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Today we talk about:

  • Customer service
  • Getting feedback
  • Coupons
  • Buying process


Christian: [00:00:16] Hey, how's it going? And welcome to another episode. Today we're talking about how a clothing boutique can use Facebook Messenger bots. We're going to be talking about customer service. They can also do coupons. You can get feedback and even go through the whole buying process.


Aaron: [00:00:33] All right. So this is an exciting episode for multiple reasons. One, because this is cool, new technology, but it's something that I think is practical enough that a business owner doesn't necessarily need somebody else to help them with. It is very practical and something that can really help accelerate your growth and take your hands- maybe not automate some things, but it can move things quickly and get more sales without having to have a bunch of knowledge. So this is going to be really a good episode.


Christian: [00:01:04] Yeah. And for those of you who don't know what a Messenger chatbot is basically they allow you to automatically provide consumers or customers with immediate responses that you sort of integrate to the chatbot or you teach chatbot. They can answer sort of basic questions like what's your return policy or, you know, what sizes of shoes do you have currently. So things like that. I mean, they can get very smart to just very simple questions.


Aaron: [00:01:33] Right. And this doesn't have to be automated. So you could do it. The bot could be completely automated and learn some answers to common questions or at least tell your customers hey, we'll be there in a minute. Those are all automated, but you could also use the bot to strike other conversations. For example, once they started a conversation with you and say they have a problem with something, it could spark a message that goes directly to you, and you start having this conversation inside of Messenger. So it takes it outside of the bot. The bot just kind of initiates the conversation or kind of takes your hands off the wheel to start the conversation or kind of guide the conversation. So when you show up, it will make the process simpler. This isn't to necessarily, and to clarify, not to take away the human effect with this. It's to hopefully enhance the user experience, and by doing that, we're talking about customer service. And that's huge in the clothing industry. We're talking about people who want to hold and feel and touch whenever they buy shoes or clothes because it's important. I mean, the type of shirt that you wear, the type of shoes, the way that they feel, all of that matters, and a bot can answer some of those questions, those commonly known questions, on, you know, this type of shirt or this type of dress. Answer those questions so that if they do have an issue or a problem, they can at least give you more towards the Messenger side, and you can handle it afterwards. But you get that initial information, and you don't have to answer the same questions over and over again.


Christian: [00:03:08] Yes. So customer service is a huge thing for the clothing industry in general. So teaching the bot to answer those frequently asked questions. I mean, they may be on your website. They may be on your website six different times, but a lot of people don't like looking for things like that. So having the bot automated questions can help them, you know, get to that sale and get to that check out a lot quicker.


Aaron: [00:03:35] Right. So for example, on the customer service side, they- I mean, we always encourage you to have a chat box on your website anyway, but this kind of outside of that. For example, you have the ability on Facebook that if somebody visits your website, you know, X amount of times, five times in the last week, they're probably interested in buying. Same thing if they added to your cart or if they've spent so much time there. For example, like you know, 10 to 15 minutes each time that they're on your website. You can actually have a bot send them a message and say hey, do you have any questions? Or you know, we'd love to chat with you further about something that could help you. Et cetera, et cetera. That just kind of sparks the conversation and starts that, and they maybe just need help with, you know, what kind of shoes do they need? Or you know, I've been really looking at these pair of leggings or whatever, and they just need help walking down the aisle or walking down that process just getting a little bit more feedback on that. All right. So next we have our coupons, and bots are really, really good for coupons because we've tried this outside of the clothing industry but also have tested this in the clothing industry. And with bots, you can send images. So you can essentially send your coupon over Messenger. You can do this by- again we talked about people who have taken a specific action on your website. For example, they added to your cart, but you don't ever see that transaction come through. You could have a bot message them and send them an image for a coupon that says hey, here's 10 percent off. You have the rest of today to use it kind of thing.


Christian: [00:05:15] Yeah. And they can also go to your Facebook business page, and they can sort of subscribe to your Messenger because I did this with CNN. And they would send me I think either daily or weekly sort of like the breaking news or a summary of what was going on that day, and they did that automatically. Like I didn't have to ask the CNN messenger bot to send me that. They would just do it automatically. So there is a feature that you can sign up for that particular Messenger bot for your boutique, and then you can sort of blast these coupons whenever you have a sale going on.


Aaron: [00:05:55] I did not know you could do that, but that's- absolutely. And I was even thinking, this is kind of outside of it, but we have a boutique we work with that does newsletters. So that could be like a reminder like hey, we're about to send a newsletter. Go check it out or here's the link to check out the newsletter. So you can send updates as well.


Christian: [00:06:11] Yes. So, yeah, we're talking about coupons here, but generally this can be a platform for you to distribute content. It doesn't have to be, yeah, just coupons. It could be like Aaron said a newsletter. It could be a new video that you came out with. So it's just a better way to notify your customer base that, you know, you have some new content out.


