Grow Your Small Business on TikTok with The Wash Broz

February 22, 2021

Show Notes

TikTok has only continued to catch users attention over the past year and small businesses can now take full advantage of the exposure.

On today’s episode we are talking with Wash Broz a local small business in North Texas who went viral on TikTok and has now helped scale their business online.

These guys replaced one of their parents salary all while going to school.

We’re talking about:

  • How they got started on TikTok
  • The business model that proved to be successful
  • And how they got picked up by NBC 5 to share their story for free

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Narrator [00:00:01] This is the Marketing Natives providing actionable ways to grow, improve and succeed in your business and now your hosts, Christian and Aaron.

Aaron [00:00:16] All right, guys, thank you so much for jumping on and spending some time with us. Welcome to The Marketing Natives.

Wash Broz [00:00:22] Thank you guys for letting us and inviting us join you guys in the podcast. Yeah.

Aaron [00:00:29] Absolutely.

Aaron [00:00:30] So for those who don't know who you guys are, they're not up in the area or may not even have heard of you guys. How would you guys describe Wash Broz?

Wash Broz [00:00:41] Well, Wash Broz we're a power washing company. We started by cleaning trash cans and now we do all varieties of power washing. We clean driveways, patios.

Wash Broz [00:00:56] Walkways, anything pretty much on the outside that needs power washing and we're also trying to do commercial power washing, too. And yeah, we're just two college students trying to pay for tuition. Yeah.

Christian [00:01:09] How and why did you guys get started with Wash Broz?

Wash Broz [00:01:15] Well it all started during Covid because my mom lost her job.

Wash Broz [00:01:20] She does like facials and stuff like that and yeah, all sorts of skin care types and she lost her job.

Wash Broz [00:01:28] We started and we looked outside. We started seeing all the trash cans. So we thought we could just clean the trash cans with a power washer.

Wash Broz [00:01:37] Actually, I was on the phone with my coach, my soccer coach from high school, our coach. So I love soccer. I play soccer.

Wash Broz [00:01:46] He was telling me that's what my teammates were doing last summer to get some money and I told my brother and I was like, hey, we should clean trash cans. My coach has told me because like, yeah, like he said we looked outside, so like millions of trash cans are out there. Let's do it. So we told our mom, she puts us on Facebook, all the information and everything.

Wash Broz [00:02:10] I don't know where it just blew up and we just started.

Aaron [00:02:15]  I saw you guys, so your mom helped you guys with Facebook and everything like that, right?

Wash Broz [00:02:22] She's our marketing kind of.

Aaron [00:02:24] OK.

Christian [00:02:24] Marketing team?

Aaron [00:02:26] Did she design the website and stuff too?

Wash Broz [00:02:32] Oh, no, we had someone helped us with our website.

Wash Broz [00:02:34] OK. Yeah, but we're looking for a new website because ours is kind of like, right now it's kind of scrappy, you know, so we want something more professional. So we're looking for someone that can help us out maybe.

Aaron [00:02:49] OK, yeah. I was going to say I looked at that. So I don't know if I told you guys how we reached out to you, so I reached out to you. But really, Christian tagged us, tagged me in one of your videos on Tik Tok and that's how we went through and watched that. And then, we end up getting in our own social media and stuff. But I don't know if we ever told you guys how, that's how we reached out to you is through Tik Tok.

Wash Broz [00:03:12] Yeah. That's cool.

Christian [00:03:15] Yeah. I think what's great about Tik Tok is that it has a really good algorithm and it kind of matches you up with people who are locally around you. It's not just like what's popular.

Christian [00:03:28] I think it shows you popular stuff, but it also shows you, you know, things that are around you. And you guys are in McKinney, we're technically in Allen.

Wash Broz [00:03:35] Yeah.

Christian [00:03:35] So I think just one of you guy's video that just kind of blew up.

Wash Broz [00:03:38] Yet, I don't know. We just tried it on Tik Tok, and got a lot of views. We had like three hundred thousand views.

