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On today's episode we talk about:

-  practicing

-  being perfect

-  mimicking other people


Aaron: [00:00:15] Hello, and welcome to Episode 9 of the Marketing Natives. Today we are talking about how business owners can become more comfortable in front of the camera. We're going to break down how to practice more, be self, and not to psych yourself out.


Christian: [00:00:31] Excellent. So I think I want to start by saying that probably a lot of you who are listening to this right now can definitely understand and relate if you've try to record yourself in front of a camera. First, I mean, I want to say that it's OK to be nervous. This is perfectly normal. Don't worry. This stuff does not come natural. Even people who are on TV and movies, sometimes they struggle with being in front of the camera. So you know, being nervous is completely natural and will hopefully drive you to do better, you know, and excel in this. I remember some of the first episodes that Aaron and I recorded, it was nerve wracking. I mean, it still is to some degree, even recording this podcast. You know, it's not- it's not video. It's audio, but still to some extent it's, you know, you get a little bit nervous. You get a little jitters. You want to make sure that this is perfect.


Aaron: [00:01:33] But there has to be a way to mitigate some of the risk or some of the fear or the nervousness. Right?


Christian: [00:01:41] Yeah, and I mean, the first thing is practice, practice, practice. Keep going.


Franklin: [00:01:46] I like how you say practice three times.


Aaron: [00:01:50] He sounds like Zig Ziglar over here.


Franklin: [00:01:51] Practice, practice, practice.


Christian: [00:01:53] Now, I think one of the main things that have benefit us, Aaron and I and you, Franklin, now, is just keep doing videos. Just keep on going. Definitely we've gotten better as time has gone along. You know, keep doing it and do it and doing it. You just kind of get into a rhythm or flow. So definitely practicing, it's a big thing.


Franklin: [00:02:18] Right. And there are different ways that you- Sorry about that, Aaron. I know you're like stop hitting the table, but I know that there are multiple different ways out there that people like to practice. And one of the ways that you can practice, if you don't want to practice on the camera, you can sit in front of the mirror. I know that's an old, like, speaking tactic. You know, like, people stand in front of a mirror when they're trying to actually get their form when it comes to speaking, but it works for being in front of a camera too. I know from time to time- don't laugh at me. Neither one of y'all laugh at me. I'll go in the bathroom, and then I'll come up with a monologue that I'm actually going to be saying to myself or saying somewhere else in the mirror. And I actually say it, and I'm like, OK, that sounds right or I don't look weird. It's cool, and I continue to do it over and over and over. And I feel good about it, and then I'll deliver it in front of a camera.


Christian: [00:03:12] I think that's a good idea. Now another thing that we've talked about too is practicing, and I'm using air quotes. Practicing but still hitting that record button. You're going to be surprised, and we've actually talked about this in our Tip for Tip episode number 69, which you can find on Facebook and YouTube by typing Tip for Tip or BitBranding. But we talked about earlier the tip was, you know, start recording people, you know, and tell that that you're practicing, but in reality, they might even do better at the practice than they do when you actually tell them, oh, we're recording now. So yeah, definitely practice. Another cool tactic is to, and Franklin actually came up with this, is to mimic other people. So if you're a fan of, for example, Gary Vaynerchuk and you like the way he introduces- does that intro, like, "Hello, and my name is Gary Vaynerchuk." I don't know exactly how he does it because I don't watch any of his videos, but you know, just practice that. Practice other people until you have your own little intro. Your mojo comes into play.


Franklin: [00:04:17] Exactly. And I put that on there for that, and also, like, there is a specific type of energy that you want to give off whenever you're actually delivering a video. So if the person that you're mimicking has the same type of audience that you want to try to reach, yeah, that would be a good idea to kind of get a feel or an idea on how their energy comes off whenever you are practicing their style.


Aaron: [00:04:42] Right. And the biggest- well, not the biggest. One big thing to take away is that it's not going to be perfect. I think that the video tips that you guys gave at the end is probably one of the biggest things to help you. It's like cringing to watch yourself after you've recorded that video, but you can actually take notes, look at it, and you know, pick out different things that you could try to fix. You know that you're not going to be able to fix everything because it's not going to be perfect no matter what. Even people who have done this for 30 years. I mentioned Zig Ziglar earlier, but I remember listening or reading one of his books, can't remember. But he practiced his speeches probably 15 times before he gave them every time, and he gave the same kind of speeches, like, every week. And it was, like, why would you keep practicing the same speech? And it's because you're going to still pick up new things, you're going to always be perfecting things, and he'd been doing this for 30, 40 years. So it's OK not to be perfect, I guess.


Christian: [00:05:40] Yeah. I think in the imperfection, there's perfection.


Franklin: [00:05:44] Right.


Christian: [00:05:44] You know? Making these little mistakes here and there will make you one, more human. People don't want to see these robotic videos sometimes or even audios. Like we mess up here on the podcast, and we just call it ourselves and we're like OK. Like, earlier you guys were saying, oh, I can't even get my words out, and you actually said that out loud. So yeah, you don't have to be perfect. It's never going to be perfect, and those imperfections are going to bring your perfection.


Franklin: [00:06:15] Exactly. It's going to bring you-


Christian: [00:06:17] It sounds kind of made up.


