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How An Interior Designer Can Use Pinterest To Grow Their Audience

How An Interior Designer Can Use Pinterest To Grow Their Audience

March 25, 2019
  • Make sure you have a business account - Pinterest allows you to have a Personal or Business account. Make sure you make the switch to a Business one as it allows you to track analytics. These will allow you to gauge your content and see where the opportunity lies.
  • Have a strategy in place - Make sure you set out a strategy that you or someone in your team can achieve each week. Consistency, like any other social network, is your friend. When it comes to creating boards make sure you cover just a little bit of everything. Some examples, you can cover each section of a house; bathroom, bedrooms, master, patios, etc. You could also create boards by season, style, colors, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use vertical images - Pinterest is a vertical platform and using the full range of space allows you to reach and engage more people. Infographics are perfect here and get a ton of engagement. Create them specific for your need.
  • Keywords in description -  Pinterest is a search engine, so treat it as such. Use words that specifically describe the product.  When in doubt, add more content to make sure you accurately cover it vs a short description.

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