Drug Testing Insights for Business Owners with Special Guest Estelle Jenkins

April 1, 2019

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Today we have Estelle Jenkins she is the owner of Know Before You Go Drug & Alcohol Testing.

Estelle is a local business owner in the North Texas area and is the definition of hustle. Estelle started her business in her 60s, what is your excuse?

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Aaron [00:00:12] Our. Hello and welcome to another episode of The Marketing natives were super excited today we have a stealth Jenkins with no before we go. She's also a fellow alum Fairview Chamber of Commerce member and a new business owner we're super excited to tell you guys about her business and the involvement in the community. So welcome misto. Good Morning. Awesome. So the reason we brought you on the show is because we want to know what to when he arrived because went to your ribbon cutting and you just had an amazing showing. Fortunately or unfortunately I've been to a lot of ribbon cuttings and about 75 percent of them are very dry and boring and you know people just do it to kind of check the box.

Aaron [00:01:00] But it was very interesting. You had a lot of cool people out there and you made it a really big deal. I think get some friends fly in from another state other state like Philadelphia or something but it was really cool and just definitely could tell the passion that you had for your business so that's why we want to get you on here so you can spread more people or tell more about your business to other people. So can you tell us a little bit about your ribbon cutting. Just give people a little bit of background because I'm guessing they're curious now.

Estelle [00:01:29] Oh my ribbon cutting was on 1 January 24th. And I invited some family and friends from Virginia and Philadelphia for this it was very special day for me. So they came a lot of members of my church came. My neighbors came and of course the chamber came and they really made a really special day for me.

Aaron [00:01:56] Very cool. And you also had the mayor of Fairview come out for a little bit.

Estelle [00:01:59] You did. I heard the mayor come. He's a very good friend of mine. And I called and invited him.

Aaron [00:02:08] Sure. Yeah. All right. So this is kind of open ended just so people can kind of get a little bit more. I know a little bit more about you again like I don't know a whole lot. I know a little bit from the chamber and Christian over here.

Aaron [00:02:21] This is going to be good because he'll be asking some questions to really kind of dive deeper because he knows the least. So be helpful for those who are listening to.

Aaron [00:02:28] But can you tell us a little bit about you and your background. OK I was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. And.

Estelle [00:02:38] I attended Pierce College and I took up a business course and I got my degree in that. And then I went to work for the Philadelphia prison system. And I am. And I was a correctional officer for 20 years. And I retired. And I moved here in 2000 and had nothing to do after I retired. So I am I am married. And I am a mother of two. And I have. One son. My husband has a son. So we are a blended family and we have. Five grandchildren.

Estelle [00:03:26] And one great grandchild.

Aaron [00:03:28] Wow awesome and a crazy story isn't sold in the state penitentiary. You got Nundah.

Estelle [00:03:34] I have so many stories.

Estelle [00:03:37] When I worked at the Philadelphia prison system I worked for the county. I did not work in a penitentiary. It was the county. We were called the county jail. So if you did any crimes in Philadelphia you would come to the county jail and from there.

Estelle [00:03:58] After doing 11 and a half to 23 months if you got a sentence then you would go to the penitentiary. So that's what I did. I had a very very good life there. As I said I retired. I met my husband there and he was not in me.

Estelle [00:04:17] He was correct.

Aaron / Estelle [00:04:20] Just to clarify on the plane there are some people wondering for us and we may very you know you made good money. It was a good career and I got several homes and several cars and it just was a very good life. And I got to retire and one of the great things about. Working for the city of Philadelphia. You actually get a pension check. So the name know before you go with something. All through my life that I have been carrying with me didn't know it would be a business. Just wanted just knew that I wanted to know about a job that I could get. That would last me the rest of my life. So there were three jobs in Philadelphia and one of them was working for the city of Philadelphia. So that job I made sure I knew before I went there that it would carry me for the rest of my life.

Aaron / Estelle [00:05:13] And it does so even though you've moved today still send you a check every single month the last day of each month. I receive a check and a letter that they give you to give people states she will receive this for the rest of her life. What a wonderful letter to receive.

