Aaron and Christian Interview Each Other

May 20, 2019

Show Notes

Hooray for our 100th episode! And so today we (Christian and Aaron) will be interviewing each other. Here are some of the exciting questions we answered.

  • Do you think Hotdogs are Sandwiches?
  • What keeps you up at night/Your biggest regrets?
  • Who do you look up most to, and why?
  • If you had a chance to start a brand new business today or tomorrow, how would you start it and what would you do differently?
  • When you were a kid, what was your dream car? versus your dream car today?


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Aaron [00:00:00] Hey guys super exciting episode today Day episode one hundred Christian and I decided to interview ourselves and the best part. There is no questions that are off limits. We're going to talk about stuff that's illegal. We're going to talk about college days. We're going to talk about the future of that BitBranding. Hope you enjoy.

Christian [00:00:32] What's going on today. We actually have a pretty special episode because episode one hundred ninety one hundred of the marketing natives and we decided to. I mean we said that we wanted to do something special we just didn't know what.

Christian [00:00:48] And yesterday actually come up with this idea of Aaron and I interviewing each other and just asking random questions. So we don't know what the other person has written for the question so it is all gonna be very organic in that. Maybe a little bit crazy.

Christian/Aaron [00:01:07] We said that we're gonna do it with two kind of business related questions to business related questions and the other ones are you know it could be anything anything. Nothing's off limits but I know what I mean.

Christian/Aaron [00:01:22] How do you want to start this rock paper scissors. All right. Best two out of three. No this is first one I talked to Ed. run on shoot.

Christian/Aaron [00:01:34] All right right up paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors shoot.

Christian/Aaron [00:01:42] All right. Oh yeah. You go first. Ours. Yeah. Did you wanna go first. All done. Yeah. Oh gosh.

Christian [00:01:50] All right. So let's start with a real real easy question. Why are you nervous now. It is super easy really.

Christian/Aaron [00:02:01] Do you think hotdogs or sandwiches hot dogs are not sandwiches because sandwiches have em. They have buns just like hot dogs but a hot dog can't be a sandwich just because it can't have cheese. But thank you. How does the cheese. Yeah but not like not a flat piece of like American cheese.

Aaron [00:02:22] That's what that's what the definition of American hamburger sandwich or anything like that. You had American cheese.

Christian [00:02:29] All right. All right. I got this. That's fair cool. That was a little easy warm up question. Right.

Aaron [00:02:34] OK. Let me see here because I'm taking all mine are not easy. So Dana. All right. So let's do the opposite of the easy here. This is the mice the ugly a little bit farther down. So what keeps you up at night.

Aaron [00:02:53] Slash your biggest regrets that's terrible. Why is that terrible. This is a hard equation. Just jump in. It's like Here you go. Now it's one of my easier.

Christian [00:03:10] What keeps me up at night or my biggest regret.

Aaron [00:03:13] Yeah. Nuts plural.

Aaron [00:03:14] Just one.

Aaron [00:03:17] And I'll continue to talk to the audience what you think here. Because it could be anything. So it could be you know me.

Christian [00:03:23] I guess what keeps me up at night. Don't say Netflix. That's not an answer. No no no.

Christian [00:03:32] I would say like I like OK. Originally from Puerto Rico. So you know that some people are listening may not know that but in Puerto Rico we had like a pretty big family we're always together and. It scares me. The fact that we're all just scattered now and like it's hard for us to like get together and like like everyone get together you know is like last time that happened was I guess last year with my cousin's wedding.

Christian [00:04:00] Majority of 9 percent of us went to 95 went to Puerto Rico. But. I mean that's like that. It's not necessarily like maybe it's not like the family component but like the like leaving your like your hometown and like and I think we've talked about this where like our kids like growing up like. In a different generation. I like having kids but just such as keeps me up at night. But like just thinking about all those things like oh all these traditions you know we've had in Puerto Rico involved and like now you know. Live.

Christian [00:04:43] In here in Texas and like I mean just different things and I'm not saying that like it's bad it's just like this change you know it's like different things. And.

Christian [00:04:54] That's just kind of like scary. The unknown.

Christian [00:04:59] Yes. Yeah. And I just don't know. OK. Like if I think about like my kids like I want I would want them to speak Spanish fluently but like what if they're not even like interested in like you know I've heard of parents who'd like to teach Spanish they're getting like Look Mom I don't want to learn Spanish.

Aaron [00:05:15] Yeah yeah. Like why do you need that. I don't need Spanish.

Christian [00:05:18] It's like yeah that's it that's all.

Aaron [00:05:22] Yeah I think it'd be easier just as a side note I think a bit easier if you do it from when they're like a baby and they just naturally do it. But it'll be harder if you like trying to teach them later. I don't know. Yeah this is so very good answer.

Christian [00:05:34] Thanks. Thanks Rick. Great. I mean that was a different thing as a different part.

Aaron [00:05:39] It was whatever kept you up to night because nothing really keeps me up at night because I fall asleep pretty quickly. So I had to do falls over too.

Aaron [00:05:46] So that was why I said that was because if he didn't stay up at night then regret.

Christian/Aaron [00:05:51] You know like I guess it doesn't keep me up at night but it does. It's like one of those things where like when I'm just thinking about nothing like that pops up in my head then I mean you answered correctly. Good answer. Thanks. All right Are you ready for your question. Yep that's me. Actually since we're talking about things like that I think I had a family one. Oh yeah. Do you have or what's your favorite family tradition.

Aaron [00:06:16] Favorite family tradition. I don't know if it's my favorite or not but it's the first one that came into my mind whenever you said that was ever since I was a little kid. My mom would always make like before we could open up presents or anything. She always made biscuits and gravy and so on Christmas we're talking about. He has a Christmas tradition. So we'd always wake up super early. My dad would be like I'm not getting up and but my mom would get up and my dad would get up because we're making biscuits and gravy. And so my sisters and I would help my mom make and gravy not because we necessarily weren't helped in the kitchen but the faster she made those biscuits and gravy the faster we could eat them and then. Open presents. So but opening the presence had kind of moved to the side and just having my mom's biscuits and gravy on Christmas morning has been like you know that's a very nostalgic for me to even say right now. So that's a cool tradition I think.

Christian [00:07:08] I had a follow up question to that depending on what you answer. But like do you think that's something that you're gonna keep on doing with your family.

