How A Gym Can Generate Leads With Facebook Advertising

October 1, 2018

Show Notes

In today's episode, we talk about How A Gym Can Generate Leads With Facebook Advertising:

  1. Offer a 21 day FREE trial. The key here is to make sure you have a complete funnel and strategy in place. Let’s dive deep on what you need:
  2. Make sure you have great copy for your ad and you have at least $15 per day budgeted for the ads.

     3.Use an image that is going to resonate with your clientele. Smiling faces, happy, energetic people. Typically women work best.

      4.Your landing page is key, this is where people convert. You can keep it super simple for this type of campaign, but there some key elements that will help you convert higher.          Make sure you have these 5 things: 1. Familiarity with your ad and landing page. 2. Social Proof. 3. Ask for full name, not for first and last name. 4. Add a pop-up if they try to          leave. 5. Strong call to action and headline.

       5. Thank you page and follow up is probably the area most people get it wrong. The thank you page is where you close the deal. Use this page to walk your clients through the          next steps and what they should be expecting. Create a video for this so they can see a face and when they show up in person and recognize that person it will help close          them.


Christian: [00:00:00] I had to go ahead with that one because I think with especially with gyms people want to feel included and be part of a community or a family.

Aaron: [00:00:25] Howdy friends and that's "Hello" for Texas people and for those who are listening outside of Texas we say hello to you as well. This is the Marketing Natives where you get to listen to us dissect exactly in our own terms anyway - how to make a local business stand out online. We switch it up on which business we talk about each week. However it is applicable to most businesses and this week we're talking about gyms. Specifically how a gym can generate leads with Facebook advertising.

Christian: [00:01:00] And I think we're going to dissect like a pretty good strategy that we've done for other gems but we do want to say that this has worked very well with gyms that offer a sort of a boots style - boot camp style workout where it's like a group setting where it's easy to just add one more person and it won't really add additional cost to your business.

Aaron: [00:01:24] Right. So personal training maybe possible with this but it's a lot better with a group and not a an ugh. Like Christine was alluding to earlier UGS wouldn't work here.

Christian:[00:01:36] No absolutely not...

Aaron: [00:01:38] But boot camps would work.

Christian: [00:01:39] Yeah. All right. So tell us what's the strategy.

Aaron: [00:01:43] So one thing that you could use and actually I just want to preface this with saying that this is something that we've done and it has worked in the past. And I feel like there's not a lot of like really tactical steps to do online and that's why we created this podcast so to use this offer. The offer is a 21 day free trial. This is and I would I would honestly do it to where you know you have three days a week or you know they come three days a week for 21 days or over the course of that next month they get income 21 times whatever that point is. You need to figure that out. But a 21 day free trial that's what's going to draw people in. Because in three weeks if they're working out with you psychologically if they get some results in that time period they are a lot more likely to stay around. So the most important thing with this offer and with this whole strategy is that you need to understand the complete funnel and this is a fancy word for taking the customer from not knowing who you are to becoming an actual lead. And so we're going to break down a little bit about how that happens.

Christian: [00:02:47] Right. So I think the number one thing either will make or break this campaign or this strategy is having great copy and if you're not familiar with the term copy. It's something that we've actually use in marketing and advertising but copies is just the text - the text that goes along with that ad that you will see on Facebook but it's multiple parts. One, it's going to be the headline, right? Is that what's it called a "headline"?

Aaron: [00:03:16] A headline, yes.

Christian: [00:03:18] There's a headline, there's a description. And then there's also I mean you can even have text instead of you know if you use an image for example or when we use a video you can do text inside of that image or video and that's also referred to as copy.

Aaron: [00:03:32] Yes. So good copy is going to take somebody from let's say for example. Lose weight now. That's one example of copy. A better example of losing weight is lose 15 pounds in three days or 15 pounds in 21 days like you can you can feel yourself mentally making that happen and saying, "Oh that's possible" but just "Losing weight." That's so am-be-be? What's the right word?

Christian: [00:03:57] Ambiguous.

Aaron: [00:03:57] Ambiguous. Yeah, so...

Christian: [00:03:59] What were you gonna say? Am-be-biguious?

Aaron: [00:04:02] Angu-bu-.

Christian: [00:04:02] Amphibious.

Aaron: [00:04:02] Amphibious.

Christian: [00:04:03] Yeah, I think that was the word.

Aaron: [00:04:04] Right not a toad but it was a frog. No, you can paint that picture with the copy. That really helps sell that item because if you do it's a 21 day free trial and in the copy just sucks after that it's not going to really bring anyone in there. They need to be able to put themselves in your shoes so don't worry about complicating it too much just really tell people what the offer is and what they're going to get about get out of it and be as descriptive as possible when you do those things. You will do just fine. You don't need to hire a copywriter.