Aaron [00:05:35] Man Bernie needs to step up. You are missing this man. That is awesome. So OK.

Aaron [00:05:44] And in Pennsylvania then retired moved to Texas. I'm guessing it's warmer. But why did you move to Texas and then what made you start you know before you go. There's a big gap there between you moving here in 2006 to 2000 18 2000 19.

Estelle [00:06:01] OK. This is how it went. I have a daughter here who was in the military for 20 years. So we didn't have much relationship together time together. She moved here and when I came to visit her and I saw how wonderful and nice these houses were when I decided that.

Estelle [00:06:26] We need to move. So I called my husband while I was here visiting and told him to put the sign up because we're. And the first person bought our house. So I believe it was a divine intervention for us too. First person bought our house we moved everything. It's so smooth. We built the house. He got a job. It just it just went so smooth. I had nothing to do I had nothing to do. So in 2014 I ran into this company and I would give Kim chick a shout out Kim check as a drug and alcohol testing facility and I went there and I received the job from them doing collections and they training me how to become a certified professional collector. So that's that was the title that I have. So they trained me then they gave me places to go and collect your. And I've been doing that since 2014 and after some point there I decided I'm doing this so well that I actually tried to do this for myself so 2019. I began well really in 2018 I began to look for places to see if I could find a place where I could become my own business owner.

Estelle [00:07:51] And I did. I found 990 Southwire wi fi in Fairview Texas. And when I walked in I knew.

Aaron / Estelle [00:08:02] That that was for me just like a gut feeling when you walk in.

Estelle [00:08:07] One of the things in the business that I do is a bathroom is the most important piece in doing drug and alcohol collections. The bathroom if it's in a hallway if it's shared by others if it's on another floor. If it's not where you do the tests it doesn't work and most companies will not let you in because you have to hold up the bathroom. There's a process in using the bathroom you have to brew the toilet you have to turn off the water. It's just a lot of things that you have to do so if you're sharing a bathroom with other people it's not going to work. But when I walked in 90 State Highway 5 the 15 the first thing I saw.

Estelle [00:08:53] When I went to the lot was a bad so I didn't need to see anything. So the landlord was there and I rented it on the spot. So I've been here since January the 1st and I now have two of my own clients. And I'm going to be interviewing a client on Monday. So I still collect for Durrett purses which Kimche has the contract. So I go out every day and I still collect from random testing for the buses and and all of door all of that. That's what I do right now.

Aaron [00:09:39] You were mentioning a little bit before we started recording this. What time you were doing that.

Aaron / Estelle [00:09:44] What time do you normally have to do collection D'Arte all around the clock. Dot works 24/7 just about. I might not be quoting that right. But they work around the clock. I do know that. So I show up at 3:00 in the morning show up before I show up at 11:00 at night. I show a 6:00 in the afternoon.

Estelle [00:10:04] I show up when I get my Simon How based off of what you're seeing on your Web site and then kind of a little bit from the river can it give people context to why why I'm asking this question. You mentioned like who are good clients and who you know obviously do more drug testing are good clients for you.

Aaron / Estelle [00:10:26] And you mentioned something about like DOT and I was wondering about DAR Are they part of DOT or what does that what exactly does that mean. That's kind of like a whole different world for us and that whatever the acronym means Ti is if you have a safety sensitive job you are duty.

Estelle [00:10:50] Such as the truckers suit trucks going down the road. If you look on the side of the truck you'll see the letters DOT and you'll see some numbers. So they are safety sensitive drivers. The air the air pilots they are all Diodati. Anybody works for the airport duty Department of Transportation. So DLT else is Diodati. The ones that I know of is anything that's a safety sensitive job is duty and they get random drug tests. So that's why you go to a door at any time because they are random the people don't know that I'm coming just after all these years they know me. So when they see me they know why I'm there but they don't know who I'm here to see. I know what they don't know. So when I go into the room that they select for me and then they bring them in. So if they have if their test is there for them I'm there at three forty.