Wash Broz [00:03:47] I don't know, we're like getting calls from California and stuff too.

Christian [00:03:50] Dang!

Wash Broz [00:03:51] Like it's everywhere. And we're like, yes, sorry we can't really have much space, you know. Yeah.

Christian [00:03:56] Right.

Christian [00:03:58] That's awesome. That's really, really cool.

Aaron [00:04:01] And then, I was looking at your website, so obviously did. Well, not obviously like obviously you've gotten some exposure, but did you guys get reached out too by NBC 5 because of Tik Tok or how exactly did all that happen?

Wash Broz [00:04:14] On a report actually, they saw us on Facebook and they wanted to talk to us and share our story. We had a meeting with them and we were in the news. It was pretty cool.

Wash Broz [00:04:26] Yeah, it was. It was a pretty great experience. Not gonna lie. Yeah.

Wash Broz [00:04:35] So right now we have around like nine hundred clients, so it's been pretty good.

Christian [00:04:39] Dang!

Aaron [00:04:41] Wow! And that started in March, April or when was that? Just to give a timeframe?

Wash Broz [00:04:46] May. It was like mid-May. Yeah.

Aaron [00:04:49] OK. June, July, August, September, October, so we're in November at this point. So like six months and have grown from that much. Would you say that most of your clients from other people have been satisfied or like through social media like Tik Tok or how are you guys getting customers?

Wash Broz [00:05:05] Mainly through social media, especially Facebook, it's where we get most of our clients. So, like what people do is they post us on their neighborhood, Facebook, and that's how we get around there. It's mostly through word of mouth, through Facebook. Yeah.

Christian [00:05:20] So does your mom handle the majority of the interaction on social or do you guys do any of that as well?

Wash Broz [00:05:28] Oh, yes. I mean, we will help around, but like, my mom is the one that posts us. She does all the marketing. So. Yeah, but we help her out with marketing as well. Yeah. She's not an expert, but she's just getting there.

Aaron [00:05:42] Yeah. I was going to say kind of thrown into the fire like you guys at this point.

Wash Broz [00:05:46] Yeah.

Christian [00:05:48] And then you guys also have your dad helping you out sometimes with the washing as well, right?

Wash Broz [00:05:53] Yes. We actually got our dad to quit his job. He used to be a manager and he worked at different restaurant chain industries.

Wash Broz [00:06:01] We got him to quit trying to help us and expand.

Christian [00:06:05] Dang! All right.

Aaron [00:06:09] Is this, I mean, you guys are doing this while you're going to school right now or kind of in college, whatever. As far as I'm trying to think, November. Yeah. We're still in college or before Christmas break. But is this like full time for both of you guys, your dad and you guys have more people or just the three of you guys just hustling like crazy?

Wash Broz [00:06:29] Yeah, right now it's just the three of us for now. But once we start growing and gain more clients, we're going to start hiring people. Yeah, we're looking in to expand and hire people.

Aaron [00:06:40] Wow, what's the vision looking like for you guys for 2021, like, what do you want to get to? Have you guys thought about that?

Wash Broz [00:06:48] Yes, we're looking to get more into the commercial side and try to maybe my mom just mentioned franchising, but that's for the future.

Christian [00:06:59] Future.

Wash Broz [00:07:00] We're looking to have different teams going around different cities and so, we can have more like a larger area.

Wash Broz [00:07:09] It's just to get more teams, get us a van because currently we're using our parents' van to move around. So we're trying to get by an actual work van.

Christian [00:07:22] And then initially, did you guys have the equipment, the power washing, or was that something that initially you guys had to purchase?

Wash Broz [00:07:28] Yeah, we had to. We had to purchase, yeah.

Aaron [00:07:32] Yeah, I was watching some of the videos, like some of that stuff, well, you guys speed it up. I was like, well, some of the stuff looks pretty cool to play with. I mean, obviously not play with, like, you know, to work with.