Aaron [00:07:15] Yeah. Yeah more than likely. I mean that's actually something that we talked about in church at one time is like what traditions do you want to continue on with your family. And one that Brian and I started we don't have a family is the going to a Christmas tree farm. So I like it. How do you have a family.

Aaron [00:07:30] Huh. We have a family. OK. It's to come and kind. Sorry futures down her daughter. I don't know what you are yet. We'll know next week or something like that.

Aaron [00:07:41] There's one coming but what we want to do is continue to go Christmas tree shopping or Christmas tree hunting and go out and cut down a Christmas tree. But I definitely like the idea of like Christmas morning like waking up and like cooking breakfast together and stuff. So I probably will continue to do that.

Aaron [00:07:58] It's difficult to talk about Christmas right now and it's like almost 80 degrees outside now but yeah that's that's what I would say tradition wise.

Aaron [00:08:08] All right. This this is kind of a room family or I assume a lot of people answer this question with family but I'm always curious more about the in depth part of it. So I know that's enough preface to tell you that. All right. So who do you look up most to and why.

Christian [00:08:28] I mean yeah you have to say family. I mean my mom and dad for sure. And I wish it that we went to Florida for Thanksgiving last year and I ended up staying up late just talking to both my parents. Everyone was to sleep. I'm staying late and I'm talking about like two or three in the morning. And I mean big. So does a little backstory there up at that time because they work at Amazon and they just have weird hours where they actually work in the morning so I ended up just staying up with them and talking and one of the things that I was telling my dad was that my grandfather from my dad's side he was a very entrepreneurial. He had a bunch of businesses at some point he owned a hotel newspaper a TV station in Puerto Rico. So there was a lot of things that he did while he was you know in Puerto Rico and he he just he was a people person. So he knew a lot of people and he knew how to like make them do whatever you know. So he was he was very good at that.

Christian [00:09:33] And like I want to like that and that's what I want. Comments like I definitely look up to to my dad and my grandfather and my mom too. But I sort of felt like an entrepreneurial side of things. I think you know that's definitely an inspiration for me to like you know do this business and keep doing other ventures and other things in the future.

Christian [00:09:56] And I guess going back to the regret question I told my dad that night that that was probably one of my regrets was like not not talking to my grandfather about those things or like you know we never had conversations like that when I was in Puerto Rico and he had done all those things like that was like things that he had done well while he was kind of like younger. So he was a retired and you know it was like maybe when I got older I kind of realized like Holy crap my grandfather was like Yeah. Like yeah all these things and like yeah like that was like a moment where I was like crap like I wish I would have had all these conversations about all these businesses and all this stuff. And like I don't know. But I definitely look up to them.

Christian [00:10:42] My brother was also like a huge inspiration for me. He was the one who gave me the bootleg version of Photoshop for me to get started doing something remotely to what I do now. So I definite had to thank my brother for for that. And I think I mean outside of my family I want to get a shout out to quarrel cause you know cause I'm so sorry. But I mean family is usually always like a big inspiration. But I mean I guess outside you know there's always just to the I don't know like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Yeah and people like that like you know came in and gave you a check. Would you like you follow on social media and like you kind of all of their trajectory and like everything that they've done and like you know that to me is inspiring too and I look up to those people in a sense of like OK I see what you're doing and I see what you've done. Like that's cool and not necessarily I want to be there at some point. It's like the famous or populated part of things. But the fact that I feel like they always talk about like you know having a dream or having a goal and I just literally going for that right I feel like that's every for everyone who's famous or that has like you know it's on that level.

Christian [00:11:54] They always say that like it was a lot of hard work and it was just do you see that goal and you just keep going at it right. Consistent yeah yeah awesome.

Aaron [00:12:05] All right next one here. Where did I. Yeah you ask me. Yeah. Let's see I feel like I have them like all like minor and minor all mixed in.

Christian [00:12:16] Okay let's go with maybe something more business related here.

Christian [00:12:22] So if you had to if you had a chance to just start a brand new business ok if you had a chance to start like a brand new business like today like tomorrow I guess knowing everything you know now how would you start it. And what would you do differently. I guess to like you I mean let's say that you know the information in your head but you have the connections I guess because that would be kind of cheating. You don't have any connections. You don't know anybody. It's a new city. What would you do differently.

Christian/Aaron [00:12:54] You know starting right off the bat day one probably figured out exactly who we were trying to like deliver a service to. So I think before we were like we knew we wanted to help business owners and we went to networking that's kind of like we fell into like OK. Now we need to find our way within networking but specifically like what problem do we solve. To what audience and how can we deliver that value to them that they're gonna make a purchase. And then also getting more on the digital side for us in the beginning too. We did a lot in the very beginning from just networking because we were building digital pocket for everybody else and I would have said we needed to create a course we needed to create this. And if we would've done 19 and 16 hour courses right now would be huge. So I think did the online education and knowing exactly our target audience would have been you know number one. And then you know does it be a different conversation. But obviously it's our first one. So if we not if but when we start another company or whatever that may be in addition to now that we're getting a bit branding. But in addition to a I think you can grow 10 times faster just because of the knowledge. Right. And that little caveat of you saying that we can't have our connections.

Aaron [00:14:09] We would still have this right. All right. I was going to say and I'm not gonna say anything.

Aaron [00:14:20] I thought I had a good follow question but I know now it's not good. Yeah. Oh it's bad. You can ask it to.

Christian [00:14:27] Remember what it was like. I wrote this questions and then in my head I had the follow up questions so.

Aaron [00:14:31] Gotcha. All right so this one is oh this is this should have been the easiest one wouldn't like. Yeah. When you asked me about the hot dog and stuff.

Aaron [00:14:40] So this one should be a 30 second answer when you were a kid. What was your dream car versus what is today your dream car.

Christian [00:14:48] It's literally just yesterday I was driving on the road and my dream car was in front of me and it was a niece on 350 easy and for some reason like I just like that car so much that even like one of my very first like early passwords was ne saw 30 50 the night. Don't try to use it now guys you get in the way of change password since then but like it was like one of my very first passwords. Yeah I was just like oh my gosh that was kind of like a sporty look. Yeah. So it's like 40 but practical. So yeah that was definitely my dream car right now. I don't know I guess like I would definitely love to have a Tesla. Like that's like I mean probably for you. Yeah. Yeah. So Megan and I had this conversation of like if you could have like five cars each. Yeah. But we were like You know you have your Tesla right. But then you want to have like a Jeep. Yeah just for adventures and stuff like that. And then you might wanna have like something super practical like a minivan just like carry a lot of people and whatever. And then you had the Tesla which is like the economical you know and then you have like a really fancy like sports car right. Like an Audi a Ferrari. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. I remember the fifth one I don't try. That's the only thing you don't. Yeah exactly. Yeah. No no I'm just a truck. You know after we wanted to like haul some stuff. Yeah. Right. We gotta move drywall from one part of town to the other. Right. Exactly. Nice. All right. See I told you that was an easy one. No yeah no. I. This is about that branding kinda. And actually I know like I know the I know one of the two to this question I just want to say we're on the same page. OK so this question is this bit branding have any unwritten office rules.