Estelle [00:12:06] So when they come to work to swipe in or however they punch in they can because they've been blocked so that they don't go out to their buses or trains or the police don't go out to their cars or wherever they go they can't go.

Estelle [00:12:23] They've got to wait. They bring it to me and then I have them. But the one thing about to your team is it's good for. The employer. Because they get three hours. To give me a sample.

Estelle [00:12:40] Three hours. So I get there. And one of the things that I always say about Dubai is they have a theme and that theme is I just went to the path. They tell me that. So how do I do the process of telling them how much I need it and what they have to do when they go into the restroom and all of that. One thing about that is they must try first in order to start that 3 hour shy Blätter clock. They have to try first. So they go in and they do nothing. And they come out with the empty cup there's nothing I can do about it. I have to sit there and time it out for three hours. Has anyone ever done three hours. No but they do get three hours. And every time I go to a dark collection I expect to stay three hours.

Estelle [00:13:41] This morning I stayed five minutes five minutes.

Estelle [00:13:47] I went in the gentleman said I was in the military. I know what this is all about. Let's go.

Estelle [00:13:54] So it's a good show this morning.

[00:13:57] I toss it out because I knew I had to be here.

Christian [00:14:01] So do I guess what you're saying is that they tend to milk the time so that they go to work on a day to day that their supervisors have already set someone up to because the buses and then everything will run regardless. Rather they are doing a drug test right now. So yes it is OK we talk.

Estelle [00:14:27] Yeah I am I talked to them and I give them my history they give me theirs and sometimes they warm up to me and then they go hey go do you work exclusively with businesses and their employees. Is that mainly your main audience or just my main target is.

Estelle [00:14:49] I'm working on. I need people who have. I need people who have employees. An insurance company. It's just them selling insurance would not be good for me. So I need people who actually have employees so most of the companies that I have the two that I have under No. Before you go have employees so I have a company called Egal barricade. Igoe barricade is part of the chamber and they allow me to do the testing so I do all of their pre-employment. And I do anytime they have a post exiting. I go there. I also work around the clock. I do receive phone calls from people truckers who may have an accident or 75 or wherever and I go out and I do breath alcohol and I also do woodwork because they have to have that immediately after any accident. I go out late at night for door.

Estelle [00:15:59] Anytime you have an accident if I'm called to go I go.

Aaron [00:16:03] Just curious because I'm sure this may be a question that people are asking when do you sleep.

Estelle [00:16:11] I sleep for me. Sleep is overrated. This is just me. I don't need that much. I need I need four to five hours of sleep. So when I know the day before that I have a test at 4:00 in the morning. I know exactly when to play now and I get right up how I do it. I don't know I don't have a time clock. I don't use a cell phone ringing and I'm never late.

Aaron [00:16:40] Wow. I was going to say you were here. Yeah right.

Estelle [00:16:45] But for them I am there 15 minutes early. I just something that I've just been doing over the years and it's just too much sleep for me. I saw only 24 hours in a day. I got to get it in here. I got to get it in. I do sleep I sleep 10 missed an hour.

Aaron [00:17:08] I think it's so not to go on a tangent but I think that's just really interesting because you're already retired.

Aaron / Estelle [00:17:15] Yes. To get that checked out for ever for ever.

Aaron [00:17:19] And then you're like I'm already working here I enjoy this job and then you said OK I'm going to go start my own thing and then you're going to sleep even less when you don't necessarily have to.

Aaron [00:17:29] I mean that's just four or five hours I'm thinking like man my life is a month here like seven or eight is like this is you know maybe I want a little bit more about your hustlin.

Estelle [00:17:40] I'm 68 years old. I decided to start my own business sleeping just did not become a partner. So I do get sleep. I do. And nobody bothers me it's just me and my husband at home. So when it's time for me to sleep he lets me sleep and then I get up and I go do what I have to do so I'm going to be working for the company as a contractor for kimchee. This gave me this great opportunity in the mornings. I want to be going out and doing their tests for five in the morning so that I can be back in time to open up.

