How a Real Estate Agent Can Win On LinkedIn

September 17, 2018

Show Notes

In today's episode, we talk about how a real estate agent can win on LinkedIn:

  1. Use LinkedIn native video to your advantage - The relative new service is being underused by professionals. Including ourselves. Make sure to use it effectively by providing value, guidance, expertise instead of selling. Your job is to establish yourself as a professional in your industry.
  1. Connect with other agents in different cities to create a referral network - This is huge. By connecting with other agents you’re able to help your clients that are moving to different cities in the US. This could also work for other professionals to connect with people in your industry to exchange ideas.
  1. CREATE content, don’t just share and sell - By creating a consistent posting strategy, professionals can grow their following, increase their credibility, and become an authority, which naturally turns into capturing more leads.
  2. Make connections, give recommendations.


[00:00:00] Aaron: The reason that video is so important on LinkedIn is that you have such a long lifespan to run this video. So for example if you posted a video today and you probably still get traction a week later like LinkedIn's going to continue to share with your followers and people who are related to your followers for the next week or so. So instead of a video that gets maybe 50 or 100 views on Facebook could get you six seven maybe eight hundred views on LinkedIn.

[00:00:43] Aaron: Happy Monday or whatever day you're listening to this but the podcast comes out every Monday. This is the Marketing Natives and we focus on local businesses and strategic ways to help them grow. Today's episode is how a real estate agent can win on LinkedIn.

[00:01:02] Christian: Boom! That was a nice intro.

[00:01:02] Aaron: Thanks.

[00:01:02] Christian: Yeah...Did you prepare for that?

[00:01:06] Aaron: 30 seconds before...

[00:01:08] Christian: All right so we're going to talk about three things - three things today on how a real estate agent can win on LinkedIn. Number one we're going to talk about video because we just came from video Marketing World here in Dallas last two weekends ago? I think? No?

[00:01:24] Aaron: Yeah, last week.

[00:01:25] Christian: Last week, last week. Anyways it was very good. A lot of good information. And one of the sessions I went to - Aaron didn't go to this one but it was about creating a LinkedIn video strategy and basically I mean what they were saying is that you know LinkedIn video has been or native. You know the ability for you to do native video has been available for I think about a year now and not a lot of businesses and professionals are taking advantage of this. So I thought that it was a great idea for a real estate agent to do more native video on LinkedIn. Now we're not talking about your typical showing inside of a house and doing all that. I mean you can do that for your advertising maybe. But really you know what you should be doing with native video on LinkedIn is to you know provide value, guidance, expertise, instead of selling. So your job as a real estate agent is to establish yourself as a professional as an expert in your industry. So other professionals will be attracted to you and in part generate more leads and more connections.

[00:02:33] Aaron: Yeah. And what's great about it and...so Christian it done on why it's important for real estate agent but the reason that video is so important on LinkedIn is that you have such a long lifespan to run this video. So for example if you posted a video of today and there's you probably still get traction a week later like LinkedIn is going to continue to share with your followers and people who are related to your followers for the next week or so. So instead of a video that gets maybe 50 or 100 views on Facebook could get you six seven maybe eight hundred views on LinkedIn. All organic without having to pay for advertising so you don't really advocate for paying for video ads on LinkedIn just because it's kind of expensive but natively and what was the right word? Yeah just natively it allows you to really reach a lot of people inexpensively.

[00:03:27] Christian: Yeah for a longer period of time I mean it is very true what you said and they specifically said in the conference that Twitter is like a millisecond. Facebook, you know you might be in the timeline for a day or two maybe?

[00:03:43] Aaron: If it's good.

[00:03:44] Christian: Yeah but yeah with LinkedIn like it's people have seen their videos a week maybe sometimes two weeks later their video is still popping up on people's timelines. So you had the launch activity of the the post is longer on LinkedIn. So coming in hot in number two.

[00:04:00] Aaron: Woah, hot!

[00:04:04] Christian: It's to connect with other agents and different cities cities cities to create a referral network. And again we're talking about real estate agents here. But I mean this will apply to any sort of industry any professional on LinkedIn and connecting with people in the same industry from different cities. Like it says here I mean it will create a awesome referral network.

[00:04:28] And when I read about that I was like man that's so true. Like you should be connecting with you know if I'm a creative director then I should be connecting with other creative directors from Utah and Maryland and New York.

[00:04:41] And that way you can exchange ideas. You can basically get better together. And the same goes with real estate agents I mean if you have clients you know here in the Dallas area and you know they're moving to Maryland for example and maybe you already have a couple of agents that you know from Maryland that will you know be a resource you know to your clients here in Dallas that are moving to Maryland.

[00:05:05] Aaron: Yeah. And actually our most recent client is a real estate agent and when we were sitting down with her one of the biggest focuses she had was: "Yes, I want to focus here but I want to make connections with people in other states." I'm not going to list those states just because it's client but she wants to make good relationships with real estate agents in other states because people move to Texas and vice versa they move to other locations so they can be really good synergy partners to hand off deals to each other. And it's a really low hanging fruit. And they're not competition.