Aaron [00:16:44] Yes.

Christian [00:16:45] Which wasn't just pop to your head. No. Flatbush Asians. Was that what you're gonna say. Yeah yeah. You know I was the one is there.

Christian [00:16:56] Is there any other one of the unwritten.

Aaron [00:17:02] No none that I can think of. Are you thinking I'm not the only one. Yeah. I mean I've heard this question based off of a real scenario. A real scenario.

Christian [00:17:10] But yeah. So I guess just to give the listener a little backstory in the office that we had at the apartment this rule was not in place. So it was just a free for all you know. And it was just a bad working environment for everyone involved. So we decided that when we had a legit office that that rules can definitely be in place but it's not written so it's technically under we better put it on the wall.

Christian/Aaron [00:17:37] We're thinking about it. Yeah. All right. OK. So you may have a similar one to this high actually. Actually I mean sitting here. OK. I don't think I've asked you any business to let me go to that. All right. So what has been the biggest surprise with starting a business.

Christian [00:18:03] Probably the amount of time and the self discipline that it takes because like I've been talking to a lot of people when we were working at the at the apartment where we had the office area people would say like oh yeah it's awesome. You know you get to wake up and just work but other people and I would say majority of the people are like man I give you props because I could not do that. I could not you know be disciplined enough to have a schedule and wake up and actually do work and all that. And we did that for a while too. Yeah. So yeah I would say the amount of time that it takes to actually do this because like as a business owner you're doing everything you know accounting finance is H.R. management management and actually doing the work promoting or marketing your own business. So it's a lot of there's a lot of time commitment and it requires a lot of self-discipline.

Aaron [00:19:02] I would say yeah I would agree with that. And then I think the up. Well obviously we got busier but like the one good thing about having is that we can step away from that and he's going to live and we made our lunches. So we always felt pretty healthy all the time. Brianna was making us food for the lunches anyway. Yeah but then we could watch Friday Night Lights which was a very good.

Christian [00:19:21] Yeah I remember at the very beginning of our company when we were into the apartment we would take an hour lunch break and then we would watch a whole episode or sometimes even I feel like movies during our lunch break.

Aaron [00:19:35] Yeah. I can't do that anymore right. I was just thinking about the other day I literally had enough time it was like two 50s or two o'clock or two or five sorry. And I had a meeting at two thirty and I was like Oh hey do I have enough time to drive home like a five minute drive grab enough food to eat and then come back here because I don't bring my lunch. You know that's like a normal day now. All right guys I have this question here actually so that self-discipline but I feel like you have.

Christian [00:20:05] A greater.

Christian [00:20:09] I mean you have more self. I would say that a lot of people that I've met myself. Hi come. So where do you think that comes from self-discipline discipline.

Aaron [00:20:25] Honestly it's more of a deeper question than anything so I've self discipline like a muscle so if you use it then it continues to build. But I went to college not because I was like I actually don't think many people know this but I was going to I had offers for track and all that stuff and I did run track in college that's how Christian I met if you didn't know that there you go. Little tidbit but I only went to college because there wasn't really many options and I didn't know what I wanted to do in high school. And it was really like my mom messaging me and actually she told me like why she's in the kitchen and I was like washing my hands of the bathroom and said hey you know I submitted some of your times for you to be on to this coach and he wants to have you on the team so let's go check it out. I went there and then the only I mean I just kind of got pushed into it but it created some discipline for me. But more importantly I didn't want to go back to a five year reunion and be like what I always saw other people like oh they're overweight they're not doing anything with their lives so my motivation was like I don't wanna go back to my small town and look and have people look at me and think of me differently because of that so it's more of like a peer pressure thing. And so throughout college I was like okay how can I stay in shape. Which track was one of those. And then running is a huge discipline and being able to do that. So that built up a muscle and then it also just compounded into other things so it's like oh well let's get on with running and I listen to music and then people talk about a podcast or reading so then I would read it and because of reading it's a discipline. So it all built on each other but really was out of fear of of gaining weight or like interesting losing or you know not looking as good or like seeing other people more successful than me for my high school because you know I was like a a B student in high school but I just focused on like sports and that's all I cared about and then after high school like again I applied to colleges or whatever but I wasn't like oh yeah I'm going to go to you know here and that's why I'm going to do it wasn't really planned out. And so I was like OK these people are probably thinking not going to work at the local factory you know give a kid by 19. Nothing wrong with that if you do. And so I mean I think that was a big motivation for me and even graduate college to like I don't really care to graduate college I don't think that I necessarily needed to graduate college. I probably would've been starting a business a lot sooner but I probably finished college just because I was already into it and if I started something my parents told me to finish it.

Aaron [00:22:49] So you know that's probably what got you. And I'm among. Interesting.

Aaron [00:22:58] So that was my turn to ask you I can't remember if I was like All right.

Aaron [00:23:02] So you can say this or you can answer this with the most since this is a non explicit podcast. You can explain as much or as little as you'd like to its elements but the most illegal thing I've ever done.

Christian [00:23:22] Oh OK.

Aaron [00:23:27] Mean Most illegal really like it's not a a it's a subjective area like your statement.

Aaron [00:23:33] So like you could say murder but maybe some people don't think murder is the most you know illegal thing I've done.

Christian [00:23:40] No I'm not that we know of but. That you want to share on the podcast. I mean I really want to share this story but it would definitely incriminate the both of us.

Aaron [00:23:49] Oh I know a story you're talking about. Yeah it involves flags. Yes. Yeah definitely the most illegal. Yeah. And I don't want anybody to. Yeah. So he said that thought it wasn't bad we never heard anybody. Oh and I heard that was it was a very fun night.

Christian/Aaron [00:24:05] Yeah. But yeah we'll leave it at that. How about that.