Estelle [00:18:22] Know before you go.

Aaron [00:18:25] So as far as jerk's screenings you said like DOHC and then they need to have employees. But. Like insurance wouldn't necessarily be a good 140. So like what. Why would people need drug screening like what do we need. Like why would we need or want drug screening why is it beneficial for an employer other than just knowing like OK this person is coming to work but if they're not in a safety industry those people still need to have drug screenings or an employer needs drug screening.

Estelle [00:18:55] Every employee that they're going to hire they really really do with the with deaf an absentee is on the rise.

Estelle [00:19:07] Most of that is because they could be on drugs if you don't drug screen them before you hire them. And most jobs do rather than Diodati or 1940. Most jobs do the job that I do right now for Eagle barricade. They are not Diodati but they are flaggers. They are out there holding up the signs swab girl they're putting down the coal and they're closing off streets that day. They get drug test before they get hired.

Estelle [00:19:40] Now what I do for them is an instant drug test. This particular drug test will tell me immediately if they've been using drugs and when I let. You go barricade in. No they won't hire them if they don't pass the instant test where. You cannot do an instant test.

Estelle [00:20:04] You have to send it to the man other type of drug screening you've talked about pre-employment.

Christian [00:20:16] There is also post accident. You talked about some of the random ones they do for dobře. Is there anything else but I guess besides those main theory yes you can do suspicion. Which comes in to an employee comes to work and they have the smell of alcohol or they're acting a little strange.

Estelle [00:20:43] Then they would cause someone to come in just for the safety of their position a job as an as a business owner. You don't want to just claim that they've been drinking because just you don't know say you. You would call me in and I come in and I use a breathalyzer and I can tell immediately if they've been drinking I guess that is good.

Aaron [00:21:07] I know somebody personally who who actually struggle with alcohol and he told me this recently. But yeah he used to go to a bank of all places like complete like on the way to work he would drink vodka like on the way to work and just be at the bank all day and just pop like men and have a going so he didn't smell like it. I was like I guess to me it never could put myself in the shoes. But like that's exactly why somebody like you is important because for whatever reason these people never tested or they just never wanted to call them out. So instead of calling them out or having anH.R. issue just call you and that solves the problem.

Estelle [00:21:43] One of the things about you have to have a drug testing policy. You can't just do it like that. You have to when you get hired they need to be some type of policy. We just do we do it when we get hired.

Estelle [00:22:02] We do the pre-employment and we also will do the other tests if we need to call someone in for post accident or suspicion. So something happens on the job. You fall down and you hurt yourself. They want you bring someone in because just to see if you have been drinking or doing any type of drug you need a policy just don't call. You just don't do it just to be doing it. You have to have some type of policy when you hire people. So that's one of the things that I'm working on some of the jobs that don't even have work. And they're finding that they hire people. They work a week as soon as they get paid. They don't come back and say why he was such a great guy.

Estelle [00:22:54] All day well but come Friday we don't see a lot of guys in droves ladies wondering when.

Aaron [00:23:03] So quick question from not far it's like so say for example we like somebody we knew needed to use you in need. And you brought in the drug testing if it was alcohol OK. No breathalyzer you know right then. But how quickly can you get results to hey like oh OK well they they came in they did it at lunch. Now we got to wait and you know two or three days to send it off to a lab or something. Is that correct.

Estelle [00:23:26] For the speaking of the human spirit yeah your interest immediately.

Estelle [00:23:31] A 5 10 panel. Yes. It's called. Inside it is you know. It reads immediately as soon as. They fill it up to 45 milliliters I checked the temperature and I could see what drug that they are using the drugs come up in lines. And when you see that as the results begin to come up as lines and there's no line then that's the drug they use most of them will tell you why did you use it.

Estelle [00:24:04] You know some time ago and I have.