[00:05:37] Exactly. Yeah. And again like this works with you know other industries and other professions. So it is something that I'm in I'm applying myself and I'm just like...

[00:05:47] Aaron: Did you just say "I'm a?".

[00:05:47] Christian: I'mma, I'mma plymaself. Amma, amma, be, amma - y'know that song?

[00:05:47] Aaron:Yeah, yeah I do. Nice. That was pretty close but that's a good segway to where we're going to right now.

[00:06:02] Christian: Oh snap. There you have it that wrap air horn that usually tells you that we're about halfway through our show.

[00:06:13] Aaron: Dude, it's your ad but I want to make a comment that we will probably change that up. I can do a cool sound on the computer now so you don't have to.

[00:06:23] But it's just been a tradition for to...

[00:06:25] Christian: To do the rap airhorn.

[00:06:26] Aaron: You know for like 40 weeks or something like that. You know you we'll change it up. But anyway go ahead and tell them what's up.

[00:06:32] Christian: So usually what we do is we break up the episode and we tell you a little bit about ourselves. So you can learn about Aaron and Christian the guys on the other side of your speaker right now. So we're BitBranding. We are a marketing - creative marketing agency here in Allen Texas which is just a suburb of Dallas basically or maybe Plano is that a thing?

[00:06:53] Christian: No, it's a suburb of Dallas. Christian: Suburb of Dallas, there you go the more you learn the more you earn.

[00:07:05] Aaron: The more you know...

[00:07:07] Christian: This ad is going horribly but that's how we do it. You know we like to keep it fresh...

[00:07:11] Aaron: We're not gonna edit this out.

[00:07:12] Christian: Yeah, this is for sure going in

[00:07:18] So right now we are gearing up to do a live event series and we need your help. So if you listen to the podcast episode and you're thinking man I really need help with my Instagram stories. Then we want to know that we want to know what you business owners or real estate agents are needing help with. In the realm of marketing and social media so that we can make better one, better content but number two, we're actually gearing up to do the live event series every month.

[00:07:52] So we are gathering some feedback and basically doing some customer research so that we can you know really create some content that you're going to love.

[00:08:03] And that's basically it anyways. You can reach us by going to Bitbranding.co and just hit that contact us button or you can find us on any social media network by @bitbranding.

[00:08:19] Aaron: All right we are back and we have some really cool stuff with LinkedIn left. And like Christian said just make sure that you give us some feedback on our live series it's going to be a lot of fun. All right. Number three is to create content don't just share and sell. What do you mean by that, Christian?

[00:08:40] Christian: So I mean it goes. I mean it with every social network you know especially LinkedIn because a lot of people don't think that LinkedIn is a place for you to create content you know create video. We talk about videos that number one but all the people don't think that you can do that on LinkedIn that you can create post. You can create longer form post even share images and again videos. Block pose. I mean there's a lot of things that you can do on LinkedIn just as any other social network. So again by creating consistent posting it allows you know you as a professional to want to grow your following 'cause you'll be providing content to other people. It increases your credibility so you can become an authority and naturally get more leads you get more connections. So again I guess this is something it's kind of like a duh. You know if you look at any other social network but a lot of people don't look at LinkedIn as a place to post and create original content.

[00:09:41] Aaron: And so if you are a creative there you kind of stand out. So some quick things. These are not necessarily bullet points but just some really quick things to do or think of. Give recommendations. These pop up it's kind of like a personal review of that person. So a real estate agent who gives a lot of recommendations to their title company or to their loan officers. They're going to stand out on those people's pages because one people don't give a lot of recommendations that helps you stand out and then make connections for other people even if they're in another state or if you are you know in a different field make those connections with people and it really simple on LinkedIn to do that with their messaging software. And I guess like Christian said it's a professional network but it's still a social network. And then one last thing is the articles those get huge reach as well. This is where you can write a blog post basically but for LinkedIn and that and video just really really will allow you to reach a lot more people and stand out especially if you're talking about something that they're interested in. All right that is the end of this episode. If you're new here we would love to hear some feedback. We're very...we want this podcast to be very raw on organic and easy to eat and digest because that's raw and organic but...

[00:11:01] Christian:Non GMO.

[00:11:02] Aaron: Non GMO.

[00:11:03] Christian: This a non GMO podcast.

[00:11:04] Aaron: Yeah. So share that with your friends if you thought that was funny. But seriously this is off the cuff. We try to give as much value as possible in 10 to 15 minutes we know you're busy and we know that there is a lot else going on and you have some other things that you know you could potentially be doing or listening to so we appreciate your time but if you've been listening for a while and you just continue to listen you're know like "Hey, I like those guys". Please leave us an honest rating and review on iTunes or your favorite podcast app so that we know how we can get better or shoot us a DM on Instagram and let us know "Hey, this is my industry. You guys never talk about it. Can you please go in-depth and tell me more about how I can grow my business." We would love to do that.

[00:11:48] Christian: Yeah. We would love that. So let us now.

[00:11:50] Aaron: All right. Have a great week.

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