Christian: [00:04:38] You know I think magazines I've been doing the copy. Very very good for a lot of years.

[00:04:44] Think about it like all these magazines that have slimmed down 20 pounds before summer and it's like June 1st already. So I think they do a really good job with that now. I think it's something that they don't do a good job with is they usually have these perfect models and toned woman and men with huge biceps - are already ripped. So this is I think where the magazines lack but where you can win is using the right imagery that will resonate with your clients. Again I mean I think the magazines do well with the smiling faces and happy people. But I think it's good to use real people. You use real results for a lot of your imagery and videos.

Aaron: [00:05:32] Now with advertising you can't do a before and after picture. But what you can do what we've worked well for us, So I'll tell you is one of those things was a group of like four or five people they were all like you could tell they just finished working out. We're all smiling at the camera and it's just a group of people and you're like "Wow. I want to go and work out with these people. These can be my new friends and they look like normal people. They aren't like you know muscles bulging out of their shirt." Like we're everyday people who just want to get in shape and that will really resonate with you because it seems authentic and it's not an ad at that point.

Aaron: [00:06:08] So...woah! It is that time but uh, we pushed it a early little bit early. It is a rep air horn time.

Christian: [00:06:19] Nice. All right. So if you've been listening to episodes this is where Erin and I AKA BitBranding, we let you know about our company. I just said the name BitBranding. Again, I don't know why. Whenever it comes to this commercial thing I just I'm not good at I'm just not good.

Aaron: [00:06:36] Hey, it's a mental thing, you can do it. Let's talk you through it guys. Everybody in your cars right now, just start chanting "Christian".

Christian and Aaron: [00:06:42] Go Christian, go Christian, go! Go Christian, go Christian, go!

Aaron: [00:06:44] And that's a reference to the Secret of the Ooze Ninja Turtles if anybody is familiar with it.

Christian: [00:06:51] Ninja Turtles 2?

Aaron: [00:06:53] Yeah, it was Ninja Turtles 2.

Christian: [00:06:54] 1999? I'm just kidding, I don't remember them.

Aaron: [00:06:55] It was the1982, the first one came out. Yeah. So anyway guys go ahead. What's going on?

Christian: [00:07:03] So we are a digital marketing agency based in Allen Texas. And yeah. We just want to help you grow. I mean that's our whole I guess motto since the very beginning is try to provide a lot of content to a lot of people very fast. So from the beginning from the get go we started making you know creating video series and and creating blog posts and being active on social media and now creating this podcast. So it's very important for us to educate a lot of the business owners out there. So I don't think this is going to be a sell for you but it is a "thank you". Thank you for listening and thank you for watching your content for digesting and absorbing our content and being there for us and helping us grow our company and our business. And yeah I mean, that's...this is huge thank you to all of our followers.

Aaron: [00:08:02] That's good. I don't think we've ever done a "Thank you". And we should. And we would thank you even more if you share this episode, but no seriously we appreciate it.

Christian: [00:08:10] You're ruining the moment. Thanks.

Aaron: [00:08:13] Sorry. All right. We got back to our regular schedule of the episode because Christian was tearing up over there and I...you know I'm a contact crier so as soon as he started crying. I was starting to get hungry. All right. So the next one here is your landing page. What that is for those who are new to marketing or online advertising. It is a dedicated website, single page typically and it's dedicated to one thing: generating that lead. A lot of people ask "Why can't I build this landing page or this page on my website?" And it's because if they can go to your website, they're more than likely going to click on other things and not do what you want them to do on your landing page. You only want them to give their name, phone number and e-mail address and that's collecting the lead if they do anything more than that or anything less than that, then you don't get that business. So it's really simple you're there to do business in that landing page should be treated as such.

Christian: [00:09:16] Yeah. And then I guess some of the things that you need on your landing page are some some key elements that you need landing page number one, is familiar...familiarity. Is that how you say that word?

Aaron: [00:09:28] Familiarity.

Christian: [00:09:30] Familiarity.

Christian: [00:09:33] Man, that is a hard word. So basically what we're trying to say on this one is that you know if you use an image of Cindy on your ad then make sure that Cindy is also on that landing page one you don't want to confuse your customers or people who are clicking through the ad you want to make sure that the branding is the same. So same imagery, same colors, same logos that you're using on your Facebook and that image or video of that ad - make sure that you're using those on that landing page. Another thing is social proof. So you can do this by having testimonials. You can do video testimonials. There's also some plugins of...

Aaron: [00:10:10] Proof.io.

Christian: [00:10:10] Yeah, proof.io. You typically see these in e-commerce websites where it shows you oh so-and-so from Michigan just signed up and their are just like notifications on your website of people signing up and it gives you a little sense of like "Oh you know...".

Aaron: [00:10:27] "I trust this brand".

