Show Notes

Today we talk about how business can take advantage of summer holidays in their marketing:

  • Do a giveaway with other businesses to offer a larger incentive item to draw in an audience.
  • Use hashtags that are trending to reach a larger market. 
  • I think summer holidays usually get a lot of traffic/sales but in order to stand out you could try looking at get something like Squirrell Day and treat it like a 4th of July huge blowout sale. Make it fun.


Christian: [00:00:17] Hello, hello, hello. So today we're going to talk about how a business can take advantage of summer holidays in their marketing. We're gonna talk about contests, hashtags, and some unusual holidays that you can create. Kind of excited about that last one. All right. So the number one thing: contests.


Aaron: [00:00:36] Yes. And we've- Well, you can start to see this for right now. We're getting into May. So we've got Mother's Day that's- I think this episode will air before Mother's Day, but if not Memorial Day and then Fourth of July, but say, for example, you have a car dealership. Those are pretty popular in the summer, but also combining like a car dealership with a food company with something else that kind of complements it. Maybe a weekend of shopping, but doing a contest to give something away to really draw in new eyes for it. So the car dealership's going to have a lot of people on it anyway because they're going to be spending money on, you know, families who want to buy new vehicles for the summer, but the other businesses can benefit from putting out their items, potentially reaching a new audience, and then driving in traffic.


Christian: [00:01:21] So we're talking about contests, but also it's like a partnership- Partnering contest with other businesses. It could be some unusual combinations, but you might get, you know, new clients or new people that haven't even heard of your business that way.


Aaron: [00:01:38] Yeah. I was going to say, I mean, it doesn't have to be anything specific. Could be a lawn mowing business with a car dealership with a burger joint, and then a taco- Like what are those called? Taco vans or- I can't think of what it's called. Like a mobile taco shop. I don't know what they're called, but.


Christian: [00:01:58] I don't know.


Aaron: [00:01:58] It's just escaping me. But anyway, it doesn't matter what they are, but just being unique with the offer. And people are like yeah, I love- I would love to have a great deal on a car. I would love to have tacos. And so this allows you just really easy barriers of entry. I would just tell people to share the event or just put in their email address or a name or something like that. Something super easy, and everyone wins at this point.


Christian: [00:02:26] All right. So the next thing is to use hashtags that are trending to reach a larger market. Again usually around, you know, for example, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, you know, people are using the same hashtags. So definitely use those hashtags in order to reach more people. Usually- I mean, at least whenever I post something and I use some of the hashtags, you know, for like Fourth of July, I click on the hashtag to just see what other people are posting. So it's a great way to just kind of be in front of people when those major holidays come into play. Definitely, I mean, I would definitely recommend you, you know, creating really good content for those holidays, but also use those hashtags and engage with those people using those hashtags too.


Aaron: [00:03:14] Yeah. I was getting ready to say Christian was on something there where it's not just hey, you know, Christian and I are grilling, and we're using #FourthofJuly2018, which I guarantee you will be a hashtag that's used. You can start using it now. So two things here. One, kind of prep and start putting out hashtags before the hashtag becomes trending, and you could be one of the popular posts before other people start using it. So for example, in June start using the hashtag Fourth of July 2018 and start- You know, you want to post relevant pictures. It should not be a picture like a donkey or something like a computer. It needs to be relevant to it, but start to do that so you can be the popular post. But then also as soon as people start to use it, maybe the week before, go and engage, and that's what Christian mentioned. And I would spend most of the time engaging with other people. It doesn't matter who they are. Just practice doing that where you're commenting and liking and leaving legitimate comments, not just like cool photo or awesome or, you know, come check out my profile.


Christian: [00:04:15] That's a classic one.


Aaron: [00:04:16] Yeah. Come check out my profile, or we should totally be working together. Would you like to gain 1,000 followers? Just for those of you who are new on Instagram, those are spam. Please don't think that those are real people. So.


Christian: [00:04:29] Yeah.


Aaron: [00:04:29] But anyway, we digress. We could go on that tangent for a long time, but anyway.


Christian: [00:04:36] What? What? What is that? What is that?


Aaron: [00:04:40] That is our special part in this episode, or I guess every episode as part of our show, where we talk about BitBranding, and as you are gearing up for summer, a lot of you guys are thinking about your website. You're like wow, our website is not good. It's summertime. People go to our website, and it's just not good. We still have to pinch and zoom in, you know, and if you're thinking that, it's probably time-


Christian: [00:05:08] Yeah, no, you're onto something there. Like, it's usually when summertime comes that people, you know, look at their website and say that.


Aaron: [00:05:14] Right. Well, a lot of people think it's like yeah, dang it. I need to get in the gym, but it's really you wake up in the morning and you're like I just pinched and zoomed on my website, and I can't even dial anybody. My number doesn't click. It's not responsive. So I can't even figure out if this picture of me makes me look fat or what. So as you're looking at your website, just know that we design amazing websites. You can go to a and see some of our options. Our portfolio options that we've done before. So if you have an e-commerce website, you're selling products online. You used to use Etsy, or you have a website that again it's not mobile friendly. Or you don't- It doesn't generate you any business. Then, you know, you're wondering why you even have it. Give us a call. Let us give you a free quote. At least guide you in the right direction and help you have an amazing summer by having a brand new website.