Wash Broz [00:07:40] But yeah, it does satisfy. It's really satisfying.

Christian [00:07:44] I was going to say back in the day, I don't know if you guys are old enough, but we have Microsoft Paint.

Christian [00:07:50] I don't know if you remember Aaron.

Wash Broz [00:07:51] Oh, yes.

Christian [00:07:53] You just painted a bunch of stuff and you just erase everything?

Wash Broz [00:07:55] Yes.

Christian [00:07:55] That's kind of like, you know, cleaning that it just feels very much like you're erasing years of mold and crap.

Christian [00:08:03] But yeah, I would definitely enjoy that.

Wash Broz [00:08:06] Yeah. It's fun for sure.

Aaron [00:08:09] Right now, you guys are up in McKinney, Texas. Are you guys like 80, 90 percent of your business in McKinney and you guys looking to expand or have you actually already expanded to other cities like close by?

Wash Broz [00:08:21] Yeah, we usually go to all the cities in McKinney, like we go to Melissa, Plano, Allen, Frisco and like all the cities in McKinney, yeah, everything around.

Wash Broz [00:08:32] And sometimes we try to schedule people like from Fort Worth the same day we go like a day and we move over to houses or a client helps us. And then, they get like a bunch of people in their neighborhood so the trip will be worthy for us.

Aaron [00:08:56] So I would think that right now the hardest part would be scheduling, like making sure that you set aside the time to get to one place to the next, and then also making sure that the customer knows that you're coming and all that stuff like. Who's handling, like the scheduling and making all that possible?

Wash Broz [00:09:14] We kind of all do that. It's mostly my mom when we're working. But when we're at the house, we help her out with scheduling and everything.

Wash Broz [00:09:24] Yeah.

Aaron [00:09:26] Definitely, I guess, for me I think that's probably the hardest part because I'm like, you guys got quite a few customers now just trying to make sure that they keep them all in a straight line. So it's even more impressive that you've been able to grow that quickly and maintain and continue to move forward, because that's not easy to do. I think a lot of people would have dropped out because it's just hard to maintain that many people and then also just keep the success going or the excellence kind of going with your quality, too.

Wash Broz [00:09:59] Yeah, actually, some guys that did power washing were cleaning some trash cans in the neighborhood and he told us, you guys don't quit.

Wash Broz [00:10:11] The first thing you do is don't quit because this is the right industry for you guys.

Wash Broz [00:10:15] Like, there's a lot of potential, but don't quit and that really motivated us to not quit.

Christian [00:10:20] Yeah, that's awesome.

Christian [00:10:26] Have you guys been keeping track? I mean backtrack. Would you say the trash bins are the bulk of the work that you do as far as power washing?

Wash Broz [00:10:38] No, because they usually don't take that long, let's say about 20 to 25 minutes and when we power wash driveways, patios and when we do a whole house, like we do everything, usually takes like three hours.

Wash Broz [00:10:52] So that's what takes a lot of time when we have those jobs.

Aaron [00:10:56] Do you charge by the hour or do you charge by like, you know, a project like this or this? This is the house and each house is X amount of dollars or whatever.

Wash Broz [00:11:07] Yeah. We charge by the job.

Aaron [00:11:10]  This is obviously November 2020. So you have the right to kind of increase your prices. But roughly, if you guys can share, what kind of price point are you looking at for like you know, just a regular suburban home to go in power wash and do the trash cans? What kind of price point are we looking at?

Wash Broz [00:11:26] We usually do a combo, but for the normal like two car driveway is around one hundred dollars and then the patios are smaller. They're usually like sixty five dollars. Most people usually ask us to clean their walls.

Wash Broz [00:11:43] There's a lot of mold and we use soft watching for that so we don't damage the brick and property. So it's easier for all the mold to come, it just comes right out. Yeah.

Wash Broz [00:11:53] Use less pressure and usually when we do the whole combo, when people ask for like we also do windows, driveway, patio and trashcans and like so if they have mold depending on the size, you know, it runs around like $300 to $350.