Estelle [00:24:07] So it's instant test immediately and that's what I do for some of the jobs that I'm trying to some of the companies I'm trying to get. This is what I'm trying to sell them. You interview. And then I'll do the test. Don't you send them somewhere and tell them you got two or three days two to three days to get this to go take the test. They have a lot of things that they could do within the two or three days when they get there they just take the test and they pass and that's it. So that's what I'm trying to sell now my instant test so that we know right away you're not obligated to hire them if the test doesn't pass. However after they are. And you decide that you want to do these tests I suggest to them let's send it to the lab. Let me do that yes and let's send it to the lab. We'll get lab results the very next day.

Aaron [00:25:03] Gotcha. Do you have just like one particular lab you work with or you have multiple or how does I work requests. OK. I've only seen the trucks.

Estelle [00:25:12] I work with a leader I work with CRL.

Estelle [00:25:17] It was three laps that I basically work with right now and I will be trying to get with all the other lamps but I've been very fortunate to just become quest is one of the biggies. And if you can get on with quest and be one of quest for. Or one of you will really do well. So I did not was not able to get quest for but I was able to get third party quests so that was just as good. Because people will come into my office and that's the goal to get them to come to the office.

Aaron [00:25:58] OK. So speaking of coming to the office. Other than like you going out and obviously you got 20 hours in a day for you. So you got a lot of time to make things happen. And obviously we know you're part of the chamber but are there. What are their marketing efforts are you doing. How are you getting to know before you go brand out to other employers and then also like other labs in partnerships.

Estelle [00:26:24] LEPs you call them up and you tell them you would like to be a third party collector. And then they will send you paperwork and you fill it out.

Estelle [00:26:34] And then something happens in your area you call uniform and you just go out and do the tests they will send you the cups they will send you the custody and control forms. All of that is free. You have to pay for it. You have to pay for any labels the mail youU.P.S. you have to be ready to FedEx. All of that is paid for. So that's the good thing about this type of business.

Estelle [00:27:01] It doesn't cost a lot of money. To keep it going because everything is free all the cops except for the instant cut. But as far as the cups that go to the line. Now they are left fees. I do have to pay fees.

Estelle [00:27:18] So I put that into my price and we can also take this part out and leave it. But as far as like pricing. What's a ballpark that people are looking at if you just had like I just have two employees and I want to do the Enslin test.

Aaron / Estelle [00:27:35] Oh wow. Twenty dollars results. I'm going to give you a report that's a no brainer. If I have to send it to the lab. Just fine. Oh I'm probably low cutting but that's what I do.

Aaron [00:27:50] Yeah I mean that's to me that's a great deal. I'm kind of going to hear a Christian type. Why not. I mean I it would be kind of fun just to see I don't do drugs just fine. But I would think you'd be cool to just get a test done anyway because I've never done that.

Estelle [00:28:03] We can do it. Yes we're going to do a test today because I have cups. Oh OK. And you gentlemen are going to restrooms and bring me back a specimen and we'll do a tune. We'll do fine. And we'll look at all the different. Yeah. Well look just so you can see what I'm talking about. So we could do a breathalyzer. Oh I would definitely not I have I have the Rashie in the car. I carry this stuff with me all the time. Yeah that was super cool because I get calls on the phone. You need to come now. I can go when you have to.

Aaron [00:28:41] I think the picture for the podcast would definitely be like us with a breathalyzer.

Aaron / Estelle [00:28:45] Like all three of us that we do the breathalyzer we've got to do that do the breathalyzer Novikoff.

Estelle [00:28:52] He's going to do. He's going to do it.

Aaron / Estelle / Christian [00:28:58] Yes good. Yeah yeah yeah yeah OK OK.

Aaron [00:29:08] All right.

Aaron [00:29:08] So can you as far as I do because I feel like we kind of went around it a little bit but if you could really paint a picture of like who like somebody is listening to this podcast and are like oh that's me. The pricing is great. Is great. She's local she's amazing. But I just don't know if I'm a good fit for her because I'm not dhoti and I have a couple of employees but like are there any specific duty I want to go.

Estelle [00:29:35] You're Nandi ot oh you're Diodati we're Nadiope to you all night. Most of all of these businesses around here all night duty. So you're not a safety sensitive job.