Christian: [00:06:06] Word.


Aaron: [00:06:07] Word. Okay. Yeah. That was good?


Christian: [00:06:08] Yeah, that was good.


Aaron: [00:06:09] That's what I think about during the summer.


Christian: [00:06:11] Yeah. Websites.


Aaron: [00:06:11] Yeah.


Christian: [00:06:11] Me too.


Aaron: [00:06:12] Yeah. Summer body. It goes websites, summer body, Shiner Bock.


Christian: [00:06:17] Yeah. Sounds about right. Awesome. Aaron, thank you for the commercial. That was a really, really good. Now back to our episode. We're talking about how a business can take advantage of summer holidays in their marketing, and this last one is just a little idea that I had. But you know, usually when Memorial Day weekend comes or Fourth of July, every single business out there is having a promotion or a sale or something of the sort. So in order to stand out and not be part of that, then I'm not saying create your own holidays, but you can go to- I think it's, and they have like random stuff. Like Squirrel Day or National Slushy Day or just random stuff, and you know, my idea was, you know, take something like Squirrel Day and just blow it up. I mean, literally do like a regular like Fourth of July promotion that you would normally see commercials and this and that, and just do it about Squirrel Day and how it's like the biggest mattress sale day of the year and just like make up some crazy stuff. And I mean, you will definitely stand out because, I mean, nobody else is doing stuff like that.


Aaron: [00:07:30] I was getting ready to say I would- So you've seen- Most people have seen the Little Caesars guy who stands on the corner and flips that sign or the mattress guy who stands on the corner, but if you invest like a couple hundred dollars into a squirrel suit and it's like it's National Squirrel Day. Take 50 percent off of your mattress, and you know, don't forget to save these nuts or something like that. You know. Well, squirrels save the nuts for the winter. You know, that was an innuendo. Anyway, that would really stand out for me. I would probably stop. I would probably take a picture of them. I would put it on my Instagram or Snapchat or I would put it on Facebook. Actually, I'll probably put it on Facebook. I would put it everywhere. Like has anybody seen this freaking squirrel that's giving away this great deal for mattresses?


Christian: [00:08:13] Yeah, I mean, you could start a trend, you know, in the United States and make it that Squirrel Day all of a sudden is the biggest mattress sale day of the year.


Aaron: [00:08:23] And it doesn't even have to be something crazy like a squirrel. I think even something as simple as National Sibling Day. Like blow it up and say, you know, do you love your brothers and sisters? If you do, buy them a mattress or, you know, if you have a sibling, say, for example, if you're just not an only child, you can get a discount on-


Christian: [00:08:41] Let me just say that I'm never going to buy a mattress for my sister. That's just not going to happen.


Aaron: [00:08:45] Well, maybe if it's because you're a brother. So it's like hey, I have a sister. So you get the discount.


Christian: [00:08:51] I don't know. Maybe. Regardless.


Aaron: [00:08:55] Why would you not buy a mattress for your sister? That's rude.


Christian: [00:08:56] Because I don't know. You don't know what they like. Some people like hard mattresses. Some people like really soft or memory foam.


Aaron: [00:09:03] No, the answer is purple.


Christian: [00:09:04] Then I would have to ship it to Miami. You know how expensive that would be?


Aaron: [00:09:08] Maybe they do free shipping for your sister.


Christian: [00:09:12] I don't know.


Aaron: [00:09:12] Okay, well, if you're listening to this episode, Coral, we apologize. My sisters, I would buy you mattress because I'm nicer.


Christian: [00:09:19] Yeah, because they live just down the road.


Aaron: [00:09:21] Five hours away.


Christian: [00:09:23] That's down the road compared to Miami.


Aaron: [00:09:25] Anyways. All right. But you get the point here. Be unique with your marketing. There is a national day for everything, like Christian said. I mean, literally, you know, Key Lime Day. Everything. So go check that out, and if you guys do something cool and unique like that, let us know. We will actually help you promote it. We would be happy to share it. Your National Squirrel Day pictures.


Christian: [00:09:46] Mattress sale. Yeah, for sure.


Aaron: [00:09:49] So we hope you got a lot out of this episode, and make sure to take advantage of your marketing in a summer. A lot of people kind of lay off and they just kind of slack off in the summer except for the businesses that make sense. So don't slack off in the summer. Make sure you do something cool and unique and increase your sales for the summer. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast. It is very simple to do. Just click that subscribe button whether you're on iTunes or Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast. So make sure you do that, and then please leave us an honest rating and review. That's really how more people can read or- Read. Listen to the podcast but also find out more about us, and it will help us figure out how to be creating more content for you.


Christian: [00:10:36] Hollah.

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