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Today we talk about: 

  • old methods of getting reviews
  • new ways of acquiring reviews
  • what works and what doesn't work


Christian: [00:00:16] Hey. Today we're going to talk about how a coffee shop owner can get more reviews. We're going to talk about some very simple things that you can do and also maybe some things that you've never thought of. Now before we get into this, I want to ask you to go to the podcast app, check out the library, go to the Marketing Natives, scroll all the way down, and leave us a review. Since we're talking about reviews, right? It's only fitting that you leave us a review.


Aaron: [00:00:44] And maybe we'll send some cookies. I mean, actually, if you leave a review and you put your name on there, we'll definitely reach out to you and send some cookies.


Christian: [00:00:51] Yeah. Your favorite cookies and some pens because we have a bunch of pens.


Aaron: [00:00:55] We have a lot of pens. We'll send you a lot of pens.


Christian: [00:00:58] We need to get rid of those. All right. So starting off here, coffee shop owners. Aaron, I mean, you go to a lot of coffee shops around here.


Aaron: [00:01:10] Yeah, I do. So one thing that I guess would incentivize me is - and nobody has done this really - is offer some kind of deal or special maybe like half off or like buy one get one. I don't know. To give a review because I've honestly left one review for a coffee shop, and that's because I want it to be Google Local Guide which just means you leave so many reviews online. That's the only reason I did it, but if they incentivize me with saying hey, get half off of this or half off your next purchase, I probably would have left a review right there.


Christian: [00:01:43] Right. And that's just a very easy way to get reviews. Just offer a deal. Offer some kind of special. I believe maybe even through Yelp. I'm not entirely sure, but I think you can offer some kind of discount for Yelp users. Don't quote me on this, but I believe they have the ability to do that. Speaking of Yelp and Google which are basically the two powerhouses when it comes to reviews online, having a large number of positive reviews will allow you to come up, you know, at a higher ranking on searches on Google and Yahoo and all that stuff. So it's very important, and that's why we're talking about this and specifically about coffee shop owners is because reviews sometimes will even make or break your business.


Aaron: [00:02:38] I was going to say Brianna and I were looking for a place to eat, and this is different. There's a difference between a coffee shop and place to eat, but I told her to look for places that had at least 100 reviews and it was a 4.5 or above because you know that it's good at that point. She's like well, I found one place that has like 10 reviews and it's like 4.3. So I was like no. We're not. No. Even if the food looks good or whatever like it still hasn't been proven. I mean, I think a lot of people do that. Before we have some numbers, I don't know we're going to or what exactly they are, but a good chunk of people look at reviews before they actually make a decision. So not only will you rank higher, but you'll also have people that are going to make a decision on it. You don't even- you know, you can't even get in front of to help persuade them.


Christian: [00:03:26] Yep. Exactly. Now, this is just a way that I didn't even think of. I was doing some of the research, and I didn't think of this. But to automatically ask customers to leave a review either after or before logging into your free Wi-Fi. I don't think I've seen that. I know I've logged into several Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops, but I don't think I've ever seen a coffee shop ask for a review either after or before logging into the Wi-Fi.


Aaron: [00:03:59] No, and they do have your attention right there because if you're going to a coffee shop to work more than likely the Wi-Fi is the most important thing that you're going to do. I've seen a lot of cool landing page style coffee shop Wi-Fi sign-ins like you have to do- like they have games on them before, and why not use that to, like, have somebody literally sign in, says it's successful, and then click a button and leave us a review on Google? At this point, they've probably already got their coffee or their food, and they're sitting down to log into Wi-Fi. So I mean, you have it very, very fresh on their mind.


Christian: [00:04:33] Exactly. Yeah. And yeah, I've seen that too. I've seen a lot of just a little splash pages that you have to go through before actually log into the Wi-Fi. Another good thing to do - and I don't think I've ever seen this either - is have visuals throughout the coffee shop. Either, you know, you can start with some little table tents that show your offer or special like we talked about in our point number one, or even just to remind them. You know, people need multiple points in order to remind them and to take action. Another idea would be to have window decals. Something that shows how important it is to you to get some of those reviews, and something very unique while I was doing some of this research was also to share positive or unique reviews throughout the store. And that one I really haven't seen anywhere.


Aaron: [00:05:30] Right. I was going to say the- and that could be depending on the way that you have your coffee shops set up. If it's a franchised place, probably you can't do this as much or be as creative, but those who own their own local coffee shops, you could get pretty creative with how you put those on the wall. And it just could add to the way that your coffee shop feels.


Christian: [00:05:51] Yep. Yeah, exactly. Another super important point, and like I said, I did the research on this. And around 70 percent of coffee shops don't ask after a purchase.


Aaron: [00:06:06] Wow. That is- so most of them don't even- I mean, I was going to say I guess I've never been asked. So there's so many people who are leaving reviews just right there. Even if one person out of the 10 you asked that day leave it review, that's 30 new reviews a month.