Aaron [00:12:12] Awesome. How often? So, if we got this done from you guys, as a consumer how often do you need to come back like every three months, four months or like how often do people come back?

Wash Broz [00:12:25] Well it depends on the job, like for trash cans usually like some people wanted like once a month, like quarterly. It just depends on how dirty they get and for the driveway probably like six months or a year. Yeah because it takes a bit longer.

Aaron [00:12:44] Very cool.

Aaron [00:12:45] Yeah. That's actually much more. I guess if I was thinking about it as a consumer, like a hundred bucks to have that done for that long period of time, like that's a no brainer. That's just really valuable and it looks good. I was looking at some of the pictures on your side of that person's home from the brick. It's like bright red now versus like this dull, like Hurlbut curb appeal. So I feel like that may even be something where you guys can work with some realtors to, like, make that curb appeal better to sell the homes easier because I was like, oh, this house just automatically looks better.

Wash Broz [00:13:21] Yeah, it looked haunted before like a haunted house.

Aaron [00:13:25] Yes it did. Yeah. It looked like some kind of Disney like scary movie or something like that.

Christian [00:13:31] Now, I do have to commend you guys because you guys are doing this basically full time. Then are you going to college also full time?

Wash Broz [00:13:38] We're doing online right now.

Wash Broz [00:13:41] I'm at college and doing mostly online.

Wash Broz [00:13:45] Yeah, I'm at West Texas online school. And it's also hard to do online. I don't like it because I like face to face interaction with the teacher and I also play soccer. I try to practice every day with my old teammates because I played West Texas A&M. I'd play for the soccer team, but I stayed the semester to help out my family with the business. It was really hard for me to, like, step out from the game, but I'm getting back into it, just trying to keep practicing every day and I found a team that I can play with and it's been really fun, but trying to, like, manage with work, school and everything, it's been a challenge.

Christian [00:14:34] Yeah, well, I mean, kudos! Kudos to you guys both because, yeah, I can't imagine at your age, you know, going to college online only and then also having this full time job.

Christian [00:14:47] I mean, I think that's great. And I think also the reason that you guys started the business, it's even more commendable. So congrats to you guys. I mean, that's that's really great.

Wash Broz [00:14:56] Thank you so much.

Aaron [00:14:59] So you mentioned I don't know if this is still something you guys are thinking about. I don't know when the interview was with NBC, but you mentioned something about an app. Would that be for, like, scheduling and stuff? Is that still what you're thinking about for the future or what's the update with the app?

Wash Broz [00:15:18] Well, we actually got to like a program. It's called Jobber, where people can just like put in their other information and we schedule them in and they also can pay through there. And it's really helped us out with the scheduling and taking some of the weight off from my mom.

Wash Broz [00:15:34] It's a pretty cool software.

Christian [00:15:36] Yeah, I was going to say like that. That was something like a key for you guys to figure out, especially with 900 clients. I mean, I can imagine having to do this like by hand, trying to figure out, you know, where to schedule who. So I think finding software is definitely a step towards expanding and getting more efficient, essentially.

Wash Broz [00:15:57] Yeah.

Christian [00:15:57]  All right.

Aaron [00:15:59] Go ahead.

Christian [00:16:00] What would you say right now? I mean, I have an idea maybe. What's the biggest struggle when it comes to maybe marketing online? I know that's kind of like your mom's side of things, but what do you think is maybe the biggest struggle and it doesn't have to be marketing per say, but maybe with the website, maybe with the branding or maybe whatever else?

Wash Broz [00:16:22] Our biggest struggle right now is like finding cool and different ways to portray our work because it's kind of always the same, you know, and it's always the same job, so trying to find something else to, like, have that clean cut there are, you know, in our work.

Wash Broz [00:16:44] And also, sometimes when we're scheduling, we accidentally schedule someone, let's say in McKinney and then a person in like Little Elm and then again back in McKinney. So like the travel; it takes a lot of time and gas.

