How An Insurance Agent Should Be Using YouTube

December 18, 2017

Show Notes

On Today's episode we talk about:

  • Type of Content - Vlog? Tips? Industry News? Education?
  • Education - Creating terminology based videos where they could be used for some that’s trying to pass the exam to become and agent or to get their license.
  • Consistency. Scheduling.
  • Engaging and interacting with other related industries on YouTube


Christian: [00:00:18] Hey.What's going on? And today on the Marketing Natives, we're going to talk abouthow an insurance agent should be using YouTube. We're talking the type ofcontent, the schedule, engagement with other accounts. It's going to be apretty cool episode, and today I have my co-host as always, Mr. Aaron Pearson.


Aaron: [00:00:41] Hello.This is me. Yeah. Aaron. No. I'm excited about this episode because insuranceis a really boring industry. So this was kind of a- Sorry for all the insuranceagents. It's just you know that it is too. So we're going to try to give yousome ideas to spice it up and stand out a little bit instead of just being theguy who says hey, let me review your policy after six months.


Christian: [00:01:02] Yeah,that's true. Yeah, I didn't- I mean, I guess I just realize that now. Likeyeah, insurance is pretty boring, but there's always a way to make it standout.


Aaron: [00:01:11] Right.So first thing content is huge.


Christian: [00:01:14] Yeah,and yeah, especially, I mean, on YouTube obviously, you know, you're going tohave to do something pretty unique with the content that you do. You know, someideas right off the bat, you know, doing daily vlogs, doing, you know, maybe ashow or about tips, industry news, education. Those are all things, you know,an insurance agent, you know, you can start there, and you definitely need toexpand upon those and make it your own and make it unique in some way oranother.


Aaron: [00:01:48] Right.I mean, with a vlog you don't have to do- I mean, we said daily. I mean, youcould do it weekly. You're going to be beating 99.9 percent of all the otherinsurance agents out there. So just a week in the life of an insurance agent.So maybe one week you get on a roof, and you know, it's been a hail season. Andthat's kind of interesting, or the next week, you know, unfortunately, there'sbeen a car accident. So but just talking about car safety and why insurance isimportant, but there's a lot of things that you could do. And even if it's goingout and meeting with customers, just adding that to your story and justcreating like a five-minute vlog. It's like what does an insurance agent reallydo all day? Because in my mind, I just feel like you guys sit behind a computerand write policies. You know, maybe they're doing more than that.


Christian: [00:02:31] Yeah.Now I think the most important part here in this type of content is making surethat your personality, and you know, let yourself shine through on these videosand show, you know, other people your true self. Just be you and be unique. Letyour personality, you know, take over your video, and if you don't have areally nice personality, then sort of fake it till you make it. And you know,make sure that you have sort of a vibrant light because obviously like we said,you know, insurance's- It is kind of boring. That's why you get all these funnyinsurance commercials. That's the only way to get people attracted toinsurance.


Aaron: [00:03:15] Right.Which I'm going to bring that out here. We're recording this in November of2017. They just released the sloth with the Pictionary. I keep bringing this upbecause it's so funny.


Christian: [00:03:25] Isaid that yesterday I watched that, but I don't think I've seen it.


Aaron: [00:03:28] Ohreally? Okay, well, we'll have to pull it up after we record this. I couldwatch it five times a day. It's literally 20 seconds of a sloth, andeverybody's yelling out like "Oh, it's a house. It's a house." Andthen one lady's like, "It's a car. It's a car." And then the buzzergoes off, and the sloth has literally done like three inches of a line.


Christian: [00:03:49] Yes.They're playing Pictionary. Yes, yes, yes. I've seen that. Okay. I was thinkingof like that movie, Zootopia.


Aaron: [00:03:55] Ohyes.


Christian: [00:03:57] There'sa sloth in that.


Aaron: [00:03:58] Thesloth there. Yeah.


Christian: [00:03:58] Heworks at the DMV or something. Yeah, it's pretty funny. So back to the type ofcontent, something that- I think Aaron came up with this idea on the educationpart. Obviously, you know, insurance has a lot of terminology that a lot ofpeople might not be familiar with until they get in some sort of problem orit's time for them to either get car insurance or house insurance or renter'sinsurance or any of that stuff. Life insurance. So education is a huge part, wefeel like, as part of the type of content that you can do. You can do videosbased off of, like we said, terminology. Just basic words that people don'teven know the definition of.


Aaron: [00:04:36] Right,and if you do commercial policies, like something for us before we started thebusiness, I had no idea what key man insurance was, but just like, you know,you could do a whole segment of talking about the commercial side becausethere's a lot more terminology in there that- You know, there is a lotdifferent- You know, you can insure your employees. You can insure, you know,your business partner. You can insure the business. So there's a lot there thatit's not- I don't know. Like Christian said, until you sit down and youactually talk to somebody about it, you have no idea what any of that stuffmeans because key man, I had- Yeah. I wouldn't even have known what to come upwith for that.


Christian: [00:05:10] Yeah.And Aaron kind of brought up a pretty good point here. When you're usingYouTube, it's good to organize your content into different categories. So ifyou're doing a lot of video or video series on commercial insurance, then makesure you make a playlist out of that so that people can- You can even make itwhere, you know, yeah, you watch the videos in order. So you start with, youknow, the basic what is commercial insurance, and then breaking it down intodifferent categories or breaking it down into terminology and all that stuff.But make sure that you break those down into different playlist. YouTube allowsyou to do that. One, you stay organized yourself on your page. New people whocome into your channel, they'll be able to just pick and choose and have a morestructured way to digest your content.