Franklin: [00:06:17] Go ahead. I was going to say- OK, well, those imperfections are going to bring you to doing what I was just about to say. It's like being yourself, and even though we did say try to mimic someone and actually get into a flow of, like, bringing out their energy, like, the best way to actually be yourself on camera is to be yourself. Don't try to be someone else or try to do exactly what this person is doing because it's not you, and also if you are worried about what someone's going to say about you trying to, like, be someone else, this is going to take that whole entire fear away because you're not going to be portraying anyone. You're going to be portraying exactly who you are, how you want to be, and how you want to be seen. Being yourself is, like, one of my favorite parts of actually- like, one of my favorite tips to give someone whenever it comes to, like, how do I get more comfortable in this area? Just be yourself.


Christian: [00:07:13] Yeah. Just relax. Just do it. Nike.


Franklin: [00:07:19] Exactly. Exactly.


Christian: [00:07:24] Anyway. So, another big thing is to not worry about how many people are going to see it or if any people are going to see it. None of that stuff should matter. Again, I can't reiterate the fact that just keep doing videos. You know, just keep doing it, and another big thing, and I think we see this a lot because we record a lot of business owners, is that sometimes they psyched themselves out. And like they have, like, a little mistake or something in the beginning, and they can't sort of get past that. And I feel like that's, yeah, one of the biggest things, and even for us too. I feel like at the beginning I do remember, you know, experiencing that of, you know, the fear of messing up, and then when you do mess up then everything else seems like-


Franklin: [00:08:18] It starts to trickle down.


Christian: [00:08:20] Yeah, it starts to trickle down.


Franklin: [00:08:21] Yep, and you can get to the point to where before you even hit the record button, you've already psyched yourself out and said that I'm not going to do this. That's why I like this quote, and Aaron, I believe it's a running quote. And I wanted to make sure I got it right.


Aaron: [00:08:34] OK, cool.


Franklin: [00:08:35] So I went and researched it. It's, "The hardest part is getting out of the door." And that means that, like, the hardest part is actually go ahead and get started, and after you've done it, you can get on a roll and keep on recording. Keep on recording.


Aaron: [00:08:51] Right, so, it's- I believe it's something like, "The first step out the door is the hardest step," or something like that, but yes, I get what you're saying. Not to mess up the running quote, but we gotcha.


Franklin: [00:09:03] But no, I really- one, if I had to give anyone some advice, and wait, that's what we're doing right now, is don't get in your own head about what you think that you're seeing on the other side of the camera. You should just be in your own mind that you're going to record this. You are record it, and then I'm going to continue to practice. And if I fail this time or it doesn't come out the way that I want to, I don't have to post it. I can critique it. I can sit there and watch it again, and I can do it again and over and over and over to make it somewhat perfect. That way that if this perfect time isn't perfect, I can make the next time perfect.


Christian: [00:09:45] Perfectly perfect.


Aaron: [00:09:46] That's a lot of perfect. One thing I would say to that is that unless you are an audio or video company, this- you're not getting paid to put out these videos. We're talking to those local business owners who are trying to grow an audience, and you know, if you mess up, nobody's going to be like- I don't know. You don't have to post it basically is what I'm saying. So like, if you know pre-hand, live video's a different animal, but you know ahead of time if it's something that you're comfortable with and you're comfortable with it then it's out there and it's- there's nothing to worry about. You're not getting charged, or you're not going to have to pay more, or you're not making money off of it specifically. So, just putting it out there is not going to hurt you.


Franklin: [00:10:28] Right.


Christian: [00:10:29] So yeah just to recap here. Some of the stuff we've talked about today, veery important. It's OK to be nervous.


Franklin: [00:10:35] Yes.


Christian: [00:10:37] Practice, practice, practice. And I would say practice makes perfection, but that leads us to our next one which is, you know, it doesn't have to be perfect. It's not ever going to be perfect, and in that imperfection, you always have to make sure that you are yourself. Just be yourself. There's no other way around that. Another thing is don't worry about how many people are going to see it. Just imagine that this video's just for yourself.


Franklin: [00:11:04] Right.


Christian: [00:11:05] And then the last thing is don't psych yourself out. Just do it. Like Franklin said, the hardest part of getting out is just-


Franklin: [00:11:12] Just to start, man.


Christian: [00:11:13] Busting out the front door.


Aaron: [00:11:14] Open up that front door.


Franklin: [00:11:16] Or in this case, just push the red. Push the red button.


Christian: [00:11:23] There you go.


Aaron: [00:11:23] All right. Thank you, guys, again for tuning into this episode of the Marketing Natives. We hope you got a lot out of it. This is an episode that we think all business owners can use. So, if you are listening to this and you have other friends who are business owners, go ahead and share this with them. Probably share this with, I don't know, a friend of a friend. I don't know. Put it on your Facebook page. That'd be cool if you shared it that way, but just so you can stay up with all of our content, make sure you click that SUBSCRIBE button. And then go ahead and click those three little dots in the right hand corner and click share with that episode, and you can actually save the episode. We just looked at the button. You can save the episode too, you know, just in case you want to hear us talk some more. So, that's it.


Franklin: [00:12:06] All right.


Christian: [00:12:07] See you later.


Franklin: [00:12:08] Take care.

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