Aaron [00:17:03] Right.

Aaron [00:17:04] It's like it's definitely doable, but really not ideal, I guess, right?

Wash Broz [00:17:09] Yeah. We're trying to make it more effective for us and the clients.

Aaron [00:17:15] Okay. I think that's a good segue. We talked a little bit before recording here. Moreso, to just kind of hand it over to you guys. If you guys have any questions for us about marketing or branding or anything like that that we can answer for you, we just have more of a candid conversation with you guys about what we've learned or what experience we have and we can give you some advice to hopefully help you guys grow even more.

Wash Broz [00:17:44] So you've looked at our page and all that, well, you say we're not, I don't know, like not the best, what are we struggling with that you see on us that we need to work on.

Christian [00:17:58] Well, when you say page, are you talking about your website or your Facebook page?

Wash Broz [00:18:07] All of them like Instagram and Facebook.

Christian [00:18:10] Okay. I have a couple of ideas, but go ahead.

Aaron [00:18:14] Go ahead.

Christian [00:18:14] No go ahead. Yeah.

Aaron [00:18:15] OK, so I was going to say one of the first things, I guess, for Instagram anyway, is just coming up with, like, some kind of theme, like what it is you're going to post about, but it doesn't always have to be your product or service. But literally, just talking about your service is one thing. But like, how can you incorporate other things around it that are going to be helpful for your house, for the people who are your potential clients, like household tips or whatever else? Like you could add that. But I think just the high quality videos I like the before and after. I like the meme style stuff like that that you're pulling from, I think some stuff from Tik Tok. But I would really like to see more of you guys too. Like, I think there's a big chunk of the reason, like you guys are successful is because it's you guys. So I play on your branding yourself, like you two, more of that.

Aaron [00:19:12] So even if it's like, I don't know, Marsella gets on there and he's on the camera and he's telling people like, yeah, we're at this house in McKinney, this is their problem. This is what they went through. This is how we fixed it. This is what's going on. And then, boom, here's what was before. Here's where it's at after. But you put your guy's face more on there because it's Wash Broz for a reason. I would like to see more of the bros part of it. That's just my perspective. But I feel like that's the reason that people are gravitating towards you guys. They get behind your story. So tell your story more. They love that it's a family business and then they love you guys. So if you can show them more of that and really if you can if your mom's such a big part of it, even if she didn't say anything on camera or like if she's part of it, like bring her in too like, hey, this is our mom, she was able to do this. Our dad, like, tell us the story about your dad quitting his job. Like, that's huge.

Aaron [00:20:04] So let us in like Instagram and specifically is more about that slice of life and telling the stories to use those stories to explain what you guys are doing in the business. I think if you do that, it will be very successful. And then, one last thing for Facebook. I know you're posting from Facebook or from Instagram to Facebook, probably, but hashtags on Facebook, like you used one or two of them. But hashtags actually don't do anything for Facebook. So I probably take away a lot of the hashtags that you use on Facebook.

Wash Broz [00:20:38] OK, yeah.

Aaron [00:20:39] And then I'll turn over to Christian see if he has anything to add to that.

Wash Broz [00:20:43] Thank you so much for the insight.

Aaron [00:20:46] Absolutely.