Aaron [00:29:48] Oh we care about it too. If you're is a sensitive job you're not do you.

Aaron [00:29:54] Can you give us like maybe two examples of like the perfect business like or maybe like perfect industry. That would be really good for you outside of the not like 90.

Estelle [00:30:09] Room for me to get. I would like to get a contract with. A DLT 90 AT&T ot Cabelas. It's a nice duty. I am working on getting a contract with Cabelas. That would be awesome that would be so awesome. The only problem for Estelle is. You need people. I can do this all by myself.

Estelle [00:30:37] I need a staff and all the staff must be trained. They all must be training and of course to be trained. So April the 10th I'm going to Chicago. There's a company is this organization called Deja.

Estelle [00:30:59] Dacia. It's. Been around forever and the drug testing industry. So I'm going there to train. I am going to be a trainer and I'm going to get trained by Dacian. So when I put it out there that I'm a trainer I'll be able to train anybody. People that work for me that don't work for me. And when he says dayshift they're going to come my way. If this is Johnson they may not even look at me.

Estelle [00:31:28] So I'm saying that to say I need people and I need people really that don't have jobs because you can't work this and you work a 9 to 5. This goes on all day long.

Aaron [00:31:42] You've got to be waiting for the call and get out.

Estelle [00:31:44] You can be I can be in the office and people come in so I can't be working somewhere. I've got to be there I'm not going to be here.

Estelle [00:31:52] So this is why I took on doing door in the morning so that I can be there all day and people have come in. My first client that came in I was so excited. It must have thought I lost my mom when he came I was so excited. I was still on high from that. I mean you came in my name was on the paper. It told them to go to know before you go and get your drug screening. I was so excited if I wasn't there when they got there. Right. So I had to be there and I'm going to get people train I'm going to train my dear husband so that he can help me out.

Estelle [00:32:39] I'm not going to try to get the contract. The federal government so that I can test people who are getting out of federal prison. And they need to have drug tests they need to go to drug treatment programs. This is maybe part of their discharge. I couldn't take the contract because I don't have a guy. And they must be observed and only a male can observe a male female observer or female. So that's that's where that's my dilemma right now. I need some help. You guys stick around.

Estelle [00:33:14] There was a protest. So what can we expect.

Aaron [00:33:22] I mean obviously growth is what you're talking about hiring people you're going to be a trainer and growth there but what can you expect from now before you go in the future. Anything you have plans for trying to get to other Kabelo.

Aaron [00:33:37] The federal government obviously does it two awesome goals there.

Estelle [00:33:42] Well I want to try to just get something in my neighborhood.

Estelle [00:33:46] You know I live in fear of you and my business is in fear of you and I'm very fortunate to have a zip code that works for fear of you and McKinney you have the same exact zip code and that helps me out quite a bit because fear doesn't help me out too much but using the McKinnie when people say zip code. 7 5 0 6 9. They say oh McKinnie yes because that's what helps me get more clients but that's the goal to send out information such as to give a shout out Paula Deen. I would like to get as she hire. New employees that she calls me when she gets ready to hire and I'll come to her facility and we'll do it right there. They won't have to interview drug tests from the drug test to getting the job. So I'm just going to be doing the local areas where I live because I'm the only drug testing facility in Fairview.

Christian [00:34:57] So another question.

Christian / Estelle [00:35:02] Is there a good amount of competition when it comes to this industry or is it is you have you have a lot of different BIEC industries because Cintra care now. You know and these these days a lot of them. So yes I do but they do other things as you have you ever been in any of those facilities they do other things. They do blood draws and they do.

Estelle [00:35:30] I don't only do drug and alcohol test so is that that's where you want to stay. You don't want to grow into services.

Christian / Estelle [00:35:38] Yes. Other services I can do DNA testing background checks.

Estelle [00:35:46] That's where I'm at right now.

Estelle [00:35:49] What I would like to do the training. Well I want to go into training. So I want to grow in that area where those jobs don't do the other drugs and they don't do the training. Sure they do the DNA testing. Haven't been there but I'm going to go to Quest's.