Aaron: [00:06:33] Right. And one of the biggest things that is important for shopping online is reviews and for local stores is reviews, and you can get great user feedback and experiences. This is something that can absolutely be automated on your bot. You just uploaded a list of people who have purchased in the last 10 days or 20 days or however. I would consider- I would like for you to do it more frequently. So you know, when it's fresh on their mind within seven days, just kind of upload an email list to Facebook, and you can have a bot send them a message and say hey, rate your experience from 1 to 10. You know, and you get the experience, or they'll get the feedback right there. The bot knows to say thank you, and if you have any questions. So a response or that's something that can be done completely automatic by the bot, and you don't have to do anything except to collect the data.


Christian: [00:07:28] And then another huge thing that a bot can do is walk them through the whole buying process. We're talking about, you know, someone initiates the conversation like, you know, what are your new arrivals? Then the bot could ask are you looking for something in particular? They may say shoes, and then the bot automatically just gives them the list of new shoes that you have uploaded to your boutique. And then from there they can even ask for the name, phone number, credit card information, and do the whole check out process right there from Messenger. This is something that obviously is very new. So there would have to be a little bit of, I guess, education, you know, to the customer base in order for them to even find out that that's an option for them.


Aaron: [00:08:16] Right. And although it is new, it is something that people are becoming more and more aware of. So just having that conversation at the first time will make it possible for them to make that purchase. But I think in the next couple of years, we'll see this more and more. You know, I guess it will be easier for the people to make those purchases, and they won't think twice about doing it over a Messenger bot. But it is still very new. Do we have any other good ones? I feel like we flew through these.


Christian: [00:08:48] Pretty quickly. Yeah. I mean, it's very exciting. Another thing, a very quick thing, is, you know, through that whole check out process, you can have the bot to automatically just ask, you know, are you looking for anything else? Like just do a upsell of different products, and that's automated right there. Whenever you go to a website and you check out, sometimes you see this in the check out process where, you know, they sort of blasted with-


Aaron: [00:09:12] You may like this or-


Christian: [00:09:14] Exactly.


Aaron: [00:09:14] This also looks good if it was in your cart or something.


Christian: [00:09:17] But this is more direct because it's basically like a sales rep asking, you know, are you looking for anything else? Or have you checked out these products too? So that's a great way to upsell. Now do you have any recommendations on Facebook Messenger chatbots? I know we've worked with a few.


Aaron: [00:09:38] Yes. So there is Chatfuel and ManyChat, that's M-A-N-Y Chat, which we can put both of the links up on this podcast for you guys to check out. Both services are free, and it does have machine learning. So what that means is that as you answer responses, it will learn the way that you respond, and it will start to respond that way. But you can have certain triggers. You could do- I mean, there's a lot of things and a lot of other apps that integrate with it. For example, if you have a Shopify app, you can send them directly from a bot to Shopify and then once they make a purchase you have something else happen. So there's very, very cool stuff, and it is free to a certain extent. I think once you get, you know, so many different tasks that happen, it will, you know, make you charge, but for the most part it is free. And that is ManyChat and Chatfuel which are really good resources.


Christian: [00:10:31] Yeah. And they're not necessarily super hard to do either. A lot of these have very basic and simple user interface where, you know, a business owner can do a simple chatbot by themselves. Maybe a frequently asked questions chatbot. It's definitely possible for you to do it on your own.


Aaron: [00:10:51] Right. I was going to say if anything just test it out, find out, you know, what you can and cannot do, but there's plenty of articles out there to walk you through exactly how to set it up. But like Christian said, it is very intuitive, and if you do have questions and, you know, you can always ask us and we'd love to guide you in the right direction. But it could be very beneficial because other than the big brands like Macy's and, you know, Kohl's and Neiman Marcus and stuff, they're probably doing it, but on a local level businesses, they are not doing that. I can almost guarantee that.


Christian: [00:11:24] Yeah. Absolutely not. Again so, this was another episode of the Marketing Natives, how a clothing boutique can use Facebook Messenger bots. The Messenger bots are amazing, and some of the things that we talked about was, you know, use them for customer service, for some frequently asked questions. You can use them to send out content like coupons or newsletters or new videos. You can also use them to get feedback and get some reviews in, and also you can use them to go through the whole buying process and even check out from the Facebook Messenger bot. Hopefully you got something out of this episode, and definitely look into this because this is going to be blowing up a lot more in the coming years.


Aaron: [00:12:06] All right. And at this time we'd love for you guys if you're not driving or, I don't know, doing something else, running. Go ahead and click that subscribe button or when you get to a place you can stop. Click the subscribe button and then share this with a friend. Sharing is caring. So click those three buttons in the right hand corner. Share this episode with a friend or at least post it on your Facebook page and maybe somebody else that you don't know could benefit from it as well. So we will talk to you guys next week.


Christian: [00:12:39] Bye.

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