Christian: [00:06:22] Exactly. When I was going to Pizza Hut, I was a general manager at a store, and reviews were a big part of, you know, basically our ecosystem if you want to say that. But we did encourage all of our, I think they were called, CSR people. So people who were answering phones, people who were cashing out to ask for reviews, you know, at the end of it. Just leave us a, I think they were called, surveys. Fill out our survey. Go to our website, and just, you know, do it. Obviously, not all year, every day we would do it, but the times we'd run it, it was time to really push it. And I was telling all my CSR and all my cashiers to really push for surveys. We would see a spike. We would see a huge spike in reviews and surveys. So asking makes a difference. Definitely, asking makes a difference.


Aaron: [00:07:17] I was just curious. I mean, for something like as big of a brand as Pizza Hut- now we're getting a little off the coffee shop part, but let's say like even Starbucks. I guess they would even benefit from more reviews even though people kind of have the brand name out there just from the SEO or the search engine optimization, like, popping up on Google for, like, local coffee shops. But I would even think for you guys just getting customer satisfaction to know for pizza but even for coffee. Like hey, if we're not getting positive reviews, and I mean that's what we're talking about in this show is to get more reviews. If your reviews are not good, I guess it's a good opportunity for you to fix the product before too many people don't come into the shop which is ultimately what you want to do as more people come in.


Christian: [00:08:02] Yeah. Another big thing here is to make sure that you have everyone in the coffee shop involved in these efforts to gain more reviews. I mean, as a business owner, you have to make it a priority in order for other people to believe in that. So you can't just, you know, want more reviews without implementing that into your, I mean, your culture even, and I mean, there's several ways that you can do this. But again going back to Pizza Hut, I remember they sort of game-ify getting reviews, and you can do the same thing. As a coffee shop owner, you can have different employees who are at cash registers, you know, whoever gets the most amount of reviews or if you get mentioned by name on a review, you get some kind of, you know, incentive. You get a bonus.


Aaron: [00:08:51] Gift card.


Christian: [00:08:51] A gift card or yeah, something like that, and that also will definitely increase your reviews.


Aaron: [00:08:57] Right. They're actually motivated at that point to start making sure that they ask because that number still is astonishing to me that 70 percent of people don't actually leave a review. So doing that just gets you that more reviews. The next thing is probably the biggest one. I think what we try to focus with with these reviews on how to get more of them was to focus on organic. Something that doesn't cost you any money. Something that you can do and implement right now, but this last one is something that we offer. And this is not like a plug for us, but I know it's just a really cool technology now. Which is like reputation management where you can actually, any of your customers, you can download from your POS system which is your point of sale system. Anytime somebody swipes their card or anything like that, you could actually send them a review directly, and as of recently, they've introduced SMS. So that's text messages that you could send somebody right after they made a purchase, and they get it is a text message. 90 percent of text messages are answered within five to 10 minutes. So imagine that many people seeing your message that quickly and then leaving review. I think this is maybe like an accelerated approach if you've already exhausted the organic waves and you've had tons of reviews and you want to really accelerate it. Or maybe you just opened and you're like well, we only have 20 reviews and now Aaron's never going to come and check out my store because they only have 20 reviews. But this is a great way where if you have 15, 20 customers a day, that's 15 to 20 people you can send a text message to before they tell you to stop anyway and not being evasive to get a review and a lot higher click-through rate and something like an e-mail.


Christian: [00:10:42] Yeah. And it's the same thing with- because I know I've seen this a lot where now instead of getting a paper receipt, you can get it through your e-mail. So just type in your email and you get it that way, and that would be another way to one, collect e-mails and then use those e-mails to send out a review reminder.


Aaron: [00:11:03] Right. Exactly. We actually did that for doctor's office earlier this week, and I was so surprised that they just collect these e-mail addresses from people, make sure that it's OK from them first. You've got to get permission, but they said it was OK and they send it out. And the click-through rate or I guess the open rate is like 60 percent. For those who are not familiar with e-mail open rates, anything about 15 to 20 percent is really good. So for somebody to get 60 percent even better because it's from a business that's really fresh on your mind and it's more than likely very easy for you to click a button and leave that review.


Christian: [00:11:42] Yeah. Do you have anything else?


Aaron: [00:11:45] No, that was last one for me. Go organic first is really what I would say. Go the organic route. It'll cost you guys less money, and like we said and Christian mentioned perfectly, which is 70 percent of you who are listening to this that are coffee shop owners, you're probably not asking for their reviews. So if you just do that, we could have just stop the podcast after two minutes and said ask for more reviews.


Christian: [00:12:08] Yeah, exactly. Asking for reviews doesn't require any kind of special tools or technology. It's just you just have to have that commitment to see it through and make that change within your company.


Aaron: [00:12:20] All right. Well, that's all we have for this week, and we would really appreciate it, like Christian said earlier in the show, if you guys would go on to your favorite podcast app, click on there, leave us a review, subscribe that way you don't miss any of these episodes, and if you know a friend who's opening up a coffee shop or you have a family member who has a coffee shop or you just want to be nice and share your friends a BitBranding's podcast, we would appreciate that. Go ahead and click those three buttons in the right hand corner, and you'll be able to get that share option for you. And we will talk to you guys next week.


Christian: [00:12:58] Bye.

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