Aaron [00:24:09] Dang we're gonna get messages on that. Okay. Go ahead. Next question.

Christian [00:24:14] Next question. It was kind of fun involves a little bit of business here.

Christian [00:24:20] May and may have to do with product marketing. I know is peanut butter wasn't called peanut butter. What would you call it while just completely different.

Christian/Aaron [00:24:34] Oh yeah. I mean. I mean you think think of it as a market creamy jelly. Jar. Yeah. Creamy gel latest looking at brown stuff. Now a long name. Yeah. Now I would call it. There's already like nut butter so it can't be that was another word for butter maybe no.

Christian/Aaron [00:24:55] Cream cream. Peanut cream. What it will and I don't wanna use peanuts either sown and there's no other word around cream. Excellent Brown cream. Yeah yeah. Good luck everybody yeah. Can you slaps and bring my sandwich which is not a hotdog just to get full circle there is nothing right so you can't put Brown cream on there if anybody comes up to us in person who are local here and you say something about Brown cream. I'm just gonna at least give you a high five. All right so next one here is all right.

Aaron [00:25:31] This will tell people not this has nothing do with politics. I don't think anyway. But do you bully. There's two parts to this question Do you believe we landed on the moon.

Aaron [00:25:41] He's one of the NASA people.

Christian [00:25:45] Yeah. I don't know. I'm 50 50 really on that one.

Aaron [00:25:53] I and if we landed on the moon. Okay. All right. So this is the one where we decide whether or not to be business partners anymore. So part two to this is are you a flat earth sir.

Christian [00:26:05] Oh no certainly not. OK I know how vocal you've been about flat earth.

Aaron [00:26:10] And so now you know how to answer the question I get. Remember what the name of the documentary is. But if you guys look it up on Netflix just go do it. It's so dumb they actually do a test on the Netflix documentary was it gave us a flatter there and he said they did. They did the test and they found out that the Earth was actually not flat but they're like Yeah.

Aaron [00:26:36] But there was the wrong wrong metrics and we don't believe the data.

Aaron [00:26:41] Oh. They actually proved themselves that the earth wasn't flat.

Aaron [00:26:47] Their biggest their biggest reason is that they said that the earth is flat because they were like in Canada or like in fairly far north U.S. and they're like Yeah if we're not flat how can we be in Canada and see an island out there if there's hills.

Aaron [00:27:07] Yeah. So good to know if you're flat out there. We're not picking on you that much but yeah we are.

Christian [00:27:15] All right. So this is I guess bucket list related. Is there something on your bucket list that you haven't done yet.

Christian [00:27:22] I know you've done quite a few things on my bucket list that I haven't done yet. I don't know that you know the things that are on there as like you know they're all kind of like travel related.

Aaron [00:27:34] I feel like visit here or. Yeah exactly. So I'm trying to think of something else so be cool. It's on a bucket list but it's also kind of like Dang this is going to push the limit is I want to get in a cage with a great deal not with a great white.

Aaron [00:27:49] But getting the cage in the water with a great white swimming around me I'm fascinated by sharks and I love great white sharks so anything any clue shark movies you I know know about that are realistic.

Aaron [00:27:58] Let me know but Jaws I what it's called. Yeah.

Aaron [00:28:03] Yeah. I've seen jobs done so nothing like that isn't really realistic.

Aaron [00:28:08] I went to the studio or yeah Universal Studios and I saw the start of the year and it's like some animatronic light. I was like oh my gosh. But no like I would love to swim in the water with a great white. I think that would be the biggest adrenaline rush ever and big. Yeah I think it's big blue. She's pregnant right now it's the largest great white in the world ever recorded on camera.

Aaron [00:28:29] She's like seven and a half or almost eight meters long and meters like for those who are not you know it's a little over three feet. So imagine a twenty four twenty five twenty six foot shark which is. I mean probably the size of it's probably the size of. Actually it's far it's probably longer than the width of our office so that's a big shark but I don't plan to see that shark but I would love to see a great light. I think that would be a bucket list item that would be pretty cool. Like swim in a cage with a great way. Yeah.

Aaron [00:29:03] Not in the cage with a great light in the water with a great white while I'm in a cage not outside. Yeah. And great.

Aaron [00:29:09] Maybe if I did it enough times I would get out of the water but it would have to be like cause motion Rhames. Yeah. Ocean dreams he does it and she's fine. You know whatever. I know a lot of people who do it but that's scarier.

Aaron [00:29:20] So if I'm in a cage and I feel like I'm OK. I don't know about that. I'd have to probably start with like tiger sharks. Some yeah some smaller or a little no more like a bull shark. I know hammerheads does those kind of freak me out so maybe not a hammerhead but definitely want a great light.

Christian [00:29:36] Hmm interesting. Did I ask you a question.

Christian [00:29:41] How do we forget. Who asked the question. I don't know I just. Yeah it's my turn. OK.

Christian [00:29:53] This is another mistake. No. I don't know. I picked number seven here but this has nothing to do with it because I've asked for something I don't know what are and my questions are pretty good.

Aaron [00:30:04] What are you most insecure about.

Aaron [00:30:10] Why. You can rewrite questions if you want to. You said nothing.

Christian [00:30:15] I'll do whatever my armpits are vets. Oh yeah I'll talk to you about that.

Christian/Aaron [00:30:22] Yeah. You had that. Do you still use it that Tom or the whatever t shirt team whatever.

Christian/Aaron [00:30:29] I forgot the name of it. Yeah I still have it. I just bought one and it worked really well. OK so what happens is my armpits just sweat like it could be the coldest room. Like it's just like our room right now it's cold. Yeah. And all the sudden they just start sweating and there's not much I can do about it but I think it also happens and like like social situations where like I don't know like what's going to happen I'm not comfortable I guess what I the I'm not comfortable like usually happens. It has nothing do with like hygiene or anything like that. And I've used like prescription strength deodorant and like it works a little bit but it's not.

Christian [00:31:11] What it wants to happen it just shows like it's just waterfalls and weird. Yeah. So I bought this T-shirt that has like almost like diapers.

Christian [00:31:24] You've looked like both. Yeah. Like on his shoulders and stuff like that just right there's like pads like right here and it works awesome.

Christian [00:31:31] Like you don't see anything through the other shoe so doesn't like bleeding like I believe but like you know like it's a successful company.

