How An Interior Designer Can Use Pinterest To Grow Their Audience

March 25, 2019

Show Notes

  • Make sure you have a business account - Pinterest allows you to have a Personal or Business account. Make sure you make the switch to a Business one as it allows you to track analytics. These will allow you to gauge your content and see where the opportunity lies.
  • Have a strategy in place - Make sure you set out a strategy that you or someone in your team can achieve each week. Consistency, like any other social network, is your friend. When it comes to creating boards make sure you cover just a little bit of everything. Some examples, you can cover each section of a house; bathroom, bedrooms, master, patios, etc. You could also create boards by season, style, colors, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use vertical images - Pinterest is a vertical platform and using the full range of space allows you to reach and engage more people. Infographics are perfect here and get a ton of engagement. Create them specific for your need.
  • Keywords in description -  Pinterest is a search engine, so treat it as such. Use words that specifically describe the product.  When in doubt, add more content to make sure you accurately cover it vs a short description.


Aaron: [00:00:00] Awesome episode here today if you've been wondering if Pinterest is still around if it's still relevant. We cover everything. In today's episode we're talking about how an interior designer can use Pinterest to grow their audience. Hope you enjoy. This. Is the marketing. Freebody. Success in your business and now your host and our. All right let's get into this. Super excited for this episode.

Christian: [00:00:32] Yeah the last time. Fun fact the last time we had a Pinterest related episode was at the very beginning. It was the best episode like two I think really yeah was a top 10 episode not top ten as in most views but like. Top things to do on Pinterest top 10 things to do like the episode 1-2 through 10 as around there. One of those episodes.

Aaron: [00:00:59] Well yeah we were talking about them as much. And I wonder if I think the article that I was reading would maybe put some clarity to this but it's more of a we're looking at pinterest as a social media platform and really it's a search platform. And so we haven't been talking a lot about it as much for social media because it's not as relevant for a lot of people but it is relevant for people who are trying to rank for search or drive traffic to their site which is why we're doing this podcast.

Christian: [00:01:28] Yep exactly. So the very first thing the interior designer and what you need to do with Pinterest and to be on things like Pinterest should be one of them your number one or two social platforms that you're using probably maybe Facebook Instagram and Pinterest should be your go to social platforms as an interior designer. But one of the things that you need to do when you're on Pinterest is to make sure that you have a business news account. Same as Instagram where you can have a personal or a business account. You've got to make sure that you make the switch from personal to business. The business allows you to have a track and analytics within your pins and everything that you're posting. You can see what's working what's not working. You also have an ability to see the audience so you can sort of narrowed down who are the people that are interacting with your posts. It's very very important.

Aaron: [00:02:22] Yeah and one last important part that we're not going to talk about in this episode but maybe in the future is how to run ads on Pinterest but you can't run ads from a personal Pinterest account so making that switch just makes it does make sense to switch to a business account. Have you ever planned to run ads for that as well.

Christian: [00:02:39] Yeah and this is going to be a driver to your Website. That's what you want to use any social media platform is going to be a driver to generate leads for your website eventually. So with the business account also allows you to link your and your Website in there and then it allows you to do rich pins. So it opens up the opportunity for you to sort of complete the cycle. You know this is very important that you switch to that account.

Aaron: [00:03:07] Yeah. And I think did I want to kind of point out what you just said there which is this goes for all social platforms is that so many people look at social media as I'm going to get sales off of Facebook or wherever. And that's not necessarily the case or Pinterest. It's more of a let's drive traffic to a specific location. Social media is a traffic source for that. So I think there's a good point that Christian made that I don't want us to overlook is that Pinterest is just a driver of traffic for you. Your job is to have your Web site and everything else convert those people.

Christian: [00:03:41] Yeah exactly. So the second thing an interior designer and I used to do on Pinterest is have a strategy in place and actually does goes along with any social network that you're using Facebook Instagram whatever you need to make sure you have a strategy in place. And the reason why we always tell people to have a strategy is so that you stay consistent. If you have a strategy in place you had the ability to stay consistent with whatever it is that you're doing you're posting you're commenting you're retweeting anything like that. With the strategy I was just kind of want to touch a little bit about the type of board and content cause I guess I mean with interior designers I think it's pretty easy to come up with you know some of those examples of like categories I guess. Right. Yeah. You can go a lot of different ways with that.

Aaron: [00:04:37] But I was going to say is that I saw something earlier. I think it was earlier today we were recording this in February but somebody put out it's like a strategy and it's got the little arrow strategy over tactics. So we're going to give us some tactics here to put out. We'll get to number three. Number four there are some tactics but without a strategy your tactics don't really have much weight. You're not going to move the needle and you're not going to have a lot of success or not as much success if you don't have the strategy. So the strategy really is that's the base for your success.