Christian [00:20:46] I mean, I think you guys are doing a great job, to be honest, especially being on multiple social platforms at the same time. I mean, that's especially true if you started six months ago. Looks like you're on Facebook, Instagram, you're doing some things on Tik Tok. You know, you have a website. I think the logo, it's awesome. I just love that logo. I would like to, Yeah, Maybe see more of a cohesive brand with everything that you guys post. So, everything about like I think it's great that you're including the link of the website and some of these posts, but then maybe having a little bit of consistency with like the font that you're using or maybe some of the colors, maybe the placement of it. I think that would help you again cement that brand a little bit further. And like Aaron said, I think showing the before and after is awesome, it's great. But showing you guy's faces and you talking to the camera and you being the face of the business, it's just really going to propel you to a different level because nobody else is really doing that right? And if you guys have just a cool personality and probably notice like some of the posts that you guys are, you know, either talking to the camera or in front of the camera, they usually tend to do a little bit better. So I would definitely venture out and try to do more of that and even try to be entertaining. Try to be maybe a little bit of educational, as far as like some of the techniques that you're using or some of the equipment that you're using and maybe given reasons why you should be doing X, Y, Z. And then, things like Tik Tok, for example, or even Instagram reels. Don't be afraid to be funny, to be, you know, yourself. I mean, you guys are teenagers, 20 something, right? So kind of leaving the teenage world. But, you know, that's still can be a professional business and you can still have fun with your social media and you can still, you know, show a little bit of your personality because Brenda from down the street is going to call you again because you guys did a good job and because she just love you guys and love your personality. So I would definitely try to showcase more of that, especially like I mean, yeah, your branding shows both of you guys in caricature form. So I would definitely venture into doing a little bit of more of that. I think that's it, I think that's all I have. It's a little bit of everything, but hopefully that kind of guides you and helps you move along into that direction.

Wash Broz [00:23:11] Thank you. We really appreciate it.

Aaron [00:23:20] What are you guys like? Well, I guess, your mom's posting on social media? Are you guys involved with that part of it as well? Just like everybody has access to the account and you guys jumping into it? Or what's been the, I don't know if you've necessarily had a strategy with it, but what's the like? Hey, guys, we want to make sure we post three times per week or we want to post on Tik Tok today or whatever. Like, what's that been like?

Wash Broz [00:23:45] We've been trying to post daily now, trying to get some daily content with my mom. My mom is  sending me videos of the work.

Wash Broz [00:23:54] She gets the idea and we help her with the caption, all this spelling, because she doesn't know how much English like us and we help her with all the English stuff.

Wash Broz [00:24:07] She's getting better at it though.

Aaron [00:24:10] I saw and I'm not as familiar, obviously I know what Telemundo is. But you guys, how did that get spawned off of NBC 5 or how did that feature happen?

Wash Broz [00:24:21] Oh, yeah. So the guy from Telemundo contacted us first and he knew someone at NBC and he was like, they wanted to write about us, too. So in, like, the same zoom call. Yeah, we got one in Spanish and one in English.

Christian [00:24:37] Yeah. I was going to say I watched both. I know, I'm from Puerto Rico, so I know Spanish and I  I mean, I think that's great. I think that doing the Spanish and the English like it will open up the doors for a lot more clientele, especially in the DFW area. So I think that was very, very smart.

Aaron [00:24:53] Yeah. Have you guys thought about doing it? It essentially doubles your work, right? But like doing part of the post or some significant posts where it is in Spanish and in English? I think Facebook even has an option where you can translate between the two of them. But that's, you know, just kind of interesting. If you guys pull your demographic, would you say that, like, you know, there it's just a game across the board as far as nationality, or is there been more Hispanic because they have not been Hispanic or who's been your audience right now?

Wash Broz [00:25:29] It's mostly non-Hispanic, but we also have quite a bit of Hispanic customers, but for the most part, it's not Hispanic.

Wash Broz [00:25:37] Yes, but I mean, I bet if we implement those, like, videos in Spanish, no expense.

Aaron [00:25:43] Yeah, I would like to see some stuff on Tik Tok from you guys, because I feel like there's a lot of mix of like Latin and American culture now with music.

Aaron [00:25:54] So it'd be cool to see you guys do some kind of, you know, do some of your work, but bring in like Latin American music or like bring in like Spanish music with American music and like add that kind of flair because it just kind of place you guy's brand, I feel like. So if you're able to do that, then it's like these guys are just super cool and they do an amazing job to kind of what Christian was talking about earlier.