Aaron [00:31:38] So obviously you're not the only one who'd like go through this. I think it's Thompson T or some. Yes that's it and it's something T.

Christian [00:31:44] So I bought one of those and it works great. I need to buy more of an item but it doesn't work.

Christian/Aaron [00:31:50] I mean I can't wear a T-shirt underneath this thing that doesn't make sense in the summertime. If you're like yes we're in Texas so it doesn't work all the time.

Christian [00:31:59] Things like I like I don't remember having this like when I was in Puerto Rico where it's like hot all the time is weird. I feel like it just has developed over time.

Aaron [00:32:09] Yeah I will. It's like you know your allergies if you get allergies you're gonna get them before you're 30 but if you can get past 30 then you're not gonna necessarily have allergies statistically.

Christian/Aaron [00:32:20] So if I say I'd like a scientific thing. Yeah I know that that's what they say. I don't know. I guess everything's been developed by that point or whatever. I don't know. But how many more questions do you have. I've got a few.

Christian [00:32:35] I don't have I mean dang I wish I had better questions now. So you talked about conspiracy theories with the whole moon landing and the flat earth. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories or is there one in particular do you like. Oh yeah. Big Foot.

Aaron [00:32:52] Well I mean that goes without saying that you don't believe in. OK.

Aaron [00:32:58] So outside of the normal the beliefs and those the JFK things always fascinate me and it's always I mean it's cool because we're in Dallas but there's just conspiracy theories. You just sit down there which I thought was cool when I was visiting Brandon one time way back when and even now it's like I don't know. Was there a second shooter in the grassy knoll like that. Does one of those ones were like the footage the Zapruder film doesn't really get to one angle of what happened there so you know. I believe that there is a second shooter. I think. I don't know. I just I just think is really interesting. There was actually a college course I could have taken for history and it was all about conspiracy theories and your job was to just argue one way or the other but you had to back it up with facts. But the good thing about a good conspiracy theory is that there's good facts on both sides. The bad part for what happened with JFK is that not everybody had cell phones then.

Aaron [00:33:55] Otherwise there would be a ton of footage and we wouldn't have this issue. But a small side note there's actually a guy that we know he was he had footage from a guy whose dad was down there filming on the other side so he has the other angle of the Zapruder film.

Aaron [00:34:15] And this son found it up in his parent's addict when his dad passed away. And so this guy that we know can't really say who he is just got it we know got to watch one of 12 different videos. There's a there's one of I think one or 12 or 11 different videos of the other side so there's only like twelve or thirteen known videos and the other like ten or eleven even the Zapruder film are all like in a classified place and like rejected REDACTED REDACTED Yeah. And this guy found the film those like the missing one and got to watch it and so it's like the actual footage from the other side of what actually happened.

Aaron [00:34:53] So I think if I go watch that interesting then maybe. But I think that would definitely be the answer. Country.

Aaron [00:35:01] All right. So put in. I figured you would ask a question like this but this is a good question from Brianna because I was like hey with some good questions to test.

Christian/Aaron [00:35:13] So you phoned a friend I phoned a friend. No. So it's like it's not a friend. It's kind of like let me talk to make. Yeah I was going to say if you're married it's OK. Oh well then I don't like going out.

Aaron [00:35:26] No I'm just saying like because that's you know the law sees it that way. So I mean you get text Megan if you want it real quick but Greta's question is not me pull it up here because she says Oh I like this one better. It's a Disney one. If you could be any are better than the Disney one she had it to get Disney question. I'm not gonna ask it. All right. So if you could be any superhero again who would you be and why. That's a good like easy question that you know kind of follows along with what we would say.

Christian [00:36:00] Only I have a go to that I've always been like Yes I am platypus. Yeah exactly. Well actually yeah there is. They're all scattered through the office.

Aaron [00:36:14] Oh yes. I was talking about that with people today.

Christian/Aaron [00:36:18] Actually I'm I run like you don't look at them as superheroes but they are here. We're talking about the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I mean they're definitely up there on my list. Yeah. I don't know. I would say I'm more of. I always said I was more than Mikey.

Christian/Aaron [00:36:34] I feel like a mix between Mikey and Raph. Yeah yeah absolutely definitely. I can see you getting mad and throwing size at people for sure. Yeah. Like leave me alone turtles. I can see that for sure.

Christian [00:36:47] What was it like recently because it's like you know or Marvel fans so like Thor. Definitely I feel I identify with the full fat Thor spoilers.

Aaron [00:36:57] Yeah I was getting it to say do you identify with fat or no.

Aaron [00:37:01] People haven't seen Avengers in game now. This is gonna be going like the end of May. Like way behind. Okay.

Aaron [00:37:08] So yeah. Thought that was fair. But he's still strong. So you identify with that guy. Yeah absolutely.

Christian [00:37:15] Okay I guess so I think there's probably maybe one or two more questions but like if animals could talk. Which one do you think would be the rudest the rudest cats.

Aaron [00:37:28] Hands down. Really. Yes. Are you kidding me. This dumb thing. Sorry. I thought doing things all they want to do is have you pet them and feed them and then whenever you want to like oh come learn I love you like goldfish. Yeah. Yeah. Like get away. Get a cat. Never get out of my life like that's sure. They're so rude. Every other animal is pretty nice.

Aaron [00:37:49] Other than those blackbirds we have here that migrated from Mexico because some kind of coastal thing and now they just crap everywhere and they like it here. They're like those that know about those black. They're the ones like total crackles or whatever grapples. I think that's what they're called but they're like native to somewhere in Mexico and a jungle and they wind up this way. But they're the ones you see everywhere like in the parking lot.

Christian/Aaron [00:38:11] Oh and the intersection. Yes intersections are just in those trees and you like something to treat it like a billion come out.

Aaron [00:38:17] Those things are very rude. They try to hurt other animals. I don't like those things and they're ugly too. Like they need a. They need to go check out our spa one and go get them. Petit. So those birds for sure. All right. So what's a major event that happened in your life to change your perspective of the world.

Christian [00:38:43] Oh my gosh.

Aaron [00:38:44] What. My questions are good.

Christian [00:38:48] A major event and change or first effective.

Aaron [00:38:51] Yes. So it doesn't. So for example this would be a major event to change your perspective of the world. I think it should be more personal for you versus like okay. 9/11 obviously changed everybody's perspective.

Christian [00:39:03] Yeah. So definitely moving. OK. For sure. Like moving 500 a hundred percent Puerto Rico from a little island in the Caribbean to middle of the United States.