Christian: [00:10:27] "Yeah, I trust this because other people are doing it. Why can't I do it?" And then another thing is to ask for a full name not just first and last name, you want to make sure that that form is you know is as compact. I guess as possible. So having just one dedicated form field for you know the full name is better. Another thing to optimize that landing page is to create a pop up when they tried to leave. A lot of the landing page softwares out there which you can check Instapage or Click Funnels.

Aaron: [00:11:01] Which we'll leave both of these up.

Christian: [00:11:05] They offer this. I mean as an automatic thing so you're not going to install any plug ins or anything. So you can set whenever their mouse is about to leave the page you hit them up with a pop up maybe even offer them a little better offer than you did before. And then number five, is a strong call to action and headline. Purchase now. Sign up today.

Aaron: [00:11:27] Yeah. And then. Or like you know "0hange my life" or you know whatever that may be. But I think one of the keys to any landing pages is that it constantly needs to be getting tested. A good rule of thumb is that you convert 20 percent of the people who go to your landing page. And when you're testing it just as a heads up don't try to change so many different things like if that image doesn't work, don't change up the image and then change up the headline and then change out to social proof. Test one thing at a time and it may take a little bit of time to optimize your landing page. But once you get to 20 percent or above you know that you're firing on all cylinders and you're going to generate a lot more leads. So our last one here. And this is one that people neglect a lot. They're like "I already generated the lead. I don't need to worry about anything else". But you do and that's to take them to the thank you page in the follow up these two pages are where the connection with them start. For example you're going to go buy something from somebody say you buy a car today. If you go buy that car and you drive it home you don't want that to be the only time that the dealership talks to you. I mean you want them to come back for maintenance, you want to come back for you know a relationship to know what's going on there.

Christian: [00:12:42] So you're kid's car or your potential next car.

[00:12:46] And the thank you page allows you to start making them again familiar with who you are. On that thank you page you could have a video saying "Hey thanks! You just made of the best investment of your life. We're going to follow up with you within the next day. You're going to get a call, you're going to get an e-mail?" whatever it is how you're going to communicate and just let them know ahead of time. We're excited for you to join us for this 21 day free trial. You are going to change your life. This is exactly how we're going to communicate with you. And then they just feel empowered. They take that over to them the next day and they're anticipating your call. They are picking up every call that they don't know the number cuz they're like "Oh I hope this is Jim. He said he's going to call me, I really can't wait to do this" and then making sure that you follow up and you do make him follow through on what you're telling them that you're going to do. If you're gonna you say you're going to call within 24 hours you need to do that. And when you do that piece of it before they ever get to the gym you've already closed them 60-70 percent of the way. Now they just need to work out which is the easy part because that's what you should already be good at. And then by the end of their 21 day period they become a retainer or they become a regular client for you. But I think it really all starts with the thank you page and the follow up if you do those successfully you're going to have a lot more clients.

Christian: [00:13:59] Yeah, I mean I think you hit the nail on the head. Is that the phrase?

Aaron: [00:14:03] Yeah. There should be something that we do on the podcast more often when we have phrases that Christian questions because he had one last week that I can't remember what it was but it's like "Oh the more you learn" or something like that.

Christian: [00:14:18] Yeah, yeah.

Aaron: [00:14:19] So these phrases each week if you remember each one we will give you a T-shirt.

Christian: [00:14:25] I mean you listen to them all the time and then it's just when you get or your time to say the phrase you're like "Wait is how it goes?" I think that's the thing though people always say "Is that how that phrase goes?"

Aaron: [00:14:36] Anyway we digress. Anything else you wanna say?

Christian: [00:14:42] No, yeah I was gonna to say that yeah you definitely hit the nail on the head with that one because I think with especially with gyms people want to feel included and be part of a community or family you know. So I think you're very, very right on that. Make sure that thank you page into the follow up and then beyond the follow up making sure that you know that person is actually coming in you know for that 21 day free trial and creating a connection and you know good communication with that with that person is definitely good to get them long term and then signed up for more.

Aaron: [00:15:19] Yes. All right so you're a gym owner or you are a friend of a gym owner. If you're a friend shared this with them. This funnel and this strategy works and if you are building this and you have trouble or you have questions feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @bitbranding. We're happy to answer any questions you have. We've done this quite a few times and you know you may just be missing one little thing that's causing you not to get that business so we hope you take this podcast and after the fifteen minutes you just run to your computer and start mapping out what your funnel's going to look like so that you can generate more leads for your business. And if you've been listening for a while or you got value out of this episode please make sure to go to your favorite podcast app and leave us a review. We really do look at every single one of those and take those to heart. Let us know how we can do better and if you would love to come on the podcast, you have a cool or unique business that you're like "Hey, I want to talk about this or I have questions and I want to ask you guys on the podcast". Reach out to us as well. We'd love to have you on. Is that it? Yep that's it. All right. Have a good week.

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