Christian [00:26:16] A couple of things I want to mention for you guys to look up, as far as having captions in both Spanish and English. There's a guy his name is, I believe, Kevin Curry. His handle on Instagram is Fit Men Cook. He's from Dallas, actually, and he does just really cool dishes and they're always very colorful. But all his posts, he's American, but all his posts, he does English and then he does like dash dash and then the translation in Spanish is down below. And again, that just opens up, you know, the reach for his posts. And then, another one was, oh, I forgot his name, but we also found him through Tik Tok, but he's from California. The name of the company is Run Buddy Mobile.

Aaron [00:27:05] Oh yeah.

Christian [00:27:06] I don't know if you guys have seen him on Tik Tok, but he has a dog treadmill business. So he has a van. He goes to your house and he runs your dog. He does a bunch of videos. Obviously, they're super popular because he has dogs in every single one of his videos. So it's just like entertaining to watch. But he also blends some of the popular Tik Tok dances and things like that and he has a little bit of fun with it. So definitely go check him out. As far as like if you're looking for, like, ideas or things that how you can blend, you know, what you do with the business with like maybe some of the trends that are going on on Tik Tok and dances and things like that, because I think that would also catapult you. So yeah, check those two things out.

Wash Broz [00:27:47] What was the second one again?

Christian [00:27:48] The Run Buddy Mobile.

Wash Broz [00:27:51] Run Buddy Mobile. Okay.

Aaron [00:27:52] OK, if anything else, it's very entertaining to watch.

Christian [00:27:57] Yeah, for sure.

Aaron [00:27:57] So I want to transition us here to more like a rapid round, rapid fire kind of questions and then you guys can both answer like I think it'd be good to hear an answer from both of you guys. So just quickly, what do you guys attribute your success to?

Wash Broz [00:28:19] I think our parents have helped us a lot in our success of the company and everyone, our clients have been really helpful.

Wash Broz [00:28:31] They try to help us, like, tell their friends about us and I think people just want to help us because of our story in our situation.

Wash Broz [00:28:41] Yeah. And also, no one wants to clean their trash, you know.

Aaron [00:28:45] That's for dang sure.

Christian [00:28:46] I have a quick follow up. Were your parents on board right away or did it take a little bit of convincing?

Wash Broz [00:28:53] Right away. Oh, my mom was right away.

Wash Broz [00:28:56] They've been nagging us to do something 'cause it's Covid we're home all day doing nothing  just playing video games, like my mom was literally on our butts.

Wash Broz [00:29:05] So just do something.

Aaron [00:29:08] Get out of my house.

Aaron [00:29:09] Get out of my house.

Wash Broz [00:29:11] Literally yes, because we're four in total, four kids, four guys.

Aaron [00:29:19] Your poor mom. Yeah.

Aaron [00:29:22] Yes. How old are your other brothers?

Wash Broz [00:29:25] One's 12 and the other one's 14.

Aaron [00:29:27] OK, yeah. So your mom really wants you guys to leave the house.

Wash Broz [00:29:32] Yeah.

Aaron [00:29:32] Very cool.

Christian [00:29:39] Next question, what purchase, you may not know this one, what purchase of 100 dollars or less has most positively impacted your life?

Christian [00:29:49] Since you started this company.

Wash Broz [00:29:51] Well, a hundred dollars or less. Well, we've had this three hundred and fifty dollar purchase that's helped us out so much, the pressure washer with the surface cleaner, like, that was a game changer for us because, so the little gun we used to do, driveways like shooting at it. So it would take hours, like hours.

Christian [00:30:13] So this is the machine that you kind of hold with your?

Wash Broz [00:30:15] Yes.

Christian [00:30:15] OK.

Wash Broz [00:30:17] Yeah. That was like a game changer for us.

Aaron [00:30:21] Dang, yeah. How? So you started in May.

Aaron [00:30:25] How long did it take you before you got that?

Wash Broz [00:30:26] Probably mid-summer to like two, three months. Two months.

Aaron [00:30:33] OK, so you knew what it was like. It was tough for a couple of months before you got that thing.

