that because of what I've said. And, you know, other people are like looking over, like, what the heck's going on? It's like it's not that hard. And I've told other people, like, just quit trying to sell your service and tell people what you do. They're going to figure that out in other ways. So, yes, to your point, mixing it up would be good and you should promote it. Yeah. Every once in a while, like we're about to promote the local marketing academy, which we've already run around. But she was taking it. We should have thought about this telling you guys right now to effect it, to network more effectively, you should join the local marketing academy. It's local marketing dot academy. Yeah, check it out if you're local here in the Illinois area. 

Christian [00:14:53] All right. There you have it. Four ways a local business can network effectively. We've been doing this for a while. So we had maybe a little bit of insight in there. 

Christian [00:15:01] So put some of these into practice. Let us know how you're doing with your networking based off of these things that we've given you. Also, make sure you'd like and subscribe on if you're listening from Apple podcast. If you're not listening from Apple podcast, go to Apple podcast or iTunes and find the Marketing Natives and subscribe. Leave us a comment, rating and review. I believe it's what you call it. They call it. And also, like I said, if you let us know that you've networked effectively with these tips, let us know. Go to BitBranding Apple branding on Instagram or Twitter and let us know that you’ve done that. 

Christian [00:15:36] All right. We'll see you next week bye. 

Narrator [00:15:40] The Marketing Native's podcast is a production of BitBranding.

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