Christian [00:39:14] Small Town USA. Like ten thousand people did not get that but ten thousand people. Yeah that definitely changed my perspective on everything.

Aaron [00:39:24] And would you say that it was a better change or a positive or a negative.

Christian [00:39:32] I guess at first. Like whenever we moved I was gonna be a senior in high school. So as you can imagine that was like the worst thing in the world at the time gap. I guess when I was when I was still in Puerto Rico and I was like saying my goodbyes and we had like 20 different parties to say goodbye. At that point yeah that I was like the worst thing in the world. But once I moved I had this attitude of okay. I mean you have to make it the best you can you know.

Christian [00:40:02] And you just have to you know join the soccer team and join the soccer team and my senior year on a school that I don't know anyone. And just like do all these things and like you know just have a blast trying to you know just go through it and I mean it definitely helped me a lot and I eventually stayed through high school college and now working still here in the United States. So I mean I've enjoyed the journey but that's something that I like. I had to tell myself like I just need to make the most out of it and and have fun and not dwell in the past or I mean we did go every summer back to Puerto Rico like the first three or four years and got to like still you know have fun with our friends and stuff and I still went to you know my Puerto Rican high school like graduation and prom and I lost. So I got to experience that along with my new friends from Kansas. But I mean all of that. Like moving like definitely change my perspective and definitely made me appreciate hometowns more you know a lot of kids just want to either leave their hometowns and and all that. So yeah I would definitely say moving and I would definitely recommend people to like move like do a drastic move like that at least once in their lifetimes where they move to somewhere where they don't know anyone. This is like a literally brand new environment like people whether you like everything. It'll definitely make you look at the world as just an awesome place really.

Aaron [00:41:43] Right. I was gonna say I mean we talked about this before our combined moves in the last ten years it's probably like 40 like we've both moved a lot. Like almost every year and some of them were with each other. Yeah.

Christian [00:41:57] Dang it. How many how much longer.

Christian/Aaron [00:42:02] I got a couple more. How long have we been recording for. Thirty four minutes.

Christian [00:42:08] Oh really. Yeah. Evidence for a lot longer. It's your turn. It's wondering how only have one more question and as regarding Ranger Aaron you know that I do want to act to do it pain.

Christian [00:42:29] Oh no. Like I wrote Ranger Aaron as like oh I want to ask the question about Ranger Aaron. Okay. And then I didn't go. I like all I had was like Where did they come from. Very good question.

Aaron [00:42:41] Well I think it's I mean who knows. So backstory and very short backstory we were traveling in the Grand Canyon in Arizona and stuff and I had a really cool traveling hat and it looked like a Rangers hat kind of a ranger Rick if anybody remembers those. And so I just wore it and I figured he talked differently. So I decided to do different accents of it but for whatever reason I did them on Instagram Stories and I like literally couldn't respond to all the people who were messaging me telling me like hey I really like your Ranger Aaron adventures.

Aaron [00:43:18] And it was so weird. So maybe I need to bring that back. I don't know. But yeah that's that's I like to do different impressions or different accents.

Christian/Aaron [00:43:28] Well you brought it back for a podcast or maybe was a tip for tip his temperature.

Christian/Aaron [00:43:31] Yeah after that trip and I was like I don't know kind of like out of the blue. But from that trip I feel like the first part of the episode we were just laughing the whole time.

Aaron [00:43:40] My gosh. All right. So my next question for you is did I ask you this. One thing that you if you one thing you wish you could go back and undo. I didn't ask you that.

Aaron [00:43:56] It's another good one huh. I don't know.

Christian [00:44:01] Nothing really. I don't think I.

Christian [00:44:03] I'm not a again I'm not a huge believer of you know. Oh I could go back in time and change this one thing my life would just be way better and I feel like that's a thought process. You know when people say like oh if you go back in time.

Aaron [00:44:20] That's true. Yeah. I don't know. I feel like everything does happen for a reason. So it's a good part right. So if you have that mentality then I think it's different. I had a question here.

Christian [00:44:33] It was a beaut.

Christian [00:44:38] Let me ask you this one because you actually talked about this recently on Twitter about legacies leaving legacies behind. So stalking me on Twitter now. Yeah. What do you want your legacy to be legacy.

Aaron [00:44:51] So my tweet was not necessarily about legacy but it was kind of about legacy I guess it was my tweet in a paraphrased version was the way that we do it the way that I'm doing things now. I want to just make sure that you know I'm leaving a positive impression on people I care more about the the impression that I'm carrying. I'm leaving with people or whenever I'm gone. Like what people are going to say which is legacy.

Christian/Aaron [00:45:16] Yes definitely. Yeah. OK. So I just explained to you guys what legacy. That's pretty much you me.

Aaron [00:45:26] OK. So I ask the question again now like what do I want my legacy to be.

Aaron [00:45:31] I want my legacy to be or is in your terms you know what would you like people to say about you Dana.

Aaron [00:45:40] I don't know. I think just kind of very giving. Philanthropic made people laugh. I think that's important. And that he.

Aaron [00:45:52] I don't know that he cared about other people because I do. I mean I feel like even growing up everybody is very selfish about you know things their own time and whatever else and even our company is successful because we give up time that doesn't make sense to give to people that way. It doesn't make sense to give to them. So I feel like that's just something that's a big part of it. And then also like from a religious standpoint which is not religious more spiritual standpoint that you can tell that I was a Christian if you encountered me which is something that I need to work on more. But I feel like that's a big part too because it doesn't matter. I mean regardless what you think. That's not a religious podcast or whatever but regardless of what you think you know and statistically in the next 70 to 80 years I'm not gonna be here and the people who talk about us as soon as those people die Unless there's some kind of thing brought down and we create something amazing. We're two hundred years away or maybe even three hundred years away where people just aren't talking about us. So when you think about it that way it's like OK the people who are around if I can influence them to be a better person or a better Christian or anything like that can change any lives then that's what I would want because you know we're gonna die. And whether you believe you are going to go to heaven are you going to walk around as a ghost.

Aaron [00:47:13] Or rain Carney or whatever. Yeah whatever you believe. It doesn't matter.

Aaron [00:47:19] You'd like it won't matter so it's just about doing the right thing. But yeah I don't know. That's a long answer. To say it's difficult it's a really difficult question to answer.