Aaron: [00:05:58] Right.So keep those videos, you know, 1 to 2-3 minutes. and it just kind of likekeeps rolling through. People don't have a problem watching a one or two minutevideo, and then you just jump to the second video. But keep it- Don't justramble on about the insurance. Kind of give us the highlights and, you know,what the terminology means. So obviously, if you love insurance, you may- And alot of people do this with their passion. They just talk about it for a verylong time, but really just give us the highlights for it. And you're going tosee a lot more people complete your videos which will push you up online andreally get your YouTube channel out there.


Christian: [00:06:31] Yeah.So the second thing that insurance agents need to do on YouTube, it's to one,just be consistent, and the best way to do that is to set yourself a schedule.And if you said, like Aaron talked about this earlier, vlogging once a week.Then make that one time a week that you post that video the same every week sopeople know when to expect this video. Obviously, you should encourage them tosubscribe and turn on the notifications so they can see your videos when youupload them, but keep it consistent as far as even the time of day that youpost this on that specific day of the week. That way one, I think YouTube likesthat a lot more because, you know, you're getting on a consistent schedule, andyou're putting out content consistently which is one of the key things not onlyon YouTube but on a lot of social media.


Aaron: [00:07:26] Right.They care. So YouTube cares about people spending time on YouTube, and the morethat you can bring them back to YouTube, the more you're going to get afavorite on there. So, absolutely, the consistency is big, but also if somebodygoes and finds your video and they see that you haven't uploaded it for fourmonths, they may be wondering like well, is this guy still doing this? Is thisnot around anymore? So stay consistent. Like I said, it doesn't have to besuper long videos. They could be 2 to 3 minutes long.


Christian: [00:07:52] Yeah.And even if your schedule is every 2 weeks, someone might go to your channeland, you know, this is the time of- Maybe you're supposed to publish ittomorrow, but they got there and it's like oh, they haven't published in twoweeks. A good thing to do is on your banner image put in there that youschedule or you publish YouTube videos every two weeks, or make it apparentthat, you know, the time of day even that you publish those videos. That's agood way to keep people informed. Like oh, okay. So he's actually publishingevery two weeks. Next one should be coming up pretty soon then. So that's justa cool little trick, and I think Gary was the one who encouraged people to dothat.


Aaron: [00:08:36] Yeah,I think so. Well, it's been a little while that he's done that, but also thebiggest thing here is you're not going to upload your videos more than you canactually engage with other industries. So big thing for insurance isinteracting with other business pages whether it's a commercial business, butyou could also interact with people like realters or mortgage brokers or likebig companies that that get a bunch of comments and jumping in on thoseconversations and, you know, interacting as your business. So that just bringsmore people over to your YouTube channel, and when you have those kind ofconversations, they're like hey, who is this guy? Let me go check out hischannel, and that's how you start developing a relationship. You can also bemore targeted and say, "Hey, I'm looking for something specific to my townor city," and getting conversations about those things as well.


Christian: [00:09:26] Yeah.Yeah, definitely. Engaging and interacting is a big part of social media, andit's the same thing on YouTube. You still have to comment. You still have tolike. You subscribe to other channels, and you don't have to stay within yourindustry or niche or whatever. You can definitely explore and even do funnycomments on funny viral videos. That's totally and perfectly fine. Just makesure, you know, that you keep it within your brand's parameters or whatever sothat you're not like a serious guy when you're making all these videos and thenhave like super funny comments on viral videos that have nothing to do withyour brand.


Aaron: [00:10:08] Right.So just some takeaways here. Unless you have anything else, Christian, I'mgoing to recap.


Christian: [00:10:13] No,I was going to encourage them to check out TubeBuddy.


Aaron: [00:10:19] Ohyes. Absolutely.


Christian: [00:10:19] Whichis a tool that we've used, and I mean, with that tool we've only sort oftouched the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot of things that you can do withthat, but it allows you to, you know, research tags and research competitionwithin YouTube, see what other people are doing. It helps you come up withthose tags. I mean, it does a lot of things. So it's definitely recommend atool to use with YouTube.


Aaron: [00:10:44] Right.And that's TubeBuddy.com. Like you said, we've only scratched the surface withthat. So that's really kind of like fine tuning your craft, but the big thingshere are figure out your piece of content, whatever you're going to do whetherit's a vlog, whether it's education or tips. Staying consistent with thatcontent, and then making sure you go engage. If you do those things, you aregoing to beat, like I said, every other insurance agent out there because Ihave yet to see anybody who is an actual agent do anything like that. They maycreate a cool video, and then they won't do another one for another year. Soyou hit those three points, and you'll be successful.


Christian: [00:11:21] Yep.


Aaron: [00:11:23] Allright. So thank you guys for tuning in to this episode whether you're on a runor driving in your car. If you're driving, don't stop and do this, but when youget to a safe location, pull out your phone. Make sure you click that subscribebutton. We truly appreciate that, and if you could, leave a review. And thentweet us @BitBranding,and we will send you something special because there'sone person out there who's left us a comment that said it was awesome with somesmiley faces. And that's pretty cool, but we'd love to have some more feedbackabout the podcast. And then make sure you share this with a friend. We're goingto take a guess here and say that you may know a friend of yours who's aninsurance agent just by the sheer number of agents in the U.S.. So share thiswith them. Have them stand out. All you have to do is click those buttons inthe right hand corner. Three little buttons on an iPhone. Click share thisepisode. Copy that. Send it over to them, and that's really it. That's it.


Christian: [00:12:21] Yep.We'll see you next week.

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