Estelle [00:36:08] In my area and offer my services when I have to ours. If people come to me don't send them away send them to me right now.

Aaron [00:36:21] You know something it's just never really was a good time to ask. But just as I was thinking through this from again being in Philadelphia come to Texas and just all the life experience I guess kind of selfishly for Christina and for all read or all the readers listeners is that we want to get. Some advice or some knowledge from you. So just do that or whether through business or starting the business or just knowledge of life what's the best advice you could give to us for that. Well it looks like you gentlemen are doing a good thing here.

Estelle [00:37:07] And being in your business for yourself and I've only done this for a short time. I think it's a great thing and I think that you gentlemen here have a great thing going on so I suggest throughout life that you continue to educate people as you are doing on this podcast. Giving people a chance to talk about what they're doing. I think this is really great and this is a great opportunity for me. So I don't know if you have to be a member of the chamber to get this opportunity but I've been blessed to get it. So the question is I think that you are on the right track.

Estelle [00:37:51] And you just keep going keep it on and you guys will be great because I got to say I'm 68 years old and I'm just getting there. So you got a whole lot to look forward to just keep doing what you do.

Aaron [00:38:05] Thank you. And I hope that I think that will definitely help other people as well. So again this is one of those things where we can edit out if we need to. Or you can take some time to think about it and it doesn't matter.

Aaron [00:38:17] This is a very candid show and we ask this to people but it's really interesting to get insight into people's like purchasing habits and like how how certain things changed a life so that the question is so if you purchase a hundred dollars or less or less how is that most positively impacted you. So if you had 100 dollars or something that you've already had recently or spend a hundred dollars on recently without butchering the question I would have just read that question stated right.

Christian [00:38:55] It's like what.

Aaron [00:38:56] Purchase of a hundred dollars or less as most positively impacted your life in the last say six months or recent.

Estelle [00:39:03] Shout out for Dave Ramsey and I did that through my church. So I am able now to do more for my church.

Estelle [00:39:12] As far as giving me was I have more money in my pocket so I have one credit card. And that's my business credit card. And then I did my checking account for my business. So I'm really debt free Hotson.

Aaron [00:39:29] Yeah that's definitely mean makes this business make that business for an easier too I guess and a lot less stressful.

Aaron [00:39:35] Yes. All right. So are you Netflix watcher. Bluebloods bluebloods. That's like a murder. Yeah.

Christian / Estelle [00:39:49] No it's just a cop show up.

[00:39:51] Yeah I have netflix but no I'm not in it.

Christian / Estelle [00:39:55] I mean he doesn't have time. I don't have to 4 hours of sleep. I'm sleepy I'm working.

Estelle [00:40:00] I have all those things because my husband doesn't sleep like I know his lifestyle is not like mine. So he needs that guy.

Aaron [00:40:09] So he's doing the 7 8 hours oh is he 70.

[00:40:15] I can go out in the morning and go do a test and get back to sleep and I go to Dallas every day every day. Dort is located. Most of the locations are in Dallas.

[00:40:30] Dang awesome. Estelle Thank you so much for coming on the podcast. Was there anything else you wanted to talk about. I don't know if you're leaning in to say something there. Okay awesome. What is the best way for people to find out more about you more about your business more about you. How can I get a hold of you. Well I have a Web site and my website is called No.

[00:40:59] And that's it. Oh. Be. The number for. The letter you. Go. DOT.

[00:41:09] Com. OK. My email is Tess. At no. B. The letter for.

[00:41:23] The number for the letter you go dot com. You can reach me at 4 6 9 3 5 2 7 5 6 0. And you can also call me at 2 1 4. 8 5 6 4 4 4 1. Or you can just come on up and visit me at 990 State Highway 5 7 6 7 5 0 6 9. Look for the sign that says drug and alcohol testing. No before you go.

[00:42:02] Awesome. Estelle Thank you for coming on. We can't wait to share this with everybody. All right guys we will talk to you next week.

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