Christian [00:47:30] This now is a good one huh. Yeah. All right. But I mean yeah I would say. I mean you've inspired me or molded me into who I am today. But just like I like I remember like still being in Kansas. And there were times where. Like I didn't want to do anything that day. Like I just like now I just want to stay at home until. And you'd be like not on a hundred gallons while this girl is going to be something stupid like that where you know like no come on you like. And then we ended up having one of the best days and then you know like it like that would not happen if you would have not been so persistent.

Aaron [00:48:09] Right. It's also a blessing and a curse. I'm very persistent. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Aaron [00:48:15] Cause I'm giving you some backstory. Christian would fall asleep in his room. He's in Puerto Rican time so he might sleep for ever. And his parents would let me in or coral would let me in. Yeah. And just bang on his door for like 20 minutes like until he was just like fine. Like I'm getting up I'm gonna go shower and like me and Justin or me and Gabe would just sit on the couch and like talk to his mom while he got ready and then we finally did stuff like that was like pretty much every weekend or in college.

Aaron [00:48:44] I mean there is a enough gap on his door. I got to talking about this with Gabe the other day and gives one of our mutual good friends and he was like Dude if you shut Kristen's door one more time.

Aaron [00:48:57] I was literally going to murder you awesome like that the door for the door is closed and within the door and the door frame there was enough wiggle room that I had to grab the handle and just de de de de de de de de de like constantly like that was his favorite thing to do.

Aaron [00:49:13] Okay. But also the guy the night before was like hey make sure I wake up. But if you really wanted to wake up he would leave his door unlocked and I would just like pour water on him or something like that. But if he didn't want to wake up he'd lock the door to do that and he would just sit in there but I know he was awake and I know he was just ignoring me and then he would just like dude it's like you're gonna go to class. No I. Okay that's funny. All right. Was that. Did you ask a question.

Christian [00:49:45] Yeah I think yeah it was a legacy.

Aaron [00:49:48] Okay so this one's pretty easy. And I think that's one of my last ones too. So if you had a million dollars how would you spend it.

Aaron [00:49:58] It's not a lot of money anymore. So like if you had a million dollars how would you spend it.

Christian [00:50:03] I would pay all my debt. Well I would pay all my parents and brothers and sisters debt. Mm hmm. And then the two doors that I have remaining I'll.

Christian [00:50:18] Go get a. Articulately saying thing.

Christian [00:50:21] No. I mean I would definitely do that especially because like in my family they've always like as a it's like immediate family was sort of like always taking care of each other like minded and monetary ways you know. So I would definitely do that if I had a meal and I was like I'll be the first thing I was like pays everyone's debt and like OK now we're good. But I mean whatever's left over like I would still like say like I would want to do some kind of really cool like family trip that's cool and take like you know just all my family and do that. Sounds like we're just like so this bread and whatever like last year was the first time that we all of us got together for Thanksgiving. But is just so hard you know to get everyone's schedule at the same time and be able to all go and do it and like so yeah I would definitely do that. But do I get longer like on a week or two week trip.

Aaron [00:51:17] Yeah like 14 days in the Caribbean or or your or your wife or something. Yeah. All right. I think I have one more but I don't know if you had another one but I have an idea if these could be our last one. So a question that I asked you but you think it would be a good answer that you're like oh yeah like that's a good question I won't ask that same question to you.

Aaron [00:51:36] Like if you were thinking that you wanted to know for me and then the same thing from you that I could ask then I was like oh you know I mean here's if you can decide if you can oh gosh there's so much that's falling out of it.

Christian [00:51:54] Yeah I think there was one.

Christian [00:51:57] I'll do the what's a major event that change your perspective the perspective in life. Yeah I do though. OK. I feel like you know that answer.

Christian [00:52:11] I don't.

Aaron [00:52:13] All right. Actually I got a I was gonna ask you about the sandwich or whatever but otherwise I actually I think I have a good question because I'm not going to ask a question that you have because I have a good question I want to finish on that I think that we talked about the other day which is very rough. OK. So oh my gosh is this year's or my asking. Yeah. Answer my question to you. OK. Is what's the question. Repeat it for the audience here.

Christian [00:52:44] It was the other question.

Christian/Aaron [00:52:49] What's a major event that's changed you and your perspective about life and perspective about my life in this world. OK. So definitely get it.

Aaron [00:53:02] So actually it was the anniversary of it yesterday. So I got in a car accident in 2013 and I think that's the that's the thing that changed. So we've been a Christian I've been in a car accident together in college.

Aaron [00:53:16] That was rough. We were both fine. Obviously it wasn't your fault. Now some lady ran a red light and so this accident actually kind of was my fault or at least I got the part. Well they say if you get the at fault it's definitely your fault. But anyway I couldn't see her and pulled out so anyway so somebody hit my car. Long story short it totaled my vehicle which was my income at the time because I was a delivery driver but it also disabled me from being able to take a job where I was going to make a decent amount of money moving down to Dallas travel the country.

Aaron [00:53:53] It's like I was twenty one at the time about to turn twenty two and I was going to take a job at the end of May to move to Dallas. My girlfriend left here at the time and that's a bonus. And do all of that and I had like a company car I was in travel every week. I had no responsibilities and I had a really cool per diem and I had a really good salary. And then I it out in front of that lady didn't see her and she wrecked my car so I lost my income there. I got my car towed and it was getting charged him 100 dollars a day literally. I was like That's freaking highway robbery. One hundred dollars a day a car that didn't work and I couldn't take the job that was going to make money. So I literally lost I didn't lose my job from Pizza Hut. Luckily I don't know how I did it because I deliver driving it didn't have a car. So. So that and then I couldn't move to Dallas because I couldn't take that job. But anyway long story short I went down to Dallas took a job at the same company but it's a crappy your position and I went in for an interview to work corporately later like probably six or eight months later. Never took a job position full time I was more like OK they're gonna be a temp position here because I wanted to be able to move very quickly. I took full time I had to stay for a year and I did an interview and usually I honestly do I interview very well but the interview was just like and it was actually almost handed to me on a silver platter because the marketing manager said hey look this guy's good. He knows this stuff. He should be here and the guy who interviewed me was like You know it's like you were good but I'm actually going to look for outside sources and it was weird because nobody they didn't open the position up to anybody. And so by not taking that position it forced me to. OK I need to do something else which I started doing other things more business related which is what I'd always love to do and it kind of gave me the push and then now that's kind of like the spawn of what really created bit branding so all of that to go from that car accident which was like mine and changed my perspective the world of like I don't control anything. So if anybody thinks that they want to have control of things go wrong and God had much bigger plans for me and if I would have taken the job at Interstate out of in like sweet six figures a year I'm way too comfortable to be trying to quit my job versus I'm desperate and I've got to figure out a way to make this freakin work. And so it changed my life. Absolutely.