Christian: [00:05:14] Yeah I mean some of the examples like I guess when it comes to for example US as an agency we have just a little bit of everything in there. We even have so Aaron from Hans's and I lived in Kansas for quite some years too. So even one of our boards you know has to do with everything Kansas. Another one has to do with everything Texas. And obviously we have our Web site design inspiration boards and things like that. But you want to think about what your audience is going to be wanting to look at or how they can how you can introduce you as a company to more people by adding just different styles and different types of boards and different that different things like that. Obviously with an interior designer you can split up your boards into even different sections of your house like bathroom bedrooms master you know. But beyond that you know you can go you know by seasons different styles just colors like green and just have chairs that are Greens walls that are green like there's so much like different directions that you can go as an interior designer. Even beyond that if you want to target more say local people within calling county than maybe Pin content that's related to events that are going on you know in calling county that you just sort of catering to those people need and want. So it's not just all interior designer related stuff. You also want to throw in some other fun things in there.

Aaron: [00:06:44] And as you were speaking about that it kind of reminded me that Pinterest announced a little while ago that they have the ability to run videos that natively on Pinterest which not a lot of people use as an interior designer to be able to show like that 360 view or to show a little walk of the room as a video. You're going to stand out because there's not very many people doing it. And I don't know that they're necessarily favoring this or not but most platforms are favoring video. So I think the same would apply for Pinterest so I would look at Pinterest as an option to start creating pins that are specifically video oriented.

Christian: [00:07:21] Yeah absolutely.

Christian: [00:07:26] All right. If you're new to our podcast that wrap air horn that Aaron just introduced is the fact that we are having a little ad in between our episode. We normally talk about branding the company bringing you this amazing podcast braining we are the co-founders Christian here and Aaron over there and today actually want to talk to you about specifically to interior designers that you're listening in the beginning of the episode we alluded to social media being a driver to your Web site as an interior designer. You don't have a Web site or you don't have a good birding website or more responsive that's converting people who are visiting your website than you need to give us a shout. As far as interior designer websites we've actually created theory there and I were actually talking about this recently how it's just kind of weird but we just have been doing you know quite a few interior designer websites. So we do have experience creating interior designer websites. I personally enjoy creating interior designer websites because there's sort of a more artistic in that sense because your interior designer so you want to be very unique and have a very unique personality branding with your website. And we can achieve that through websites that we've done as interior designer have been all three very unique to their brands and that's what we're going to create for you. So if you're into her designer you're looking for a very good tailored Website for you and your business and your brand that you need to give us a shout at branding. You can go to be braining CEO or you can find us anywhere on social media at branding.

Aaron: [00:09:15] We're back and thank you Christian for sponsoring that podcast specifically. Anytime anytime. Okay cool how about that in about two weeks. Sounds good. All right. Number three here you may or may not notice this but you engage a lot more with vertical images on Pinterest. Pinterest is very much a vertical platform. And so that's why I like info-graphics do really well here is because it takes up the whole screen. It's very visually appealing. So creating things like an info-graphics are things that are Vitor vertically like native meaning that you created them to be a vertical picture. First they're going to perform a lot better versus going in like a horizontal picture. So no reason to put a square in like a round hole just make sure that you're creating a very vertical image with your Pinterest account and you're going to get a lot more engagement.

Christian: [00:10:05] Yeah and with vertical yeah just the longer I guess the better. You know it is growing. So yeah definitely go a long ways instead of for go for with obviously going ahead a certain point where you can go farther with that. All right and then the last thing we have here for are designers to do Pinterest is descriptions man and like we said in the beginning like Pinterest more than a social network we think it's a search engine. It's a way for people to find things or stuff that they're looking for and explore. Even when we're design in this office like Pinterest was one of the places where we would go to to look for ideas and different things like that. So it's very very important that you're using very specific keywords in the description of your pins.

Aaron: [00:10:56] Yeah and when tip for that is that if you don't know how to write their description just think about it very simply as how would you describe that room or how would you describe that picture and right enough that you feel like you've reached her that you've told enough in that picture to describe it. Some people just say this is a bedroom that's probably not good for good as you want to describe the style of the room. This is a very Victorian bedroom with these kind of chairs and just you know it's always better to probably add a little bit more that is less so that you make sure that you hit all the keywords for it. Absolutely. All right. That is it for this episode. We really appreciate you guys listening and we know how busy you are whether you're driving to work or on your treadmill or just at the office. And we appreciate your time. We know these are short episodes but we really like to get feedback from you so you could go over to iTunes and make sure to leave us an honest rating review that will help us continue to bring out solid content for you. All right we'll talk to you guys next week.

Narrator: [00:12:00] Bye. the Marketing Natives podcast is a production BitBranding.

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