Wash Broz [00:30:38] Yeah. First it was just trash cans but then we started to do driveways and stuff.

Wash Broz [00:30:43] And then the guy we told you guys about, he had a power washing company and he talked to us. That was his old one. He actually sold it to us for a really cheap price.

Wash Broz [00:30:55] Right.

Aaron [00:30:56] Yeah. I was going to say I thought $350 sounded cheap, but I don't know anything about equipment like that. But I was like, that seems pretty cheap. Like that's a good price.

Wash Broz [00:31:05] Yeah. No, we're definitely blessed right there with the price.

Christian [00:31:08] Awesome. So when you guys do have a second to break and hopefully you will get some time away this week or whatever, specifically because we're recording Thanksgiving. But when you guys do have some time, is there anything like on Netflix or Hulu or Disney or anything like that that you guys are binging on right now?

Wash Broz [00:31:28] Well, right now, I started watching actually the Queen's Gambit.

Aaron [00:31:30] Oh, heck, yeah.

Wash Broz [00:31:32] That is such a good show. My little brother actually, Carlos, put me on it because he loves chess. He's always playing. He's always trying to get me to play with them. He's like, watch this show and so I started watching, it's awesome.

Aaron [00:31:45] I finished it yesterday. It is, I know it's going to win so many awards. It's amazing.

Wash Broz [00:31:52] Oh, yes. I haven't finished that. I'm on episode seven.

Aaron [00:31:56] Oh yeah.

Wash Broz [00:31:57] That's really good.

Aaron [00:31:59] That's probably the best episode too. It's like you're at the edge of your seat, like the whole time for chess. I'm like, oh I don't even know how this is possible, but it's like, it's so good.

Wash Broz [00:32:08] So good!

Aaron [00:32:12] Go ahead and answer the Queen's Gambit, unless it's not for both of you guys.

Wash Broz [00:32:17] Well, I'm not really watching a show now because I don't have that much time, because I just work and do my homework. But the free times I do have, I usually just play with my friends on the Xbox.

Aaron [00:32:27] Nice. What game are you playing right now?

Wash Broz [00:32:28] I play FIFA a lot because I love soccer.

Aaron [00:32:32] Nice.

Christian [00:32:36] I should play this. I have an employer that loves FIFA.

Aaron [00:32:39] Yes, OK, love is an understatement.

Wash Broz [00:32:42] Yeah.

Christian [00:32:47] All right. Is that it? Anything you wanted to know?

Aaron [00:32:50] That's it.

Christian [00:32:50] OK. All right. So last question, super easy. How can our audience find out more about you guys?

Wash Broz [00:33:00] All right. They can find us on Instagram @washbroz_company, Facebook: @washbrozcompany and our website www.washbrozcompany.com and also Tik Tok @washbroz.

Christian [00:33:13] And all the 'brothers', the 'Z' at the end.

Wash Broz [00:33:18] Yeah. Correct.

Christian [00:33:18] For those who are listening.

Aaron [00:33:20] Awesome.

Aaron [00:33:23] All right. Thank you guys so much. This was amazing. It was really good to chit chat with you. We will definitely be sharing the heck out of this episode and I hope you guys get a ton of business out of this one as well. So those who are in the DFW area, please hit these guys up and let them know we sent you. You know, you're going to get some quality work from these guys. So truly appreciate you taking the time and jumping on this episode.

Wash Broz [00:33:47] Yeah. Thank you so much for having us here and inviting us and for us it's more about the goal not the process, because no one likes cleaning trash cans, but it's more about like that goal. Yeah, what we want to do.

Wash Broz [00:34:03] Yeah, but got to enjoy the journey too.

Christian [00:34:06] Exactly.

Aaron [00:34:09] That's true. Wise beyond your years. You guys are wise beyond your years. That's awesome.

Wash Broz [00:34:11]  Thank you. Thank you.

Narrator [00:34:14] The Marketing Natives podcast is a production of Bit Branding.

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