Christian/Aaron [00:56:17] Yep that story. Yeah. Once again. Yeah. Mm hmm.

Christian/Aaron [00:56:23] 0 0 last question. So has been nervous. Yeah. Well we talked about it the other day and I'm I'm curious what you would say to or what I would say to you because I don't know the answer to it but oh great. Well no no no. Not because of that but like if the roles were switched because we talked about it to the day because you said like you had a dream that I died. So yeah yeah. So my question to you is like what would you do if I died. I mean you can explain like Oh Lord help plan the funeral. That's nice of you or whatever perspective but it's is really morbid. Yeah I know. Boy on a positive note Don't worry okay.

Christian [00:57:04] So yeah. So I had a dream that Aaron had died but in the dream he was still like he was still here and he was just like kind of hanging out for one last time but. So you died. But in the dream it felt like it was just like a like a goodbye and you're going on a cruise but this cruise is never coming back. Yeah. So that's how it felt. But yeah throughout the whole dream I was freaking out. But I was freaking out about the comfort. Yeah. And I was like well what the hell are we going to do. Like how. Like how is is gonna work like so yeah I mean in the dream I don't know like it was like just uncertainty you know. And I think like I was talking to Megan about it and I mean usually dreams have to do with like what's going on or whatever. So I feel like that's just like a thought that's like always in my head. It's like you know we started this together and I would never want it to be like one of us leave. But that's what like that was my thought it was like. Like what happens if one of us leaves like you know will this still be running. Like how. Like right. And I got the ending my dream I was like trying to like answer those questions. Obviously I didn't because I'm portrayed charges woke up and just you know dreams are like oh you're doing this in the north zone and like riding a unicorn and Rainbow and like handling Hershey Kisses to kids or something like that's a really weird dream. But you know things like that. Yeah. Yeah yeah. So I mean I don't know I like it. Yeah that's a it's a hard question and I think I have that thought in my head like you know what happens if one of us decides to like yeah it was fun but deuces. Yeah. This is it anyway.

Christian [00:58:52] Yeah I mean it's a hard question and it's I mean I think the I would still want to keep that company. It would definitely change a lot right. I think.

Aaron [00:59:05] But I think that's part of the legacy question too that I would want and I think you would want to like regardless of which somebody left. Like if the company goes away. I mean that's a big part of what we built for. I mean literally the most work we've ever done on anything ever.

Christian [00:59:19] Yeah yeah. And like I wouldn't want. Like I wouldn't want to get another partner either.

Aaron [00:59:26] Yeah. Then you could keep all the money. Yeah. Good idea. One hundred percent. Nice bank.

Aaron [00:59:34] Yeah. So that's I mean it's a difficult call question. So now you have to answer that. What I would do if you. Yeah well. So here's how can business perspective I'm like well OK kind of my friend outside of work too.

Christian [00:59:47] Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. That's where I went. Like whenever. Yeah. My dream. That was like the only thing I was in my head. Really.

Aaron [00:59:54] Yeah. So I can see that too because that's where we see each other most of the time. You know 50 plus hours a week at work.

Aaron [01:00:02] Yeah. But I'm also thinking like I don't know. We had a friend who was not super close to us but close to us. Passed away last August and I just cannot imagine going through like. That whole process with somebody who is literally like I've never lost somebody who's been extremely close to me and I know it's going to happen but that's like the most frightening thing ever so. I mean I feel like yeah.

Christian [01:00:29] Yeah I know you ever think about all the other like things like outside of work that like. Yeah I mean yeah those suck.

Aaron [01:00:37] Yeah. So it's difficult. I feel like for me personally I would just internalize it like I probably would need to like really talk about it and probably I mean I may need counseling or something. Actually I know I need counselling but I feel like I would internalize a lot of it at first and now would actually hurt me but I wouldn't know how to comprehend or react correctly to the situation because it's still like it's not so much grief is it is shock like I don't believe this. Like this did not happen but it did. So it changes the question. I don't know. I really don't know because for a very long period of time like I would just be like Oh yeah just on vacation or you know whatever but then it would go on and be like years or more and like OK we like wow. So yeah I would just be doing a lot of words where they didn't make complete sense it's like I am now like Yeah I don't know.

Aaron [01:01:40] So on a positive note yes those turned out right. I did.

Aaron [01:01:46] I'm gonna go back to light. So one last question for you and then I'll close this out here. So what are you most excited about with bit branding or your life or both. Because it kind of you know one in the same.

Christian [01:02:00] I mean I guess for the future a big branding like I I really want to have like a team like what right now we have two full time employees but I would love to have literally like a full on team of like 10 and 20 people and like I don't know like I just want to I guess to some extent like I want to do less work but I also want everybody.

Christian [01:02:26] I want to do more like you know guiding these people to know through other careers. And that really excites me like I was thinking about that yesterday like we are shaping you know. Our employees into you know what they're gonna be in the future. Right. Not by just the work that we're giving him given them and the opportunities but you know even our conversations and things that were influencing them on and things like that like. That really excites me and like like it's awesome to see that and see change within you know them and the work that they're doing and stuff.

Christian [01:03:03] So that's really awesome. What was the question.

Aaron [01:03:07] What are you most excited about in big branding or your life.

Aaron [01:03:10] Either one doesn't matter and I mean yeah I think that's cool.

Christian [01:03:15] I think that's a good answer. All right. So this has been a longer than normal podcast and probably a lot of information that you guys did not know about us. One of us had some really cool questions some of us had some pretty good questions but I think you guys found out some good stuff about Christian you can use on him especially the illegal stuff which. Oh yeah that was maybe part of it. Just kidding guilt remember that. All right. So if this is your first time listening this is not a normal podcast we do talk about local marketing we do talk about how to grow your business online and in-person and offline. So make sure you hit the subscribe button and just we just wanted to let you guys know who who is on the other side of this podcast. I also did a video. So we're going to let our video editor a kind of spice that up and see what's going on. So look out for the video of this as well but really hope you guys enjoyed this makes you hit subscribe and we'll be back with a regular episode next week. Bye.

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